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A Bet Lost, A Battle Won

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Darius Shaw was a major nerd, especially when it came to anything Asian related. Culture, anime & manga, and most critically, girls. He had a huge soft spot for oriental beauties that was seconded only by his cock-sure self-confidence about the aforementioned topics.

It was this confidence that had led him to his current predicament; an unlimited elimination match against gravure idol turned Junior Sex-Fight Queen of Japan, Ryonata Hanzami. As an exchange student to Japan, Darius had signed up on a dare, thinking it was all a joke. But when he’d been selected among the thousands applying, he’d gotten cold feet. Not as though there was any backing out… there were too many fans to allow him to waste such a coveted opportunity. And so, stripped down to his briefs, he’d been thrust into the padded ring, with the girl in the sailor fuku.

Round One had been a total cakewalk for the twenty-two year old idol; Darius had simply stared as the petite Asian stripped out of her schoolgirl outfit, going completely topless as she went on the attack. The then virgin had put up precisely zero resistance as the Japanese native ran her soft breasts over his bare chest, lowering her body until she reached his rigidly erect cock, and began stroking it.

The first match was over in less than a minute; Darius’s stamina was downright pitiful as no sooner had Ry gone down on him than he was busting a nut over her tits, face and stomach. Despite the easy win, Ry couldn’t help but be a bit miffed, she hadn’t even gotten to use her unparalleled oral techniques on him seeing as the amount of stroke he lasted from her hand-job could be counted on one hand.

Round Two had gone likewise, having cleaned herself off, and maintaining her cute demeanor, Ry had gone to town on Darius’s erection which hadn’t waned in the slightest from its former blowout. His legs gave way the instant she’d wrapped her lips around his head, not that it was any deterrent for Ry, who soon sucked him to his second consecutive bayındır escort bayan climax of the night. Darius could hardly hold on to consciousness, simply lying there as he unleashed his load.

In Round Three, he showed some signs of life, momentarily managing to cop a feel of the girl’s impressive rack and pert ass. Though how much of it was due to his initiative versus her allowance was up to debate, as she easily bowled him over by mashing her breasts against his face before climbing atop his downed frame, taking both his virginity and third cum-load on insertion.

The match had nearly ended there and then, the black man essentially giving up the ghost as he exhaustively tried to catch his breath. But his erection, honed by countless hours of wanking, had remained firm. With Ry opting to continue without an intermission and Darius unable to protest, she rode him relentlessly, racking up another two climaxes before reaching her own peak of ecstasy.

Falling back off of Darius’s dick, Ry panted happily, finally satisfied of her absolute conquest of the foreigner. Most men off the street were no contest when it came to making it for more than round one. Even the local Japanese male sex-fighters, with their inordinate amounts of stamina, could hardly keep up with her past the third round. That was why when Darius picked himself up and mounted his own assault by mounting her in missionary position, Ry was found completely off-guard.

Ramming his bulging erection inside her, Ry was too stunned to put up any resistance as Darius drove his dick into her over and over. Sex, real sex, was too addicting an experience to try just once. With Ry still basking in the afterglow of her own orgasm, he was easily able to coax an encore performance, blowing his own load in synchrony.

Whilst Darius’s body went rigid (in more ways than one) Ry quickly recovered, turning the tables by pushing him backwards and riding his erection escort bayındır up into cowgirl position. Not wanting to be seen as bested, even once, by a newb, she raised her hands upward, lifting her hair above her head alluringly. Her fans immediately went wild, realizing what was coming next. Working her hips in a fluid spiral motion around his cock, she spun her tight pussy around his shaft in her signature finisher, the Lotus Lock; a dangerous technique that would milk every ounce of cum and wrest any iota of resistance still remaining in a challenger.

Despite having already nutted enough spunk to star solo in a bukkake flick, Darius unleashed a load like none other, managing to once again overwhelm the Asian’s supreme sex-fight skills. But doing so had exhausted him completely, and both body and erection lay limp beneath the petite yet buxom beauty.

Though clearly a candidate for a tie, Ry had just enough stamina to rise up, signifying that she’d accept the victory. Smiling, she leaned over the downed black man, taunting him by whispering in his ear softly, “Ara? Done so soon onii-chan?” It was her trademark victory line, one to hammer in her opponents defeat, challenging them to try make a comeback when they’d no energy left to do so.

So she’d once again been shocked, and even somewhat frightened as Darius’s erection spurred to life with such vigor that it slapped her on her peachy ass as she posed over him. He couldn’t… she couldn’t… there was just no way that he could come back after that. Nor was she in any state to subdue him once more. Fortunately, Darius was a gentleman at heart, but unfortunately this meant that in his mind, ‘Ladies first’. A beast had been unleashed from deep within the former nerd, and grabbing Ry’s hips, guiding her wiggling ass backward, onto his cock.

Darrius’s erection felt as though it was on fire within her body. It practically pulsed inside her. And every throb was echoed as equally ecstatic bayındır escort pulsations that ran throughout her entire body. Arching his hips, Darius started slow, but steadily picked up the pace. Not that he needed too, Ry’s resistance had diminished to a hair-trigger release, and he was hammering at it relentlessly. As he built up to full steam, every other impact seemed to trigger a mind blowing orgasm from the idol.

The audience watched in awe, and envy, and arousal. Here was their idol, undefeatable by all but the very elite, someone of such, grace, beauty, and poise that it was inconceivable that someone so absolutely inexperienced could cause her to lose all control so easily. “So ahegao…” one of Darius’s friends said. A local looked at them, then turned to the match in awe, echoing the sentiment. “So ahegao.” Another picked it up, modifying it to, “Moe ahegao.” Soon other echoed their own versions, “Go ahegao. More ahegao.” A chant started to arise, a thousand variant rising as one voice as they cried in unison for their idol to be totally and absolutely wrecked.

Darius Shaw embodied everything they desired yet could never attain; the ability to see Ryonata Hanzami brought to utter orgasmic destruction. For her part, some small portion of Ry’s mind that had yet to break hear their chants in confusion, and strove to regain control of her body to mount a resistance. But the roar of the crowds chant had spurred Darius to an untapped wealth of carnal ferocity that drove him into the idol with greater fervor than ever.

Bridged atop the black man, his hips slapping against her, her large tits flailing freely, and his shaft plumbing her soaked depths, her mind and body broke simultaneously, spasming as she reached the most all-encompassing orgasmic rapture of her life, before finally going limp, eyed rolled up, tongue lolling out of her smiling mouth, and giving incoherent little hiccups of laughter every so often.

Letting her body slide off of his, Darius got onto his knees, and for the first time since his turn around saw the audience staring at him. Fatigue had left him. His body felt wired, his cock felt like iron. He looked down at Ryonata, up at the audience, then smiled as he pumped his fist into the air. A deafening cheer went up. A legend had awoken.

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