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A Gift

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It was her birthday. The pub had been booked for a private party and was slowly filling with friends and well-wishers. The girl was standing with a small group, listening intently to a story, when her lover arrived. Her eyes sparkled with amusement as the teller of the tale gesticulated wildly, animating the story.

The lover passed behind her and made his way to the bar, pausing long enough to gently squeeze her waist. He ordered a drink and went to join some friends at a table who were motioning that they had saved a seat for him. He sat with his back to the room, but with the advantage of a mirrored wall opposite, he was able to see what was going on.

Listening to one of his friend’s talking about the last gig they all went to, he glanced up at the reflections of the dark-clad revellers hoping to catch a glimpse of her. She was leaning against the bar, waiting to be served. She appeared to be on her own. He decided to take advantage of this opportunity and excused himself for a moment.

Happy Birthday! he said. Can I get you a drink? She turned and smiled that great sexy smile that she always had for him. Draping her arms of black chiffon around his neck, she hugged him close, inhaling deeply at his neck and kissed his clean-shaven cheek. He returned the embrace, his hands on her small waist, pressing her body to his.

He ordered for them both, and whilst the bartender fixed their drinks, he produced a small, gift-wrapped box. For you. Open it. His eyes glinted with mischief. She opened the box. Then quickly closed it again incase anyone else had seen it’s contents. Wide-eyed, she whispered anxiously at him:is this what I think it is?!

What do you bakırköy escort think it is? he grinned back at her.

It’s a vibrator, she said softly enough that just he could hear.

Her lover leaned closer, taking her head in his hand and spoke gently beside her ear, his lips brushing her skin: It’s a remote controlled egg. And I have the remote control. I want you to wear it this evening. Go to the ladies now, whilst I pay for these drinks.

She had butterflies in her stomach, but she did what she was told.

Back at the bar her lover instructed her that he had programmed the controller with random patterns and intervals. The point of the project is to make a vibrator use such unpredictable random patterns of activity, and intervals between those patterns, that it would keep the her aroused, while making it impossible to get off from it.

He raised his glass to her, kissed her again, smiled that knowing smile of his, and went to re-join his table of friends. She breathed deeply, trying to relax, picked up her drink and returned to the party.

It wasn’t long before her lover decided to activate the egg. The girl was startled from the conversation she was having but managed to compose herself and continue. And then there was nothing for so long, she wondered if perhaps it wasn’t working properly.

Oh my! Yes it was working! She shot her lover a look and he grinned back at her.

Throughout the evening, the egg quietly vibrated inside her. The duration of it’s activity was never long enough to get her off completely, and the intervals between were often long enough to almost forget it was there, certainly beşiktaş escort long enough for her to no longer be aroused – until it startled her again.

At one stage, she sat with a group at a table. The vibrations at this time became particularly intense and she was sure that if she just subtly rubbed against the hard wooden edge of the seat, she could bring herself off… but that would be cheating. She excused herself and went outside to cool down.

Her lover joined her outside, and they stood side by side, backs against the cold brick wall. How are you enjoying my gift?, he enquired.

Mmmmm? It was about all she muster in reply at that moment.

He traced her cheek with his finger and cupped her face in his hand. She kissed his palm and rested there for a moment until the egg finished it’s latest episode. How much longer must I wear it?

Just another hour, until we get home. Don’t worry I’ll look after you.

She acknowledged what he was saying. Earlier in the evening, she’d almost been able to tune out the egg and hold a conversation as if nothing was happen, but she had been constantly and publicly teased for a couple of hours, and she was beginning to feel that some of the sessions could tip her over the edge if she just had a little extra encouragement. Now, she was looking forward to getting home, and getting that assistance.

She returned to the party, and did her best to laugh and dance for the remainder of the evening, trying not to pay attention to the egg vibrating inside her, arousing her, and the accompanying thoughts of her lover’s hand on her body, bringing her testing and teasing beylikdüzü escort experience to it’s natural end.

In the taxi on the way home, she held her lover’s hand and gripped tightly every time the egg activated itself. His free hand was tracing the line of her throat as she reclined in the seat next to him. She didn’t want the extra encouragement here, she couldn’t allow herself to kiss him, but sitting in the back of the cab, the vibrations from the car’s engine were adding to her situation; and the gentle rocking of her body each time the driver braked at a junction and drove off again, was pushing her nearer her limit.

The lover helped her out of the taxi and opened the front door of the house, but before they even crossed the threshold he had ramped up the settings on the egg to maximum. She stumbled at the foot of the stairs, but he was ready and caught her round the waist. Pulling her back up, he spun her around and pinned her against the wall. Hungry mouths sought each other out, as desperate hands fumbled with layers of clothing. He unzipped her skirt and it fell to the floor exposing her bare backside, and stocking clad legs. Pushing aside the flimsy fabric of her tiny underwear, his long fingers quickly found her clit and she came instantly – a huge, shuddering orgasm: she cried out in relief and ecstasy, clinging to her lover as her legs gave way beneath her and the contractions in her pussy actually forced the egg out of her body. Her lover wasted no time. Gently lowering them both to the floor, he freed his hard cock from the confines of his clothing and slipped inside her wet pussy, making her cum again, grinding against her until she gushed, squirting her juices over his cock and balls – he couldn’t hold on any longer. Her cunt was sensational. He drove home one long stroke and came deep inside her; their bodies pulsated with pleasure, and their moans and cries of passion reached a crescendo – finally relaxing into each others arms in an exhausted and ecstatic embrace.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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