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The Family D’Enfer Redux Ch. 03

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It was the week after Justine went to Italy when Prudence next invited Justin over for supper. He spent an hour beforehand raking her yard while she proofread some papers he was working on for a class at the College. The weather was warm, so he wore shorts, flip flops, and a brief t-shirt with a Red Sox cap as he worked in the yard that Saturday. She looked out the window at him, and found herself wondering what life would have been like if such a young man had entered her life years ago. Justin was a good boy, and Prudence figured that in her own way she had been more of a mother to him than his own had been. Same with Justine, but after the past couple of weeks, that relationship had changed; Prudence already missed her deeply. Justin bagged the last of the lawn refuse for recycling and came in the back door to accept a beer from the fridge as he sat down heavily at the table.

“Thanks, Auntie Pru. Thanks for helping me with my papers.”

“My pleasure, Justin. You’re doing fine; I think that you’re holding your own on the college level. Your hard work has paid off.”

“Thanks for working with me on those papers; it took me forever to learn how to write right.” He took another long sip from his beer, and then drained it. Prudence got another for him.

“Ha, ha, Justin. How’s everything else?”

“Not bad. I’m getting frustrated with that jerk of a boss I have at the radio station. A total fuck-up, and he’s only got the job because he’s the owner’s son. And I miss my sister, she’s a bitch but it’s lonely without her.”

“Well, I’m sorry about that. I’m your guardian for the next couple of years; maybe you’d like me to buy you a radio station. Maybe that one if the price is right.”

Justin’s eyes took on a feral gleam. “My sister Justine said you had a special way to help her relieve her frustration, and I could use some frustration release right now.”

Prudence shuddered. What was that little girl up to? Can’t she keep a secret? “You surely don’t mean. . .”

Justin almost drooled on the table, he salivated so much. “Auntie Pru, I’ve dreamed of your big, delicious, white tits every since Justine told me about whipping them, and when I imagine it, I get such a mammoth boner that I have to whack off right away. I know you haven’t got a lot of action the past few years, and it’s not right that you aren’t getting your kicks. I just want to help.”

Prudence shuddered again and a look of fear mixed with hunger settled on her face. “Well, I guess I should be flattered that you want to take care of me. Did Justine tell you that I, generally only like girls?”

“Yeah, she did, but I’m a good learner.” Justin shook his head eagerly. “Not that I can be a girl, no, but I’m always eager to learn new ways to make somebody happy. If you want, I can blindfold you and talk in a real high voice so you can pretend I’m a bitch. You can tell yourself that I have a natural vibrator between my legs, or the world’s biggest strap on.”

She laughed at his eagerness, but her trembling did not stop. “No, no, thanks, dear boy, you don’t need to go that far. God, how ridiculous would that be?” She sighed after a few sputtered giggles and said, “You are the image of your sister, I’ll say that. Haven’t done this with a man before, but–I might be talked into trying it this once.”

He took her hands in his and kissed them. “Oh please, Auntie Pru. I need to work out this frustration and I bet you need to work yours out, too.” Justin leaned over and looked at her with puppy dog eyes until she laughed and said, “All right, just give me a minute to take off my clothes. Let’s go into the bedroom.”

They went into the bedroom after Prudence made sure that supper would keep in the oven. She took off her blouse and undid her bra, her huge breasts popping free and swaying slightly before coming to rest. “My God, Auntie Pru, those are fantastic. I’ve never seen tits like that before. Can I touch them first?”

“Sure, dear. Ooo, that’s nice, where did you learn to tease nipples like that?”

“Justine taught me. That little nipple is perking up nicely; let’s get the other one going.”

“Ooo, nice tongue work. It’s been too long. Let me put my hands on my head so they’ll stand up nicely for you. What would you like to do?”

“Thanks, Auntie P. Can I smack them with my hand a little first?”

“Sure, dear.” He alternately glided gently over her white skin and played a harsh reddening percussion that rose from piano to forte. She closed her eyes and her face took on a look of bliss as he worked her over.

Justin blurted out of the blue. “Justine didn’t say anything about titty twisters. Do you like them, Auntie Pru? Mom’s diary said you did.”

“It’s been a long time. Start easy and I’ll let you know.”

He reached out and took her nipples in his iron hands, twisting them around slowly. “Your nipples feel so nice.” A look of intense pleasure and pain took her as he twirled her breasts back and forth, up and down.

He sincan escort stood up and started to unbuckle his belt. “Sweet. Now it’s time for my belt.” He pulled the belt out of his shorts and contemplated his targets. “Your tits are a tiny bit red, but we’re going to change that. Right, left, right, left, right, right, right, left, left,” he said as he worked the belt back and forth, while her gentle smile of serenity was punctuated by winces of pain. Slick trails descended her cheeks: Justin stopped to kiss them dry and his aunt rewarded him with a long, open mouthed kiss. He stepped back and regarded his work.

“Your tits look real nice and red, Auntie Pru. Gosh, the way the tears are streaming down your cheeks is amazing. Do you really like this?”

“It’s probably tough for you to understand. Are you done yet, or do you want to do more?” She said with hope in her eyes.

“Have you had enough?”

“I can take more. I never thought it would be this would be so good.”

“We haven’t got the underside of your tits yet. They’re still nice and white.”

“Do you want me to hold them up for you?”

“No, I’ll do that myself. Let me lick this little girl a little to get her really perked up again. Yes, yes, going up again.” He locked onto her right nipple and pulled it almost as high as he did before, revealing the creamy whiteness below; he gave the long pale stretch of skin some long, decadent tongue licking.

She winced before a blow landed. “Geez, you’re really pinching hard.”

“Should I stop?”

“No, it’s been a long time, too long. Let me get used to it. Ooh, ooh, ooh, oooh.” He slicked the entire area with his tongue before he laid into his target.

He landed several abrupt, loud blows while she screamed out in agony. He released her and looked at her intently; she nodded in permission to continue. “Now the other one,” and he teased her left nipple, “Perk up little girl, time to take a ride.” When it was hard, he grasped it roughly and pulled it high to present another creamy white target for his tongue and his belt.

She cried out as his harsh lashes landed and said when he finished, “My god, what you do to me.”

“The undersides are sensitive, aren’t they. Everything matches.” He dropped the breast and began softly chewing her right nipple while tracing with his fingers over the nest of fresh red markings. She caressed his head gently in appreciation.

“My dear little Justin, oooo, I never knew a man could make me feel this way. . .”

“Now I want to do something that Justine couldn’t ever do.”

“What’s that, dear boy?” She brought his hand to her lips and kissed it softly, sucking a finger into her mouth.

“I’d really like to tit fuck you right now. Take off your pants and panties and lie down on the bed.” She reluctantly let go of his finger, then hastened to remove the rest of her clothes and laid down on the bed. “You’ll have to hold your tits together while I fuck them.”

She pushed her tormented breasts together as he took off his shirt and shorts. “Like this? My god, what a monster you have under your pants. Do you want me to lubricate that for you before you get started?”

“Yes, let me put it in your mouth.” He was amazed as his aunt started slurping on him like huge lollipop before engulfing most of his cock in her mouth. “God, Auntie Pru, you suck cock as good as Justine does, even better. I don’t know whether I want to come on your red tits or in your mouth.”

After lubricating him, she released him with a pop. “Either is fine. Let me get ready here, dear boy.” She pushed her huge mounds together as he sat on her stomach and started sliding his moist cock in the hot red cavern. “Goodness gracious, I can’t believe how this feels,” she moaned and rolled her head in counterpoint to his thrusting. He reached down behind him to thrust his fingers into her slit. She sighed and said, “Yes, there’s a good idea. So good, So good.”

Justin kept vigorously pumping his aunt’s cleavage while working two fingers into her vagina. “God, Auntie Pru, your pussy is really damp. Can you take another finger?”

“Just one more; three is my limit right now. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. Do you want me to lick your cock when it comes up?”

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.” She licked the pulsating plum when it came within reach, and licked her lips after it anointed her with a huge, creamy white sea.

She released her hold on her abused breasts and lay in bliss as her nephew continued to work her crotch.

“Thank you, Auntie Pru. Your lovely big red tits look so nice with my come on them. Let me rub it around a little.”

“That feels nice, Justin, better than my lotion. Ow, ow, uh, it’s been, uh, too long. Is all the frustration gone?”

“Yes, ma’am, but my boner won’t go away. Can you help me with that?”

Prudence looked down for a moment and then asked timidly. “What did you have in mind?”

“Can I spank your ass and sincan escort bayan cunt, then fuck you doggie style?”

It took a second for her to answer with a broad smile. “You can do anything you want, dear boy, anything you want. We have all night, and we might ever get around to supper sometime.”


The next morning, Justin awakened to the smell of bacon and eggs. He opened his eyes and realized that he was in an unfamiliar bedroom. It had a musty smell; the dresser was full of creams and lotions, and the walls were decorated in a feminine manner. Then it struck him: he spent the night with his Aunt Prudence, slept in her bed with her after an active night’s sex. His pecker stirred at the memory, then settled back as hunger took over. He dressed and stumbled into the kitchen.

Prudence was busy at the stove: a plate full of bacon was draining in the center, while a skillet full of scrambled eggs was sizzling next to a griddle of pancakes. Turkish coffee scented the air; a bowl on the table held fresh oranges, tangerines and figs. There were places set for two, with a fresh flower in a vase between them. She wore a nice, blue dress that was serviceable for weekend wear, her feet in blue sneakers. A bright smile greeting Justin: “Good morning, honey. Everything’s ready for you, dear, have a seat. My, it’s a nice day outside, the weather’s so lovely.” She transferred the eggs and pancakes to serving platters and put them on the table. Just let me get the maple syrup and butter and we’ll be all set. Dig in, sweetie, dig in. You don’t have to wait for me.”

Justin stood there transfixed for a moment, then gave his aunt a big, long, sloppy kiss full on the lips, holding her tightly around the waist. She panted after they broke, recovering her breath as he sat down and said, “You’re welcome, deary.”

They at their breakfast in silence, and at the end Justin asked: “Are there any more odd jobs you need done around here today, Auntie Pru?”

She shook her head. “Nothing I can think of, sweetie. I’ve got the morning free, and if there’s anything else I can do for you, I’ve got the time to help you.”

Justin sipped his coffee at ate a slice of orange. “I’ve got a little trimming to do in the back yard, and I’d appreciate it if you’d come and spot me. I shouldn’t be up a ladder alone, so your company would be a great help.”

“Sure, sweetie, I’ll bring my knitting.”

They drove across town to Justin’s place through light traffic, slow jazz playing on the radio. The day was bright and sunny, promising to be in the nineties the afternoon. Arriving at the D’Enfer residence, Justin and Prudence went into the back yard. He pointed at the trees. “It’s so lovely, I’ve always enjoyed this yard more than anything. The pool and the jacuzzi are great and the trees and bushes are so thick that we don’t have to worry about the neighbors.”

“Yes, it’s a nice place. I haven’t been over here very often; your folks didn’t ask me here unless to look after you at the last minute. I’ll sit over here by the pool and knit while you’re busy trimming trees, sweetie, and when you’re done we can have a nice late lunch together.”

“Great. Let me get changed and I’ll get busy.” He disappeared into the house, re-emerging momentarily in an old t-shirt and torn jeans. The day old stubble on his face darkened it and gave him a rough look, which Prudence found oddly stimulating as she watched him get started. She settled into a deck chair, put on her sunglasses and got her knitting out of the bag: her project was a sweater for Frieda, one of her friends who worked for her at the library. Going to a shed toward the back of the place, he came out with a ladder and a pair of cutters. A bucolic scene emerged: he moving around to trim the hedges and trees, slipping up the ladder to reach high branches while she sat and knitted, watching him. Her skin under her dress still smarted from the night before; she had moved her chair close to the pool and slipped off her shoes to dangle her toes while she worked. “It can’t last,” she thought to herself, “but it’s wonderful while it lasts. I wonder if he’s ever going to want me again after last night. I’m a fat, old broad and he’s grown into a handsome young boy. Maybe he has something in mind for later.”

The morning passed this way; around noon he started skimming the pool and monitored the chemical levels. Then he checked the hot tub cover and took off his shirt in the growing heat. Prudence couldn’t help but admire his muscular torso with six pack abs, her feet playing a little faster in the water as he continued. The lawn mower came out next: he spent about half an hour moving the yard with a great racket. Then he disappeared into the house, emerging fifteen minutes later with a frosted pitcher and two iced glasses of lemonade garnished with a spring of mint. Prudence had dozed a little in the sun toward the end, and Justin took advantage of this to shock his aunt escort sincan with an icy touch on the back of her neck as he came up. She startled, almost falling into the water, then accepted her glass before he pulled up a chair.

“Thanks, sweetie, this is delicious. You’ve been working hard out there, and you’re nice enough to whip up this nice treat for us at the end of it. Rest awhile and take it easy.”

He pulled up a lounge chair and stretched out on it in the sunlight, taking a glass to sip. “You’re welcome, Auntie Pru, I like making you happy. I will take a rest here, and maybe a dip before getting to this afternoon’s work. You interested in a swim?”

“No, sugar, maybe later. You go ahead, sweetie. Besides, I don’t have a swimsuit here, and I don’t think your mother’s would fit me.”

“Oh, Auntie Pru, that’s what’s nice about this yard. Nobody can see in here, so you can swim naked if you want to. I usually don’t bother with a suit unless we’ve got company.”

Prudence blushed. “The sun hasn’t seen this old skin for quite a long time and I’m not in a hurry to run around outside in my birthday suit. I know that after last night I shouldn’t be so shy, but I’m still a bit bashful, sweetie.”

Justin shrugged. “Suit yourself. You’re missing out, Auntie Pru.” They sat for several minutes, he sipping his lemonade and she knitting quietly, dangling her toes in the swimming pool. After about fifteen minutes, he sprang up, shucked his pants and underwear, and diving naked into the pool, splashing his aunt and taking off for the other end of the pool. He managed to hit her square in the face with his dive, missing her knitting by sheer luck. She sputtered, cleared her eyes, then watched him as he turned at the other end and returned to her. Treading water, he settled at her feet, his face inches from her feet. “Can I change your mind?”

“No, Justin, no. Be careful what you’re doing.”

He took hold of her feet as they dangled over the edge, and threatened to pull her in. She panicked and gripped the arms of her chair; they struggled for a few moments as he pretended to pull her and she tried to resist him. Finally, he gave up, laughing, then he tickled her. She giggled like a child. “Don’t do that, they’re very ticklish, honey. Oh, oh, oh, sweetie, sweetie, please?”

Quitting the tickle, he kissed her left instep, licking her foot down to where he took her big toe in his mouth and began licking and sucking it. That changed her sensations rather dramatically, “My goodness, sweetie, nobody’s ever done that to me before.” He worked down her foot to the instep again to the heel and returned to tease all five of her toes before taking the biggest two into his mouth again. Gripping the arms of her chair again, she rolled her head around, still in surprise at the effects his toe sucking had on her.

“Like that?” he said after he pulled off her toes with a pop. Looking at him a little dazed, she eventually shook her head shallowly. “That’s nice. Since you don’t want to get in here, why don’t you come over to the trees with me?” She responded by pulling her feet back to the ground and standing up on shaking feet. Pulling himself out of the pool, his member stuck in front of him hard. He took her knitting bag without her project, and led her to a tree ten feet away.

The tree had a low hanging branch that was about six feet off the ground: thick and round barked. “Stay here a minute, Auntie,” he ordered and sprinted, naked and wet, into the house, emerging momentarily with a pair of handcuffs. “Put your hands over your head around this branch.” She replied and he cuffed her hands above her head around the thick bole. “I think that we need to stretch your boundaries a little bit, and let you know what I expect, Auntie Pru. I’m not a boy any more.”

“You sure aren’t, Justin. What do you have in mind?”

“Well for starters, even though they neighbors can’t see us, they still might be able to hear us, so I think that you’ll have to be quiet for a while.” He rummaged around in her knitting bag and found a large ball of yarn that he popped in her mouth, filling it completely with the long end trailing down to the ground on for several feet. He looked her over, standing barefoot in front of him in her blue dress. “I think that the sun is going to see that old skin sooner that you though.” He clipped the dress off her body with the shears, leaving in it ribbons at her feet. The underwear she chose that day was light pink and very sheer; the bra was thin and not one of her underwire bras. Putting the shears down, he picked up a pair of hand clippers. He snapped them in front of her face, “Guess what’s next?”

First the clipper worked at the fabric at her right breast, cutting the sheer fabric away to allow the huge mammary to escape. Its color had returned from last night’s punishment, and it flopped down free from its confinement in the sunlight. A light breeze rustled the branches, tickling the exposed skin. The left breast was liberated in a similar manner, by shredding the fabric, and then cutting the supporting straps so her top was completely bare to the sunlight and breeze. A few more clips and her bottoms were also history, and Prudence stood naked in the sunlight for the first time in her adult life.

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