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The Music Room

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Jack O’Connor sighed, rubbing his temples, paying no heed to the streaks of grey he knew were there. It had been a long day.

Sometimes it was just impossible to get his students to concentrate, or take in a single word of what he was saying. Sure, granted, there were always going to be kids without the slightest interest in musical theory, who wouldn’t know a crotchet from a quaver if he served it up to them flambéed, sliced and soaked in whiskey. He could deal with them, knowing they made up about half the class. He was their jailor and they his inmates, and both parties knew their roles- they would stay disciplined, and he wouldn’t burden their limited minds with too much work or knowledge.

Then there were the average kids, those willing to learn and with the ability to be taught. He had good and bad days with them. Some days he would play them a Beethoven sonata, and watch them trying to hide stirrings of enjoyment. He would smile then, loving his job. Other days, he may as well have been speaking Japanese as he tried to describe the difference between the Baroque period and the High Classical style of Handel. He knew, being teenagers, they had other things on their minds.

Lastly, there was the handful of kids with a genuine talent for music. No more than one or two in each class. These were Jack’s pride and joy, the main reason why he came to school every morning to teach. One in particular, Catlyn White, an 18 year old senior who played the piano, showed great promise. He’d seen her play before in school recitals, and had been impressed by her technical skill. She was also by far and away the top of her class, and had been since Year 7. She had been distracted today though, for some reason. She had barely written anything down in the whole hour of class, and when he asked her a simple question about chord progression she had blinked and stuttered, fudging the answer.

The school where Jack worked was barely five minutes drive from his home, and when he walked in the front door he was still musing about Catlyn. He would have to ask her tomorrow if anything was wrong if she didn’t perk up to her usual, brilliant self. He dumped his jacket on the arm of a chair in his living room and, with the desperation of a drowning man grasping at an overhanging branch, poured himself a large glass of Malbec. He sighed with pleasure, drinking deeply, glad he’d had the foresight to ship home a crate of wine when he was in Argentina over the summer.

Sometimes he felt as strong and fit as a much younger man, helped by the regular workouts which kept his body toned and tight. He’d taken to running recently on top of his usual gym routine. This had trimmed him down somewhat, showing his rippling muscles and core when he took his shirt off.

Other times, he felt the weight of every day of his 52 years. Today was one of those times. He trudged upstairs and collapsed onto his bed, flicking out the light as he did so. He didn’t bother changing out of his clothes, he simply didn’t have the energy. He was asleep before his head hit the pillow.


At lunch the next day, Jack was feeling considerably better. He´d had an entertaining morning with his Year 7 class, letting them get their recorders out for the first time that year. Mayhem had ensued, of course, but it was a circus kind of mayhem, and he´d enjoyed it thoroughly, bellowing at them to follow the music in front of them as they totally ignored him. They had seemed to be trying to outdo each other as to who could make the most noise, blowing hard into the little instruments as if they were bugles. He’d had a ball.

He shared a joke with Greg Stevens, the History teacher and one of his close friends, as he pulled out the lunch he’d packed himself that morning. A lot of the other male teachers had their wives pack their lunches; hell, Greg’s wife even showed up at the school some days with a hot lunch she’d cooked specially for him. Jack, however, not being married, had to deal with whatever he could forage in the morning.

Biting into a cheese and tomato sandwich, he thought ahead to his classes in the afternoon. He had Catlyn’s Year 12s next. He remembered her preoccupation the previous day, and resolved to see if she behaved the same today. With anyone else he wouldn’t have given it a second thought, but Catlyn was so bright and full of energy that yesterday had been totally out of character. He munched his sandwich thoughtfully, and then pulled a staff newspaper towards him. He’d see her soon enough.


Well, at least she’s not distracted today,Jack thought to himself, a little bewildered at the turn of events. Catlyn had been practically bursting out of her seat in the front row since he walked into the room. She’d rattled off answers at lightning speed to every question he asked the class, without even raising her hand. Even the other kids were looking at her sideways; they all knew she was brilliant, but this was almost like showing güvenilir bahis off, which was most unlike her. She was usually quiet and reserved, answering questions only when called upon directly.

After about 20 minutes of discussion, he set them a rather difficult exercise involving plagal cadences, and sat down at his desk at the front of the room. He estimated that it would take them most of the rest of the period, and so he started idly leafing through a music dictionary. Within minutes though, he felt a prickling sensation on his forehead, and looked up at the class. The other students were all working, bent over their desks in silence, but Catlyn was staring at him directly from the front row. When he met her eyes she dropped her gaze, seeming embarrassed, and picked up her pen.

Jack turned back to reading, but within seconds he felt the same sensation. He looked up again, and sure enough, Catlyn was looking at him once more. She smiled slightly, and turned back to her page.

She was really very beautiful, he thought idly. She had long brown hair that fell in waves onto her shoulders, dark brown eyes and curved red lips. She seemed to be wearing more makeup today than was usual, with a hint of eyeshadow, which was forbidden by the school. It offset nicely her creamy skin, which looked incredibly soft. He followed the curve of her neckline down to her chest, where he could see her young breasts pressed tightly against the school blouse. From what he could see, they were very shapely; not too big, maybe B´s or C´s, but nice and round.

He shook himself mentally. That was inappropriate, and totally unlike him. He tried to concentrate on the dictionary, wondering what was wrong with him. He hadn’t been laid in a while, not since…whenwasthe last time? Jack gasped internally as he realized it had been at least four months, since the Christmas barbeque Greg had thrown over the summer. He needed to start dating again, and fast, if this was were his sexual urges were going to express themselves.

He looked up again at Catlyn, shocked to see that she was staring at him once more, as if she was reading his thoughts. She didn’t look away this time, and he almost blushed guiltily, but managed to control himself.

“Any problems, Catlyn?” he asked her, frowning slightly.

“No, Mr O´Connor, ” she replied, her lips twitching in a half-smile. “Just thinking.”

“Well, get on with it, you´ve only got about 20 minutes to finish” he said somewhat brusquely, looking down again.

He managed to keep from looking at her for five whole minutes as the class beavered away. By the time he did look up again, she was fixed on her work. Checking to see that no one had any problems with the task, he then looked back at her. She reallywasbeautiful, he thought. But she was so young, and a student no less! He needed to control those kinds of thoughts.

It was a struggle, however. He glanced down at her legs, which were smooth and bare. In a few weeks all the girls would be wearing stockings as autumn became cooler, but at the moment summer’s warmth was still lingering on, and bare legs were everywhere. She was very close, in the front row, no more than three meters away from his desk. He almost felt as if he could feel the heat from her skin.

She shifted slightly in her seat, and Jack caught himself, quickly looking around the class to see if anyone else was looking at him. All the other students were quiet though, absorbed in the maddening difficulty of the plagal cadence. Catlyn didn’t look up either. Jack returned to examining her legs, and had to stifle a gasp. They were no longer pressed tightly together, but spread slightly. He could clearly see up her skirt, and make out a flash of red panties.

With a tingle in his groin, he felt himself growing hard. His balls felt suddenly very heavy, and soon he had a sizeable bulge in his pants

Control yourself,he snapped internally. This is a student, and you DEFINITELY shouldn’t be looking at her like that. You know how much trouble teachers can get into these days at the merest hint of such allegations.

With a jolt, Jack noticed that Catlyn was looking at him again, but not at his eyes. Her gaze was focused on his groin. Her eyes were wide as she saw him stiffening, and her mouth was open slightly. She licked her lips, and Jack felt goosebumps run up along his spine. Their eyes met, and Catlyn smiled. Jack blushed and furiously looked away, shifting uncomfortably under his desk.

He managed to keep his attention on the dictionary in front of him for a further ten minutes, but then couldn’t resist. He looked up again, and his heart began to thunder in his chest. Catlyn´s legs were wide open now. He could clearly see her red panties, which were trimmed in lace and not at all what a good schoolgirl should be wearing. His cock strained against his pants, and he began to sweat. She looked so sweet sitting there, at once innocent and deeply sexual, türkçe bahis her young legs inviting him, beckoning to him. He knew it had to be intentional, he’d never seen a girl in a skirt sit like that in class. She was spreading her legs forhim, wanting him to look, daring him to look. He was so hard now it was painful. He could have almost reached out and touched her if he wanted, sliding his up hand up her skirt and into her panties. He wondered what her 18 year old pussy would feel like, whether she was wet for him. Whether she knew how much she was turning him on.

“Okay okay, that’s enough,” Jack announced to the class, his voice slightly hoarse. He cleared his throat, angry at himself. “You can finish the rest for homework.”

He noted the sighs of gratitude as the class began to pack up. Just then, the bell rang, and he had to struggle to make himself heard.

“Don’t forget, tomorrow we’ve got a double period and a composition test. Study ALL the cadences tonight, and you’ll be fine. It won’t betoohard, I promise”.

A few of the students laughed. Mr O’Connor’s Year 12 tests were renowned throughout the school as being monstrously difficult, a fact he prided himself on.

Jack didn’t dare get up as they left the room, knowing his hard package would still be obvious.

Catlyn was last to leave. The classroom was empty as she reached the door, and she turned back, as if she’d forgotten something. Their eyes met once more, and she grinned in an overtly seductive manner.

“See you tomorrow, Mr O´Connor” she whispered huskily, and slipped out of the room.


“Alright, you’re all old enough to know the drill,” Jack announced as he marched into the room, a stack of papers in his arms.

“I want absolute silence. You’ll have one hour and twenty minutes to finish the test. Answer every question, there’s no dodging or easy way out.” Jack paused, smirking at his students. “Though I’m sure you’ve all been studying so hard that that won’t matter.”

A few of the students chuckled half-heartedly. Jack started to hand out the papers, walking around the room as quickly as he could. As he reached the front row, he noticed Catlyn sitting in the same seat as yesterday. She didn’t meet his eyes as he handed her her paper, and didn’t say thank you.

Most unlike her,Jack thought nervously. He thought he could make out the ghost of a smile playing around her sensuously curved lips. He turned to face the class.

“Begin”, he snapped, and sat down at his desk.

He had also brought with him a stack of exam papers from his Year 10 class that needed marking, and planned to take advantage of the next two periods to do just that.

Jack busied himself with his work for around ten minutes, trying to sink deep into the silence that enveloped the class. He loved giving tests. He loved the sound of the student’s pens scratching away, and the look of concentration on each and every face, mixed with desperation for some, triumph for others.

As he worked, however, he increasingly found unwanted thoughts slipping into the silence in his head. Unwanted images. A pair of red panties, and two curved young legs. He shook his head distractedly, as if trying to shoo away a fly.

The thoughts came again, more insistent this time, and he gripped his pen hard as he tried to concentrate on Sarah Dobinson’s essay on the Brandenburg Concertos. She’d made some small factual errors, but it seemed as if she’d actually listened to the works and had a decent understanding of the devices used in their construction…

Suddenly, like a bursting bubble, his mind threw up a perfectly clear image of Catlyn, bending over his desk with her legs spread. He almost gasped aloud, it was so strong.

Slowly, he raised his gaze to her desk, a then felt a coldfrissonof nerves run up his spine. She was looking straight at him. Piercing him with her gorgeous brown eyes.

Catlyn smiled, and then flicked her gaze downwards, before bringing it back up to meet Jack’s eyes. He knew what that meant. She was inviting to look again, just like yesterday. He didn’t know how she could be so daring, or whether she knew how much trouble he would get in if she told anyone. Hell, if one of the other students happened to glance over at him and he was trying to look up her skirt…well, he’d be in the Principal’s office by lunchtime, and home with his all things not long after.

He couldn’t not look, though. He wouldn’t be a man if he didn’t. This gorgeous 18 year old goddess wanted him to look at her crotch. No, at herpussy. There wasn’t a straight man on Earth who would’ve been able to say no.

Jack looked, and almost fainted.

She wasn’t wearing red panties today.

She wasn’t wearing any panties, in fact.

Jack could clearly make out her pussy, nestled in the valley between her legs. It was shaved and smooth, with a small strip of hair where her cleft began. Jack felt himself getting hard immediately, güvenilir bahis siteleri and had to struggle to control his breathing so it didn’t come in ragged gasps.

He looked at Catlyn again, and saw that she was smiling seductively. His cock started throbbing as she mouthed “You like?”

He checked to see all the other students were still absorbed and nodded, having trouble swallowing.

Still smiling, Catlyn slipped a hand down between her legs. Jack’s eyes widened as she started to rub her pussy slowly under the desk, sliding a finger between her lips. Jack could see everything, and could clearly make out a sheen of moisture on her finger as she stroked herself. He prayed no-one would look up, and whispered a silent prayer of thanks that he had made the test so maddeningly difficult. At least there would be no early finishers.

Catlyn’s lips were parted now, and she slowly inserted another figure into her pussy, spreading her legs so he could see. She closed her eyes, and rubbed her clit, shuddering as she did so.

“Mr O’Connor?”

A voice broke into his erotic trance. It felt like being woken from a deep sleep by a bucket of icy water. It was not pleasant.

“What?” Jack barked, frightened and supremely irritated.

“I…uh…”. It was a student in the back row, Tristan Lawrence. “I just wanted to ask….”

Jack sighed, getting up heavily, and went to answer the question. When he returned to his desk, he saw with disappointment that Catlyn’s legs were closed, and she seemed to have started the exam. He felt a hot flush of bitterness…he wanted to see more of that sweet young pussy.

“One hour to go”, he announced, returning to his marking, trying desperately not to stare at Catlyn like a horny old man.


When the bell sounded, the students heaved a sigh of relief and began to pack up.

“Bring your papers up to me and leave them on a pile on my desk.” Jack said, smiling at them. “Don’t worry, we’ll watch a movie tomorrow to give your poor little minds time to rest. What about West Side Story?”

There was a collective groan. They’d watched West Side Story with him twice last year when they were studying musical theatre, and Jack had a feeling if he made them watch it again there would be a general mutiny.

Jack laughed.

“Okay okay, I’ll bring something better”.

The students filed out of the room. Catlyn was the last to leave, dragging her feet as she approached his desk and set her paper on top of the sizeable pile already there.

“Mr O´Connor…” she began.

“Yes Catlyn?” Jack replied, not meeting her eyes, seeming fascinated with ensuring the papers were in a neat pile.

“Listen, I’ve got my HSC performance pieces coming in a few months, and I’ve been practicing really hard for them” she said, sounding slightly breathless. “However, I find I get so bogged down in the detail that I can’t step back and see how they’re really shaping up. Could you listen to them some time and tell me what you think?”

Jack sucked in a breath. To be alone with her, listening to her play…would he be able to control himself? He decided it was worth the risk.

“Sure”, he said, finally looking at her. “Have you got time this afternoon? I’m free around four. Can you come by here? The Yamaha we’ve got is quite good, considering how stretched the school budget seems to be.”

Jack pointed to the piano in the corner of the room, a black grand which looked reasonably new. As she looked over he snuck a quick glance at her chest. Her gorgeous teen tits pressed against her blouse, straining to break free from their confines. She didn’t seem to be wearing a bra either today, and he could clearly her nipples against the fabric.

“Great! I’ll swing by then.” said Catlyn, looking back at him. He quickly looked up at her face, but he knew by her smile he’d been too late.

“Thanks so much, Mr O’Connor” she added, touching his arm briefly, and then practically skipped out of the room, casting back a last longing glance as she slipped through the door.

Jack sighed, feeling nervous. Absentmindedly, he picked up her exam paper from the top of pile, wondering what he was going to do about her.

He skimmed her answers, flicking from page to page. He frowned, and then began to laugh. He couldn’t believe it- every single one was flawless. She’d almost got a perfect score, at the same time as she’d been fingering herself in front of her teacher.

The last page of Catelyn´s page was blank. On it she had written-

I’ve been a naughty girl, Mr O’Connor. I had trouble doing the test properly, I was so distracted thinking about your…oboe. Mr Stevens says you’re really good with it. Could you show me how to use it when I come by later?

Catlyn xox

Jack fumed, breaking out into a cold sweat. He couldn’t risk anyone seeing the paper, it would mean his job, his career, maybe even his liberty. He didn’t play the oboe, and she fucking well knew that. He pulled out his cigarette lighter, and carefully set fire to the whole thing. As he watched it burn, he felt a hot flash of anger. Did she know what she was doing? Did she know what danger she was putting him in?

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