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A Guy Gets Tired of the Games Ch. 01

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Sometimes as a male you have just had enough – enough drama, enough games, enough trying to please and enough trying to fill up the female need for “more.” Don’t get me wrong, I love the ladies and will pursue them until I die, but I do seem to attract the money oriented, troubled ones. With cruise tickets in hand and wonderful memories of her birthday party last week, I got dumped by my hormonal nut case of a girlfriend. She accused me of everything in the world and I had not done any of it. For now I need a rest, something sane, something to count on, relax with and know what to expect. You know like a business contract.

For entertainment I often read the Craig’s List personal ads. There seems to be a higher percentage of bots every week and the “women” — real and imaginary — all want complete honesty, real men, drug and disease free and know how to treat a woman. My tickets were not cancellation insured. I had nothing to lose. Why not try Craig’s List.

“You want honesty ladies? I live in Hillsboro and need a Panama Canal/Caribbean cruise and vacation partner starting November 12 for three weeks. I’m 64, fit, active, 5’10”, 170#, good with my hands and mouth. I’m playful, naughty and respectfully dominate. I definitely know how to treat a lady. You should look good, be comfortable, dancing, dinning and everything else. Polished and educated enough to not embarrass me. Yes, the deal includes sex and I expect you to be willingly good at it. I can afford my dalliances. Interested? Email me, with your picture and particulars. The attached pic is me last month. Generally, I prefer thin, flexible, reasonably athletic, creative and articulate.”

I expected a lot of crap responses and I got them. Three hundred pounders singing their oral praises, herpes carrying baby dolls, meth addicts, hopeful escapees from abusive relationships, travelers with no passport and women with five kids who never knew their fathers. But there were a few that were promising:

“Beautiful ex-working girl — I’m 48, DDF, can keep a smile on your face and would enjoy taking a cruise with a gentleman.” In her pic she was tall and elegant. She had shoulder length auburn hair, long legs and big beautiful green eyes. The kind I always fall for and get burned.

“Me-too — didn’t know real people still read CL. Sounds like something to be thankful about over the holiday. Haven’t traveled much but would like to. Professional with lots of vacation time, 41, ready to please and be pleased. I’d show you more of me but I don’t want the pics all over the internet.” This short blonde was a spinner with sparkling, naughty eyes.

“25, need Daddy to keep me disciplined and smiling. — I’d do anything you want for a trip like that.” Her pic was playful, Heidi-like little girl, in catholic school outfit, sucking a lollipop. Complete with pigtails and painted on freckles. I had a good chuckle.

“Rejected squirters like to travel too. 44. Who do I have to kill to cruise with you? Tight, willing, very clean. Not into bad pain, blood or scat but everything else is on the menu. The more activities the better, want to experience everything kartal escort before my time runs out.” The brunette’s eyes were haunting, even with the character lines. She was about 5’5″, maybe 130 pounds of fitness. I liked the honesty and reality that hid behind her words.

Three days later, I met “Rejected Squirter” (Tina) for coffee. At first, she was shy and ill-at-ease but she relaxed and proved to be real and delightful.

“Carl, I want to clear something up.”

“Please do. Just keep talking to me. I really like the sound of your voice.”

“It has been raspy like that my entire life.”

“It’s wonderful.”

“I’m not as wild and experienced as my answer to you implied. My ex left me for a younger bunch of women. The divorce dragged on for three years. It became final the day I answered you and I was in a strange mood.”

“So you really don’t want to cruise with me?”

“No, it’s not that. I would love to go. I don’t want you to be disappointed with me. I’m not very experienced and I haven’t been a lot of places.”

“What has you the most concerned? The sex?”


“Bring your coffee. We’ll go out onto the empty patio and talk more privately.”

“Now talk to me. You are beautiful, sexy and healthy. You look like you could knock my socks off and still want more.”

“I’ve only known one guy. We learned together. It was never like my girlfriends said it was with their guys. When he started drinking, the sex got even worse.”

“What kind of things did you two do together?”

“I gave him head and then mostly missionary. I never climax with just penetration. I usually finished myself off after he went to sleep.”

“Vibrator? Toys? Fingers? How did you finish off?”

“Fingers, I’ve never had a vibrator.”

“Did he give you oral also?”

“I get very wet, he did not like that.”

“Do you really squirt?”

“Sometimes with my fingers, I can soak the bed.”

“Why are you blushing?”

“I’m talking so freely to you. I’ve never told anyone these things.”

“We need to learn about each other and work through this decision. From my standpoint, you are perfect and exciting. You would be exposed to a lot in three weeks with me and I would push your limits. I would never hurt you, force you and I do understand the word “No.” I am curious about you. Would you fantasize? Bring ideas to our times together? Be verbally open about what you like and don’t like? Would you want to please me? My brains are in my hands and mouth. I would enjoy making love with you if you could relax and if that is what you wanted. Think, if you want to give three weeks of your life to travel, fun, food and sex with a naughty man.”

She shivered just a little and squirmed in her seat. So I played.

“Let me help you with your thoughts about me.” I scooted closer and lowered my voice to a whisper. “No inch of your body will be off limits to my touches and kisses. I will have you bathe in just water so the scent and taste of your body will not be hidden from me. Sometimes I will tease you and keep bostancı escort you on the edge before I let you cum. I will like to watch you. Watch you masturbate or be on top while you use me for your pleasure. Sometimes you will drive me wild and I’ll use my strength to take you. At night we might get carried away and fall off the bed. In the morning, I might fuck you from behind while you brush your teeth.”

Tina’s breath was ragged and her eyes were a glazed while her imagination followed my words of fantasy. She was not used to such talk but was really into it.

“Before we return, I hope I can make you to cum from just my whispered words while we dance in the bar. I will want you to get so wet that you run down your legs and the other couples look at us and wonder.”

“Damn, you have to quit. I’m almost there now.”

“We are the only ones on the patio. Why quit?”

“Someone will see.”

“Who cares? We are grown up. We can do what we want. How wet are you?”


“May I check?”

“Here? Now?”

“Yes.” I did not wait for an answer. The small table was not much of an obstacle as I slipped closer. At first she closed her legs when I touched the inside of her thigh but then she opened them and I slipped my hand into the ever warmer, more humid region.

“Tina, in my listing, I told you I was oral. If you squirt when you cum I will want to drink from your body and keep kissing to see if you will cum again. I may have to hold you down, because you may be sensitive.”

With those words I was more forceful in pushing her legs apart.

“With more kisses to your pussy, you will soon be with me again. I hope you are a noisy lover. I want to hear your pleasure so I will learn to be good for you. I want to hear your encouragement. I want to hear you say that you need me inside of you. I want to hear you scream in climax.”

Her eyes were closed and she did not try to keep me from slipping past her panties’ legs and pushing a finger between her hot, swollen, slippery lips. She moaned as I nestled a knuckle against her hard protruding clit. I turned my hand over, pushed two fingers into her, curled them to pressure her large g-spot and rubbed her clit with my thumb. Her eyes fluttered.

“Don’t you dare open your eyes. Just feel my hand on your pussy. This is to help you decide if you would like to be with me for a while.” I never stopped my gentle thrusts. She moaned and recoiled.

“Don’t pull away. Scream if you want. I’ll pay the waiter to look away. Give me your greatest gift Tina. Let me watch your pleasure. Thrust into my hand and cum for me.”

Her breathing was now ragged; she thrust visibly, intentionally causing more pressure on her magic spot.

“Harder. Please, harder.”

My thumb complied. Its circles grew smaller and I was now rubbing directly over her good sized clit. It was almost too much for her but she did not want to stop or change anything. I let her direct. Her sheath contracted around my fingers, her hands clutched the tablecloth, her eyes were closed and she was breathing maltepe escort noisily through her mouth. Every muscle I could see in her face, neck, shoulders and arms tensed. Her face contorted and her body began to tremble.

Tina was right; she was a squirter and a big one. I could her hear juices fizz out and then splatter onto the cobblestones under her chair. She winced, her clit was too sensitive to touch but her hips were still rocking. I moved my thumb and let her use my hand. I extended my fingers and added a third. She gasped, “Yes” and pushed forward driving me deeper. I could see heads peaking out of the restaurant’s windows. When she came the second time it started with a long loud growl. She tried to curl up, knocking over some glasses and pushing the flower vase onto the ground. She did not hear the commotion. Her hands grabbed my wrist to hold it still. For several minutes, we sat, my fingers deep and being gently sucked in her womb. Finally, she raised her body off the table. Her blouse was wet and transparent showing her bra. She looked weakly at me and struggled to sit up. With my free hand I used my napkin to clean her face and around her glazed eyes.

Her recovery took at least five minutes. I leaned over, kissed her, licked her lips and then whispered into her ear, “Thank you, sexy lady. Thank you. That was very beautiful.”

The more she recovered the more panic I saw in her eyes. Most of the front of her skirt was wet and the back, where she sat, was drenched, still dripping. Her nipples stood proudly rigid under her wet cold bra. She began to blush and look for something to cover herself.

“You are with me today, Tina. When we leave you will walk tall, strut, showing that you are proud and satisfied, that you have pleased me and because you are more woman than any who would dare stare at you.”

The waiter approached, “Can I get you and the lady anything else, sir?”

“No thank you. Just the check will be fine.”

“There won’t be a check today. We all thank you both. Come dine with us as often as you like.”

Tina blushed at the waiter’s words but she did stand tall and proud as I pulled her chair out. She left a wet trail as we walked through the restaurant, her arm locked in mine. A few courteous people applauded her. She blushed brighter and swung her hips. She smelled of sex and now so did the café. None of the men minded. The women wanted what she had.

We did not speak all the way to her car. I took off my coat and put it onto her seat. “My card is in my coat. Call me in the next couple of days, if you decide to risk sailing with an old man. I’m hoping you go with me.”

Before I closed her door, I opened her mouth with my hand on her chin and gave her a deep French kiss. She was not used to this. I kissed her and explored her mouth with my tongue. As a last leading gesture, I pulled back, looked deeply into her eyes and said, “Suck.” When I kissed her again I pushed my hard, pointed tongue deep into her mouth. She sucked and I moaned in appreciation before pulling my mouth away from hers.

“How do you expect me to live with all the frustration your kiss has left between my legs?” When I stood she could see my discomfort. Her manicured fingers reached out, felt over the length and tried to close around me.

I closed her door, smiled and added, “Call me either way, Tina. You are my choice but if you choose not to go, I have to find a sailing partner.”

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