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The Family Canoe

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Cowgirl Position

From Nikki: This story is ALMOST identical to my story titled “Canoe.” The difference is that that one is not an incest themed story. It’s a subtle but important difference and was an experiment around which version would rate better and be read more often.

I hope you can enjoy both versions without the need to complain that they are the same!

licks and kisses,



Dave took the call from his brother Phil.

“Sorry Dave, there’s a bit of a change to the camping plans. The girls’ plans fell through and so they said that with nothing else to do, they wanted to come down to the lake with us.”

“Damn, there goes the swearing, drinking, and fun,” Dave laughed. He didn’t really mind. He got along really well with Phil’s wife May and knew that she’d be fine with them drinking and swearing as much as they wanted. As to their daughter, April, well he had mixed feelings about her coming along. On the plus side, she was hot; truly truly hot. On the other side, she was his niece and Dave knew that with a couple of drinks under his belt, he was likely to start flirting outrageously and in front of her parents that wasn’t such a good idea.

Through the quirks of fate, there was less years between Dave and April than there was between Dave and Phil, which in his mind made it more dangerous.

Dave had been a late accident (or present as his parents liked to say) whilst Phil had got May pregnant by accident early in their relationship and though they’d been teenage parents, they’d truly found love and managed to avoid the fate of so many others in their position and were still together 18 years later.

Phil was 38 and Dave only 26, but they’d gotten over their sibling issues years before and hit it off well these days, often camping out by the lake together.

“Hah, I don’t think we’ll have a huge problem,” Phil laughed back down the phone. “Anyway, departure time is the same; we’re still away at 5am so that we can get the best out of the long weekend. Of course, we’ll probably have to dump April in the car still asleep given the times that she usually wakes up on the weekend. Shit, we’re lucky if she’s even back from partying by 5am to get out of bed!”

“No problem Phil, I’ll even chuck in a couple of girly drinks for them so they don’t bitch and moan too much,” Dave laughed.

On the day of departure, Phil drove past Dave’s place to rendezvous before heading off to the lake. Dave laughed when he saw Phil’s 4WD pull up in the drive way. It was absolutely packed to the roof.

“What happened bro? It looks like your camping gear has been breeding!” Phil raised his eyebrows and nodded his head at the passenger and back seats where May and April were sitting and shook his head. May grinned at Dave and wound the window down to say hello, knowing what was going on, whilst April sat with her head against the window, obviously asleep.

Dave went back and shut the door to the house and jumped in his ute. In contrast to Phil’s car, the only thing that seemed to take up any room was the canoe that he had lashed to the custom built frame.

“Hope you found room for some grog in there,” Dave said as he climbed behind the driver seat in the pre-dawn gloom.

“Ha, there’s enough to at least get me through the first day,” Phil replied. With that they backed out of the drive way and headed off out of town to the lake.

On arrival, Dave climbed out of his ute and stretched, watching as his brother and his family climbed out of their 4WD. His eyes were snared by the sight of April as she stepped down from the back seat, her shoulder length ash blonde hair messed about her head before she pulled it back with her hands. As her hands went back, she thrust her chest out and Dave eyed the sight of her firm breasts sticking out from her chest. Her stomach was flat, and her legs long and lithe.

Only with reluctance did Dave tear his gaze away as the sound of May’s door opening brought him back to where he was. “Geez,” he thought to himself, “I haven’t even had a drink yet, this could be tough!” He took the time to admire his sister-in-law. She was several years younger than Phil and several older than Dave, but at the age of 34 was still in every way a desirable woman. She wore track pants that hugged her legs and a pink t-shirt that highlighted the curve of her breasts nicely.

“Not too early for you is it?” he called out to April as she turned in his direction. She smiled sheepily at him, her elfin features lighting up.

“Of course it is, its Saturday for god’s sake, I’m not supposed to be up for HOURS!”

“Oh well, you can always sleep in tomorrow I guess,” Dave responded. May laughed.

“If you tell her that, we won’t see her until after lunch,” she said, drawing a sneer from her daughter.

Phil came around from the other side of the car and tossed a beer to Dave. “Here, this will help you with setting up,” he called, twisting the top off of his own.

“God Phil, its not sincan escort even 10am!” May said, shaking her head.

“Its tradition!” Dave and Phil said together, before laughing heartily.

“Where’s mine then?” April asked.

“You ladies can help yourself, unless you intend to set up your own tent?”

“Not likely,” April laughed, moving to seat herself on a nearby log where she could watch the work get done. She enjoyed watching her uncle. He was muscular without being silly about it like the footballers that she knew from school. His frame came from being a builder’s labourer and there was something more even about his physique that she liked. She just wished he had more to set up, because it wasn’t going to give her much time.

As she had done at previous family gatherings, she wondered about the fact that she found her uncle so hot. The strange age difference seemed to make it seem not so bad, but at the end of the day, he was still her uncle.

Phil set about pulling gear from the back of his car and Dave moved to do the same, rolling his swag off the back and staking it out, tying off to a tree so that he’d have some head room in there. Moments later, he’d pulled the camping stove and cook gear out, put the esky in the shade and lifted down his canoe.

Turning to watch Phil, who was only part way through getting a tent up, he laughed heartily. “Need some help over there bro? I’m done.”

“Yeah, get over here and do some real work you bastard,” Phil laughed back.

Dave helped out and an hour later, the camp was all set, Phil and May having a tent to share with a smaller tent set apart for April. April was busy stashing her gear in her tent as the three older people perched themselves on chairs and relaxed for a while after the exertions of setting up.

After a thrown together lunch, April approached Dave and said, “So this canoe, does it actually float? Or is it just so that you’ve got something to fall into when you’re too drunk to manage the swag?”

“Very funny, of course it floats. It’s rather good for catching fish too actually.”

“Maybe you should take me for a paddle and show me just how well it does float then.”

“Be happy to.”

“Great, I’ll just get changed into something a little more appropriate for canoeing then.”

Dave watched as April disappeared into her tent, paying particular attention to the curves of her butt as the track pants she was wearing clung tightly to them and then admonished himself for it immediately as she disappeared from view.

He waited patiently until she reappeared and attempted to keep his mouth closed so that he avoided the desperate stare that was threatening to invade his face, trying to focus on the conversation with his brother and sister-in-law. As she climbed out of her tent he took in what constituted her change of attire. She’d swapped the track pants for a pair of cut-off denim shorts that barely contained her tight buttocks and a white t-shirt tied at the waist to reveal her taught, flat belly whilst at the same time accentuating her breasts.

“God, how can I survive time alone in a canoe with that?” he thought to himself. He grabbed the paddles and life jackets and threw them into the canoe before pulling it down to the water’s edge. He heard April telling her parents that she and Uncle Dave were going for a ride in the canoe and not to expect them back for an hour or so.

“An hour or so?” Dave asked her as she approached the small dock on the edge of the lake where he was now sitting in the canoe, hanging onto a rope tied to the pier. “You must be intending to do a lot of paddling.”

“Oh I don’t paddle, Unc, that’s your job, but if I’m going to enjoy the sun, there’s no point doing it for five minutes.” April dropped a couple of towels and a bottle of sunscreen into the canoe.

“Huh, well I guess that we’ll see about that. Hop in.” April climbed down the short wooden ladder into the canoe and Dave moved them back a bit, passing the rope to April.

“Hold this,” he said and climbed out of the canoe and up onto the short pier. He jogged up to where his ute was parked and grabbed a small toolkit and a kayak paddle from the back. He saw Phil, who motioned for him to come closer.

“Do us a favour?” His brother asked as he returned to the camp site.

“Sure what’s that?” Dave asked.

“Make sure that you really are gone for at least an hour?” Dave laughed and winked at him and promised that he’d not be back for at least an hour, but no more than two so that there was a time frame in which they would be expected to return.

“And it’s probably best if you don’t stay within sight of camp,” Phil said, blushing.

“Consider it done. Have fun and watch out for bugs.” Phil laughed in turn and Dave turned back towards the canoe and pier where April was waiting for him.

“Right, if we’re going to be away that long, I thought I’d throw in some tackle and if you’re going to make me do all the paddling, sincan escort bayan it will be easier for me with this,” he said, indicating the kayak paddle. “I’m sure the purists would shoot me for using it with a canoe, but I like it.”

“I promise not to tell anyone,” April laughed as Dave climbed down into the canoe again.

Dave pushed them off from the pier and paddled them around the end of it, quickly taking them from the view of the camp site, his eyes struggling to see past the curve of April’s hip as she sat with her back to him, looking forwards at where they were going, but turning regularly to peer pack in the direction of the camp.

Literally as soon as the camp site disappeared from view, April pulled at the tie of her t-shirt before lifting it up and over her head.

Dave stared as she stretched her lithe body upwards with the movement, the t-shirt disappearing to reveal the ties of a red halter-neck bikini to him.

With her t-shirt off, she arranged the towels that she’d dropped into the canoe and and turned around, rocking the little boat alarmingly as she did so.

“Woah there, there’s no point bringing towels if you tip them and us into the lake you know.”

“Sorry about that, just trying to get comfortable.”

“Well the traditional way to do that in a canoe is to face the way that you’re going so that you can see if you’re going to crash into something.”

April looked at her uncle, a little nervous about what she was about to do. She was curious enough about the reaction though that she went through with it.

“Bugger tradition, I want to sun bathe.” And with that, she reached up behind her neck and released the ties of her bikini, pulling it down so that her firm breasts were revealed to the sun. Dave stared, forgetting to paddle, his mouth agape as his niece revealed her firm breasts to him.

“What’s the matter Uncle Dave, never seen breasts before? I thought you were a little worldlier than that?”

“Oh its not that I’ve never seen breasts, before, more that I didn’t ever expect to have my niece flashing hers all over the place at me. What do you think your father would say if he knew you were out here topless in my canoe?”

“He’d go freaking bananas, which is why I waited until we were out of sight of the campsite. You don’t mind do you?”

Dave’s gaze took in April’s magnificent breasts. They were full and firm and sat beautifully her chest, the nipples quite large and partially erect in the cool air. There was no sign of a tan line so apparently this wasn’t a first for her. She was watching him appraisingly, waiting for his answer.

“We’ll I guess I can live with it.”

“Excellent, I thought you’d be cool.” April replied, eyeing her uncle’s crotch to see if there was any reaction there. She thought that she could see an increase and that her uncle had moved to adjust his position, but couldn’t be sure. She’d have to keep an eye out.

Dave grinned and kept paddling, his eyes flicking between where they were going and April’s amazing body. As they continued, April shifted herself about and slid the tiny shorts off of her body, revealing the bottom half of her bikini. She reclined back against the front of the canoe and rested her head back, letting her knees drift apart to rest on either side.

Dave hardly knew where to look. His cock was fully erect in his pants now as he was left staring down along his niece’s gorgeous legs to the crotch of her bikini where his imagination attempted to provide a visual estimation of what was beneath the small patch of cloth that prevented him from actually seeing her pussy. Tearing his gaze up only brought him as far as her breasts and he swallowed before continuing to paddle and trying to watch where he was going.

April lay back with her eyes closed, feeling the sun on her bare breasts and almost naked body. Her pussy was alive with the thought of her completely inappropriate behaviour and she could feel her juices stirring in her loins.” Time to work out just whether this would work or not,” she thought to herself.

Dave was just starting to think he would succeed in remaining calm when April sat up and produced some sunscreen, which she dribbled over her breasts. As she rubbed it in, Dave stared, mesmerised as the firm flesh was massaged beneath her hands, her nipples becoming erect as her fingers slipped over them.

“God I love being out in the sun,” April said as she rubbed them.

“Wha?” Dave muttered, dragging his attention to her face and remembering to paddle again.” April laughed at him.

“Gee Dave, are things getting a little uncomfortable for you?” She asked glancing at his crotch and noting that he must be completely erect given the size of the tent that he’d raised in his pants.

“Well, yeah, I mean, I can’t necessarily control things when you do that in front of me you know, even if you are my niece.”

“I noticed,” April said, grinning and glancing down at his escort sincan crotch pointedly so that he knew she was looking.

“Geez April!’ Dave said, acutely conscious of his erect state.

“Tell me Uncle Dave, have you ever cum in your canoe?”


“Have you ever cum in here. You know, from having sex or masturbating?”

“Of course not,” Dave replied trying to refocus on paddling.

“Man I thought for sure you would have brought some hot chick out on the lake and done her in it,” April replied, her hands resting on her legs and almost involuntarily moving towards her crotch as she considered the idea.

“No, I generally get out of the canoe for that sort of thing,” Dave laughed.

“Kewl, then maybe I can be the first,” April said, grinning as her hand slipped down over her glistening belly and slid beneath her bikini, her fingers clearly making their way down to touch her slit.

Dave gave up paddling at this point and rested the kayak paddle across the canoe as he watched April’s fingers dancing beneath the cloth of her swim suit. April was grinning at him and moaning as she worked her fingers between her pussy lips and stroked herself.

“Um April, I really thing that I have to ask you to stop that,” Dave said, his eyes never leaving the action that was talking place in her pants.

“Nu uh, I’m too horny Uncle Dave, I need to cum and I need to do it now.”

“April please, I need you to stop.”

“You need me to? So you don’t want me to, but you need me to …”

“That’s not what I said,” he replied, feeling tricked.

“Yeah, but sometimes its more about what you don’t say than what you do say,” April informed him. “I think these are just a hindrance,” she said and to Dave’s further amazement, she slid the bikini pants down her legs, careful of the small vessel’s balance this time, until she was sitting naked in the canoe.

Dave knew that he shouldn’t look but it was far from every day that a hot young girl stripped in his canoe, niece or otherwise. He noted that whilst April had no tan lines around her breasts, she had a distinct line where her bikini usually sat. He also couldn’t help but notice a complete absence of pubic hair.

April watched her uncle take in the sight of her body and grinned. She knew from that look that it was unlikely that he’d stop her now and traced her fingers along her pussy lips before hooking one leg over the edge of the canoe. Her foot trailed lazily in the water whilst her fingers took on a more insistent role, pleasuring her pussy.

“I’m going to be the first person to cum in your canoe Uncle Dave,” she told him as she worked her fingers back and forth across her clit, pausing to dip between her lips.

Dave sat watching, mesmerised, his head in turmoil as he considered the fact that it was his niece masturbating in front of him.

“You could always try and beat me to it,” April suggested, grinning naughtily.

“What? Are you serious?” he asked.

“What do you think? I’m sitting here naked and fingering myself, would I have any reason not to mean it?”

“I guess not,” Dave replied sheepishly.

“Well come on then see if you can cum before I can. Give me something to work with! I want to see you stroke your cock! And while you’re at it, take of the t-shirt so I can see your chest!”

Dave didn’t move immediately. He sat pondering what he was getting himself into. Then April took her fingers from her pussy and sucked them, looking him straight in his eye, before returning them to her pussy.

Dave gave in, this was one of those once in a lifetime things that he decided he wasn’t strong enough to turn down. He’d just have to face the consequences like a man when they presented themselves. He pulled his t-shirt over his head and April took in the tight, sculpted pecs and the thin covering of hair that adorned them, along with his bulging biceps, glistening with a sheen of sweat from his exertions. Then he was sliding his shorts down his legs and her attention was diverted there.

His cock sprang free and April grinned as she took in the girth and length of her uncle’s cock, pleased that there was ample of both. Dave smiled when she complimented him on the fact.

“Don’t be shy, wank for me Uncle Dave,” April said. Dave couldn’t believe that his niece was turning out to be such a little vixen, but as he enjoyed the perfection of her body and the sight of her masturbating, he found that there was ample desire for him to join in. He took his cock in his fist and started working it up and down, the skin sliding back and forth over his shaft as he did so.

The two of them watched each other, their breathing slowly becoming more ragged as they worked towards their climaxes. Dave noted that there was a trickle of fluid now oozing from April’s pussy as she worked her fingers around and around her clitoris and as precum seeped from the tip of his cock, he used it to lubricate his fist until it was sliding smoothly up and over the head of his cock and back down again.

April watched intently as her uncle worked his fist up and down his cock, wondering whether she’d be able to get him to let her do it for him. She kept her eyes glued to his cock, waiting for the moment when she would get to see it eject his hot cum.

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