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A Long Overdue Meeting

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A sexy voluptuous young woman around 30 years old gets to meet for the first time an older man she had known on the internet for many years.


It was a warm evening during the late summer when the doorbell rang. Kimmy’s heart increased its already fast beat knowing Brad had at last arrived. She went to the door and opened it.

“Hello!” they both said at the same time.

There was a pause as they stood looking at each other smiling.

“You better come in.” Kimmy said after a moment or two.

Brad did so and gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek.

“Would you like something to drink or eat after your drive?” she enquired.

“I wouldn’t mind a cuppa please.”

They went into the kitchen and Kimmy put the kettle on. When she turned round Brad was standing in front of her. This time he kissed her affectionately on the lips and put his arms around her waist pulling her towards him.

“I’ve wanted to do this for such a long time.” he said.

Brief Foreplay:

Kimmy responded by kissing him in the same manner. Their tongues met and before the kettle had even started to boil their kissing became very passionate. The kissing was accompanied by caressing hands smoothly running over each other’s bodies. The kettle started boiling but was ignored. As their tongues explored the inside of each other’s mouths the kettle switched itself off and was ignored.

She took his hand and led him to the living room. They embrace and kissed again. Brad turned her round and pulled her towards him holding her breasts. She felt his hard cock pressing between the cheeks of her ass. They both knew how horny each other felt. He quickly started to undress her and she assisted to speed things up. In no time at all she was down to her bra and panties which didn’t stay on for long. Brad swiftly dropped his trousers and boxer shorts.

The Action Begins:

His hands roughly grabbed her and searched for the wetness of her pussy by placing his hand between her legs and pushing his fingers into her to feel how hot and wet she was for him…she did want him there was no denying it. He pushed on her back so she would bend over fully exposing her wet pussy and tight ass to his hard cock that was impatiently standing at attention.

He rubbed the head of his cock against her wet pussy then slowly forced the head of his cock into her tight ass. She gasped at the feeling, closing her eyes until she became at one with the feeling of his cock. Slowly he started fucking her ass, groaning with pleasure. The feeling was amazing as he painfully squeezed her breasts and pinched nipples increasing her pleasure and excitement.

After a while he stopped fucking her ass telling her to get on all fours and offer her ass to him once again. Obediently, she obeyed him. When she got into position she could feel his breath on her exposed wet pussy further intoxicating her senses. This time his hard cock slid into her ass easily and she started rubbing her clit.

He could feel her start to tighten and they both knew she was close to cumming.

He asked “Do you feel my cock in your ass? I am fucking you, at last you are mine!”

Kimmy cried out as her orgasm started to overcome her and her muscles tightened and contracted on his cock. Her muscle spasms and moans of pleasure made him fuck her even harder as he began to cum in her tight ass. She felt his urges as he ejaculated inside her with force. Her cunt was soaking and feeling hot, sweaty, exhausted and pleasured, they both collapsed onto the floor.

Brad pendik escort wrapped his arms around her and placed a hand on her delightfully moist cunt. He was pleasantly surprised how wet it was.

“Wow, you certainly seemed to enjoy that!” he commented.

“Oh fuck! Yes!”

“I wonder how wetter I can make you?”

He gave her bum a gentle smack and kissed her shoulder.

“It will take more then that.” she responded.

Realising what she meant he smacked her a little harder.

“I think you can do better than that if you wanted to.” she told him.

This time a firmer hand landed on her left cheek and the sound of it resounded around the room. Her body shook slightly and he spanked her again. She winced. ‘This was working’ he thought, so he continued applying very firm punishment on the soft cheeks of her lovely round ass. She felt thrilled as her skin stung each time his hand made contact with her bum. He got her to lay faced down on the floor so he could more easily spank both cheeks and watch them start to glow red.

He paused and kissed each cheek and then her back. He moved her legs apart and lifted her ass up revealing more of a target for the treatment he was going to dish out. He noted how wet she was and as much as he wanted feel her and taste her, he resisted for now.

Further Treatment:

It was at this moment he produced a leather spanking paddle from his bag without her knowledge. The sensation of her cheeks receiving his hand suddenly changed to something that stung far more. Her excitement increased further and as she held on to her soaking pussy and massaged herself. Even the gentler whacks sent a shiver of delightful pain through the body to her brain. Her ass was beginning to glow red and it felt hot to her. The left, the right, the left, the right… it continued. Then a moment’s pause… she took a deep breath as she anticipated the next one. Then it came down on her right buttock. A pause… then the left buttock, quickly the right and left again. Another pause… twice on the left and another pause… then once on the right. This continued for around 10 minutes although neither of them was really aware of time. Kimmy being in a state of delirium and Brad’s mind awash with the intoxicating desire of lust of making her cunt wetter than anything he’d seen before in real life or even on the internet. She was dripping and making the carpet amazingly wet. Perhaps a towel should have been placed there but it was too late now.

Her poor cheeks were so incredibly red Brad wondered whether he should stop but she wasn’t complaining so he saw no reason to stop his fun and games with her lovely ass.

He paused briefly and from his bag produced a wooden paddle which was larger than the leather one. A new sensation travelled though her body as she realised something had changed. Brad was relaxed and calm as he issued the new form of punishment upon her. Although his erection revealed he was not completely relaxed and wanted to get inside her again.

Her kissed her ass cheeks and the gentle touch of his lips felt wonderful to her. The aroma of the moisture between her legs was too tempting for him and he had to gently run his tongue along her swollen lips. The taste was wonderful and for Kimmy the sensation was out of this world. It sent shivers through her entire body.

Without warning Brad delivered further whacks with the replacement device and this time they were severe. At the same time he used his left hand to fondle and squeeze her left breasts then pinch the kartal escort nipple hard. Despite how much this hurt she bit her tongue and said nothing to stop him. He could see how sore her ass was getting and decided to give it a rest. He rolled her over and knelt astride her legs. Looking down on her he picked up the leather paddle again started to carefully hit her left breast with it and using his left hand pinch the nipple on her right breast. The latter being the most painful for her. He knew she wanted this form of punishment but having not been this brutal before with women’s breasts was not sure how far to go with it.

Kimmy looked relaxed so he increased the level of punishment. Whack! the leather struck her breast. Whack! again it came down and reddened her skin. He severely pulled and squeezed the nipple on the other breast. She winced and he saw the expression on her face. She said nothing so he continued with this new form of punishment. Her left breast was so red he decided to work on the other one and moved his left hand to her wet cunt. As he delivered the blows to her right breast he marvelled how wet she was between her legs. It seemed each time the leather made contact with her skin she got wetter. Again the leather paddle struck her breast – again she winced and held her grip on what was happening to her. Brad couldn’t believe how much she taking without saying something. Although he could see the pain on her face, what was happening between her legs told another story. So he applied the paddle on both her breasts. Sometimes one at a time and sometimes it came down on both. Judging how red and tender they were looking, he became a bit concern about causing damage to her breast tissue and felt it was time give them a rest.

He moved down between her legs and lifted her knees up, positioning himself so he could “eat some pussy”. He ran his tongue up and down the most gorgeously wet pussy he’d ever tasted. Her pubic was soaked and her juices had run down the crack to her asshole which was also soaking wet. He inserted two fingers inside her vagina which easily slid in. Then three, then four. He looked up and saw a smile of satisfaction on her face. Not having large hands he comfortably managed to also include his thumb inside her and gently moved his hand in and out. Before long he was able to move most of his hand in and started to fist fuck her. Juices were oozing out and down his arm as Kimmy moved into ecstasy. She orgasmed and screamed with delight. He carried on for longer and brought her to another orgasm. The carpet was soaking.

He moved his hand out and lifted her legs up revealing her glistening anus. Using his wet fingers he teased the little hole and poked first one and then two fingers into her sphincter. It had tightened up since the earlier fucking but seemed to respond to the attention it was getting as the muscles relaxed and allowed entry. Brad finger fucked Kimmy’s ass with his wet fingers and stretched it open again. As he did so he licked her cunt again and his mouth was filled with her orgasmic juices as his tongue found its way through her pubes. ‘Fuck’ he thought, ‘what an amazing girl!’

By now his penis was desperate to get inside her again but he couldn’t make up his mind which hole to go for – so it was going to be a case of which one it found first.

He moved into position and aimed his cock at the target and moved forward. His penis head struck midway between the two holes of joy but quickly slid upwards into her wet cunt. It slipped in incredibly easy to a very wet maltepe escort cave. She tightened her grip on his cock. It felt good for both of them. They fucked each other long and slow savouring the moment. Brad penetrated Kimmy as deep as was humanely possible and he felt as though his head was going to explode but eventually it was his cock that exploded filling her vagina deeply with his love cream. She correspondingly orgasmed again losing count how times that had now happened since his arrival.

They rested in the Afterglow for a while hugging each other tightly. Eventually Brad’s penis started to soften and both their trapped love juices slowly oozed out. Brad felt it on his exhausted testicles and Kimmy enjoyed the sensation of it running between the cheeks of her bum. A slight movement by them caused more to dribble out and Brad, always being fascinated by cream pies, wanted to see how much emanated from her. He withdrew and was mesmerized by the flowing juices from her shiny beautiful wet pink cunt. He gently touched her skin and ran a finger up and down her lips. Kimmy felt marvellous as he did this. She felt her clitoris being touched and a small electric shock ran through her body. She moaned and smiled. The scent of sex was in the air around them as Brad continued to tease her again.

“Oh my God, Brad, I could quite easily cum again.”

As his fingers tinkered with her sex he bent down and added his tongue to the pleasure he was given her. This made her squirm. A thick mess greeted his tongue and he licked it up. The cocktail he found there was delicious and her juices started flowing again. The more he licked, the more she produced. Her increased arousal awoke his desire for more sex. He moved up and kissed her, sharing the nectar with her. Likewise she found it delicious too.

They manoeuvred into the Soixante-neuf position with Brad underneath enabling her to taste more of their delightful cocktail on his penis which was beginning to harden again. She felt it swelling in her mouth. This felt like heaven again to him along with the sensation of licking her out. With Kimmy’s cunt over his face the contents of their lovemaking was slowly ran out into his mouth. His tongue explored her inside as his fingers ran round and teased her lips. She shivered again with delight. He then moved his hands to her cheeks and gripped them. She felt his finger nails digging into her. He pulled her cheeks apart exposing her anus. She could feel the air in the room on it. He then tilted his head further upwards and she felt his tongue running towards her anus which he licked with relish. With her anal nerve ends being so sensitive she wanted to scream with delight again. He poked around it and into it making it slippery with his saliva. He then reached out for his bag and located a large rubber dildo which he quickly rammed into her ass.

“Arrrggghhhh!” she yelled with pain and delight. “I wasn’t expecting that.”

“Expect the unexpected.” He laughingly responded.

With her wet pubic hair on his face getting into his mouth he returned to Kimmy’s pussy and reached out with his tongue as far as it would go into that wet cave of desire. The large rubber dildo penetrated deeply and the paced quickened. Before long he was ferociously fucking her ass with it which sent her almost into unconsciousness. Waves and waves of wondrous feelings flowed through her and – along with what he was doing with his tongue – she climaxed again. The juices flowed into his mouth which in turn caused him to cum in her mouth. ‘What perfect timing’ he thought.

Their energy levels were now completed drained along with their orgasmic juices. Kimmy raised herself up and they sat up together embracing each other. They kissed then lay on the carpet avoiding the damp patch and snuggled up together.

Words can not describe how wonderful they felt.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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