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A Bad Day At The Jail: Lesbian Version

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This story actually has two different versions, a gay version between two men and a lesbian version between two women. Since there are categories for each, I thought I would write a version for each. This is the lesbian version.

Andrea gagged as Vicki pushed her pussy against her face. “Suck me if you want to breathe.” Vicki said above her as she mashed her pussy against Andrea’s struggling face.

Andrea had been sent to this prison after being sentenced to 5 years for killing her abusive husband. When he had hit her the last time, she had slammed a knife into his chest, right through his heart.

Andrea had married Mark Sinclair when she was 18, now 10 years later she is being smothered by another woman who wants her to suck on her. Not exactly how she pictured her new life. At 5í8î and 130lbs, Andrea had always considered herself an independent woman. She thought she would be able to defend herself if the need ever arose.

She had barely been pushed into the cell by the female guard and the door slammed shut when she was thrown roughly onto her back on the bottom bunk. She had moved to get up, but had the breath knocked out of her when her roommate suddenly sat down on her chest. “Ooooooffff…Get off of me.” She screamed punching at the naked woman above her.

Vicki Mitchell smiled as she tightened her heavy legs around her new cellmate’s chest. “Uh uh…I haven’t had my pussy licked in over two weeks. I’m horny as hell and you’re gonna take care of it for me.”

“Like hell I…” Andrea’s words were cut off as Vicki shoved her pussy into the other woman’s face. She gripped her hair, holding her tight against her as she mashed her pussy into Andrea’s mouth. “Oh yea, Eat my pussy bitch.” She growled rubbing Andrea’s face all over her snatch.

Vicki had always been a big girl. 5í9î and full figured. All her life canlı bahis şirketleri she had men groping her. When she turned 18, her sisters’ lover raped her and she turned lesbian.

Now she was spending the next 20 years in prison for a crime she didn’t commit. At every parole hearing, she swore up and down that her stepfather was dead when she found him but no one believed her. Over the past 5 years that she had been in prison, she had been four different women’s bitches until one day she rebelled and turned the baddest bitch in the prison into her love slave.

Unfortunately, Mitzy had been transferred to another maximum-security prison 2 weeks ago and Vicki still missed her. She had been lying on her bed, fingering her pussy and thinking about Mitzy’s tongue sliding in her tight little hole when she saw her new cellmate thrown in with her.

It hadn’t taken long to decide that this one was going to be her bitch.

Andrea breathed heavily through her nose as Vicki rubbed her pussy against her face. Dipping out her tongue, she ran it over her lips. “Mmmmmmm… Not bad,” she thought to herself, as she tasted the other woman’s juices.

Reaching up, she pulled Vicki’s hand out of her hair while she lifted her eyes to Vicki’s. “Quit trying to suffocate me and I’ll suck your pussy.” She said when Vicki lifted up a bit.

Vicki smiled at her while she ran her fingers through Andrea’s reddish brown hair. “Suck me good and maybe I’ll return the favor.” Vicki purred pushing her pussy back over Andrea’s face, but not pushing down on her this time.

Andrea looked up into Vicki’s eyes for a minute then lowered them to the woman’s pussy. Reaching up with her hands, she spread Vicki’s lower lips apart then darted out her tongue, running it lightly over Vicki’s clit. “Ohhhhh…Yea…That’s nice.” Vicki moaned trying to canlı kaçak iddaa force herself to stay still and not suffocate Andrea.

She ran her hand behind her, reaching into the waistband of the pants of Andrea’s prison outfit. As Andrea ran her tongue over her clit, Vicki moved her fingers into Andrea’s pants. Andrea stiffened for a minute when she felt Vicki’s hand move inside her panties, then moaned when the other woman touched her clit lightly.

“Like that do you?” Vicki purred as she wiggled her butt, trying to get Andrea back to eating her.

“Oh yea…” Andrea moaned as she felt Vicki’s finger brushing lightly repeatedly over her clit. She lifted her hips towards the other woman’s probing finger while she buried her face in the snatch before her. She took Vicki’s clit between her lips, sucking hard on it while she brushed her finger over Vicki’s slit.

“Agh…Fuck…So good.” Vicki moaned mashing Andrea’s clit with her finger as she rode her pussy over Andrea’s face. When she felt Andrea slide a finger into her sopping pussy, she cried out. “Oh finger me…” She begged pressing harder against Andrea’s face as she let her roaming fingers move down to Andrea’s slit.

Andrea moaned loudly against Vicki’s snatch when she felt Vicki’s finger penetrate her. She went to town on Vicki’s pussy wanting to make the other woman cum so maybe she would return the favor.

Andrea sucked hard at Vicki’s clit, whipping her tongue over it and grazing the tender flesh with her teeth as she slammed two fingers in and out of Vicki’s wet hole. “Oh god…Eat me…” Vicki screamed slamming her own hand in and out of Andrea’s pussy as she slammed her pussy hard against Andrea’s sucking mouth. “I’m gonna cum.” She screamed when she felt Andrea bite gently at her clit.

For some reason that she couldn’t understand, Andrea wanted canlı kaçak bahis to taste Vicki’s juices. The woman was coating her moving fingers but it wasn’t enough. Pulling her lips off Vicki’s clit, she pulled her fingers from the other woman’s hole. “No…don’t stop. I’m so close.” Vicki begged humping hard against Andrea.

Andrea wanted to tell her not to worry, but just when she opened her mouth, Vicki pressed forward hard, driving her slit directly over Andrea’s mouth. Not thinking about what she was doing, Andrea pointed her tongue then drove it deep into Vicki’s body. She tongue fucked the other woman and heard Vicki’s cries of delight.

“Fuck…Yes…Tongue fuck me.” She cried humping hard against Andrea’s face.

Andrea pressed her hips up against Vicki. The other woman was so lost in her own pleasure that she had her fingers buried deep in Andrea’s pussy but wasn’t moving them.

Vicki got the message and started slamming her fingers ferociously in and out of Andrea’s hot snatch even as she rode Andrea’s darting tongue. “Eat meeeeeeeeeeeeeee…” She screamed as she suddenly came in Andrea’s mouth.

Andrea was surprised at first when her mouth was suddenly flooded but she just drank up Vicki’s juices then dug her tongue in for more.

Vicki finally moved off of Andrea to sit on the bed beside her while she tried to catch her breath. “Damn…That was fantastic.” She panted smiling at Andrea.

Andrea licked her lips. “Yea…You taste good to. You gonna return the favor? I’m horny as hell.”

Vicki smiled at her. Leaning forward she kissed Andrea softly on the lips. “You be my bitch, I’ll be yours?”

When Andrea felt Vicki lowering her pants and panties, she smiled at Vicki. “That sounds good to me.”

For the next two hours the cell was full of the two women screaming in pleasure as they brought each other to climax more then once.

As each of them lay in their own beds that night after lights out, they both had the same thought running through their minds.

Maybe today wasn’t such a bad day at the jail after all.

The End

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