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A Good Friend Comes Through

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Hairy Pussy

The ball dropped. Millions cheered. Sarah, alone in her apartment, killed off the rest of her champagne and sank backward into the couch cushions.

“Happy new year to me.” She set her glass down decisively. She was happy to be alone this New Year’s Eve, with no pressure to kiss anyone or be outgoing. She was angry, and a little tipsy.

Another year, another relationship, another chapter of her life closed. How could she have been so blind? Her lesbian girlfriend had cheated on her multiple times… and yet, ironically, kept saying how bisexuals (like Sarah) weren’t to be trusted. So Sarah kept bottled up her true identity, pretended to be gay, for fear of repercussions from her girlfriend. Not that it mattered; her girlfriend couldn’t help herself when a femme in a short skirt walked by.

Now, single and recovering from heartbreak, Sarah wondered why she had to hide her attractions. She could fall in love with just about anyone, and she wasn’t like other queer women she knew; she didn’t mind sleeping with men. In fact she loved it. She had dismissed so many men in the last 3 years, and she was tired of it.

She flipped the channel and found “Love, Actually”, the movie she loved to hate. She sat there thinking back on her year, how much of herself she had held inside…

“Well, I’m not gonna start another year pretending to be someone I’m not. From now on, I’m an out and proud bisexual.”

Sarah thought about how fraught sex had become for her: how hard it was to get in the moment sometimes. She only saw in hindsight how all the insecurity she felt in her last relationship was due to her ex being just a terrible person all around. But Sarah had no reason to be insecure.

She got up off the couch and walked over to look in the mirror at her dowdy outfit. Her hoodie and sweatpants obscured her body. She unzipped the hoodie to reveal a sleeveless tanktop, which hugged her DD breasts and smooth waist, toned by intermittent jogging, yoga, swimming, and weight training. She never could stick with an exercise regimen, but she was always active. Yes, her body was soft, strong, and feminine. She slipped off her sweatpants, letting them pool around her ankles. She turned to check out her legs from the side: beautiful soft thighs, bearing the last of summer’s tan, and an ass that she was always complemented on: full, soft, and best clad in tight jeans and leggings. She ran her hands over her curves, cupping her tits and caressing her stomach. In her black underwear and gray tank top, she felt confident, sexy, and empowered, despite the fact that it was half past midnight and she hadn’t left the house in over 36 hours. She suddenly felt incredibly horny, thinking about how little she was wearing and how much she wished for someone else’s touch. She started moving her hand down below her stomach, toward the waistline of her panties…

The cell phone on the couch rang, shocking her back to reality. She took a step toward the living room, forgetting about the bakırköy escort sweatpants around her ankles, and tripped forward onto the hardwood floor. She landed hard on her right wrist and knee. “Fucking perfect.”

She wriggled out of her sweatpants and rose to her feet, then grabbed the phone.

Her heart jumped as she saw who it was; she answered the call with enthusiasm. “Avery!! Buddyyyy!!”

“Sarah, happy new year!! Guess who’s outside your house?”

“No fucking way!”

She bolted down the stairs, forgetting that she was wearing almost nothing; the icy blast of January air hit her when she opened the door to find Avery there. “Sarrraahhh!!” He sounded tipsy, but so was she; she was so happy to see him. She gave him a big hug.

“What are you doing here?? Come come inside join my party! Aren’t you supposed to be at Brian’s? Why did you leave? Come inside! I can’t believe you’re here!!” She almost forgot how her panties barely covered her rear end, her generous cheeks spilling out from the bottom. She didn’t mind him seeing her like this.

He stepped past her and Sarah closed the door behind him. “I was there for a while, and it was awesome! I wish you could have been there. Think last year, but more jello shots and karaoke, and less sipping champagne… well, no, same amount of champagne…” He hung his jacket on the coat rack, kicked off his shoes, and headed upstairs toward the living room.

Sarah laughed. “Go back then! The night is young.”

“Nah, I couldn’t enjoy myself knowing your pretty face was here all by your lonesome… is your apartment heat turned up all the way? Why are you dressed like that? You look red.”

She realized she had been blushing. “Oh, um… I was just reassuring myself that I wouldn’t be alone forever. What else do single people do on New Years?”

“No, Sarah, you’re the best EVERRR!! You’ll never be alone I promise that. You’re too awesome.” He hugged her; his cold hands on her back gave her chills. She hugged him close; he couldn’t see her face pressed against his chest so she let her smile fall. She was tired of propping it up; it felt good to let it go. He kissed the top of her head; she sighed. When she finally pulled away, she felt restored. She was so comfortable with him, and she didn’t want to pull away, but the moment had gone on long enough. She cast around for an excuse to step away from him.

“So uh…” Sarah looked around, then grabbed the bottle on the coffee table, “you want some champagne or…” They both looked at the bottle: it was empty. They laughed.

“Nah that’s okay, I’m enough sheets to the wind or whatever the phrase is. Sweet of you to offer your empty bottle though.”

“I feel like a dick.”

“Oooh! Are you watching Love, Actually? Ugh this movie… ooh I love this part!”

“Closet fan, I see?”

“I just love to hate it.” He sat down on the couch.

“Me tooooo!!” Sarah said, giddy that her friend beşiktaş escort was here to keep her company. She sat down next to him. She burped loudly; he laughed. “I… we should get food. I didn’t eat dinner.”

“Pizza! I need food too. FOOOODDD…”


They ordered a pie, talked and ate and curled up on the couch. After “Love, Actually” they found some old Friends reruns and watched several; sobering up and cuddling until they could barely keep their eyes open. It was a shame, Sarah thought… here she was wearing next to nothing, Avery’s arm around her bare shoulders and his other hand on her bare thigh as she huddled against him, and she had missed the drunk window of opportunity to do something crazy and stupid with him on New Years Eve. They had always joked about hooking up, and their friends always poked fun at them because they were clearly into each other, but timing never worked out in their favor.

As if reading her mind, Avery jostled her a bit to see if she was awake. “Hey…” Sarah looked up at him, sleepy but awake. “Happy new year, Sarah.” He bent toward her slowly, and planted a light kiss on her soft lips. She leaned into it but he pulled away. “Now you got your new year’s kiss. It’s good luck.”

Her head spun; the kiss had made her dizzy, her heart beat faster, her slit wet… all her desire came pouring out. Then he pulled away. How could he? Why? She tried to get comfortable as she had before, but sobering up she felt sad. Here she was, an attractive woman, and all she wanted in the moment was her friend right there, his kiss, his touch… had she sent the wrong signals? Had she ruined the moment? Why did he stop?

Her mouth was parched, she realized. She got up to get water, chugged several glasses. The microwave clock read 4:30 AM. She walked over to the bathroom and brushed her teeth, then walked back toward the living room. Avery was fast asleep.

She took a quick shower, changed into clean underwear and a t-shirt, then crawled into bed. She fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.


It was light out when Sarah opened her eyes. An arm slipping around her waist woke her up, as a body climbed into bed with her. She turned to look over her shoulder to find Avery, wearing only boxers, spooning her. “Hey,” he said.

“Hey. What are you doing up here?”

“Do you mind?”

“No I actually… I… thank you for coming over to hang out last night. It meant the world to me.”

“Sorry about the kiss, I was still drunk and Idk, I stupidly thought it might cheer ya up.”

“The kiss was good. Fine. Great even.”

“Good, I still feel like it was presumptuous of me.”


“Cuz you know, you just broke up with that asshole you were dating… you’re my buddy… you’re really special to me.”

“Aww, you’re special to me too. Come on, one little kiss doesn’t change that…” She took a deep breath. “In fact, beylikdüzü escort I wouldn’t have minded a little more…”

A pause.

“Sorry, did I cross a line?”

She heard Avery swallow. “Not… not at all. So you’re saying… it wouldn’t be weird if…”

Sarah turned to face him. Her t-shirt had ridden up, exposing her waist. She pressed against his torso, feeling a bulge rising in his boxers. She felt her pussy get wet, dampening her panties. The heat seemed to build between them, the two layers of cloth separating his cock from her pussy a scarce barrier between them.

He ran his hand up her back and slipped his top leg between her thighs. She ran her fingers through his hair, then pulled him toward her for a kiss. Their lips met, their tongues touched. He pulled her shirt up to expose one of her tits, kneading it with his hand as she felt her clit start to throb against his thigh. She moaned when he pinched her nipple hard.

She moved her hand down to his boxers, undoing the button fly and pulling out his stiff cock. Wasting no time, she pushed the crotch of her panties aside and ran the head of his dick along her soaking wet slit for a few seconds before pushing it in. She was having sex with her friend, Avery; he was inside her. He moved his hand down toward her ass and she lifted one leg up high over his hip. He started thrusting slowly. She felt his cock sliding in and out deep inside her, filling her up. She dug her fingernails into his back.

He pulled her on top of him, pulled her panties up into her ass crack to grab the bare flesh of her backside and pull her onto him. She took his whole length into her desperate cunt. She hadn’t had sex with someone with a dick in so long it was almost like experiencing it for the first time.

He pulled her shirt off; her big tits swayed as she rocked back and forth on his long shaft. She ground against him, her throbbing clit rubbing against his pubic hair. Waves of sensation, building on each other, took over her body.

He pulled her to him, rocking with her as she slid up and down his shaft. Moving slowly, as if to ask permission, he moved his hands closer together on her ass, pulling them apart, wedging the panties farther into her crack. She knew what he was doing, and she urged him on; carefully he began probing around to find her puckered hole; and when he found it, pressed a fingertip to it. She moaned as he slowly started pushing it in.

He moved his finger with her hips as she rocked up and down his cock, as she moaned louder and louder. Finally, she came, shuddering and spasming, her muscles contracting around his shaft. His finger urged her to move faster and faster, until she felt him tense up and release a load of warm sticky cum inside her, pulling her toward him as he emptied out into her.

She rolled off of him and he held her close as they cuddled in the morning light.

This was more than she could have imagined for her solitary new year. She looked up at Avery. “Happy new year.”

“Happy new year, Sarah.”

“This doesn’t ruin our friendship, does it?”

“That always comes first… on an unrelated note, what are you doing for dinner tonight?”

Sarah smiled and began kissing him again, less gently this tie, as he slowly slipped her panties off…

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