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A Letter

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Dear —-,

It’s great that you are coming to —- again! And that we should have more time together than last time.

Here’s a program for us. I hope you will like it. Two days and nights of sex ending with the fulfillment of one of your fantasies (yes, you know which one!) … and some of mine too.

Day 1

I booked a room with a view in a nice hotel for you.

On the first day I join you in your room at lunchtime with a bottle of white for aperitivo. Do we start with a glass of wine or do you prefer to go straight to the window, lean against it and look outside while I go down to eat you?

My tongue slides between the folds of your beautiful and smooth pussy. I lick, tease, suck, taste you until you climax. Then I move around to fuck you from behind. I remember you telling me how much you like a nice view with a good fuck. Should I take a picture what I see to share my view with you? You, both hands against the window, slightly bent over, legs apart, your wet pussy offered to my view and to my cock! People in the garden outside may also like the view… maybe I should have booked a room in a higher floor?

We fuck. It’s been a long time. We come together. Your cunt tighten around my cock as I shoot load after load of cum into you.

We get down on the bed. You ask me if you can sit on my face. Of course you can! You stride over me and rub yourself against my chin, my mouth, my nose. My tongue eagerly tries to reach your clit and your lips. You come once more and my face is inundated with your juice and some of mine too. You get off me, lick my face to taste yourself. We kiss. I caress your breasts, your back, your hips, your… Your pussy is still wet. I use two fingers to scoop what I can and we both suck on them, our tongues touching.

We cuddle for a while. My cock is still hard and pressing against your ass. I hold your beautiful firm breasts and play with your nipples.

We order food from room service. We eat and drink and lie in bed and doze off for a while. We wake up to find ourselves in a 69. Did I wake up with a hard-on, my cock in your mouth and my balls in your hands? You tell me you like that I shaved my balls. They’re almost as smooth as your pussy in which my face is once again buried, drinking your sweet juice.

I reach to lick the sensitive area between your pussy and your asshole. Your breathing and shivering shows me how much you like it. My tongue circles and then goes over and inside your asshole. You shake as another orgasm hits you.

I break it off before getting too close to coming myself. For a while I watch you playing with your clit and dipping fingers in your pussy to lick them. I get up to get… something.

See, I didn’t just brought wine but also a nice massage oil. I won’t pretend that I can give anybody a pro massage but a sensual one to you, yes. As you lie on your stomach I oil and rub and caress your neck. I slowly move down to your back, your buttocks, your legs, your feet. Then back up the inside of your thighs and to the crack of your ass. You moan softly as I repeat this a few times. You spread your legs to give me access. How many well lubricated fingers can your pussy take?

My attention shifts to your ass again. My thumb follows the same path as my tongue before and slowly finds its way in your asshole. My index and middle finger are still in your pussy.

I gently finger fuck both holes until you tell me you want to feel my cock in your ass. I make you turn around on your back. I put a cushion under your hips. I get more oil around your butt and on my cock.

I raise your legs against my chest, over my shoulders. Your asshole is fully exposed and in the best position to be fucked. I press my cock head against your opening. “Yes, fuck me in the ass!” you say. Slowly, for the very first time, I get inside your backdoor and start pumping, in and out, not too deep in order to excite the most sensitive area, close to the entrance. I put a hand on your pelvis and a thumb in your pussy. Your hand gets underneath mine and one of your fingers joins pendik escort mine in your pussy. We can both feel my cock in your tight ass. You start rocking back and forth and amplify the penetration until you suddenly push yourself completely on my shaft. I am ball deep in your ass. I feel your muscles contracting. I can’t hold it anymore. I come hard and you do too.

Next time we will try doggy style. And then, each time I’m about to fuck you from behind, you can grab my cock and guide it where you want it.

We rest only for a short time because we have to go shopping before we go out for dinner. I found a bookstore-café kind of shop that you should like: first they don’t serve coffee but wine, and second they don’t sell books but sex toys. Dildo, vibrator, anal plug or beads… what is your choice? Definitely one you can wear later when we go out, maybe a vibrating egg that I can control remotely? But we also need one you’re comfortable to use when we fuck again later tonight. Maybe we should buy two?


We ask the shop to clean the egg, you will wear it to for dinner.

While we’re having a glass of wine you go to the bathroom. You come back with a smile and give me the remote control.

As we said that these two days were “no underwear” you are not wearing anything under your sexy black dress. My hand crawls along your leg until I can feel the moisture of the lips of your stretched pussy.

I turn the egg on a little bit and we are satisfied that the noise is very discreet. And you are satisfied by its effect on you.

We leave for —-, a fancy Italian restaurant.


After the main course, and while we are finishing our wine I turn the egg back on, this time at maximum power.

You get still, you close your eyes, your face reddens. The vibrations in your cunt send orgasmic wave after wave through your body and your mind. You hold the table with both hands.

You plead me to stop and remove it. I stop it, look around and casually get under the table. The long table cloth is hiding me so I may be gone for a while. I spread your legs and even in the low light I can see that your pussy lips and clit are swollen. I lick them in a slow, soothing way which of course doesn’t soothes anything but raises a few more waves of orgasm in you. There’s a moment of small embarrassment when in a halting voice you reassure the waiter that everything is fine.

I come out without having removed the egg. We will have to go the bathroom for this I tell you.

I follow you and we lock ourselves in what is a large private bathroom. I turn the egg on low, push you down against the counter next to the sink and free my hard-on from my pants. I spit in my hand and spread saliva on my cock and your asshole. I push my cock into your ass. I can feel the egg vibrating on the other side of the thin wall between your cunt and your ass.

You watch yourself in the mirror being fucked in the ass, hard.

I dial the egg up and we fuck. We come. We clean up and refresh before going back to our table.


After dinner we go to a sake bar. This is the occasion to ask you, for next time, to keep your pussy hair. First I would be able to do “wakame sake” with you: drinking sake from your lap, its taste mixed with your pussy juices and your pubic hair floating like seaweed in shallow water. And then I would have the pleasure to shave your pussy for you.

We taste a few sake but soon enough we get horny again and we head back to the hotel.


I look fascinated as you go straight in front of the window and start a long, sensual strip tease and, once naked, a slow dance. I hear the music of Body Double playing in my head as I imagine someone looking at you from outside.

You face away from me and get dirty: you bend over to show me your glistening pussy. With both hands you spread your ass cheeks and your asshole seems to beg me to come inside. I start to move but you gesture me to stay put as you turn around to face me. I get off my clothes as you resume your erotic maltepe escort dance, your naked body is undulating, your hips moving in slow and mesmerizing circles.

I’m rock hard. I get up and turn off all the lights except one that I turn into a kind of spotlight. I wish I could see this Chinese shadow play from outside. You bend again and arch your body, pressing your breasts together.

You make me come over and suck me in plain view of whoever might look up. Your warm mouth engulf my shaft. Your hair flies around as your head goes up and down my cock. In no time I’m ready to explode. I help you rise and push you against the window, facing me. I raise and hold one of your leg high up and we fuck standing up. You grunt at each stroke.

I come hard which makes you come too. I let your leg down and kneel to lick you clean, swallowing the mix of our juices oozing from your cunt as you look at the —- city lights and skyline.

Day 2

The plan is to relax naked all day in our room. We push the couch close to the window so that we can fuck comfortably while looking outside. Once I fuck you from behind, my cock in your pussy and my left thumb in your asshole. I tease your clit with my right middle finger and then push it in your cunt, together with my cock. My two fingers and my cock fuck you until you come.

But mostly we rest because, as you guessed, all this was only a prelude for the big one. Tonight we’re on the hunt for another dick for you. Another guy. We will call him Dick.


We decide to try —- first. If we don’t find what we’re looking for I have a plan B, a place where I’m sure we can find someone.

It’s still a bit early and we have no trouble getting a spot at the bar, next to a group of girls. We order some drinks and look around…. nobody yet. Your hand comes down on my thigh and discreetly rubs my cock through my pants. We’re just finishing our first round of cocktails when we see a young, tall, long haired guy who seems to be alone approach the bar. We move almost imperceptibly closer to the girls to open the space on your side. It works: he comes next to you and looks around for a drink menu.

I give him the one in front of me with a smile and you tell him that our Negroni are quite good. We toast when his drink arrives and get into some small talk. You don’t have force yourself to look interested. You’re turned towards him, you laugh, you occasionally touch his arm. You’re quite flirty.

Flirty enough that Dick asks me if we’re together. I like that he acts like he doesn’t hunt in others’ garden. No need to tell him that we’re married but not to each other. Also no need to give him the idea that you’re free. So I tell him ambiguously that we’re visiting together. In due time body language should give him an idea of what we’re looking for before we make it explicit.

And so you rest your body against mine and at the same time keep casually touching his arm or his shoulder, whispering in his ear and sometime even pressing your leg against his.

You ask him to go dance with you while I order another round of drinks. You’re gone for what seems like a long time and knowing how horny you are in these situations I can’t help but feel a pang of jealousy. I hope you’re still teasing him on the dance floor and not sucking or banging him in the toilets.

I engage a conversation with the pretty girl on my left and start flirting with her but don’t go very far before you come back, trailing Dick by the hand. You wrap your arms around me with abandonment and give me a deep, long kiss. I grab your ass and hold you tight. You feel my cock getting stiff against your belly. I keep holding you like this while you lean back and throw one arm to catch the back of Dick’s neck. You close your eyes, part your lips and make him lean down to kiss your mouth.

The girl I was talking to is watching us, open mouthed, with what looks like shock and envy. I give her a wink and she breaks into a smile. We watch you two kissing, your lower body still pressed against mine.

After kartal escort you catch your breath the four of use share a toast. You start talking with the pretty girl. I turn to Dick to tell him that you and him seem to like each other and ask him if he wants to come back to our hotel with us for a threesome. I tell him the rules: no guy on guy action, condom for both of us, one night only, no exchange of personal or contact information…

He’s game and we toast on that and I start to finish my drink but you have other plans. The pretty girl had to leave with her friends. You hook your arms into Dick’s and mine. Let’s go, it’s on.


In the car to the hotel you sit in between us, hands on our thighs, teasingly close to our groin and the growing tents in our pants. You turn toward Dick, kissing him again. I kiss, lick and bite the back of your neck which I know will send shivers down your spine and can sometimes bring you to orgasm just like that. You press and rub your ass against me.


I don’t even have time to close the door that you are already on your knees, freeing Dick’s dick from his pants. You make an appreciative sound when his big, fat, young cock springs out in your face. You start sucking, licking, teasing. I sit on the couch and watch. I’m as stiff as a board.

You get up from you knees, still sucking Dick, now bend over his cock. With one hand you reach to lift your dress over your buttocks, exposing your asshole and your glistening wet pussy in an irresistible invitation.

I get up from the couch, drop my pants and shirt, get in position behind you. I grab your ass cheeks and slide my cock between them a little before moving down to fuck your pussy. I push my full length into you. I come completely out and push back in again and again. Your moans are muffled by the cock in your mouth. I hold your hips and start pumping faster. You hold as you can on the dick you’re sucking. Your cunt muscles squeeze my cock and you come. I stay deep inside you, enjoying the tremors of your orgasm. A few more stroke and I also come.

Somehow you managed to keep on sucking Dick. I grab a condom and signal him it’s time to switch.

I move in front of you but you’re tired of standing up so you push me on the bed, on my back. On your knees again you start playing with my cock and my balls to get me hard again. You raise your ass and offer Dick the same view you gave me before.

It’s Dick’s turn to fuck you. He also gets into you in one hard stroke. You can feel your cunt being stretched and filled. You push back and fuck. Even if you were not caressing my cock and my balls just seeing your reaction to being pounded like this would have made me hard. You want to deep throat me but each stroke in your pussy makes you gasp for air and almost pass out. Every time you think you can not take it anymore Dick finds a way to make you come. Finally exhausted you collapse and crawl over me.

Slowly you come back to your sense, still hot with sexual desire. You move your body over mine and impale yourself on my cock.. We kiss gently, but down there you grind your hips hard, my cock is locked in and massaged by your pussy.

You feel my hands on your back being joined by Dick’s. He parts the cheeks of your ass, kisses and rims your asshole. You stop moving on my cock. You close your eyes. Two men are going to pleasure you. You can feel being opened. You gasp as a second cock gets into you. You’ve never felt so filled before as now, sandwiched between me and this stranger. Slowly, up, down, you start moving again. Dick and I pick the rhythm and we all fuck in unison. Dick is fucking you deeper and deeper until he can’t hold it anymore. We can both feel the spasms of his cock in your ass and we all climax at the same time.

Satisfied at last You lie down on the bed and close your eyes.

Dick says it’s still early and he’s going to hit the club again as this seems to be his lucky night and I escort him to the door of our room.

I join you in bed and snuggle against you. You grab and hold my cock and fall asleep.


So that’s it, what do you think? OK I admit I maybe got a little carried away. In fact writing this gave me such a hard-on that I need some relief. So I’ll stop here to jerk-off.

Thinking of you,


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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