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A Family Affair Ch. 02

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[In the first part of this story — A Family Affair — 18 year old Richard, a nerdy virgin with a big fat cock, not only loses his virginity to his older sister Sarah while the family is in France, but as it turns out, Mom and Dad also get in the act. Mom and Dad were swingers, and everyone turned out to be fine with all the loving in the family. Now they’ve returned to the states and more adventures.]


We arrived back in the States in the Fall. My older sister Sarah was back home with us now. Her things were in her old bedroom. She, as it happens, seemed to have no fixed bedroom. Some nights she slept in my bed. Some times in my parents’ bed. Sometimes we were all in one bed. It seems that having a big, fat cock was something that made me very popular with Sarah and with Mom (Julie). Dad (Gary) was above average in the endowment department, but even he had spent time admiring my cock.

We knew we were an uncommon family — not only did I fuck Mom, and Sarah fuck Dad, but we pretty much explored all the combinations. I mean, hell, both Mom and Sarah seemed to really enjoy having both Dad and I together. They had different preferences, but Dad and I were flexible. Sarah loved to sit on my cock and have Dad in her butt. Mom wasn’t that keen on the anal, but she’d suck either of us as long as the other one was fucking her. When Sarah wasn’t included, she loved to be creative in filming the action. When Sarah was being DP’d, she’d have Mom eat her out. I mean, we got creative!

Sarah was hunting for jobs during the day, and I had my first classes at community college. I have to admit that I didn’t get out much to enjoy the social scene at school, since I had plenty to deal with at home. Most nights it was a relatively quick hour or two of sex with either Mom or Sarah; we went in for group stuff on the weekends since no one had work. Then, one evening as we were sitting around the dinner table, Mom announced a slight change.

“Remember how I said we had friends “in the life?” Two of them are having a dinner party this weekend, and they’ve invited our family and another. Nothing overt was said, but I get the feeling we aren’t the only family playing together. Would you be interested in meeting another one?”

“Do you think I’m going to turn down sex?” I asked. “I would certainly love to be your boy toy and everyone jealous because you caught one with a big cock.”

We all laughed. Then Sarah spoke up.

“I love my Daddy. I love showing how I love my Daddy. Let them think what they want — I’ll be your slut any day!”

Mom spoke up. “You guys realize that you might be approached by other people? How would you feel about that?”

“Really? Mom, you have to ask? We are as flexible as anyone can be.” Said Sarah. “Besides, with more cocks available I can spend more time in the O zone.”

“The what?” Said Dad.

“The O zone. The Orgasm Zone. Don’t worry Dad, I just made it up. But I like the idea — fucking cock after cock, coming over and over.”

Naturally, the very idea of attending a swinger meeting was almost instantaneously arousing. For crying out loud, I’m 18 and a half — my cock is aroused by thinking about being aroused! And given how big it is — nine inches long and three inches wide — it’s relatively visible, especially since I don’t try to hide it at home.

“Oh, my, look! Richard’s got a hardon. Mom, you had better do something about it, because it looks like Dad has one too, and I’m planning on sucking him dry!” Said Sarah.

Mom moved over to me and began caressing my cock through my pants.

“Absolutely. This will be a good time to practice being lovers instead of family. So you should suck Greg’s cock and Richard will surely let his lover Julie take care of him.”

“Oh, Julie, right you are. And if you don’t hurry up and take care of me, you’ll be risking punishment. Don’t just rub my pants, take out my big, hard dick and suck it dry!”

I’ll say one thing for Mom — I mean Julie — her blowjobs are amazing! She kept rubbing my pants as my cock kept getting harder, and with her other hand undid the zipper and the button so they fell to the floor. Now my cock was tenting my boxers, and they disappeared quickly, leaving my flagpole flying freely, although not for long.

“Close your eyes, Richard, and just enjoy the sensations.” I did.

First her hands were like magic, lightly touching it, up and down, around the head, massaging my balls. Then she lift it to touch my stomach as she began tonguing my balls. Her hands continued to caress me, making more contact with the surface of my cock and coaxing more sensation from it. When she took one of my balls into her mouth I groaned. Her tongue found the line of flesh that divided my ball sack and worked on that.

I opened my eyes at that point and saw that Dad had taken control of Sarah; his hands were holding her head and he was simply fucking her face. Since he was two inches shorter and somewhat more narrow that halkalı escort me, she was having no problems taking him into her throat. In fact, his balls were bouncing on her chin and her nose kept hitting his stomach — and she didn’t care. Her hands were busy at her clit as he drove into her mouth. I’m not sure why, but that got me even harder. Mom felt it and took her mouth off my balls to ask.

“Oooh, my man Richard has gotten even harder. What was it? Was it my tongue? My hands?”

“Ah, no, it was watching Greg facefuck Sarah, actually. I don’t know why, but it’s really arousing.”

“Honey, it’s simple. That’s an alpha male dominating his partner. Of course it would arouse you. Go ahead, my man, and take control. If it’s too rough, I’ll find a way to let you know. But otherwise, go ahead and do me. Whatever way you like.” She rocked back onto her legs, closed her eyes and opened her mouth.

“Do it, Richard!” Said Dad. I mean Greg.

I didn’t need urging. I cradled her head in my hands and brought her lips to the tip of my cock. She had to rise from her current position since my erection was pointing up at a 45 degree angle. I pulled her mouth onto the head of my cock and gloried in the heat and moisture of it.

“Work on my knob. And take off your clothes. I want to see your boobs, I want to get my hands on your nipples. I want to watch those tits bouncing.” She unbuttoned her blouse, removed it and slipped out of her bra. There were those tits! Her nipples were erect and hard, sticking out an inch or so. My fingers went to them and began to work them even harder. I knew she liked them pulled and twisted. I suspected that the pain enhanced the sensations, so I wasn’t gentle, and I took the sounds she was making as an indication to continue.

“Now grab my dick and hold on!” I pulled her mouth down onto my shaft as her hands began to move. In addition to moving up and down, she was twisting them as well. And as saliva began to coat more and more of my length, the sensations continued to intensify. She was breathing hard through her nose, and working to get me into her throat. I pulled hard to drive into her mouth and felt my cock hit the back of her throat.

Then I felt her relax something there and the head slipped past the obstruction!

Holy fuck! I felt like all of me was concentrated in that tiny piece of flesh, and it was being massaged, squeezed, lubricated, heated — and I can’t even come up with words for everything I felt — as she pulled me deeper into her throat. Her hands were grabbing my ass and pulling me forward. I wasn’t forcing her — she was forcing me into her! I let her hands control my hips, and soon she had me pumping in and out of her throat.

“Fuck! That is so amazing to watch!” Said Sarah, who had somehow changed from being face fucked to being fucked doggy style with her face up close to my groin. She was being pounded by Greg and it was pretty obvious he was hitting all the right spots as her eyes would close, or open and roll back even as she tried to watch the spectacle of Julie’s face becoming the receptacle for my big cock.

And then Julie showed her skill and expertise. She somehow gathered the saliva spilling down my dick and wet a finger. Then she began to massage my asshole with it. I immediately relaxed and her finger slipped in and she began to massage my prostate with it. And that was all it took! Her finger triggered the sensations that I then felt in my balls as they let go of the juices I had been storing. My cock began to jolt and pump and as it did she buried it deep in her throat. I began to shoot ropes of cum into her belly and she clung to my cock like a baby on a nipple! She was literally sucking me dry and I was loving it. I heard the noises to the side as Greg began to unload in Sarah’s pussy and she let that trigger her orgasm. The only one who wasn’t coming was Julie who pulled back a bit to get some air and allowed my jizz to fill her mouth.

As drained as I was, I was still as erect as ever. She knew I would be, so as soon as she felt the last of my cum, she pushed me back onto the floor, stood up to remove her pants and then dropped onto my still-erect cock. As it filled her she started to cum. I just watched her. It was amazing to see her twitching and shaking and riding the intensity of her sensations. I loved that I could bring her that kind of pleasure.

She finally collapsed onto my chest. All four of us had cum, although I was still rock hard. Sarah literally pushed Jule off me and jumped onto my cock. I put my hands behind my head and just watched her bouncing on it until she came. Life was good, and if just talking about swinging was arousing, I could only imagine what it would be like in real life.

We got through the rest of the week in a relatively normal fashion (which basically meant we fucked every night, although it was generally one-on-one.). On şişli escort Saturday Sarah and Julie (we had to get in the habit, so Mom and Dad were now replaced by Julie and Greg — permanently) took a mid-day trip to a local beauty salon to do whatever women do there. Dad and I did yard work, wearing as little as possible in a neighborhood with very little privacy, in order to be sure we looked healthy and tan. And, following Julie’s suggestion, we ate light and then did some internal cleansing — all of us. None of us wore underwear, and we each packed an small bag with a change of clothes.

The event was held at an estate in the suburbs. We decided to to enter as couples with some separation between our entry — enough to make it open to question about what was going on. Julie and I watched Greg and Sarah precede us, and commented on what a fine couple they made.

“It’s funny. Greg and I have been coming to these events for years now, and this is literally the first time I’ve been nervous.” Said Julie. “I’m not sure what it is — but I know I like how I’m wet with anticipation and the butter flies in my stomach seem to make me even wetter.”

At that point we reached the door, and were met by a couple who seemed to be just a little older than my folks. They both knew Julie, so I was the one being introduced.

“Oh, Julie, what a handsome young man Richard’s become! Hello, handsome, I’m Marta and I certainly hope to see more of you in a bit.” Marta was blonde, tan, and her outfit revealed as much as it concealed. The neckline plunged to her navel, revealing most of her large breasts. Her mini-skirt barely covered her pussy and ass and showed off long, tanned legs.

‘Julie, I hope he wasn’t intended to replace me? I’m Sam, welcome!” He reached out to shake my hand, and we had a bit of a squeezing contest. Taller than Marta, he was equally tan and appeared to be in decent shape.

“No, Sam, there’s no replacing you. But Richard is quite the complement. I hope to enjoy you both at some point tonight.”

“Julie, we are a very open environment. I suspect that the other family here has much in common with yours. At the very least, they too have a lovely daughter and handsome son.”

“Thank you! We were prepared to present them as younger lovers because we didn’t know. What a relief! We’ll make sure that you and Richard spend some quality time tonight.”

“I am so relieved! We don’t have to hide!” Said Julie. “Now we can unveil you as the motherfucker you are!” She laughed loudly.

“Holy shit! That’s the Shin family! Carrie was in my class! I can’t believe it!”

Julie took my hand and made a beeline towards them.

“Helen! How wonderful to see you! You remember Richard, I assume? It turns out he was in classes with your daughter!”

“Well, I remember a much younger version, frankly. But given how he’s aged, I’m not surprised to see him. Congratulations, young mother fucker! I know Thomas enjoys the title — I presume you do as well!”

“Hi, Mrs. Shin. I mean, Hi, Helen. And yes, Julie is an amazing lover.”

We were suddenly joined by the other two pairs of our group — Greg and Sarah, and Carrie and her dad, Ronnie. I was a little tongue-tied when I greet Carrie, since I’d had a crush on her in high school and had never acted on it.

Sarah spoke up. “Aww, how cute! I forgot — he used to have a crush on you, Carrie!”

“He did? Why didn’t he let me know?”

“He was a bit of an introvert, in case you don’t remember! It’s only recently that he’s coming out of his shell. He’s extremely likeable. Wait until you see. Julie and I have been working to get him out of his shell. He has a lot to offer — a whole lot!” She reached over

an grabbed my crotch as she said it.

Julie spoke up. “I suspect I’m going to have to surrender Richard to the masses, especially given the size of his cock! My son is hung like a bull!”

At that, Helen stepped closer and pressed her not-inconsequential boobs against my chest and brushed my sister’s hand aside to feel my cock.

“Holy fuck! You really are hung! I need to see this!” And suddenly she was on her knees, unzipping my pants and pulling out my cock. I heard noises from a number of directions but my attention was on the older woman now attempting to jam my cock into her face.

“Mom!” Said Thomas, somewhat surprised.

“Come here, Thomas, and let me comfort you.” As she said it, Julie took his hands and placed them on her boobs. Then she got busy sucking face with him and her hands were soon removing his cock from hiding. Not to compare, but he seemed about the same size as Dad.

As I began to give in to the sensations of Helen’s mouth on my cock, I heard our hostess, Marta at our side.

“Oh, my! These two young studs are quite the specimens! Don’t let me interrupt!”

Helen’s oral skills were demanding most of my attention. And I could see that Julie and Thomas sarıyer escort were also performing for the masses. I managed to catch his eye and we high-fived, to the delight of the watchers! Not to be outdone, Sarah was now blowing Ronnie’s thick cock and Carrie was stuffing Greg’s into her face.

And this was a very friendly crowd. Soon hands were all over our two families, slowly removing any garments and laying them aside. As skin was uncovered, it was being licked, sucked and caressed. I felt hands part my ass cheeks, and someone’s tongue began to drill my sphincter. It must have been Marta I watched Julie’s legs get adjusted so that Sam’s fat cock could slide between them.

Helen pulled her mouth off my cock. “I simply must have you fuck me with this amazing meat! Julie! I’m so jealous! Not that Thomas is any slouch, but this is simply exceptional!” She stood, dislodging whoever was buried in her snatch, and then turned around and got on all fours, using her mouth on the cock that had been fucking her and presenting her shaved cunt to me. What could I do? Of course I got on my knees and brought my cock to position. After rubbing up and down her slit, and began pressing into the hole. It was tighter than I had expected, but that didn’t seem to be a problem for her.

She pressed back as hard as I pressed forward. In short order I was completely enveloped by her cunt. The amazing part was that it only took about four strokes before she started cumming! I kept stroking until she finally pulled her mouth off the cock it had been sucking and pressed her hands back against me to still me.

“Fuck! I’ve never cum so hard! Carrie! Get over here. NOW!”

“Yes, Mistress.” And suddenly, there she was. If anything, my cock started to deflate — I was in such awe of her beauty. Her boobs were amazingly large with pronounced nipples. Clearly they were all natural. Her stomach was flat and there wasn’t any pubic hair.”

“Suck his cock clean, and then let him fuck you silly!” Said her mother. She bent forward to comply. Watching her mouth approach my cock was mesmerizing. She began to lick it like an ice cream cone, obviously tasting her mother’s juices coating it. I began to regain my erections, swelling in hands. She managed to get a few inches into her mouth, and by that time I was hard and strong. Then she lay on her back, looked up at me and spoke.

“Please, Richard, fuck me silly with that monster cock!”

What could I do? Who could refuse such a request? Not me — I bent to the task and short order had half my cock wedged in her cunt. Her feet on my ass kept urging me forward and so I kept pressing until I felt my balls up against her ass. Her eyes rolled back in her head for a moment. When they came back to focus on me, I watched her mouth the word yes and I began to fuck her in earnest.

I don’t know how long I kept at it. I know she came over and over and over — and still I kept up the pace. Off to my side I saw Sarah riding Thomas’s cock while she sucked on Sam; Greg was busy banging away at Helen, and Julie and Ronnie were working towards a big climax My attention was primarily on Carrie — I wanted to keep her orgasms coming and so far, I was successful.

I felt those familiar sensations, and my steady pounding began to lose rhythm.

“Yes, Richard, cum in me! Fill my cunt! Fill my pussy!”

That was all I needed, and with a bellow I let loose, deep inside her. Jet after jet of hot cum erupted from my cock and filled her. I collapsed on her, caught up in the sensation of my life force filling her.

My shyness kicked in and I rolled off to the side, where I propped up my head and looked at her. I began to apologize.

“I, um, Carrie, I’m sorry…”

“Sorry? What the fuck for? Your cock is magnificent — I’ve never cum like that before in my life! About the only thing you need to be sorry for is waiting until now to give it to me! Why were you hiding it during high school?”

“I guess I was a bit insecure. The swimming team and being a Brainiac didn’t seem to be the way to attract beautiful girls. You all seemed to want the football/basketball/baseball team guys. And I guess I keep overthinking things.”

“I’ll say! Knowing what I know now, I’m the one who is sorry — if I’d ever attended swim meets there would have been no way you could have hidden this big cock in speedos! I’m surprised you didn’t get raped by some of the mothers!”

“Well, your mom has started making up for that! Damn, she’s hot.”

“And what am I? Oatmeal?” She was smiling broadly as she said that.

“No, you’re the hottest pussy I’ve ever met! I’m gonna start calling you EZBake after the way you baked my meat!” I ducked as she threw a punch, and then I kissed her.

“Hey, you two — spread it around! Make a date and go be private — this is a much bigger affair than that tonight!” Shouted Thomas. As he was pumping his cock into Sarah’s ass.

“And the same to you, butt fucker!” Shouted Carrie, who high-fived Sarah. “We can get acquainted more intimately later. Right now I see some grown ups who look like they know how to fuck. I’m going to get DP’d by daddies!” With that Carrie rolled onto her stomach and got to her hands and knees and crawled towards Ronnie and Greg. Drops of my cum came from her pussy and rolled down her leg as she left.

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