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The Morning After

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This is a follow on of my Christmas Party story ‘Oh, Oh, Oh,’. It doesn’t need to be read in order, but if you read the first one, I hope that you like this. I just like these two, they seem to enjoy each other!

This is a work of fiction in which the characters are over the age of 18.



I slap her gorgeous arse again, the other cheek this time; a matching pair of raised red handprints.

“Come on Saggy, I know you’re awake- you’ve stopped snoring.”

Chelle turns her head to give me the stink eye. “I Do Not Snore!”

“Nah, you make these cute little purring noises, like a happy pussy.” I grin.

“I do have a happy pussy.” Chelle agrees with a sleepy smirk. Then widens her eyes and growls. “Saggy? I will have you know I may be ancient but my bits are all as firm as a woman a good century younger!”

She’s right. Not about the ancient bit, I hate that she calls herself old. I happen to know she is 52. She doesn’t know that I know that. But man she looks good on it. She might joke about drooping or sagging, but I know she takes care of her body, I’ve seen her out running. She doesn’t know about that yet either.

“As usual my sexy relic you are correct. But the fact remains I have this huge erect cock here and I’m pretty sure that sweet, tight…” and at this I nuzzled her neck until she purred, “…cunt of yours could accommodate me.”

“You might just have sweet talked yourself into a morning romp there junior.” she moves at the speed of light until she is sitting on top of me. I can feel the heat and moisture from her cunt where it rests on my belly.

I’ve never had sex with a woman Chelles age before, always going out with girls my age or younger. I’ve even thought myself in love a time or two. Thing is with younger women, they either never seem to really let go; are far too self conscious, or are such jaded sluts, you end up wondering how many men have set up base camp there before you, and it’s not exactly a turn on.

This woman, currently wriggling her pert nipples across my chest and filling my palms with her lush, firm butt, is as enthusiastic as a labrador puppy and makes canlı bahis şirketaleri me feel ten feet tall. I let a finger run down the crack of her butt, fingering her puckered hole. She widens her eyes at me, she’s so obviously an ass virgin. One day I will fuck that. For now though, I have another tight hole to reintroduce my eager cock to.

It doesn’t seem to matter to my cock that we have fucked on and off all night, I only had to look across at her lying there just now, ass pointed skyward and legs slightly splayed, for me to be sporting teak. I haven’t enjoyed sex with a woman so much in…well, forever. I lift her up and draw her nearer so I can latch onto one of those delightful nipples. They start off rosy pink and blush darker as I drag my teeth across them. I hear an indrawn hiss, followed instantly by a squirm, my baby seems to like a little pain. I reach across and pinch her other nipple.

“Ouch ya fuck! I’d like them to remain attached please!”

“Sorry lover, was that a little too rough for you?”

“Just a little, if I wanted them clamped, I’d carry my own.” she reaches down and pinches my nipple in retaliation. Fuck it stings! She giggles at my hissed breath.

“Witch.” I growl onto her nipple, which causes more squirming. I run a finger up and down her side, having noticed how sensitive she is. She squeals and shoots upright. I watch her boobs bounce.

“Holy crap Chelle, do you have any idea what you do to me?” The wench responds by sliding a hand behind her to grasp my cock.

“Oh, I think I have a pretty good idea.” She pulls my meat, roughly twisting as she does. My hips surge in response and she smirks down at me, knowing she has me completely in her control. She lets go of me, but before I can begin to miss her hand she swings a leg over my head and burls around. I am now confronting a wee pink puckered kiss and a seeping honey pot and considering my options as a vice latches onto my cock and begins to suction it. Holy Fuck! None of the toys or tools I have ever tried since I was a maniacally masturbating schoolboy have given me the nut busting suck I am getting. I glare at the crack in the ceiling and canlı kaçak iddaa try to figure out my overtime pay for the month. Fuck! It’s not working, I am not going to last.

In retaliation I weave two fingers into her tight clench and pound her ruthlessly, reaching for her clit and squeezing it between two fingers of my other hand, I rub them together causing Chelle to gasp and moan on my cock, which makes me flex my hips once more. Deciding on a new tack, I leave her warm damp treasures for a moment and grab her sweet tush pulling that pucker closer. I kiss her there and feel her pause. Just as she returns to inflicting unimaginable pleasures on my cock, I start nudging her tiny, taut trap with my tongue.

As I begin to make progress Chelle wiggles her hips in my grasp. I slide a finger into her soaking pussy and ease it up to the first knuckle in her ass. I begin to work it in and out getting down to the second knuckle as she clamps around me. With a groan that vibrates the length of my cock and makes my balls clench, she gets to work on me with renewed vigour. I know I am going to come any moment, but not without her.

My free hand is back in that dark damp crevice of deliciousness, fingers hooked to find that spot – she jumps – yeah, right there… And thumb working her sweet bullet of a clit. Her hips are pistoning now, almost in a parody of a guy fucking, I begin to feel her clenching tighter, suddenly all rhythm lost, she is pumping raggedly and crying out over a mouthful of cock as she grabs my balls with one hand and pulls on them dragging a nail up my dick. I let myself go, thrusting up at her, heedless for a moment to whether I am choking her with my cock, just needing to spend fully, pushing out every last drop.

Before I let her go, I twist my finger in her ass and push my fingers into her pussy as I flick her clit with my thumb nail. She jumps and clamps around me, before landing back, her thighs splaying until her used and abused pussy is flat against my chest, her head turned so her cheek rests against my soft cock.

“Now that is what Sunday’s should be about.” I can feel her grin against my flesh, and I twitch involuntarily.

“Woman, canlı kaçak bahis you turn me on like no other, c’mere.” I sit up and turn her around curling her into my lap. For once she rests quietly against me, getting her breath back.

I catch sight of the bedside clock and groan. “Much as I would love to tie you to the bedposts for the rest of the day babe, I have to vacate the room in an hour.”

Chelle stiffens in my arms for a moment before she relaxes and turns to kiss me. “Crikey, I hadn’t realised how late it was. Don’t worry I’ll only take a moment to get dressed and you can get yourself organised.” She looks at me with fiercely proud, brave eyes and continues softly.

“Thank you Nick. I mean it. It has been longer than I care to remember since I last felt desired. I don’t usually do this kind of thing, but I am really, really glad I did last night.” Drawing her dignity around her like a cloak she moves to climb out of bed. I let her move. But only because it gives me chance to land another one on that rounded rump, the perfect size and shape for my palm.

“And just where the fuck do you think you’re going?” I ask her. “If you think I’m the sort of guy to fuck you all night and not feed you…” I am also not letting her go that easily, but she doesn’t need to know that yet.

“Yeah, the walk of shame is bad enough, the breakfast of shame downstairs? Not happening.”

“I’ll drive you home, you can get changed and we’ll find a cafe.”

Chelle dips her head. “About that? I still share a house with my ex-husband.”

“I’m not inviting him to join us Chelle.”

“I just mean it could be awkward.”

“Damn right it could, me feeling you up under the table in front of him.” Her flush is adorable as she dips her head with a grin.

“I mean it Chelle, that numb nuts was too fucking dumb to know what he had? Tough. He’ll have to get used to seeing me around.”

“Kinda bossy aren’t you?”

She’s smiling, I know I’ve won this round. “You did hear me mention tying you to the bedposts?” Suddenly the air becomes tangibly thicker as we both groan. I know she has just gotten damp, same as without looking she knows I am stiffening.

I pat her rump gently this time. “Go put the fuckin ‘do not disturb’ sign out and put the chain on.” I urge her gruffly. As she obeys with a dirty chuckle I reach for her discarded stockings and turn to the headboard…

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