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Willing Subject Ch. 02

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John swore to himself at the sound of his cell phone.


Ashley started to walk up behind him, her blouse still held together by a single button in the middle. It was just long enough to hide the thong she wore underneath.

“Hi, John. It’s Susan.”

“Hey. How’s my favorite model doing?” John asked, his attitude instantly improving at the sound of Susan’s voice.

“Fine. Are you busy?”

Ashley was standing at John’s back, her arms wrapped around his waist.

“Uh, no. Not really,” he lied.

“Good. I’ll only take a second. I think I have another customer for you. A modeling friend of mine,” Susan said.

John could feel Ashley’s breasts press against his back, and her hand rubbing the outside of his shorts in search of his cock.

“Thanks, Susan.”

“Susan. Hey, it’s Ashley,” she said, leaning over John’s shoulder towards the phone. John pulled it away from his ear in fear of losing his hearing while the two girls spoke.

“Hey, babe. Have you moved in over there, yet?” Susan knew that wasn’t the case, but was constantly nagging her old teaching companion and friend about her ‘relationship’ with John.

“Nope. Haven’t been invited,” Ashley said, finding John’s cock and giving it a gentle squeeze.

“Are you posing today, or…?”

“Posing.” Ashley knew where Susan was going with that and didn’t let her say it.

“Is he hard?” Susan asked playfully.

“Let me check.” Ashley squeezed a little tighter. “Yep.”

“Well, I should let you go then. We’ll have to get together soon.”

“Yeah. I’ll call you. Bye.”

“Bye, babe.”

John entered the conversation again, his raging erection notwithstanding. “So, Susan, you’ll have your friend call me?”

“Yeah. And, by the way, it’s a couple. A girl that models with me and her boyfriend. They’re so cute. I think you’ll enjoy this one,” Susan said.

She didn’t have to convince John. All of Susan’s referrals so far had been wonderful subjects. But this would be his first couple.

“And I think I’ll be coming along to make them feel a little more comfortable. Is that OK?” Susan asked.

“Sure. I’d love to see you.”

The arrangements were finalized about the same time Ashley had her hand inside John’s unbuttoned shorts. She felt the warmth of his throbbing cock on her fingers and palm. John closed the cell phone and threw it onto the couch.

“I take it we’re done,” he said, reaching behind until his hands found the bare skin of Ashley’s thighs.

“Oh, just beginning,” Ashley mewed.

The photographer and his subject, a beautiful school teacher in her late twenties, stood in the center of John’s makeshift studio. Actually, it was the upper floor of a Victorian mansion once owned by his grandparents. A teacher himself, John had been doing portraits for friends and their referrals for a couple years.

Ashley and Susan were among his first subjects. Susan had been an elementary teacher until breaking into the magazine modeling business a year ago. Ashley continued to teach and pose. Occasionally, like today, she paid for her pictures with something other than a credit card.

Ashley slid John’s shorts down his legs and tossed them aside. Still behind him, she lowered his boxers and threw them on top of his shorts.

“Does talking to Susan always do this to you?” Ashley asked, once again wrapping her fingers around his shaft.

“I think maybe you posing and then playing with my cock had a little to do with it.”

Ashley moved in front of him. She kneeled on the hardwood floor and gently licked the underside of John’s cock from base to tip. She felt it twitch in her hand as her tongue circled around the swollen, red tip.

The pair never had intercourse. Ashley never spent the night. She never posed completely naked for John. These were all by her own choice. It was a flirtatious relationship at its very best.

John looked down just in time to see Ashley unbutton her sheer blouse completely, letting the halves fall apart to expose her luscious breasts. He rarely got to see them fully uncovered. They were perfectly shaped, if not overly large. Just the way John liked them.

Ashley rubbed his cock over her nipples, moaning quietly at the electricity that sent to her pussy. She pressed harder. His cock rolled over the entirety of one breast, then the other. He wasn’t sure he wouldn’t cum before she had the chance to use her mouth again.

Finally, Ashley leaned down and put the tip between her lips. Then inch by inch she took nearly all of his length into her mouth. She backed off before moving forward again, this time allowing John to feel his cock hit the back of her throat.

He reached down and put a hand on her nipple, squeezing it softly. Ashley responded by increasing the speed and pressure of her oral ministration. Both of them were wound up from her sensual posing. This wouldn’t take long.

John thought about Susan, the incredibly sexy young blonde whose first photo shoot with him turned into a naked kızılay escort frolic in the woods. She was bringing a couple. A “cute” couple. The possibilities were endless and as he thought about it, he felt the pressure rising inside his balls.

Ashley sucked away and thought of nothing more than getting John off. She had to make a decision soon. Would she take his considerable load in her mouth or would she let him cum all over her breasts, a sensation she had grown to really, really like. A lot.

“Hmm, that’s good. Suck me, Ashley.” John took a breast in his hand and kneaded it roughly. He never hurt the woman, but knew she liked his hard squeezes and forceful handling of her breasts and nipples.

She moaned louder. Her hand slid inside the front of her tiny thong and quickly landed on her engorged clit. Juices poured out of her pussy and she used it to moisten the area around her clit. The harder John pinched her nipple the harder she rubbed herself.

“Yes. Yes. Almost there,” he groaned.

Ashley’s tongue worked its magic on the bottom of his cock while her lips clamped around the rest. John fucked her mouth like he’d never had sex before. Ashley rubbed her clit and felt her orgasm start to build.

“Ahh. Yes.” John thrust his hips forward, plunging his cock as far into Ashley’s mouth as she’d allow. Precum dripped onto her tongue.

She pulled him out and aimed his cock at the top of her breasts. Stroking him with one hand and frantically rubbing her clit with the other, she watched John cum.

The first blast created a stream from above one breast down to the nipple. The second and third began to evenly distribute more cum over both breasts. The sight was enough for Ashley to begin or own orgasm.

She noisily cried out as her pussy contracted and her body shook with pleasure. Their voices joined together as John shot more cum onto Ashley’s chest and she fingered herself from one climax to another.

When it was over, Ashley fell onto her back, exhausted.

“Well, another blouse for the laundry,” she said, staring at the roof.

“Nice thong.”

Ashley grabbed the nearby pile of John’s clothes and threw them at him. They both laughed.


John spent a lot of his time between Susan’s phone call and the day of the photo shoot thinking about how to photograph a couple. It wasn’t clear whether they would come with their own ideas, or if it would be left up to John. That being the case, he imagined several scenarios—some including the couple dressed, some partially dressed, and some nude.

OK, so he spent more time on the nude scenarios. But with Susan being the organizer of this whole thing, John wanted to be prepared. She was a special customer and her referrals were much appreciated.

They had agreed on a Saturday afternoon, in John’s studio so they didn’t have to worry about the weather. John also suspected it was because the couple was apprehensive about nudity in public, even if it was a secluded location. Whatever the case, John was satisfied the lighting and props would meet their approval.

His heart raced when the doorbell finally rang. Susan was standing in front of the small group, looking her usual gorgeous self in a v-neck t-shirt and a playful, short skirt.

“We’re here!” she announced.

“Come on in,” John answered.

He kissed Susan lightly on the cheek when she passed, and smiled at the attractive couple behind her.

“This is Denise and Rob,” Susan said.

John greeted them officially and closed the door.

“Denise does a lot of modeling with me. Isn’t she so pretty?”

John had to agree. He guessed her height at about 5’8″ and to say she was well-proportioned was a gross understatement. She was blonde, like Susan, but cut her hair a little longer with more streaks. She wore a one-piece summer dress that buttoned down the front. Ample breasts emerged from behind the thin material with no bra in sight.

Rob was not quite the jock John would expect to see around a beautiful model, but was tall and good-looking none-the-less.

They were, indeed, a “cute couple”.

John led everybody into the family room, admiring the pair of female asses preceding him. He said a prayer of thanks for Ashley having introduced Susan to him.

John took drink orders and the foursome chatted for a while. The two men did little of the chatting, but held up their ends of the conversation when required to do so.

Finally, John looked at Rob and Denise and asked, “So, what did you guys have in mind as far as posing?”

“Well, we’d like some standard shots of the two of us,” Denise explained, “but then we thought, uh, maybe you could just take shots of us, um, together.”

John smiled at the incongruity of the statement, but didn’t want to offend the customer. “Together?”

Even Susan had to laugh out loud at the way John asked his question.

Denise continued. “Well, you know, maybe in bed or someplace like that.”

“Nude,” John said casually.

“Yeah.” kolej escort Denise and Rob both nodded.

“Good. I’ll show you what I have upstairs in the studio but the entire house is yours. We can have a look around, if you’d like,” John offered.

“Great,” Rob said.

Everybody grabbed their drinks and John conducted the tour. He seemed to think the couple particularly liked the master bedroom with its stone fireplace and dark wood tones. Eventually, they ended up in the studio.

“Denise is used to taking orders from photographers,” Susan said, “so don’t be afraid to tell them what to do.”

“OK. But this should be a group effort. If you have an idea, let’s hear it,” John said.

He set up the first camera, adjusted the lights and took a few shots of Rob and Denise standing together. Typical stuff. Then they moved to an overstuffed chair where John had Denise sit and Rob stand in various spots around her. After that, they moved to a nearby sofa.

It was here that the first of the creative poses were tried. They sat on the couch with legs crossed, arms around each other and other various arrangements. It ended up, inevitably, with Denise reclined over a sitting Rob, her head in his lap.

The entire time, Susan had been standing near John, making useful suggestions not unlike a movie director. Sometimes she’d move in and tell either Rob or Denise how to angle their body or where to place a leg or hand. John enjoyed the interaction between them and didn’t sense any resentment by the couple.

When Denise lied down and put her head in Rob’s lap, Susan said, “Oooh, I like that. Now we’re getting somewhere.”

Denise rolled onto her side, facing the camera. Her legs were slightly bent and pulled up toward her body. Rob had one hand resting on her hip. Denise’s dress, fairly short to begin with, was pulled more than halfway up her thigh.

“Rest on your elbow and put your head in your hand, Denise,” John ordered. “Yeah, like that.”

After a couple of shots, John and Susan noticed that Rob had placed a hand on Denise’s thigh and was slowly inching the hem of her dress even higher on her leg. He smiled when Denise finally slapped at his hand.

“No, that’s good,” Susan said with a grin. “In fact, Rob, why don’t you take your shirt off.”

John was beginning to really appreciate having Susan around for this one. Not knowing the parties involved, it would have been difficult for him to lead them down the same path that Susan was taking them quite naturally. And without protest.

Rob took off his shirt, exposing a well-toned chest. Denise lightly tugged at one of his nipples before returning to her pose. Rob’s hand disappeared under her dress.

John moved the tripod and camera a little closer to the couch. “Denise, open the next button on your dress. Just the one for now.”

The buttons were spaced in such a way that just opening the one allowed a good portion of her breasts to become visible, especially the one closest to the couch.

“Perfect,” John said. He focused the camera on her upper body and John’s head and chest. A lot of skin was coming into view, lending a whole new feel to the scene. After a couple of shots, Rob boldly moved his hand inside Denise’s dress and straight onto her breast.

Denise could only smile, as did John and Susan. There was no denying the fact Rob wasn’t going to hesitate putting his fingers where he wanted them, regardless of who saw it.

John continued taking pictures. Susan pulled up an armchair and sat down.

Without saying a word, Rob slowly started to unbutton Denise’s dress. One button, a couple pictures. Another button, more pictures. Both breasts were exposed to some extent by the time Rob reached the button directly over Denise’s thong. There were only two below that one.

It was here that Denise rolled onto her back, her head in his lap. The dress fell across both of her nipples in a tantalizing, teasing manner. Her flat, tight stomach shined under the lights. John pulled back and made sure the entire length of her body was in the shot. Then let Rob do the rest.

One at a time, he opened the remaining buttons.

As was often the case when John took portraits such as this, he was getting hard. Very hard. Susan would know to look for it, but would his other subjects? Before long it should be obvious to them.

Rob glanced at Denise from head to toe. She had lost her sandals at some stage, so she wore only the dress and thong. And the thong didn’t cover much.

Rob put his hand directly on top of her right breast. In the process, her dress separated a little more. With a flick of his wrist, that half of her dress—the half closest to John and Susan—dropped to her side. The majority of her right side was now plainly visible, and it was a marvelous sight.

He manipulated her breast, kneading it with his hand and twirling the nipple between his thumb and forefinger. It was bright pink and getting more erect by the second. Denise ankara escort closed her eyes, her lips parting just faintly in a silent moan.

Everything had moved so quickly that John realized he had to change his approach to the photos. He was no longer taking simple head and shoulder shots of a young couple. They had altered the setting. This was eroticism. It called for unique angles, close-ups, and a little daring on his part.

John took the camera off the tripod and moved in. He stood next to the couch, near Denise’s knees, looking up her lithe body. By the time he was settled, Rob was pulling the other half of Denise’s dress clear of her left breast.

John took in a deep breath. Susan had a magnificent set of tits, but Denise’s were fuller. They rose from her chest in perfect unison, capped off by a pair of large nipples set in small, dark areolas.

“Rob, keep your hands away for just a second,” John requested. “Good.”

He wanted John staring down at his lover’s young body in basic admiration…or lust. Nothing else. He got it.

“Pull her dress open a little more, all the way down.”

Rob complied. Still, John wasn’t completely satisfied.

“Denise, do you mind if we have you pull it off your shoulders?”

“Not at all,” she said, beginning to lean up. “And can we have a pillow. This lap is getting kind of hard.”

Susan and John laughed.

Denise put her hand on the outline of Rob’s cock, quite noticeable inside his jeans. Then she removed the dress, let it fall over Rob’s legs, and put her head back down.

It was a sexy pose the John captured from every angle.

“Denise, open Rob’s pants. Pull the zipper down, but leave the pants up.”

When she was done, the pants lay open with the tip of Rob’s cock evident under his gray briefs. Every one of these little pieces to the puzzle allowed John to increase the sexual tension in each successive shot.

“OK, lose the dress and let’s get Rob’s pants off,” John said a moment later.

The couple easily shed the clothes and, this time, Denise sat on Rob’s lap with her arm around his neck. Susan glanced longingly at Rob’s large cock straining against the material of his briefs. Then she detected the unmistakable bulge in John’s pants. This was going to be fun.

Rob and Denise kissed for the first time during the photo shoot. Their hands began to explore each other. And everybody’s breathing became a little heavier.

John moved quickly. He wanted their faces, her breasts, her ass on his legs, the tension of his cock and he wanted Denise’s thong-covered slit.

Susan wanted it all, too. She moved her hand to her thigh, inside her little skirt. When it seemed nobody was looking, she touched herself. It was warm and wet. Her fingers slid inside her panties.

Denise rotated so her knees straddled Rob, then she sat on his lap again. John watched her move forward until her body was forcing itself on his erection. She began to rub it with her thong-covered pussy. They kissed passionately while Rob held her by the ass.

For the first time in a long time, John and Susan made solid eye contact. Susan was somewhat embarrassed to let John catch her with her hand inside her skirt, but his wry smile and quick wink assured her it was OK. From this point forward nobody in the room was going to be too shocked at anything that happened.

The next thing John knew, Denise’s hand was inside Robs briefs. She gripped his thick cock. She felt the heat it generated and the throbbing flow of his blood. The moisture between her legs reminded her of where she wanted it.

After smiling for a moment and kissing him one more time, she backed off the couch and pulled off his briefs.

Susan inserted a single finger inside her pussy, then stopped at the sight of Rob’s naked body. Now Rob, too, caught her in the act. He grinned before Denise moved back onto his lap and hid his face from Susan.

Denise placed a breast just outside Rob’s lips. His tongue darted out to find a nipple. Then she leaned forward and he took in as much of her breast as his mouth would allow. John moved to their side, leaning onto the couch to get the perfect perspective.

From where she sat, Susan had a good view of Rob’s cock pointing up to Denise’s pussy. The tip of his cock hit against the inside of her thigh several times as they moved together. Susan rubbed her clit, knowing she could cum at any second. But she wanted to delay it for as long as she could.

It didn’t take long for Rob to slide Denise’s thong down her legs. The two of them managed to clumsily remove the little garment and toss it aside. They resumed their foreplay with John making every attempt to capture it.

When John took shots of individual models he generally managed to keep his desire to fuck them at bay until towards the end of the photo session. But watching Rob and Denise enjoy each other’s body, and knowing Susan was in the midst of heavy masturbation, made it extremely difficult to concentrate.

He needed to take a break.

“OK, listen. Why don’t we move it down to the bedroom,” John said.

Rob and Denise unlocked long enough to give their approval. In fact, they seemed anxious to take it to the next level. Susan straightened her clothing as if nothing had happened.

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