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A chance at a new sex life: Part 7

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A chance at a new sex life: Part 7
I went straight to bed last night when I got home from work. Just saying a quick hello to mom. Stacey wasn’t around. The drive to college the next morning, is the same as the last two days. I feel there’s a growing tension between us. I want to talk about it, to talk to her but I don’t have the balls. I should but I just can’t bring myself to do it.

Laura again asks for me to stay behind after class but this time makes it a lot more inconspicuous. Once everyone else has left she closes the door.

“You’re getting better!” She grins.


“Finally, one of just you. Just you and that amazing cock!”

I blush, for once I’m lost for words.

“It’s been my favorite so far. Just to watch you play with yourself. Just watching that amazing massive cock erupt in pure pleasure.” Her eyes close, she bites her lips.
“Can I see it?” She almost whispers.


“Can you show me it for real? Can I see that cock?” Her eyes open, a glaze over them.

“Um Laura, I don’t think…”

“Please just a quick look” she moves slightly closer to me.

This is my chance! ‘Ok but we have to be quick’ is what I say in my head. “I’m sorry I have to go!” I’m mortified to hear that come out of my mouth.

She steps back, she looks almost hurt. “No, you’re right! We shouldn’t be doing this!”

‘What the fuck are you doing?’ I scream at myself! ‘Get your fucking dick out now’

“You’re right Robbie, you should get going!” She turns away from me and takes a seat at her desk.

I’m screaming at myself but feel myself walking away. I get to the door, my hand in my pocket fumbling with the USB stick. “See you Monday” I say as I leave the room. ‘Pussy!!’

I don’t hear her reply. I’m meant to go have lunch with Jessica and Melody but I don’t feel up to it. I go to the library and find a quite secluded corner and spend the rest of the day there, avoiding my usual Friday club as well.

I’m silent on the way home, Stacey is as well. We don’t even make eye contact or try to make an effort. I go straight to my room when I get in and sulk there the rest of the night. I’m so annoyed at myself and don’t even have a reason. I’ve wanted to get a chance with Laura for how long now. Over the past few weeks I’ve been building the chance and today was it and I fucking blew it. What is even the point of giving her these videos. She tells me how hot she gets and how amazing they are and I don’t even do anything about it. In a mood when I fall asleep.

The next day I’m in a complete change of mood. I put behind me the issues of yesterday and look forward to meeting up with Jessica and Melody. We agreed to meet at the mall for one and would decide what to do from there.

I get to the mall for about half past 12 and walk around trying to kill some time. I walk into the electronic store and look around for the cute petite blonde I was speaking to last time but she is nowhere to be seen. A little disappointed I just go and sit by the water fountain where I agreed to meet the girls. A little after one I see them come across to me.

“Hi Robbie!” Jessica beams as she pulls me into a hug.

“Hi girls” I reply.

“Hey!” Melody says more quietly.

I think if I should hug Melody but I’m pulled away as Jessica pulls me by the hand. “Come on, let’s go to the arcades!”

Jessica holds my hand the güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri whole way as she continues to pull me towards the arcades. Melody is in toe.

We spend a couple of hours playing on random video games. Jessica of course quizzing me why I wasn’t at the club yesterday. I palmed her off but saying I had to do some studying. She wasn’t convinced but let it go.

After the arcades we head to the food court and grab something to eat.

“So, when do I get to be the star of your movie?” Jessica asks.

“Good question!” I laugh, genuinely was a good question.

“Um, I don’t know.” Melody replies. “Think this week or next week Miss Davidson will give us the project.”

“Can’t we start now?”

“We don’t even know where to start!” Melody was getting a little bit heated.

“You’ll be the first to know Jess!” I smile at her trying to ease the tension.

The subject thankfully changes as we finish off the rest of our food.

“What should we do now?” I ask.

“Oh, I don’t know” Jessica replies.

“What about a movie?” Melody speaks up.

“Yay, great idea!” Jessica smiles widely at her friend.

“Yeah sounds good to me, what could we go see?”

“Let’s go see what they have showing!” Jess says standing up beckoning for us to follow, which we do.

The movie choice and film times aren’t a great choice so we decide on the latest action film.

Even though we have just eaten, I can’t help myself but get some popcorn. The girls just get a juice as we grab our tickets and head into the movie. The film has been out for a while and even though it’s a Saturday, it’s pretty empty. We take our seats a few rows from the back. There’s a handful of people dotted around but not near us.

We chat away for a bit until the movie starts and we fall into silence as we watch the film.

About half way through the movie, Melody gets up and leaves. “Toilet!” She mouths to us.

I watch as she leaves and Jessica leans into me.

“She likes you know?!” She whispers.

“Who? Melody?”

“Yeah, she has a thing for you! Don’t blame her!”

“No, she doesn’t.”

“I’m telling you! She has for a while and finally made her first move asking you to partner up.”

“That’s just for class though?!”

“It is but because she likes you.” Jessica reaches her hand over and strokes my leg.

“We both like you Robbie!”


“We talk about you all the time.” Her hand moves further up my leg. “We both think you are really cute and both find you hot!”

I’m so a-taken back by all this! Jess has always been quieter than recently since we got closer seems a lot more outgoing but this. I never expected it from her.

“We are both glad you are single again!” She whispers closer as her hand now finds my crotch. Her skinny hand squeezes my cock as she lets out a low moan.

“Jess!!” I try to pull her away.

“Just let me feel it?!” She quietly pleads.

“We can’t!”

“Please?” Her hand squeezing more, my cock starts to get hard. “Oh, I can feel it growing!”

“Jessica!!” I take her hand and pull it away “here comes Melody!”

“She won’t mind, she’ll want to join!”

“Not here!!”

“Fine!” She takes her hand back just in time as Melody comes back to join us.

Melody whispers something to Jessica that I can’t hear, Jessica simply smiles before we all go back to silently watching the film.

Not even five minutes tipobet pass before Jess slyly snakes her hand back onto my leg. I try to pull it away without drawing attention but she struggles against me and keeps her hand there. In fear of making a scene I give in and leave her hand. Again, it makes its way up to my crotch and slowly runs across me. My dick now rock hard and pressing against my pants. She can feel it and trails her fingers up and down its length. Squeezing it now and again in her hand.

God it’s torture. She’s got me so hard and I can’t do anything about it. If we were alone, I would jump her. I try to steady myself and try to calm. She doesn’t make it easy though.

I manage to get through the rest of the film without blowing my load. It was just the slow teasing and soft touches that just built me up.
As the credits roll, I quickly jump up and say that I need the toilet as I dash out. I get into the toilet as quickly as I can hiding the bulge in my pants. Going into the first available cubicle I pull my dick out. Sighing deeply in relief. I want to jerk off so badly but I can’t be too long. I force out a pee which is painful to do but it helps. My bulge starts to shrink and to a manageable size.

I rejoin the girls out in the lobby.

“All better?” Jessica smirks.

“Yeah, a little.” I try to avoid touching my bulge which is in need of readjusting.

“Movie was ok I suppose” Melody says, walking towards the exit.

“Lacked decent action!” Jessica replies, coyly winking at me behind Melody’s back.

I just laugh and shake my head as I follow the girls out.

We make our way through the mall and decide to call it a day. I walk the girls over to their bus stop as Jessica gives me a hug.

“Thanks for today Robbie, I had lots of fun and can’t wait till we do it again!” She hugs me in closer. “Can’t wait till we touch again!” She whispers as she gives me a kiss on the cheek.

Jessica then gives Melody a hug and they exchange their goodbyes. Jessica then hops on her bus which takes off leaving me alone with Melody. There are a few moments of silence before she speaks up.

“I did have fun too!” She says.

“Yeah me too, was nice hanging out with you both. I enjoyed it.” I smiled to her.

“We should do it again sometime?!”

“I would like that!” I say smiling to her.

Silence befalls us again.

“Did Jessica say anything to you?” She breaks the silence

“About what?”

“About me?”

My face turns as I look down, do I lie? “Yeah she did”

“Uugghhh” she scoffs. “What did she say?”


“Yes please!”

“She told me that you like me and that’s why you wanted to partner up with me!”

Her face turns red, blushing. She hesitates “anything else?”

“That she likes me too. That you both think I’m cute and think I’m hot.” I say with a small sense of pride. It was nice to say. To know girls out there think I’m hot.

“Oh god, she’s such an embarrassment!!” She holds her face in her hands.

I decide to leave out the part about the touching.

“You probably think I’m a nut!” She says through her hands.

“I think you’re cute too!”

Her hands fall away from her face, “you’re just saying that!”

“No, not at all. I think you and Jessica are both cute. I’ve really enjoyed hanging out with you both.

“You really mean that?” A smile creeping in across her tipobet güvenilir mi face.

“Yeah, I do, I look forward to the next time we can hang out!”

“I’d like that” a smile now proud across her face.

“Me too.” I reply as her bus arrives.

As we stand, I moved forward and hold her in a hug. She embraces me tightly and lightly kisses me on the cheek as she waves goodbye getting on her bus. I return the wave as I sit back down and wait for mine. It doesn’t take long to arrive and I get home feeling in a much better mood.

It doesn’t last long as I can’t be bothered with work on the Sunday. The need for cash and well Holly as well makes me go. I feel like a right dick though. I want Laura but chicken out when I get the chance. I also want Stacey but don’t want to ruin the family. Then I have Holly who is totally smitten for me and would fuck me at any time or any place. Yet I never consider her or her feelings. I feel today I should talk to her and explain it all. I debate about the videos but that I should clear the area about what we have. I’m not ready for another relationship but don’t want what we have to stop. As I get to work, I’m mortified again not to see her face. Only Derek’s!

“Morning Robbie!”

“Morning, where’s Holly?” I try not to sound too desperate.

“She’s away for the weekend. My brother surprised her and Aidan for a trip.”

“When is she back?”

“Later tonight!”

‘Well great!’

The shift is by far the worst one I’ve had to get through in recent times. It’s pretty much dead all day and I have to put up with Derek. Just to make things worse he leaves me alone with an hour to go. Actually, it’s the best part of the shift. There’s a couple of customers but it’s peaceful not having Derek there.

With the last customer gone I can finally get myself home. It takes a little longer to get everything finished since I’m alone but soon enough I set the alarm and lock up.

I’m about half way home when a booming voice sounds out “Robbie!!”

I freeze in my steps; I recognize the voice. I turn around to see Brad standing there, a bruised angry face stare back at me.

“I told you I would get you!!” He growls.

“Look Brad…” I’m silenced as I hear the footsteps of two people moving behind me. I glance behind me to see two of Brads mates closing in on me.

“Me and my boys are going to break you!”

“Can’t fight me yourself like a man?” I taunt him. The odds are not in my favor and I’m trapped.

“Don’t you fucking dare” he spits at me; they are just feet away now. “When we are finished with you, you want be standing up for your whore of a sister anytime soon!!”

I make my move; it may not be the best one but his comment angered me. I lunge forward and catch him in the nose with a right hook. I’ve caught him but I’m too slow for his buddies, they move quickly in on me and launch their attack.

“Aahhhhhh my fucking nose again!!” Brad rages as their assault begins.

It all becomes a daze as punches and kicks hit me from all sides. I try to defend myself but when I block one, another easily picks their spot. I can’t take it; I fall to the ground but their attack doesn’t lift. They continue to kick me; I try to protect my head as best I can but the pain is overtaking me. I don’t know if I can hold on much longer.

Suddenly there is a loud screech of a car, followed by a loud blast of the horn. Their kicks stop.

A female voice shouts out as Brad and his goons run away.

I turn onto my back. My eyes blurry and my ears ringing. The faint image of a female’s face fills my view. That’s the last thing I remember as darkness consumes me.

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