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A Lucky Break

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Last year I received the luckiest break in my life…literally! I was walking down my driveway during a heavy snowfall, slipped and broke my leg. After returning home from the hospital, I had a big gawky cast all the way up my leg and had a hard time getting around. Since I lived alone and was having such a tough time, my girlfriend Kelly started staying with me to help me out. It sure didn’t take long to get used to being catered to and pampered and Kelly seemed to get a kick out of it too.

At first our sex life suffered due to the cast and its location but we soon became creative enough to “overcome” our obstacles and manage to have a good time and since we were stuck in the house a lot, we had a lot of time on our hands! Just when I was getting used to being taken care of and having sex two or three times a day, Kelly came home one day and told me that her boss was sending her out of town for a week and she was worried about me if I couldn’t find anyone to come by and check on me.

After a day or two of searching, I still hadn’t found anyone and Kelly was starting to worry more and more, despite me telling her that I was getting around much better and would be o.k. while she was gone. After a long discussion about it on the night before she left, I agreed to let her ask someone from her family to come over while she was gone. She made a few calls and everything was set, her mom would help out and Kelly could rest assure that I was being taken care of. The next morning Kelly was getting ready to leave when a car pulled into the drive.

Kelly stepped out and when she returned she told me there was a problem; her mom couldn’t stay with me but her sister could if I would let her. Her sister? Kelly’s sister Dawn was only 18 and I could just imagine it now, kids coming over all the time and my phone line being tied up constantly. I was shooting the idea down pretty heavy when I started noticing a look on Kelly’s face that told me she was starting to worry again so I finally said, “Fine, I’ve never met her but if she’s not too childish, I’m sure she can help me out.”

“That’s great!” said Kelly, “You’ll see, she’ll be a big help and she’s really mature for her age.” With that, Kelly and her mom left for the airport and I went to the couch to snooze for awhile. When I woke up I struggled to get up from the couch and smelled something wonderful coming from the kitchen.

Obviously Dawn was finally here and right away I thought I was getting a bonus. It smelled like she could actually cook. I hobbled into the kitchen to say hello and just about fell and broke my other leg when I saw her. She was drop dead gorgeous! If this girl was 18, I invented the Internet! Standing in my kitchen was this woman-child with long blonde hair and icy blue eyes, nearly 6 feet tall and built to destroy! She was fully clothed but even clothes couldn’t hide the fact that this girl had some big, round tits and some great anadolu yakası escort curves.

After the initial moment of awkwardness, we introduced ourselves and she asked me if I liked Mexican dishes. I told her I would eat anything she gave me and I was seriously hoping she had picked up on the innuendo. A few minutes later she served me some fantastic spicy food and after that, she went upstairs and I didn’t see her until several hours later when she came down to the couch I had been sleeping on since my accident because I had a hard time climbing the stairs. I had dozed off with the t.v. on when her voice woke me up. She asked if I needed anything (anything at all) and after I said I was fine she asked if there were anymore blankets in the house. I pointed her over to the closet and watched her as she went to get it. Dawn was sleeping in our bed while she was here but I couldn’t figure out why she was cold. The room was upstairs and she was wearing pajama bottoms.

“Is it that cold out tonight?” I asked.

“Yeah, it’s pretty cold out there but I have to have some cover on me anyway or I freeze.” She replied.

“Well, help yourself but you’ll roast in those.” I said, pointing to her flannel PJ’s.

“Oh these?” dawn said, “I don’t sleep in them, I just put them on before I came down.” With that, Dawn took back up the stairs and I stayed on the couch with my thoughts. The next hour or so drove me nuts. All I could think about was this beautiful young woman sleeping in my bed with nearly no clothes on. I finally fell asleep but was awakened in the middle of the night by a sound from upstairs.

It sounded as if Dawn had run into the wall or stumbled like most people do when they are not familiar with where they are in the middle of the night. I was just about to speak out and ask if she was ok when I heard her feet shuffling down the stairs. In a moment of brilliance, I thought to myself, “what if she didn’t bother to put her clothes on?” I quickly played opossum and closed my eyes and waited for her to come down the stairs. As I lie there, her form quickly came into view. As I had hoped, I saw a bare skinned body pass in front of me wearing nothing more than a skimpy pair of panties and a short tee shirt that exposed her flat, firm stomach. She never even glanced over towards me to see if I might be awake but I watched her as she went towards the kitchen.

Her thin tee shirt outlined a pair of firm, young breasts and her body was long and toned. She came back through the living room with a glass of water in her hand but instead of slinking back upstairs she casually strolled over towards the sliding glass doors and opened the blinds slightly. The moon glow beating down on the blanket of snow outside illuminated the room very well as I gazed upon her gorgeous dark female form as she stared out into the night. I was just about to come to my ataşehir escort senses and face the reality that I was sporting a hard cock for my girlfriend’s kid sister when I noticed something.

As Dawn stood there, looking outside, she shuffled her bare feet over one another, using her toes from one foot to tug at the toes of her other foot. This was a dead giveaway to me; Kelly always did the same thing when she was horny and wanting some action. Call it a genetic thing, I don’t know, but my confidence got a shot of courage, as I was sure that little sister needed some attention! Taking a chance, I sat up on the couch and continued watching her. I expected her to be startled when she turned around but when she did, she simply stared at me and smiled.

“Oh, you’re up?” She said.

“Yeah, saw the light in the window.” I said. Obviously not feeling self conscious of her body, she approached me and sat down on the coffee table and placed her legs and feet over my cast into my lap.

“My feet are so cold” She said. Without any other thought, I immediately began rubbing her heels and toes to warm her. Dawn began moving her legs and feet back and forth with my rubbing. I could tell she was enjoying it a bit too much but I couldn’t get myself to stop. My hands began exploring further, first to her ankles and then upward to her shapely calves. As I rubbed her with more and more intent, she became more open and receptive to my touches, spreading her legs slightly and dropping her eyelids till her eyes were nearly shut.

As I grabbed her knee she effortlessly swung herself up over top of me. Straddling me, she eased herself down on top of me. Placing her hands on my chest, she locked her arms straight down on me, looking down at me like a cat that caught its prey. “Hi…Freddie!” She said in a way that reminded me of her young age.

“Hey Dawn.” Feeling that the moment was about to become awkward again, Dawn removed her shirt and lowered her tits down to my mouth. I immediately placed one of her firm, full tits in my mouth and began sucking her nipple while massaging her other breast with my free hand. I had been with Kelly for so long that Dawn’s body felt odd at first. She was so much firmer and longer than my girlfriend and the thoughts of fucking this fine young woman was torturing my prick, causing me to throb in a way I had not done with Kelly since we first started having sex with each other. My hands were all over her, groping and tugging.

I could feel an incredible heat between her legs and began to smell that unmistakable scent of a yearning woman. In a sudden movement she pulled her panties to the side, exposing her pouty pussy lips to me. Grabbing my prick with her long fingers, she guided it up to meet her wet slit and began brushing the head of my cock back and forth along the length of her hot slit. I was aching with the anticipation of fucking ümraniye escort Dawn so bad that I didn’t wait for her next move.

Grabbing her tiny waist on either side with my hands, I lifted her up and pulled her pussy down over my dick, sliding into her wet twat fully. “OHH! Shit…Ughn! Yes, go on..” She managed. That’s all I needed. “Damn, you’re tight baby! You need a real cock in you don’t you?”

“I’d love that! Fuck me good Freddie, give me a good screw!” Still holding her waist with my hands, I pulled her up and down in a quick rhythm, enjoying her expressions of fulfillment as I tugged down harder at the end.

“You’re a good fuck, Freddie” she said in that youthful tone again as she found the pace of her wet little box slapping down against my stomach..

“I’ll bet you fuck my sister Kelly real good, don’t you?” I was about to attempt to reply but before I could, she rubbed one of her long fingers all along the outside of my cock and her pussy and slipped it into my mouth. As I began sucking her finger, tasting her, she guided my hands down to take hold of her calves and began riding me with more focus. I rubbed her legs and ankles as she picked up the pace, humping me in longer strokes and breathing heavier.

Watching and feeling her young, firm body do what it was built to do, I realized I wasn’t going to last nearly as long as I did with Kelly. The thrill of fucking my girlfriend’s younger sister was quickly driving me over the edge. I was about to regain some staying power until…

“You wanna…show me something I’ve…never done before Freddie?” she asked me in a young, heavy-breathing quizzical tone.

“Sure baby. What is it”? “I’ve never…had a guy…Cum…in me before. “Will you?” She asked as she positioned herself more forward on me and lowered her head, her long blonde hair brushing back and forth over my chest as she raised and lowered herself even quicker now. Her words and actions had pulled me past the point of no return in only a few minutes of furious pounding on this goddess.

“Gonna cum baby…hard!” Grabbing her waist, I began erupting, cumming in quick, endless spurts of cum that began as quickly as one ended. “Mmmm, so hot, so good” she said as she maintained a steady rhythm. With each shot of sperm I discharged into her, Dawn became more satisfied, smiling in a crazed way and becoming more detached from reality.

She kept riding me even after all the cum had been milked from my cock, until she slid into me and our messy juices started overflowing and began getting trapped in our pubic hairs and running over my legs. She relaxed over me, her bare breasts lying on my chest as I could smell the smell of her hair mixed with the aroma of sex. My limp cock began to twitch as it lie there, still inside her hot, wet cunt as I began to face the realization that I had just screwed my girlfriend’s kid sister and filled her young pussy with my cum. Dawn raised her head and looked at me, our eyes separated by a few inches. I began feeling that awkwardness again, but Dawn simply smiled, stood up, and gathered her panties and shirt.

She didn’t bother putting them back on as she walked across the room in the nude and shuffled up the stairs. “Goodnight Freddie!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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