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The Magic Glade ~ Adam

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“What a day, what a life.” Adam was thinking as he took the short cut home through the woods.

The fact that he even had need of the short cut, or to walk at all for that matter, was down to the act that he had broken down. To Adam this was just another indication that the whole world and its’ dog had it in for him. Work sucked, he had been passed over for promotion yet again, and his last girlfriend had recently dumped him to join some religious cult or other with a guy she had to bow down to.

“Mmm.” His mind began to wander as he remembered how much she ‘REALLY’ liked to bow down at times. He shook his head clear of the images.

And now his car had just spluttered to a halt three miles from home. Well it would be three miles by road, but it was only a mile and a half if he cut through the wood.

“Knowing my luck,” he was thinking, “at best I’ll get lost, and at worst I’ll probably trip and break my bloody leg.”

“Fan bloody tastic!” He yelled as it started to rain.

Yes, it would certainly seem that Adam Oakwood was most definitely not among the chosen few.

Head down now he hurried on his way, mindful of not only the wet muddy path we followed, but also of the many roots and fallen branches he had to negotiate.

“Bloody weather.” He grumbled up at the grey, cloud filled sky, and tripped, falling headfirst through the bushes on the side off to his right.

“Marvellous, things just go from bad to worse.” He was moaning to himself, as he struggled to stand, brushing, as best he could, the mess from his wet clothes. He looked up.

“What!!” His bottom jaw dropped, and he did a passable impression of a goldfish.

Adam stared across a grass covered glade, his eyes taking in the small and strange figures gambolling in frantic and gay abandon everywhere he looked. Such was his amazement he failed to notice totally, a) That the sun was shining, and b) that a petite female was pulling at his sleeve and staring up into his face.

“Are you taken?” She asked him in a tinkling little voice.

“Sorry, what?” He looked down, and again he managed that passable impression of a goldfish, which he did.

“Green,” he sputtered, “your hair, it’s green.”

“Yes, and yours is brown.” She nodded her head agreeing with him.

“Your, your not…not..”

“Human?” She helped him finish the sentence, which seemed to be causing him considerable problems.

“No..yes…no…Your not human are you, I mean?”

“Of course not you silly man, just look around, no one here is, except perhaps you that is.”

“Hmm?” He looked up and this time looked more closely at the other occupants of the glade. She was right, they weren’t human. There were what he could only describe as nymphs playing and splashing, naked in the water. And what they were playing. He felt as if his eyes had come out on stalks. He had certainly not seen games like that before.

“Wow!!” He exclaimed, forcing himself to look away.

What he saw next he had seen in pictures and even depicted in a statue, but the reality of it, well it certainly made him feel a little inadequate. A satyr, half man half goat, he thought, but if that shocked him it was as nothing when compared to the length of his erect penis, which seemed to reach almost half way up his chest. That he was the centre of attention for many females, be they nymphs, fairies, heck even a female centaur came as no surprise to him, And then there were..

“You’re a dryad.” He exclaimed as he once again looked down at his new-found friend.

“Who’s a clever boy then,” she did a passable impression of a parrot, “of course I am, but you still haven’t answered my question.” She was bouncing up and down by now, and Adam could tell she was becoming slightly impatient with him.

“Question,” he asked her, “What question was that?”

“Grrr.” She seemed to growl, a small frown coming to her, as he now noticed, very pretty face.”

“Are you taken? Can I have you?” Adam was to say the least a little taken aback by this, and paused to collect his thoughts before answering.

“Am I taken, well the answer to that is no, and when you say can you have me, do you mean…”

“Yes of course I do” She predicted the end of his question, and at the same time she slid a tiny hand down inside the front of his trousers.

“Oooh!” Adam seemed to shriek. “Ooh!” He repeated in what he thought sounded a much more manly tone.

“Mmmm not bad.” She informed him as she wrapped her fingers around his already semi-hard member. Well he had been watching the nymphs and the others ‘playing’, so she wasn’t really all that surprised by that fact.

“Come out, come out wherever you are.” She sang as she hurriedly undid his trousers and pulled them down his legs. Adams length stood proudly in front of him, twitching slightly.

“Oh good,” she looked up at him and winked, “he does want to play, AND that answers the second part of my question nicely.”

“Second part?” Adam asked her quizzically.

“Can I have you? From the look and illegal bahis feel of this,” she wrapped her tiny hand around his cock and squeezed to let him know what she was alluding to, “I can. In fact I will.” And in a blur of movement, her hands moving to fast for him to see, she soon had him as naked as the day he was born.

Adam quivered with anticipation as she stroked her hands tenderly and slowly down his chest, until he felt the soft touch of her fingers slide down the side of his quivering hard flesh. She stopped, then gently stroked upwards with her fingertips, toying, caressing softly.

“Mmmm.” Was the only sound that Adam could manage to make, as his body shivered with pleasure.

She took a small step backwards, and stood standing with her hands on her hips, and her chest pushed slightly forward.

“Well? She asked him.

“Full of questions isn’t she?” He thought before replying out loud.

“Well what?” He reached towards her, eager for to carry on where she had left off, but she took another step back.

She ran her hands down the front of her thin, almost see through dress. “What do you think, do I look pretty?”

Adam just stood shocked, not knowing quite what to say. She had stuck her hand down his trousers, stripped him naked, stroked his, now very excited, cock, and made it obvious she was going to take him whether he liked it or not. Liked it or not? As if he had to think too hard about that, and now she wanted to know what he thought of her dress. Crazy!!

“Very nice.” He said in that, just take it off and lets’ get down to it, type voice that some men used. Again he started to move towards her, his arms stretched out in front of him.

She placed her right hand on his chest to stop him, and it seemed to gently shove him backwards. Well he had expected gently, she was after all only petite, but he was launched into the air and sent flying backwards, finally to come to earth in a heap about ten feet away.

He scrambled to his feet, pulling bits of grass and twig from his pubic hairs.

“You’re stronger than you look.” He told her, trying to sound as casual about it as he could.

“Dryad.” she answered him, and he nodded in the affirmative.

“Trees.” She moved her arm around in a semi circle bringing his attention to the trees surrounding the glade. Adam nodded. Yes, dryads were bonded to trees he knew that. She pointed upwards.


Adam looked up…and up….and up, it certainly was a big tree, an Oak if he wasn’t very much mistaken, which he knew he wasn’t. And it looked strong.

“Wow!” Was all he could rather lamely think of to say as he made his way slowly back to where she still stood, now hands on hips.

He put the short walk to good use, as he finally really looked at her. “Mmm.” He was thinking, pretty he had thought she was, but this description fell way short of the mark. There was an almost ageless beauty about her youthful looking face, which her long green hair emphasised rather than detracted from. She was petite in stature, but she seemed to radiate strength, a strength, which he had already felt first hand. He looked from her face to her chest, and found that his mouth suddenly felt dry. Her breasts were not large, in fact hey were quite small, but even through the material of her light green dress he couldn’t fail but notice her long jutting nipples.

Continuing his examination, for examination it was, no quick glance and move on for him, his eyes came to rest on that delightful area not too far beneath her waist. Expecting to see green hair if any at all through the sheer material, he was surprised to see that her pubic hair was in fact brown, and matched the colour of the great oak behind her. He licked his lips, it was short, and he could clearly see the lines and contours of what otherwise it would have concealed.

Blinking furiously, and going “Oooh!” he looked down further and noticed she wore thin sandals on her tiny little feet. They were held in place by what appeared to be ribbons, which criss-crossed across her calves upward, and were secured just below her knees.

“You look gorgeous. Beautiful…” He told her as he once stood in front of her. “Green eyes as well.” He noticed.

“See, now that wasn’t so hard was it?” She laughed, as she leant back against her tree coyly, and gave him a playful wink.

Adam laughed at the sight, as he tried to remember what he could, of the little he knew of dryads. He remembered he had read somewhere that there are no male dryads, and that the females therefore sought human playmates. Oh it wasn’t just about reproduction, the article had also more than intimated that they loved sex, and would enjoy it as often as they could. “Better and better.” He thought.

There was one other fact, which he recalled.

“You’re bound to your tree aren’t you?”

“Mmmm. Well I can be if you like” She answered him, her hands reaching back behind her to grasp the tree, “That sounds fun. But first are you hungry?”

Not waiting for a reply she illegal bahis siteleri pulled her dress off over her head, and leapt and grabbed the branch above her.

“Well?” She asked him as she swung gently backwards and forward, her pert breasts bobbling slightly.

“Well what?” Adam asked by way of reply, not knowing exactly what she expected, although he did have a pretty good idea. And in any case he was thoroughly enjoying the sight of her naked body, a point which his companion couldn’t fail but notice.

“Come here silly?” She smiled down at him, and he moved towards her.

She swung her legs high, bringing them down on his shoulders either side of his head, her calves hanging down his back. She pulled with her strong legs, drawing his mouth towards her waiting pussy. Raising his hands to grip her thighs he lent forward to give her what she craved. His tongue slipped out between his lips, and slid easily and hungrily inside her.

“Mmm.” She tasted like nectar to Adam, as he licked and swallowed, savouring her taste.

Her heels kicked at his back, urging him, pulling him, as she gently swung backwards and forwards. He licked up her lips, pausing to suck on her clit before repeating the action. She wrapped her legs tightly around the back of his neck, pulling his face more tightly into her wet pussy. As she ordered.


Adam happily complied, but found himself becoming a little confused. Giving her the best oral sex he could manage, while standing under a tree that is, rather than the soft moanings and sighs he expected his actions to generate from her, she was laughing. Not snickering, giggling or chortling no, more a side splitting guffaw.

His ego slightly dented, his ardour started to wilt like leaves in Autumn. That was until she climaxed, screamed “Yes Yes Yes!!” And almost cut of the circulation to his brain as she squeezed his neck even harder. The blood thus blocked from reaching his brain reversed its’ course, finally arriving where it was most needed, and Adam once again felt his sapling grow.

Letting go with her hands she toppled backwards, her thighs sweeping up past his ears as she fell. She executed a perfect backward somersault landing in font of him, he mouth sliding down to take his cock inside.

“Aah!! Mmm!! Wow!!” Surprised? Adam was amazed. Amazed not only at the sensation of her hot wet mouth surrounding his hard flesh, but that he hadn’t got his nose stuck in her pussy as she dismounted, rubbing it up his face as she had.

Her lips were tight around him as she clenched his buttocks in her strong little hands and to bob her head up and down, sliding him in and out of her hot moist mouth, and her hair tickling his thigh.

“Aaaah!” He grabbed her head and moaned as he felt her tongue lick hotly around his shaft, her mouth still sucking gently, as she slid it slowly and smoothly up and down, while moaning gently.

He began to rhythmically sway his hips backwards and forwards seeking to push his cock even deeper into her mouth, almost frantic with the need to come, and send his seed spurting into her.

“Huh?” Adams eyes sprung open. She had stopped, and now sat back on her heels.

“What?” He asked her, his eyes wide open in frustrated shock.

“Not time yet.” She answered him.

Time? Time? Wondered Adam. Is there a set time for it now, has someone introduced a set of rules and not told me? As he looked down at her she glanced back over her shoulder towards the setting sun. Jumping smoothly to her feet she knocked him backward to the ground.

“No, not time, and not there. Let’s play for a bit.” She sprang forward to land straddling his waist. He let out a soft groan. More of surprise than pain.

As he lay there, flat on his back in the lush grass, he looked up into her green eyes and smiled. She smiled back down at him, her head tilted coyly to one side. Looked at her smiling lips Adam wondered what her mouth would taste like. His tongue poked out to moisten his suddenly dry lips, He looked down to her chin, but he had to be honest with himself at that point, and admit that now all he really wanted to do was look at her naked tits. And so he did.

“Acorns.” He thought, for that was what her hard round nipples reminded him off. Jutting from the centre of her small white breasts, they stood as large, seeming as hard, and were the colour of new acorns.

“Mmm.” He almost growled as his hands rose seeking to close around her mounds and feel her flesh against their palms and fingers.

“Oooh.” The little dryad moaned as his hands closed around her breasts, and she gripped his hands with her own squeezing them tightly.

“Yes Yes.” She urged him. “Squeeze them, squeeze them hard.” And Adam squeezed and caressed, his fingers sinking into her soft pliant flesh, circling gently squeezing as he felt her hard nipples stab against his palms. He felt her wetness on his stomach as her juices flowed freely from her pussy.

Adam sighed as he rolled her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, canlı bahis siteleri pinching pulling, and she moaned loudly, clutching his hands tightly in hers, as she sat, her head tilted back, her eyes tight shut.

“Harder, harder, pleeeease!!” She implored him as he twisted pinched and pulled even harder on her firm jutting nipples.

“Aaaah!!!” With a scream, she shook and writhed, as her orgasm coursed through her body, upward from between her legs, electrifying her nerves.

As her shaking subsided she again looked towards the setting sun, and again she freed herself from him. She skipped to her tree, and with her legs slightly parted she leant her back against the rough bark of the trunk. From somewhere she had obtained a length of vine which she waved towards him.

“Bound to my tree did you say?” She asked him, and he sprang to his feet and moved hurriedly towards her, his cock almost throbbing with anticipation.

However what was to transpire next wasn’t exactly how he had pictured it. As he reached out to take the vine from her hand, she rather deftly managed to encircle his right wrist in a loop, and pull tightly before throwing the other end of the vine around the broad trunk of the tree. Before Adam could so mush as say “What??” She caught the thrown end as it whipped round, and secured his left wrist, pulling, and securing him with HIS back against the tree. The situation had definitely taken a turn. It was only then that he finally said. “What??”

But she didn’t answer, as she once again looked towards the setting sun, which was now slowly sinking below the horizon, and casting a red glow across the glade. The little dryad grinned broadly.

“Now it’s time.” And she almost climbed up his body before finding hand holds in the bark about a foot above his head.

Gripping the tree she lowered herself slowly until he felt her wetness rest on his tip. She circled her hips, lubricating him with her juices, before lowering herself further and feeling him slip smoothly between her tightly gripping lips.

“Mmm Aaah! Yeees!!” Was the sound she heard as reward for her action, and she felt him push himself up, forcing himself more deeply into her sex.

Adam felt her inner muscles tighten and relax as she raised and lowered herself, her tiny feet pushing against her tree. Up and down she slowly moved as he moaned, gasped and yelled as he felt his sap building and rising.

“Mmm..Ooooh! Oooh!” No laughter at this, for she too was moaning as she rode him faster and harder feeling his cock swell and grow inside her, sensing his urgency.

With an almost animal scream Adam came, his ball sack tightened and his cum erupted inside her.

“Yess! Yess!!” She seemed to whisper in his ear as waves of pleasure again coursed through her body. But still she continued to move up and down on his length, her muscles trying to draw every last drop from him.

As he started to grow limp, she released her grip on the bark, and slid down his body. She untied his hands, and wrapping her hands behind his neck gently pulled his head, and kissed him softly on the lips. “Thank you.” Was all she said.

“Thank you??” Adam answered in surprise. “Thank you?”

“Yes thank you, that is good manners isn’t it? Now you had better put your clothes back on, it’s starting to turn a little chilly.”

Without pausing to retrieve her dress she scampered quickly up the tree before sitting on the lowest branch looking down at him. Dazed, and slightly confused, Adam pulled on his clothes and finally his shoes before standing to look up at her, an unspoken question in his eyes. All the while he had been muttering something about women…dryads and crazy under his breath.

“It was time.” She told him, as if that explained everything. Adam simply shook his head.

“There are no male dryads, and it’s spring, and so…”

“I think I get the picture.” He cut across what she was saying. She nodded, turned, and started to climb higher up between the branches.

“Will I see you again?” He called after her.

“Who knows for sure, perhaps.” And she was lost from sight.

Adam slept at best restlessly, thoughts and images of the pretty young dryad so fresh and vibrant in his mind. He rose early, before the sun had even risen, dressed and headed off towards the wood. As the sun finally crested the horizon he stood on the edge of what should have been the glade, the source of so much pleasure the previous evening. But there was no soft grass, no clear tumbling stream. There were no mythical creatures, and worst of all to him, no oak tree. All he found was gorse and shrubs, and small trees, nothing as majestic as her proud oak.

He forced his way through the undergrowth to where he thought it had stood. Pulling aside ivy and dead twigs he discovered the stump of what must at one time have been an enormous tree, even larger than the one he had remembered, but this must have fallen decades before, if not longer. He thought of counting the rings, but then decided it would serve no real purpose, the tree was gone, what did its’ age matter now?

At the very centre of the stump he spotted a clean and unblemished acorn. He picked it up and rolled it between his fingers. Smiling, he dropped it into the pocket of his jacket.

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