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Wild Times at ASU Ch. 05

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Chapter 5: New People, New Experiences

Iliki is in her sophomore year at ASU. She still prefers sex with boys to girls about 9:2. Paige moved to New York City to dance in a dance troupe. She does not make enough money to quite survive so her parents send her a few thousand dollars per month on Venmo. The dance troupe is not a full time job, no benefits so she works 20-30 hours per week as a waitress at a coffee shop. She auditions all the time for roles as a chorus dancer on and off Broadway. Her dream is to dance. She would love to find someone to spend time with, to talk with, to love and be loved. She meets people all over the place. Many more men approach her than women. She was lonelier than ever.

She walked out of the coffee shop one day and she saw a tall girl who made her stop and stare. The girl walked into the bar next door so Paige followed. Paige did not want a drink but had a club soda just to be a good citizen. She knows that workers, including waiters and bar tenders, need to eat too. She stopped to sip her drink and caught the attention of the girl. She was alone and sat at the bar. “Excuse me, may I sit?” asked Paige. “Of course.” “My name is Paige and I work at the coffee shop next door. I saw you walk by. I don’t want to seem creepy but I just had to meet you.” She spoke with a rather deep voice for a girl, very sexy.

“I am Lola. I have a client in the office building across the street and I was so thirsty I had to stop.” They talked until Lola left for the meeting. They exchanged numbers.

Paige was attracted to Lola and knew she had to call. Lola was about 5’8″ or 9″. She had to be. Paige was 5′ 6″ and had to look up a bit. Lola had brown skin, maybe Puerto Rican, maybe of mixed heritage. She phoned Lola that evening and they made a date to grab a bite at the deli around the corner from the bar where they met. Paige learned that Lola was indeed Puerto Rican, was 5′ 9″ and sold life insurance and other financial and savings vehicles. She did well enough to have a studio apartment in the Bronx. She was in the Navy for four years. She got her honorable discharge three years ago and returned to New York because she had a big family and could rely on them for all kinds of help. Her insurance practice was growing. Her clients were friends and contacts of her large family members and navy people. Lola had had relationships with men and women and was open to either. She wanted someone who would respect her for what she was, a woman inside and out. Of course, Paige thought.

Paige told her about her relationships, good and bad. Mostly bad. Upon reflection, it was the relationship with Iliki that Paige had the fondest memory of. They talked and talked. Lola was extremely turned on by Paige’s clean good looks, body to die for, incredible eyes and warm smile.

They had dinner the following Friday night at a quiet intimate place. They went Dutch. The place required them both to take the subway, one to go north, one to go south. They talked often by phone about everything. Finally, Lola revealed that she was trans. “I would love to see you again, even start a relationship with you, Paige, but I am who I am. Everything about me is woman. I dress like a woman. I talk like a woman. I think like a woman. I act like a woman. I feel like a woman. Everyone sees me as a woman. Down there, I am a man. Does that revolt you?” Paige was flabbergasted. In Texas she never heard of trans people. The sorority did not have any trans people. She only heard about it on YouTube and on TV.

Still, Lola was attractive, sweet, kind and open. Very open. Paige really liked the idea that Lola was open. Not sinister and closed off like most people, certainly like most men. Paige said, “Yes, darling, I think I would like to get to know you better. I am not certain how it will work out but I think you are the kind of person I want to know.” They hung up. Why did she use the term, ‘darling’? Affection, to be nice. Paige did not know for sure but that is what came out.

Wow, a bombshell confession. What really does that mean? Paige was terribly confused. She called Iliki. She reached Iliki in the research library as she was sitting down to catch up on her reading. Iliki went downstairs to take the call. “Iliki, honey, what does this all mean?”

“Do you like her? Is she nice and sweet? Can you see yourself kissing her? Would you suck her cock? You said you would never put one in your mouth again.” All of these were important questions. They talked for a long time before Iliki had to go get some dinner and hit the books. Paige certainly had a better understanding of what it means to be trans after their talk.

Later that evening, Paige watched videos for hours on YouTube by girls who were transsexuals. They were all attractive. Some were downright hot. They all were women, outwardly. Paige and Lola talked often for the next month. Paige was attracted to her sweetness, her gentle side, her soft affect. Iliki called Page. “How is it going?”

“Fine, I have more auditions.”

“What is new with the girl you told emek escort me about?”

“We talk all the time. I really like her. We have another date, at a nice place near her apartment. Iliki, what if she wants to kiss or hook up? I’m scared.”

“A little nervousness is good and normal. You really like her. I say to go for it.”

Paige and Lola had dinner again, this time in a small restaurant in the Bronx, near Lola’s apartment. Paige was attracted to her big brown eyes and slim, lovely figure and her sweet way of talking. She had wonderful lips, a fantastic makeup style and a great smile with perfect teeth. Paige just stared at her. She listened too but talked little. When dinner was over, they just stared at each other. Paige was nervous but excited. Lola was getting excited but took another sip of wine to calm down. Excitement could mean an erection that would poke right through the silk panties and tent her dress. Lola suggested, “Let’s walk for a bit.” Paige nodded. They paid the bill and left. When they got to the street, Lola’s fingers brushes Paige’s arm. This could be the girl for me, she thought.

They walked hand-in-hand a few blocks. Paige did not know where they were or where they were going. Lola stopped at an alley. She put her right hand on Paige’s waist and stepped forward. They stared at each other. Neither could speak. Lola tilted her head. Paige tilted her head the other way. Paige leaned in. Lola put her left hand to Paige’s neck and pulled her in. Their lips met. Paige tasted the sweet stickiness of Lola’s ruby red lip gloss. She wanted more. Lola tasted the creaminess of Paige’s red rose lipstick. They did all this with mouths still closed. Paige opened her mouth and used her tongue to taste Lola’s lips again and Lola opened her mouth at that instant and the tiny tips of their tongues met. “Paige, I am getting… I live in this building. Will you come upstairs?” Paige knew why Lola wanted to get off the street. Lola was sporting an erection. Paige could feel it through Lola’s dress.

“Yes. Let’s get off the street.” Lola took Paige’s hand again and they skipped to the building entrance, into the lobby, past the mailboxes and into the empty elevator. Lola was hard by now and pressed into Paige. They kissed deeply in the still-not-moving elevator. The door opened and they quickly broke their kiss.

Both giggled. Paige loved Lola’s giggle. The elevator door opened onto the 5th floor landing. Lola grabbed Paige’s hand and squeezed. They entered Lola’s studio apartment, really just a bedroom with a dresser and a table, a tiny kitchen and bathroom just big enough for a shower and sink. Lola pushed Paige against the counter top of the “kitchen” and pulled her close. They kissed deeply for many minutes. Paige could still feel Lola’s erection. Paige turned Lola to face the counter and placed Lola’s hands on the counter. This was one of Paige’s signature moves. It worked like wonders on Iliki. Paige unclasped the top clasp of Lola’s dress, zipped down the zipper and bent into nibble Lola’s neck and shoulders. Lola was hard and poking into her tight panties. Her penis was in an uncomfortable position. She tried to tuck back the shaft and the sack but now it began to hurt. Paige’s wet lips were making the situation worse.

Paige undid Lola’s bra and pushed the straps over her shoulders. She kept nibbling Lola’s neck and shoulders. Lola was wild with passion. Paige cupped Lola’s B or C cup breasts. They felt great. Lola whimpered like a little girl. Paige was getting warm. Lola’s dress dropped to the floor. Paige reached down to free Lola’s cock from its painful position. “Thank you, thank you. I was dying in that position.” Lola lifted her hand off the counter and turned around before Paige could stop her. Lola pulled Paige’s dress up as far as she could so she could squeeze Paige’s perfect ass. Lola did get some of it but Paige turned around again. “Would you unzip me?” Lola unbuttoned the top button and unclasped Paige’s bra. Lola was far less experienced at undressing women than Paige was. She struggled a bit but managed to get Paige’s dress to fall to the floor. Lola cupped Paige’s breasts.

Paige wanted more and pushed Lola to the sofa. Lola’s erection was poking out of her black silk panties. Lola lifted herself off the sofa and pulled the panties down far enough for Paige to pull them off. Paige could not believe what she saw. Lola had no public hair and her cock, already six inches, was getting longer. It had been a long time since Paige took a penis in her mouth and enjoyed it. At first, she was afraid of what would happen. Still, she wanted so badly to please Lola.

She lowered her head to lick the head, ever so slightly. It made Lola yelp. Again, but slightly stronger, Paige licked. She now felt she could really get into it. She took the whole head into her mouth. It tasted good. Lola sprayed a light perfume into her panties before she left for the date. And the sweet taste of pre-cum topped it off. Paige took the plunge and put her mouth to take more of Lola’s shaft. Lola eryaman escort grunted. A nice grunt. Paige must be doing something right. After a few more minutes, Lola felt she would come. So she pulled Paige’s face up to kiss her. Paige was just getting into it. It tasted good. “I really want to make you come, baby.”

“You will, Paige. But I really am craving the taste of pussy. Do you know where I can find some at this hour?”

“I brought one for you, baby.”

They quickly switched positions. Now Lola was between Paige’s legs and staring right at those perfect tits. Lola licked Paige’s breast. Not like a man. All men think that the sole object is to suck hard on the girl’s nipples. No, that is not what women want. At least that is not what Paige wanted. Paige wanted to be savored. Lola started by pressing her right cheek into the outside of Paige’s right breast and kissed the skin below Paige’s right arm pit. She was not a pit master but she did greatly enjoy the smell and taste of a hot girl’s sweet perspiration. The smell of a woman always turned her on. Lola slowly trailed kisses to her right and again pressed her cheek into Paige’s breast. Paige was super hot. Lola knew just what she wanted.

Slowly, Lola moved her mouth and found Paige’s right nipple as stiff as she had ever seen. This went on for a while. Lola took her time with Paige’s breasts. Squeezing, nibbling, licking, and using her nose to press into the nipple. Lola was using her hands, her fingers, her face and her tongue in ways that Paige had never experienced before. Lola was between Paige’s legs and Paige parted them wide for her. Lola was kneeling on the hardwood floor and would be for a while so she reached up and pulled a pillow down. She put it on the floor and knelt on it. Lola pushed Paige’s legs higher and pressed them so her knees touched her breasts. Paige was wide open now.

Lola had a new move. She separated Paige’s pussy lips, then pressed them together, then pulled them apart. Paige loved the attention. Lola could see the clear nectar now flow from her hot vagina. Lola was enjoying the perfectly trimmed bush, wet with the dew of a happy woman. Lola ran her nose through Paige’s brown curls. It tickled. Lola licked her pink vaginal slit from bottom to top, over and over. Paige moaned deeply with each stroke. Paige was surprised and pleased that Lola didn’t just dive for the clit like all men do.

Paige looked for a long time for someone who knew how to tease an orgasm out of her. She always thought it would be a girl. Shock was Paige’s reaction. The long strokes from bottom to top ended. They ended when Lola flicked Paige’s anus. That was Paige’s move. No one had ever done that for her. Forever she wanted to know the feeling. Oh, the feeling. Lola flicked again. Paige grunted and twitched. Lola licked Paige’s anus many more times. Paige was pretty sure that this would not make her come but the feeling was incredible.

“I want to make you come now.” Paige just whimpered. Lola was an expert pussy licker. A connoisseur, really. She knew exactly what Paige needed. Right now Paige needed release. “Suck me off, baby.” Lola licked the tiny flap of skin on top of the clit. Perfect. Perfect. Not too rough. Just the proper pressure. She licked the flap of the clit slowly at first, then harder and faster. Fast but not with anger or boredom. Lola was perfect. Paige was getting closer with each pass of her tongue. Her voice was getting higher as well with each lick. Lola knew she was only a lick or two away so she used her right index finger to slide into Paige’s slick tunnel.

Lola had just found Paige’s G-spot when her orgasm started. One huge grunt later and Lola could feel Paige’s vagina spasm. Lola looked up. Paige could see her face glistening from the tip of her nose to her chin. There was a layer of clear, sticky, milky cream.

“Amazing, baby. I haven’t felt that in a long time.” Actually the last time she came like that was with Iliki, the night of the Arizona game. “Do you want to fuck me?”

Lola was a woman in every way but one. Lola knew that the tight grip of vagina was the greatest feeling on earth. “Do you have a condom?” Of course she had a condom. For one, safe sex was the rule. Secondly, a layer of latex usually made her last longer. Lola got up and walked to the tiny bathroom. She found it easily, for she was prepared. She didn’t expect anything but it never hurt to be prepared.

Her cock had gotten half limp so when she sat down she massaged it for a few second. “I can take care of that.” Paige could not believe the words that just came out of her mouth. A cock was about to slide into her mouth again! Paige put her hand on Lola’s penis. Lola moaned. Paige put her head in Lola’s lap and gently sucked. Lola came to life quickly. Lola pushed Paige away and opened the condom envelope, pulled it out and placed it over the tip. Paige was licking Lola’s ball sack. The condom was on.

“Come sit on my lap, little girl.”

“I would like to, girl but that huge cock will slide into my little body.” ankara escort They giggled like little girls. Paige hadn’t had a good fuck in years, probably never had. She straddled Lola’s clean groin and held the cock to her opening. She leaned back. Lola slid in easily and Paige was fully impaled on the third stroke.

“It’s been a very long time…I am not sure how long I can last.” Paige just humped and humped. Truly Paige had never felt this good. She had been fucked and felt a hard cock filling her. But something new was happening.

As a lesbian, Paige loved the feeling and the look of boobs. When she saw hot girls on campus wearing their flimsy tops — so flimsy she could see the outline of the breast, so flimsy she could see the tasty nipples — she had fantasies galore to help her come when she masturbated. ASU in general, and Kappa in particular, was a garden of delight for a ‘girl-watcher’. Boobs and butts got her wet, all the time.

When she first sat on Lola’s cock she was so overcome with pleasure that she laid against Lola, hanging onto her left shoulder for support. Now she felt Lola’s nice breast pressing into her. Yes, Lola’s body above the waist was that of a gorgeous woman. Paige sat up to separate their chests. Sweat beaded from between the four globes of breast. Paige stared at Lola and mentally devoured the warm brown skin and cupped a breast in each of her hands. She felt a wave of warmth emanate from her waist to her ribs up to her shoulders and reaching in the crown of her head.

Paige was flushed with excitement. She didn’t know why but that made her hump more furiously. Pure, out-of-control, animal passion. “Come when you want, baby. I feel soooo gooood.” Paige had one thought: don’t stop this. God, never let this feeling stop. They kissed as Paige humped and pressed her clit into Lola’s hairless, brown public bone. Lola had a feeling that she would be able to hold on for maybe three or four more minutes, tops! The feeling of wearing a condom was tightness and the fulfillment of being gripped so well. The feeling of bareback includes warmth and wetness and is far, far better. But without that feeling, Lola found she could stay harder longer, which her girlfriend really needed.

One time, Lola wore two condoms. Sarita laughed at Lola for trying it that way but Sarita reached an unfamiliar place in the pleasure universe that night because Lola could penetrate and hump for almost twenty minutes. Sarita moved away but Lola remembers that very fondly. Now, with one condom, Lola felt confident.

Her doctor told her that the hormones would make it more difficult to achieve orgasm. Maybe that means longer lasting erections. That was not totally clear. Lola was grateful to God that she could still get hard like a flag pole. Most girls on hormone therapy saw their penises shrivel and shrink. Not Lola.

They made an unusual couple, Paige and Lola. Lola was an effeminate boy, even on the track team, even in the navy. She always liked makeup and stole her older sister’s makeup from time to time. Her voice always lilted up like a girl. She hardly ever played with cars and trucks and always played with her sister’s Barbie’s and Heart Family figures. Paige was every red-blooded American male’s fantasy. Long blonde hair, perfect ass and tits, pearly white teeth, warm inviting smile, sweet Dallas accent. Per-fec-tion. At ASU she was every boy’s fantasy thanks to the notoriety that the Sigma Chi survey gave her. To top that off, she could be seen during football season regularly shaking her curvy body and wavy hair on the dance team. Indeed, they were an unusual couple.

They did not know how long their relationship would last. At that moment, she just wanted the thrusting and humping to last. Lola’s hands were on Paige’s firm but soft butt. She squeezed. As Lola’s orgasm approached, she squeezed harder, not because she wanted to but because every muscle in her body had tensed up. Paige had reached the peak before during intercourse but had never gone over the top solely from penetration. Even while using her favorite glass dildo, she could only come if she rubbed her clit in rhythm with the clear penis shaped love-substitute. Paige wanted sex. Paige needed sex. But sex with men had been a huge disappointment.

High school was all about giving. Like giving head, a lot. She hated the taste of semen. She was a spitter. The boys didn’t mind, as long as they got off. As long as they conquered Paige. Intercourse was painful. The boys wanted in, fast. They were impatient and crude in their movements. In fact there was not one single male lover that ever satisfied Paige.

She cried thinking about the irony. The perfect physical female specimen who never enjoyed a man in the usual way. Here she was riding a hard cock, an average sized cock and staring at a beautiful woman’s body. Her hand left Lola’s tits because she was driven in the most animalistic fashion to have the dark brown nipple in her mouth. Still humping for dear life, still at the peak of joy, she flicked her tongue over Lola’s left nipple. That was it. She felt a heat like the heat of the Phoenix sun in August come over her head. Flushed. A totally new sensation lasted for a few second and then the wave crashed over her entire body and she felt a sense of release. A release like she had never felt before.

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