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A Flight of Fancy

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A Flight of Fancy
A Flight of Fancy

It was a very hot day, with the bright sunshine blistering down over this large corner of a small little English port city. It was also market day, with the buzzing sounds of conversation and hubbub from the many townsfolk and tourists scouring the many market stalls and shops for souvenirs and trinkets.

The market was situated just beneath the large red and white striped lighthouse, which stood proudly like a huge signpost atop the large mountainous hill at the far end of this little quarter-shaped port.

I was taken aback by the many people in the crowd who decided to dress up for the occasion in old-timey fashion. it seemed that 1920/30’s costume was the name of the game, with many dressed as various elements found within that period of time. Lots of “New York gangsters”, flapper girls, dusty adventurers not too dissimilar to Indiana Jones, and one or two Churchills.

I felt very under-dressed, in my casual v-neck white tank-top, tucked into my short Daisy Duke denim shorts and white Converse trainers. I had my nice pair of dark-tinted sunglasses on my face. Still, even in that skimpy summer wear, with the hot weather I felt like tearing my clothes off and walking about naked instead!

I was visiting this lovely quaint seaside town with my family. I went off on my own for a bit, leaving my small group of close relatives to do their own thing. I just wanted some time by myself, browsing the stalls. I had some fun reading through the saucy postcards on the spinner rack I found outside one stall, with all their cheeky yet very naughty humour and artwork.

My niece suddenly interrupted me, as she grabbed my arm.

“Nanny gave me a fiver, so we can go get some ice cream!”
She informed me excitedly.

“That’s nice of nan.”
I sighed.

She pulled at my hand eagerly, and so I started walking beside her as she skipped along.

I couldn’t help but to notice how many old-timey “pilots” I started to see wandering around. It was so noticeable, I just had to comment on it to my niece.

“Seeing those leather jackets and goggles, always kind of makes me want to fly a little plane. Doing loop-di-loops in the air, and shit.”
I chuckled.

“Excuse me, ma’am.”
A voice suddenly startled me as I felt another hand grab my shoulder.

I quickly turned to look, and saw one of these old-timey pilots standing before me. He was dressed in a fur-trimmed brown leather flight-jacket, and sand-coloured khaki trousers tucked into his brown leather boots. He didn’t have any flight goggles on on his face/head, but he did have a little brimmed cap on his head. He was clearly bald beneath the hat.

He looked fairly old, about 50 years of age. He had a very elaborate and fancy yet bushy moustache, which were pulled out at the sides. It was light ginger in colour but was fading with whiteness around the edges, and streaks of white on select hairs. He had very fierce blue squinty eyes.

On his arm, was the most stunning beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on. She looked at least 20 years his junior. She had shockingly bright long red hair. Tanned skin. Her light smokey makeup around her eyes was impeccably applied, and contrasted perfectly to her blood-red painted lips. She looked very bored, which made her seem all the more distant and cold. She was wearing a fancy red form-hugging evening-wear dress, displaying her sensuous tight curves, with her small yet plump tits pushed up. She was wearing heels hidden from view by the bottom of her luxurious dress, and was a noticeable 4 or so inches taller than her husband.

The diamond ring on her finger sparkled brightly has it captured the sun light.

“I couldn’t help but overhear your desires. Unlike some of my contemporaries here, I am a qualified pilot. Perhaps we can do some business together?”
He suggested to me, almost in a forceful kind of way.

“Oh, that’s very sweet of you to offer, but, um…”
I hesitated as I stopped to talk to him.

My niece was now standing still with me, and looking as bored as the gentleman’s wife as she had to wait for us to finish conversing to get her ice cream.

“Please. I insist. Just look at the perfect weather conditions we have on this glorious day. Perfect conditions for flying!”
He spoke very dramatically and flamboyantly, with such passion in his somewhat posh-toned voice.

I bit my lip as I looked towards the edge of a low wall by the hillside road. The seaside vista looked absolutely stunning. Far off in the distance was the small village houses along the surrounding archipelago, with the sea itself being the most güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri beautiful and rich of blues, with just the most light touches of white from the gentle waves lapping along the calm surface.

“Do not hesitate! You see that pier over there?”
The gentleman asked as he pointed a bony finger.

I peered over the wall, and found the small wooden pier at the bottom of the hill we were on.

I answered.

“Meet me there in half an hour. I shall have my plane ready to take us to the skies!”
He cheered as he started walking off with his very gorgeous yet very disinterested wife.

“B-but I..”
I stuttered as he walked off. My niece pulled on my hand again, and dragged me towards the ice cream shop.

“Are you really going to go flying today?”
My niece asked me along the way.

“I don’t know… Maybe.”
I replied.

I plucked up the courage, as the ice cream in my belly was joined by the rowdy crowd of my nerves, and headed towards the small trail by the lighthouse, leading down to the pier at the bottom of the hill.

“This is crazy. This is crazy. What am I doing? You’re crazy. This is crazy.”
I kept stating to myself in my head as I walked down the slightly treacherous pathway steps, carved out of the hillside.

As I turned on a corner step, I set my foot down onto the damp wooden planks of the small rickety pier. Lo and behold, alongside the pier, was the bi-plane with water skimmers for its legs, bobbing gently on the blue water.

It was painted a beautiful shade of red. It had on it’s tail, the painted image of a very similar looking woman, with bright red hair, wearing red lingerie and stockings, posing very sexily on her knees. It became obvious to me that this was the painted image of the pilot’s wife. beneath her image, in fancy handwriting, was her name, and also, I assumed, the name of the plane.

I leaned in closer to try and decipher the very fancy swirling handwriting, when a voice suddenly made me jump.

The pilot greeted me.

“Uh, hi.”
I replied in my nervousness.

“Dear angel, I hope you’re ready to sprout your wings. For we must take to the skies!”
He grinned. His wife was nowhere to be seen.

“Yeah, about that… Um, you should know, and I’m embarrassed to admit this, but, I’ve not got the money to pay you for this flight.”
I scratched my arm and looked away from his steely gaze as I felt myself begin to blush.

“Pay? Bah! Do not insult me, my dear lady! I do not offer my flights for a trivial thing like monetary gain!”
He spoke so passionately.
“Besides, I’ve got enough of that to last me a lifetime yet…”
He quietly admitted.

“Yeah, but like, I’m sure aeroplane fuel, even for a small craft like this, ain’t all that cheap…?”
I bit my lip. There was a pause as he just stared at me, almost in disbelief.

“…Do you take me for a charlatan, miss? Or a huckster? I have no interest in the contents of your purse. I wish to simply give you an experience you’ve never had before! Please, it would be my honour to take you up into the majesty of the heavens, where angels such as yourself deserve to be!”
He was hardselling the experience to me.

I blushed more and giggled, more so out of nervousness than anything else,
“But really, I couldn’t possibly…”

“Now, now, I’ll hear no more of it! Please, help yourself into the cab.”
He approached me, and held his hand out for me.

I didn’t know what I was thinking, despite my nerves now getting the better of my stomach, overrunning the whole show inside of me, I clasped my shaking hand over his and let him help me up into the cab of the plane. I stepped into it, and sat down onto the old brown leather seat. The plane smelt very old. Pieces of the leather seat was ripped, with its stuffing falling out, and there was ductape over other patches of the leather.

I looked to the pilot, as he replaced his cap with his old-fashioned leather flight helmet and goggles.

“Shouldn’t I be wearing..?”
I questioned as I touched the rim of my sunglasses, only he didn’t hear me.

He climbed into the cockpit, made his little checks of the controls, and then started the propeller turning. He turned to look at me, and with an excited boyish grin on his moustache-dominated face, he shouted so I could hear him over the roaring sound of the engine.

“Hold on to your butt, m’dear, this is going to be quite the thrill!”
His immediate roars of laughter competed with the roar of the engine, as the plane began to skim along the surface of the sea.

It was much more bumpy than I expected, as we travelled away from the pier. perabet giriş Suddenly, the bumping stopped, as the plane started taking off into the air. Before I knew it, we was thousands of feet up in the clear cloudless blue sky.

“This is awesome!”
I shouted as I peered over the side of the plane. My long dark hair being blown backwards. The whole port and seaside town started to look like a miniature map on some hobbyist’s table below me. People looked like little black grains of sand, barely visible at all.

I grabbed for my waist, as I remembered that I didn’t buckle a seatbelt around me. I gasped in horror as I then realised there was NO SEATBELT!

“Get ready for the loop-di-loop!”
The pilot laughed as he pulled back on the control lever.

I screamed as the plane lifted its nose up and started its full rotation of a loop. I grabbed the side of the plane so tightly, the knuckles of my hand turned bright white. I didn’t stop screaming until after the plane had levelled out again.

“How was that?!”
He asked me with roaring laughter.

I screamed at him.

“Ha ha ha! M’lady, we don’t need seatbelts!”
He laughed at me, almost mockingly.

“We have the laws of physics on our side!”
He then told me between loud hearty chuckles.

Despite the terror I felt, with every part of my body trembling, I also felt incredibly alive. I couldn’t stop grinning like a hyena. My heartbeat was racing harder than ever before, but I didn’t want the ride to end. He kept making me scream every time he rolled the plane around on it’s side. Yet with every sweeping manoeuvre, every soaring motion, every twist and turn, I found myself screaming less and less, and instead just fully enjoying myself. I even began roaring with laughter the same as he was.

“Again! Again!”
I cried out after another loop-di-loop.

We must have been flying for a good half an hour, when suddenly a loud beeping started to occur.

He suddenly stopped laughing.

I grinned, still high off the buzz of adrenaline.

“Um… Bit of bad news, I’m afraid.”
He turned back to look at me with worry on his face.

There was a sudden loud crack sound, and the engine started spluttering, with thick black smoke coming from it.

“That’s not meant to happen, is it?”
I sighed, with a weird calmness over myself.

“No, I’m afraid not, miss. Sorry to say, but it seems our flight is quite over now. A shame.”
He started looking around his seat as the plane became more and more rocked by turbulence.

“This is where we part. It’s been a joy flying with you, miss.”
He saluted at me, and then he stepped up with an old-looking parachute satchel in his hands, and suddenly leapt out of the cockpit.

“What the fuck?!”
I cried out as he disappeared. I looked over the side and saw him fall for 20 seconds, before his chute deployed, opening up like a quickly blossoming flower.

My attention quickly returned to the plane. Without thinking, I jumped into the cockpit, and tried to level out the quickly nose-diving plane, to no avail. I was now only a few hundred feet above the sea. I had no parachute, and even if I did, I just knew there’d be no time for me to deploy it to slow my fall enough to survive the drop.

I realised I had no other choice but to try and survive with the plane crashing into the water. If I could just level it out enough to skim the surface…

The crash was a big one. The plane hit the water with an almighty smack, with the nose of it taking most of the brunt. I somehow managed to jump out just at the point of impact, but that didn’t make the landing in the water any more comfy.

I smacked hard into the sea, knocking me a bit loopy. I quickly realised I wasn’t able to breathe, as I was upside down in the salty water. I swam for the surface. The waves were rocking me about, as i spluttered to keep my head above the waves to breathe air.

I saw the plane very slowly sinking, so I swam for it in hopes of just getting my bearings.

I climbed aboard the broken wings of the plane, and looked around. My sunglasses had fallen off at impact. I couldn’t see any land at all. I couldn’t even see the pilot or his parachute either. I tried to remember the things I knew about the distance of the visible horizon. Seeing nothing but sea water around me, I calculated that I was at least 20 miles or so out at sea. I then figured that, at best, I’ll probably only be able to swim at about 4 miles an hour. It would take me about 5 hours of nonstop swimming to make it back to land if my perabet güvenilir mi estimates were correct, but I didn’t know in which direction land is.

I took a moment to think of my options, as the plane slowly succumbed to the sea below. There was no floating bits of the wreckage for me to use as a makeshift raft. Once I was back in the water again, I sighed and accepted my fate.

“Well, I’m fucked!”

I picked the direction the current of the sea was taking me in, and began to casually swim along it, trying to conserve my energy as I did…

I suddenly felt something pull hard on my leg, pulling me under the waves. I fought back as best I could, and managed to get my head back up to gulp some air into my lungs, before being pulled under the surf again.

I couldn’t see too well, as my vision underwater was blurred by the stinging saltiness of the sea. But I could make out blurry figures around me. They looked like dolphins but with arms.

I tried to fight back, desperately trying to breathe, but these creatures swarmed me, grabbing at my arms and legs and pulling me deeper underwater. The sea was so deep. So deep, that after just a few metres, it became too dark to see anything but blurry shadows.

As I was pulled deeper down, one of the shadowy figures approached close enough for me to see. I began to choke as I saw who it was. The pilot’s wife!

Her bright red hair billowed around her in the water. She was naked. She stared into my eyes, her irises were as bright red as her hair. I was on my last ounce of oxygen, I couldn’t hold on any longer. My eyes began to shut as my vision tunneled, and she pushed her pretty face closer to mine… She kissed me.

I suddenly felt myself breathing again, but without actually breathing. My lungs weren’t being used at all, yet I was comfortable, and floating peacefully in weightlessness.

I opened my eyes, as this red-haired beauty queen smiled playfully at me. She giggled with her hand over my mouth, but it was totally silent. She swam back, and I was able to see clearly in the water. She revealed her long sparkling fish tail, which shone like as if it was made of emeralds. She swam around me, playfully poking at me, while more mer-people like her revealed themselves. They were the ones pulling me down.

They were all so fascinated by me. Poking me, pulling on my hair, my arms, and my feet. They weren’t gentle, either. I felt like a toy to them.

One of them even bit me on my big toe, causing me to yell in pain, only nothing but bubbles came out of my mouth. More nibbled at my toes, inflicting the same pained reaction from me as I tried to kick them away from me. They tore at my clothes, ripping them off me until I was naked.

I tried to swim back to the surface, but the red-haired beauty latched her arms around my stomach hugging me tight, and dragged me further below. I tried to fight her off, but I couldn’t. She was too strong of a swimmer. I reached a helpless hand up for the blue light at the surface fading above me in the distance, only to have another mermaid grab my reaching arm and made me cup one of her tits in her hand. She clearly enjoyed the exciting feel of my fingers to her nipple. The little nub of her nipple felt firm and rubbery.

I suddenly felt something between my legs. I looked down, and saw one of the mermen had latched his mouth to my pussy. Despite them clearly being of adult age, he was like a inquisitive child with my pussy, curiously exploring his lips and tongue around it. One he started licking me, he got more and more excited with his tongue.

I couldn’t help but to enjoy the pleasurable sensation of it, as the red-head let go of my stomach, and moved her arms up towards my head. She wrapped them around my neck, and with a very strong hug pushed my face into her tits. One of her nipples slotted between my lips, and I instinctively began to suckle on it. She suddenly squealed, but it was muffled heavily by the water, as a stream of tiny frothy bubbles poured from her lips. She was grinning loads as she playfully pushed and rubbed her wet slippery pillowed breasts in my face.

Suddenly, it all became very frenzied. There was arms and lips and tongues and tails everywhere. I was being fucked by all of them, like a ravenous orgy. The pleasure quickly became overwhelming, as I came so hard in the water, over and over again. I just couldn’t stop cumming. Or, more accurately, I couldn’t stop being made to cum by these forceful aqua-dwelling creatures.

I quickly became engulfed by it all, as the water around us turned into a frothy bubbling blindness. And just as quick as it started, it suddenly stopped. I looked around, and they had all disappeared. No sign of life at all. No other marine creatures, no kelp, no seaweed, just nothing but salty water.

I sighed, closed my eyes, and swam away with the use of my newly acquired mermaid tail…

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