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A Back-Up I’ll Never Forget

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All that I can tell is that you’ll never believe what happened to me the other day. I have always fantasied about meeting someone by chance and have something good happen by that chance meeting. I never thought it could happen to me until it did.

It was a Sunday and I went to visit some friends in a distant town when I noticed that there was a lot of traffic on a road that is normally not so busy. As I was crossing over the bridge over the Interstate, I noticed that traffic was backed up for miles and the police were detouring traffic into my hometown. Knowing where to take the back roads into town, I had stopped and had a beer at one of the local establishments until the traffic died down.

It was fun just talking to the other patrons, sipping on my beer, and speculating what the problem was on the Interstate. It got even more interesting when a brand-new suburban pulled into the parking lot and all of its occupants entered the bar to use the restroom.

The first person in the door was a beautiful woman about 5’7 and all of about 120#. Of course when she came in, she turned everyone’s head. She had told the bartender that they had to make a pee break at the bar as they didn’t know how far the next gas station was and she headed off to the bathroom. The door opened again and three young girls came in and followed the mom into the bathroom.

The mom came out of the bathroom and went to the door and motioned for someone else to come on in. As she was waiting by the door, two other gorgeous women came into the bar and began talking with the first mom. As they were chit chatting, the young girls came out of the restroom and went and stood with the first mom by the door. One of the two new ladies went into the restroom and Tory- the last mom, made the comment that we had the right idea on how to wait out the back up.

It was Tory’s turn to use the restroom and when she returned, she had explained to everyone that they were heading back to Milwaukee from the Twin Cities when all the traffic got turned around. Troy had short brown hair and was dressed in a tight fitting gymnast suit that accentuated her very shapely figure.

As she was talking, she was smiling a lot telling everyone about their misadventures on just barely making it to the bar just in time. She did seem to have a great sense of humor by the way she was telling us their story.

As she was talking, I just was mesmerized by her beauty and thought to myself how lucky her husband must be to be fucking something so nice in every way. As they all did their duty, they didn’t know where they were and began asking directions on how to get back on the road that would take them back to Milwaukee. I offered my suggestion and some older guy who were in the bar told her something different. She thanked everyone and headed for the door.

I was at my last swallow of beer and decided to leave a moment after they did and it seemed that they had everyone loaded up and Tory was outside of the suburban directing the driver over a snowbank when I told her that my directions were the best ones to get them home and she reached out and gave me one of her cards with a number on it. She just smiled at me and told me to give her a call sometime and thanked me for all the help that I had given her.

Now never, has this ever happened to me! Could it really be possible? I had so many questions running through my mind that it was driving me crazy! Why me? How could I get so lucky by such a chance meeting like that? I would soon find out when I would call the number that she had given to me. My heart was racing with the excitement and I couldn’t wait to call her.

The very next day I had called her and she was much appreciative of all the help that I had given her and she told me that she’d like to buy me lunch sometime when I was free. At that moment, I just wanted to tell her that I was available right then, but for whatever reason, I told her to name the date, place and time and that I’d be there. She then started looking through her calendar and we set a date for the next day in Johnson Creek. I told her that was “PERFECT” and we ended our conversation.

The next day came, and I was loaded with excitement about having lunch with her. By far the prettiest woman that I have ever had lunch with. I wanted to get there early konak escort bayan and when I saw her pull up in her suburban, my heart began racing and I was getting slightly hot with excitement. As she got out of her vehicle, she was dressed like she was a high maintained woman. Very nice pant suit that accentuated her super nice ass.

I greeted her at the door and we were seated in a very nice spot in the restaurant. We began with small talk and then began probing each other on just how far we were both willing to go.

She wore a huge rock on her finger, but that didn’t seem to be there in her mind. She broke the ice when she said, “I owe you big time for helping us out the other day and I just wanted you to know that.”

I told her, “that’s ok, I really didn’t do anything that anyone else wasn’t willing to do for you.”

She said, “I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate it”

“Ah, no big deal” I said.

The food came at just the right time and we both ate a great meal and sat back and began talking again.

Then she asked, “Is there something that I can offer you so I can show you how appreciative I am for all your help?” At this point, I didn’t know how Tory from any other stranger, but I probably wasn’t ever going to see her again so I put it out there for her to either slap me or I was going to take her to the hotel and I was going to fuck the hell out of her.

So I said, “Thanks for the lunch, that was thanks enough and to have you drive all the way here was very nice of you, but want I would like, you probably wouldn’t give me, so I should just say thanks and be done with it.” She then replied to me, “Well what is it that you’d want?”

I then told her, “I have never seen such an awesome looking woman such as you, and if I had one wish, I’d like to make love to you like there was no tomorrow.”

She was looking away from me when she said, “If I granted you that wish, what would you think of me?” Then she said, “I’m gonna have to say no to that, as I’m married and have children”

I said, “I didn’t think that I could be so lucky to make love to someone as good looking as you are.” Then I told her, “I would have eaten your pussy so good that you would have forgotten about your husband for a while.”

Looking shocked, she tilted her head back and said, “What makes you think that my husband doesn’t do that?”

I told her, “I get compliments on the oral sex I perform on women all the time, and some have cum at least five or six times before I made love to them.”

She looked at me in amazement and said, “Would you have a plan on how we could pull this off if it were to happen?”

I said, “there’s a Best Western right behind the restaurant and we could go there if you had the time today. I then said, “I’d be more than happy to pay for the room.”

Tory just put her hand on her forehead and said, “I don’t believe I’m even considering this!” She then grabbed my hand and said, “you can never tell anyone about this, got it!”

I agreed to her request and we departed from the restaurant and headed up the hill to the motel.

As she was getting out of her vehicle, she had her cell phone up to her ear telling her husband that the kids needed to get picked up and taken to curling practice as she may be working late. She parked on the side of the building and I went in and rented the room.

As I was getting in my car, I thought to myself, “this is really happening!” I got out of my car and showed her the key and she got out of her vehicle and followed me into the side door and down the hall we went.

When we got to the room, she said, “I really can’t believe I’m doing this” and I opened the door to the room.

She looked around the room as if she was expecting something else. It looked like she was used to staying at the Hilton or Waldorf or something.

I then turned on the lights and went to draw the drapes shut. Once I turned around, she set her purse on the dresser and I walked over to her and put my arms around her. She smiled and hung her head down a little like she felt bad for about was about to happen.

I began feeling bad for a moment for what I wanted to do with this married woman and said to her, “I want to be honest with you, if something were to happen konak escort between us today, I’d be the luckiest man I’ve ever known, are you sure that you want to do this?”

She said, “You are not the problem, I’m the one who asked you if there was anything that you wanted, not you, And I feel obligated to grant you your wish. I always keep my word.”

As I was starting to feel sorry for the position she was in, I take advantage of the situation and moved my hands down to feel her awesome ass! There is something to be said about a woman in double knit pant suits that fit so nice on a shapely ass. Tory then put her arms around me and I moved a hand up to touch her nice breasts and began kissing her sweet lips so tenderly that I thought I was going to cum in my pants.

As I unbuckled her belt, I couldn’t believe what an awesome body she had! I then undid her pants and slowly pulled her zipper down and she just moaned. I then went back to feeling her ass and I then started kissing her neck and buried my face in her great smelling hair. All the while that I was nibbling on her neck, I was slowly working my hands around the tops of her pants just enough to where I could feel her silky panties underneath. At this point, Tory was starting to breathe a little harder as I was working her neck over driving her wild.

At that point, I thought it would be a good idea for her to take off her shoes, so I moved her over to the bed and sat her down on the edge. I picked up her legs and unbuckled both shoes and said, “How can you walk in these things?”

She said, “It’s not easy sometimes, but they go with the outfit.”

With her shoes now off, I was planning to undress her the rest of the way. I stood her back up and again began feeling her nice ass in which gave me a huge hard on. I again started kissing on her neck and I slowly started to unbutton her blouse. I then took of my shirt and pressed her chest against mine. With one hand, I unclasped her bra to expose her voluptuous tits to me. I then reached for her nipple and she gave out a low moan when I pinched her nipple lightly. I could tell that she was getting hot and that her husband never took the time to give her any foreplay.

I then removed her blouse and bra and began rubbing up and down her back to her ass and each time moving her pants off her slowly. I got her pants to where the bottom of her ass was and put my finger under her panties and slowly pulled her panties down to her pants.

I then sat her back down on the bed and slowly pulled her pants off the rest of the way leaving her panties on covering her trimmed triangle. Once I took her pants off, I asked her to lay on the bed and she complied.

I got down on my knees and looked up at this beautiful woman and I then began slowly pulling her panties down to expose her tanned pussy to me. It looked as though she had to trim her bush daily as it was thick and black.

As I got her panties off her legs, I slowly moved between her legs and began kissing her legs from her calves to her thighs running my tongue all over her beautiful legs. Once I got close to her snatch, it smelled sooooo good!

I then moved upwards toward her, and took my fingers to spread her perfect pussy to me. I started on the bottom of her slit and slowly worked my tongue in a very slow motion. Once I got her pussy a little wet, I reached up and started playing with her beautiful tits.

It didn’t take long before she was arching her stomach and reaching orgasm on my tongue. What a great tasting pussy! I could have stayed their eating her for hours, but I knew we had a time limit. But I wanted to treat Tory right, so I ate her pussy to three more orgasms and then it was my turn.

I asked her, “Do you want to make love to me now?”

She agreed and I stood up and Tory slowly got up off the bed and then I then turned toward the dresser and took off my pants and underwear and the turned back toward Tory to expose my manhood to her.

She just laughed and said, “I can tell you right now, that I’ve NEVER had or seen anything that big before in my life!”

As I stood in front of her, she reached out to stroke my cock like it something that she was afraid of. I asked her if she wouldn’t mind getting it wet for me and she began kissing my cock with escort konak little hen pecking kisses. I then said, “Why don’t you suck on it a little?” She was a little shocked on the size of my manhood but decided to try it anyhow.

With her sweet lips parted, she tried to go down as far as she could and then she put one hand on my cock and began massaging my balls with the other hand. She really wasn’t doing that bad of a job for a high society woman.

I reached down and was playing with her nice tits when I thought about what I was about to do with this beautiful woman.

I then laid her back on the bed and again went down to lick her pussy one more time. I then put a little spit on the end of my cock and she just smiled but didn’t want to ask why I was doing that.

As I put my arm under her knee, I took my lucky manhood and placed my cock at the entrance of her hole and rubbed my cock along her slit to make sure she was wet enough.

As I slowly began pushing into her, I then put my other arm underneath her other leg and slowly brought her to the end of the bed and put her legs back to her chest and began pushing my cock deep into her pussy!

All Tory could say was, “Please take it easy on me, you have a huge cock!”

After all the foreplay, she was so tight on my cock, I knew that it wasn’t going to take long for me to cum deep in her perfect pussy! After getting all of about four of my ten into her, I pulled out my cock and wet her pussy again with my saliva. I had a little spit let and put on the bottom part of my shaft and I then asked Tory to get on all fours for me.

As she was getting up off the bed, she turned her perfect ass to me and I could not believe what a beautiful sight that it was. As she turned her perfect ass to me, I noticed how shapely she was and noticed how her pussy hair was sticking out from between her nice crack.

As she slowly moved toward the edge of the bed, she backed into position and spread her legs a little for me as I positioned myself behind to take her pussy.

Again, I rubbed my cock along her slit and slowly started pushing into her super tight pussy. As I was working my cock in her, I then reached up and felt her tits and asked her if she was ok and if she was enjoying it.

She said, “This is the best cock that I could ever have imagined.”

As I stood back up, I grabbed her hips and thrust all my meat into her and picked up the pace of my cock entering her hole.

Tory began telling me that I was going too deep and she asked me to take it easy a little. I was then feeling the pressure of love butter wanting to explode deep inside her pussy when I looked down and noticed that her pussy lips were being pulled out every time as I was pulling out my cock. This was the tightest pussy that I had ever had!!!

Taking her nice and slow, I could tell that Tory was about to reach an orgasm and after looking at her whole entire body, I grabbed her ankles and as I put all ten inches deep inside her pussy, I was pushing into her pussy so hard that her arms collapsed on the bed. She was moaning so loud that I thought we’d get a knock on the door. At best, someone walking down the hall would have definitely heard her moans as they passed by our room.

I couldn’t stop fucking the nicest pussy that I have ever had and had to finally let my cum ooze deep in her pussy.

As I got all of my meat in her, she was yelping for me to stop, but I was too close to cummin and then she said, “Cum please, cum!”

So after it was all over, she laid down on the bed and starting saying, “I can’t believe I did this, I can’t believe I did this!”

My legs were so weak that I laid down on the bed with her and told her thanks for granting my wish.

And then she said, “I will never do this again!”

She got off the bed and went into the bathroom and I just wanted something for me to remember her by, so I took her panties and stuffed them in my pants while she was in the bathroom.

She came out of the bathroom and looked at my now limp dick glistening with my cum and she started getting dressed and noticed that her panties were gone.

I told her that I took them and she said, “What do you want with them?”

I said, “I just want something to remember you by because you are the prettiest woman I’ve ever made love to.”

And she thought that was just not right that I’d keep her panties like that.

Tory thanked me and as she walked out the door, I just couldn’t help but to look at her fine ass one more time and think how lucky I was to fuck such an incredible ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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