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The Step Sister Ch. 02

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The Step Sister Ch.2

As Mary and I got into the hot shower…we of course fooled around, taking turns scrubbing each other’s bodies and teasing one another. I could tell she was getting more and more worked up from the constant teasing and touching I was doing to her. Her cheeks were growing more flush and I could see her chest moving more as her breathing became more deep and staggered.

As I was standing behind her, softly scrubbing down Mary’s breasts and abs, I made my way down to her bare canal. There I began to play in between her slits and flick my fingers across her clit. This made her jaw drop, her eyes close and her head rock backwards. After about a minute or two of this, she reached behind her to grab my cock, and surprise surprise…it was fully solid from base to tip.

As she stroked my cock faster and faster, I rubbed her clit and finger fucked her harder and harder. I could see she was getting weak in the knees and she was breathing heavier and heavier. Her pussy began to tighten around my fingers as I knew her orgasm was just seconds away.

Knowing this, I spun her around, picked her up so her legs could straddle around my waist and my hands holding her up by her ass cheeks…I lowered her quickly to have her pussy fully take my cock in its entirety. She let out a scream as my cock penetrated her to the hilt…but as I started bouncing here against the shower wall…those screams turned into moans, and her body tightened more and more. We didn’t turn on the fan in the bathroom when we got in the shower so it was filled with thick steam which just made the sexual pleasure and eroticism that much more intense.

“Fuck me baby! Fuck me Matthew! Make your sister cum!” she started screaming again.

I knew her orgasm was nearing, but the dirty ‘brother and sister’ shit she was saying was driving me even closer to my climax as well!

“Matthew…Fuck Matthew!! I’m gonna fucking cum so hard!! Oh my god!!!” she was screaming and scratching all down my back. Her pussy was like a vice grip wrapped around my shaft it was so tight. I could feel it quivering and tightening up and down my cock like she was trying to milk me for every drop of cum I could give her!

I picked up the pace and decided to drive both of us over the edge again with each other.

‘Oh god baby I’m cumming! Oh FUCK I’m CUMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she screamed into my neck.

“Fuck Mary!” was all I could muster in the heat of the moment. She could tell I was about to cum again as well.

She opened her eyes through her own ripping orgasm and looked up at me. “Oh god cum in me again! Flood my pussy with your hot cum!” She screamed. Seeing that crave, that fervent desire in her eyes for me to give her my cum was like a pleasure explosion that ruptured through my entire body.

That was it for me, I erupted into another pulsating blast of rope after rope after rope shooting from the tip of my cock deep into her wonton pussy.

We stayed there for a minute, coming back down from our equal highs, letting the shower water run on us. For a moment there, as we stayed together under the rain water, kissing each other, it felt different. The thoughts of her as family, as a friend, all of those thoughts left me in that moment. It was a much simpler thought in my mind, I was enjoying a lover, that’s it, no more, no less. Thought we just had two amazing rounds of sex and experienced each other in a much more sexual way than I ever imagined…this was the fist time we actually experienced real intimacy with each other, it was different and I enjoyed it.

As I let her back down gingerly to her feet, letting her get ahold of her leg strength, she looked up at me into my eyes. ‘What’s she thinking about?’ I thought to myself, ‘This is going to fucking suck if this shit goes south…’ I began to have second thoughts about the matter with how we actually experienced an intimate connection and that it could scare her from me completely. The sex was one thing that I would miss, but our friendship was something I really cherished and didn’t want to fuck up.

“Can I be honest with you?” she asked me, standing there, still holding her arms around me.

‘Fuck’ My overthinking ass began to dread.

“Go ahead” I said with a little smile, masking my self doubt.

“I can see you’re worried.” She replied.

‘How the fuck does she know?!’ I thought, but before I could even speak, she kept talking.

“Don’t be so shocked, I’m a woman for one…we can always sense that kind of thing with a man. Also, don’t forget that you’re still my best friend…I wouldn’t be a good best friend if I couldn’t read you like a book you goon!” she giggled up at me.

I chuckled at her remark, she really did know me better than my other friends and we are definitely close enough that she knows me like the back of her hand.

“Look dude…” she began to say, “I get it! I understand you’re probably a little worried that this could go south and something could happen ataşehir escort bayan and it could drive us apart, it could drive our friendship apart, or worse, our parents could find out and that would most likely drive them apart as well!”

‘Shit!’ I thought ‘I didn’t even think of what would happen between Dad and Natalie if they found out their kids were fucking regularly!’ But as per usual, Mary began to talk again and soothed my nerves.

“Listen, we are too good of friends for this extra fun between us to drive a wedge in our relationship. Our whole sex life could go tits up and I would still make sure you stayed my best friend regardless. You’re too good of a person, and too good of a person to me in particular to let our friendship ever deteriorate. As for our parents…we will just have to be careful with when we choose to have our fun and make sure we mind ourselves around them!” She smiled up at me, almost instantly calming me down from any form of doubt I had.

“Thanks Mary.” I smiled back down to her. “You know me, I just tend to overthink things sometimes.”

“Sometimes?” she laughed “Dude you always overthink things, that’s what makes you so smart. But you don’t need to overthink this. We have a really awesome thing going with us, let’s just enjoy the hell out of it!”

I laughed at her comment as she stepped out of the shower and started to dry herself off.

She turned back to me as I turned off the shower and got ready to step out.

“Now that you made my pussy full…let make breakfast!”


After drying off, we made our way to the kitchen, I in my compression shorts, her in a tank top and a g-string. We used to do this all the time last summer, so we picked back up like we knew exactly what to do. I threw my phone on the Bluetooth speaker and tossed on some upbeat funk music and she pulled out the ingredients.

“What are we grubbing today?” I asked her…leaving the decision up to her appetite.

“Ham and Egg burritos!” She shouted over the music “I need some Mexican food in my life!”

“So you’re going to have a 21 year old, German/Irish guy make you real Mexican food?” I stated starting to laugh “I don’t think I’m anywhere near able to make the authentic flavor you’re probably wanting.”

“True! But I don’t have any Hispanic friends here right now…so you’ll just have to do your best!” she said smiling.

We started chopping the veggies and cooking the eggs and ham with the various seasonings and sauces. Just as we were about to sit down to eat, Mary got a text on her phone.

“Who is it?” I asked

“It’s Lucas, he is inviting me to one of his mansion parties” Lucas was one of Mary’s flings she had in high school that she got over really quick…but he didn’t. Lucas was, besides a cocky douchebag, a womanizing asshole that always clashed heads with me. He was about 6’2″, so just below my height…but he only weighed about 165 pounds. So he wasn’t physically as powerful as I was, or as I called him, a Beta Soyboy.

“Oh not that fuckstick…only 4 days home and he already smelled you out again.” I said in a serious tone.

“Let’s go to the party!” she exclaimed

“What? Why? So Lucas can try to get you into bed while I’m fighting back blacked out drunk women?”

“He will never sleep with me again…” she began to chuckle “he’s too weird and he was horrible in bed…but I’d be down to go and see some old friends there and catch up with everyone. But I won’t go without you there…I want you there for me incase shit gets stupid.” She looked over at me with those eyes…the eyes that I never could say no to.

“Alright alright alright, when should I be ready to go see Soyboy?” I said to her with a slight smirk.

“Really? Sweet!! Ummm, he said the party starts at 8 so be ready by 7:30?”

“Sounds good to me, but if he tries anything…that’s the green light to fuck his shit up!” I said boldly to Mary. “And we both know I’ve just been itching for a reason to rock his shit!” I began to laugh.

“Agreed” she said with a nod and a slow creeping smile.

For the rest of the afternoon, we just swam and watched a movie…I was still dead tired from only getting a couple hours sleep due to my parents flights. I ended up passing out with my head on Mary’s lap while we were watching the movie. It didn’t help that she was rubbing her nails through my hair during the movie…that will make any man go into a coma it feels so good!



“Hey…wake up sleepy head” a faint whisper was all I could remember hearing as I felt soft fingers brush across my cheek. I knew the whisper came from Mary, her voice was too sweet to not know. I opened my eyes to look around, and right in front of me is Mary’s eyes lined with mine…

“There you are!” she whispered “It’s time to get up, we have to get ready for the party tonight.” Her big green eyes mesmerized me like they always have!

I got up, escort kadıöy smiled at her and she leaned in and gave me a very tongue locked kiss. She leaned back and said “remember that nap, because after this party…I’m not letting you sleep at all tonight.” She had her eyebrow up which I always knew meant something bad, yet oh so good!

We both went to our rooms, brushed out teeth, did our hair, and got dressed in something appropriate for the party. I had on a pair of my acid washed custom designer jeans with a dark grey dress shirt with sleeves rolled up to the elbow.

I came into the living room and saw the clock said 7:30…I was on time!

“You almost ready Boo Boo?” I shouted down the hall of the house. Boo Boo was a nickname I gave her whenever I was going to give her shit about something she was doing.

“Haha I’ll be out in 3 minutes jackass! Pour us a drink for a little pregame before we head out there!” she said from her room.

I went to the bar and made two Moscow Mules, I like their flavor but I know Mary LOVES them to death! By the time I finished making the drinks, I didn’t even hear to click clack of heals on hard wood floor walking up behind me.

“Ahem” a voice said behind me.

I turned around to see how Mary looked…time and space stood fucking still! She had on another tight dress, only this one wasn’t Crimson, it was a shiny Emerald with cross lay straps around her upper back and just above the bust line…

Her hair was completely straightened, allowing her blonde locks to flow straight down to the upper curve of her ass, her eyeliner was an off shade of green/blue and in combination with the dress…her eyes POPPED!

“Jesus Matt!” Mary exclaimed “Any more fit jeans and shirt you just might hulk out of those! You’re looking very…fuckable.”

“Oh…..wow!” was all I could say with my mouth still hanging open.

“Wow good? Wow Bad?…Okay tell me what you’re thinking because I’m thinking you don’t like it!” she said quickly with a little panic in her voice.

“Wow good! Wow VERY good! Mary you look completely hypnotizing, you are so freaking drop dead gorgeous it hurts to look at you! And I’m saying that as your step brother, best friend, and the guy who you sexually assaulted today multiple times!” I said jokingly to her.

She laughed and looked down at the obvious bulge in my jeans. Seeing her in that emerald dress turned me on so much that I couldn’t even conceal my cock if I wanted to.

“Oh so you do like what you see huh?” She looked back up at me and winked.

“Girl you turn me on so damn much! I could stay hard at the site of you all day every day!” I exclaimed back to her.

She grabbed my hand and started to pull me toward the kitchen. “Then come over here really quick.” She purred at me. Being pulled by her and watching the perfect ass sway as she walked in front of me was making my cock harder and harder. Before I could elicit a touch or a slight ass grab, we got to the kitchen island and she turned around, dropped down to her knees and started to undo my belt.

“We can be a little late,” she said seductively looking u pat me as she started to slide my pants down. Once my boxers dropped, releasing my cock straight out front, she grabbed the shaft and started to suck it ferociously. Bobbing her head back and forth, ramming the head of my cock down her throat and spitting up the good throat spit on my dick to swirl her hand up and down my shaft, she had my head spinning with pleasure. Never have I had a girl be able to make me feel so much ecstasy from sucking my dick before.

“Fucking Christ Mary!” I moaned “That feels so fucking good!”

With that she stopped and stood up, with her heals she was just a couple inches from being eye to me. She leaned in and gave me a hard and passionate kiss that seemed to make time and space stand still.

She then turned around, hiked her dress up over her exquisite ass, exposing her lack of any underwear. He long toned legs accented by her high heals drove my mind wild with want and desire. She bent over the counter and looked back at me with her seductive eyes and lustful smile. “I want you to fuck the slut out of me before we leave!” She said in almost a moan-like tone.

I walked up behind her and as I positioned my cock to the entrance of her gorgeous pussy, I saw that she was already soaking wet. “A little turned on yourself there huh?” I cunningly stated.

Still looking at me with a pleading look of desire to get fucked, she replied “What can I say, I love sucking dick, it turns me on so much!” Then her look of desire disappeared and a look of demand washed over her face. “Now…fuck me as hard as you can, make me your slut before we go to this party!”

With that invite, I slid my cock inside her to the base again steadily. I wanted to make sure she wasn’t too sore from the other two rounds we had had earlier that day. When my pelvis hit her ass and I could feel the head of my dick maltepe escort pressing up into her cervix, she let out a whimpering “Oh fuuuuuck baby! You fill me up so much!”

But before I let her say another work, I pulled out quickly and rammed my cock all the way back in her/

“Oh god! Fuck that feels good!” She shrieked.

So I proceeded to slide in out of her molten hot pussy with as much speed and force as I could muster. The sounds of my hips smacking her ass and ther juices flowing in and out of her with my dick were mesmerizing to me. Her breathing and moaning became more and more frequent and pronounced.

“That’s it baby! Use this pussy! Make it yours! Keep fucking me baby!” She was screaming in euphoria.

I kept pounding into her, gripping her curvy hip as I buried my cock deep into her with every thrust. I slowly slid my hand up her back and gripped onto her shoulder for extra leverage. But what happened next was something I didn’t expect at all!

She grabbed my hand from her shoulder and slowly wrapped it around her neck. “Choke your slut sister Matthew! Choke me and make me cum please!” She pleaded like an addict craving for her fix. So I wrapped my fingers around her throat and pulled her up to me to where my face was kissing the side of her neck and cheek and only her pelvis was still touching the edge of the counter. Squeezing more and more, I could see her face turning a light shade of red from the force I was putting on her neck.

“Oh FUCK yes baby!” she cried out “Fuck your slut sister’s tight little pussy! Make me cum all over that cock! Fuck me baby! Make me cum! Cum inside me! Give me it all!”

The combinations of her sexy words, me choking her to the brink of orgasm, my cock slamming deep into her and the slapping/squishing sounds coming from our combined movement were driving me close to cumming. I could feel the pressure begin to build inside me and I knew I was going to erupt soon, but I wanted her to cum with me again, I wanted to give her exactly what she wanted.

I leaned in close to her ear and whispered just loud enough so she could hear me over her own frantic breathing and moaning. “You want to cum baby?”

“Yes baby! I want to cum so bad! I’m so fucking close baby!” She screamed as loud as she could with me choking her.

“Does my slut sister want to cum on my cock?” I whispered again.

“Yes!” she screamed loud “Please Matthew, please let me cum! Make me cum baby PLEASE!” she pleaded with me.

I was subconsciously shocked at how intense she was being with me already, but it was driving me closer and closer to my orgasm. So I pounded into her harder than I ever had before as my left hand slid down and started running her clit to bring her over the top.

“OH MY GOD BABY!” she moaned so loud “I’m going to cum baby1 Holy FUCK I’M GOING TO CUM!”

Still rubbing her clit and pounding into her, I said into her ear “Fucking cum for me baby! I want that cum! Give it to me now!”

That was the icing on the cake. She let out a huge scream, “OH FUUUUCCCKKK! I’m gonna cum!!!”

Knowing she was seconds from cumming, I rammed my cock as deep into her and held it there as I erupted inside her. As my cock throbbed buried all the way inside her, I kept rubbing her clit as her orgasm washed over her.

“Oh fuck I’m cumming baby! Oh god! OHHH FFFFUUUUUCCCCKKKKK!” she cried out as I let my hand off of her throat and grabbed her hips again. Her orgasm hit her so hard that her legs gave out and couldn’t hold her body up anymore. I held her up while her orgasm and my orgasm captivated the both of us. Her body was quivering and convulsing as wave after wave of her orgasm hit her. As she started to calm down, I spun her around and hoisted her up onto the counter.

She just laid her head into my shoulder for about a minute before muttering something that I couldn’t make out what she said.

“What did you say?” I whispered down to her. God I was in heaven, holding this gorgeous woman after giving her as much pleasure as I she wanted. I was never an ego driven kind of guy, but thinking about getting with a woman that looks like Mary and having the intense experiences we’ve already shared with each other definitely made my ego bump up a few notches.

“That…” she said as she was still catching her breath, “was probably the hardest I have ever cum in my life.” She pulled her head up and smiled at me. Even with what we did, her makeup was still perfect, not one hair was out of perfect alignment, she was still a bombshell.

I chuckled back at her, “I’m glad I was able to make you feel that good then!”

“Good? Hell…that felt amazing!” She said bright eyed. She slowly slid off the counter and caught her balance in her heels. “Okay, let me go clean up really fast and then we can go to Soyboy’s party!” she laughed as she walked back down the hall to her room.


Around 8:30, we pulled up in front of Lucas’ family mansion. We decided to take my dad’s Tesla, since we figured it would look appropriate going to a Mansion party, even one for a piece of shit douchebag like Lucas. We pulled up to the near front of the courtyard, I jumped around and opened up Mary’s door for her and took her hand to help her stand.

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