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The Empty Purse

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I blamed my father for a while. I guess it wasn’t his fault. The bad thing he did was die. What I got from him was the name Bobby and a feeling that everything you have can be taken away in the next moment, so you’d better enjoy the moment you’re in. Oh, and he also left my mom and me in debt. I was eleven at the time and it’s taken my mom almost eight years to climb out of the financial hole, if you can call it ‘out’ when you have $237.00 in the bank.

I got my first full time job eight months ago and with what I was being paid, I knew it would be a while before we would be buying fancy cars and houses, but at least we got by a little easier. I had wanted to work since I was sixteen, but mom insisted that I at least finish High School. The best I could do, was buy a couple of lottery tickets every week, and hope.

I never saw anyone work as hard as my mother did. She had a full time job as a waitress and a part time job at a dry-cleaning store. She never complained, but there was little time for joy in her life. I wanted to do something nice for her and so I suggested that we spend Sunday, which was her only day off, together. She seemed happy about it. We went to a movie and there was a ladies clothing store on the small shopping strip.

I said, “Mom, let me buy you something.” She didn’t want me to, but I insisted and spent half of what I had saved from a month’s wages. It was a light jacket that had a nice blend of colors and would go with a lot of things. She was so pleased with it that she was even wore it around the house. I can’t tell you how I felt each time I saw it on her.

Sunday became our day together even though she kept telling me that I should go and see my friends. I saw enough of them during the week and I enjoyed being with her and I enjoyed seeing her smile.

Mostly we went to the movies and one Sunday we saw something called “Closer,” and afterwards, we talked about how difficult it was to find a satisfying relationship. I said, “Well mom, you’re not going to find one unless you go out; it doesn’t just appear out of thin air.”

“I know Bobby,” she said. “But you saw that I went out with three different guys in the past six months and each experience was worse than the last. Going out on Sundays with my baby is all I need, the rest is more trouble than it’s worth.”

“I guess I shouldn’t talk,” I said. “It hasn’t been much better for me. That last one, Irene, was some head-case.” Mom had met her, and we both laughed. “Talking about dates mom, there’s a retirement party for a guy at work and everybody’s bringing someone; why don’t you come with me?”

“Sure sweetie, I know just what jacket to wear.” Her smile was vibrant and she had an excitement in her voice that I hadn’t heard in years. We had a nice time at the party and mom met the people I worked with. We danced a few times and she was right up against me on the slow songs. I liked it, and she was embarrassed when I told her she was a sexy dancer.

When we got home, she said, “Boy, Karen and Lucy sure seemed interested in you; have you gone out with them, or…?”

I laughed, “No mom.” Both of the girls came up a few times during the evening and Lucy had asked me to dance with her. “They’re just girls,” I said. “And not really my type.”

“Oh? Then what is your type?”

“Oh I don’t know, just not them.” What I didn’t say was the thought that popped into my head. ‘My type is more a woman, a woman like you.’ Well that got my head going for a few days. I started thinking what it would be like with my mom. The first thoughts were as a girlfriend, someone to do things with as a friend and companion. The next thoughts turned erotic and I couldn’t get away from the fact that I found my mother sexually attractive.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I had never been out with a girl that I really wanted. I don’t mean that I didn’t want to have sex with them, because I did, but after the sex was over, it wasn’t enough. And the more I thought about my mother, the more I thought about how much I liked her. I asked myself, “Well, why couldn’t she could be good for me, and why couldn’t I be good for her?” How do you tell your mother something like that?

After a few weeks of obsessing on it, I did try to tell her; well actually, I tried to show her first. We were in the movies and with my heart thumping, I leaned over and kissed her cheek. She turned and smiled quizzically at me. Two minutes later, I leaned over and kissed her on the lips. She whispered with total incomprehension, “What are you doing?”

I said, “Kissing you.”

She said, “Why?”

I said, “Why do people kiss each other?”

By then she was becoming uncomfortable and people around us were becoming annoyed at the whispering. I followed her when she got up and left the theatre. When we were in the lobby she said, “Why were you kissing me like that Bobby?”

I blurted out all the jumbled thoughts I’d been having, saying things like, pendik escort “We could be good for each other,” and “I think you’re so sexy.”

She couldn’t take any of it in. “Bobby this is too crazy…let’s go home.” On the ride back she was asking me questions you’d ask someone you might be considering committing.

“Mom I haven’t flipped out, well maybe a little, but I just think we both deserve to be happy and I thought…I don’t know…maybe we could be happy together.”

“Happy? What are you talking about…happy how, by kissing me on the mouth and…what? Please tell me I’m wrong about what I think you’re saying.”

I almost whispered, “You’re not wrong.”

“Oh God.” Those were the last words she said until we got home. The apartment never felt as small and claustrophobic as it did that night. I made the couch up as usual and mom went into the bedroom. Late into the night I thought I heard noises coming from her room and I did something I had never done before, I listened at her door. I wasn’t sure if she was crying or if the noises were…sexual. How could they be? I couldn’t tell, and then they stopped. I stayed up berating myself for upsetting her so much.

In the morning, she usually left by 7:30, which was when I got up to get ready for work. My alarm had just gone off and I turned and saw her sitting by me on the foldout where I slept. She stroked my hair back from my forehead a few times and said, ” I’m sorry I reacted that way; I didn’t respect your feelings, and I guess I just have to think about all this. I love you no matter what. We’ll talk later baby, okay?”

I said, “Okay,” and she gave me a quick kiss and left. When we came home that night we had a conversation most mothers and sons don’t have. She just came out with it.

“Are you sexually attracted to me, Bobby?”

I was somehow able to look at her and say, “Yes.”

She raised her eyebrows and said, “Wow…well, okay, I guess we’ll have to deal with that. Are you sure it’s not just a …”

“Mom, I said, “It’s not just anything, it’s how I’ve been feeling, and it’s real.”

“All right sweetheart, I understand, but you have to realize that I’m not used to…”

“Mom, do you feel anything like what I’m talking about?”

“Oh Bobby, I love you and you’re a wonderful good-looking young man, and even if I felt an…attraction, what could it come to?”

“Well mom, we don’t know what it could come to; we don’t know what anything could come to. All I know is that is that I want to be with you.” I went over and kissed her. It was soft and long and I remained on her lips as she made a small whimpering noise. I let my tongue gently inch into her mouth, and her own tip met mine. We played tenuously that way and I broke it off not wanting to freak her out. I held her without trying to go any further and whispered in her ear, “That was sweet mom.”

She stayed in my arms and responded with an, “Mmm…”

Throughout dinner she gave me this weird smile that sort of asked, “Who is that person seated across from me?”

That night I listened at her door again and there was no doubt about the sounds, she was masturbating. I knocked once and walked in without waiting for an answer.

She said, “Honey, you shouldn’t come in like that, I might not have been dressed.” She was wearing a nylon nightgown and the covers were up to her waist. I could see the outline of her nipples through the thin material.

I said, “Mom let me watch you.”

She was about to protest. I could almost see the words forming abut how she didn’t know what I was talking about. She looked in my eyes and stopped. After a silent moment, she said, “All right.” She took the covers off her legs.

She closed the door and the overhead light. The light coming from the bathroom fell partially on the bed. I sat in the dark corner of the room and she leaned back with her head on the two pillows. She lifted the nightgown, exposing her bare legs and pussy. She opened her thighs and rested the tips of her fingers over her clit. Her eyes closed. Mine probably couldn’t open any wider.

I watched as she alternated between massaging her pussy lips with her palm and teasing her clit with her fingers. She was totally silent except for an occasional slight whimper. At one point, she lifted the nightgown over her breasts and took one of her nipples between her fingers. It took her about five minutes to come. The only way I knew that she had climaxed was a little cry as she raised her hips in the air. She uttered one quiet word as she came, “Bobby.” That got me crazy.

She turned over when she finished and drew her knees up into her belly. I could see the roundness of her ass before she pulled her nightgown down. I could tell that she wanted me to leave, and I did.

It was the first time I’d seen her completely naked, and seeing the whole was different from seeing the parts separately. The word that fit best was ‘Round.’ She was round everywhere, her kurtköy escort face, her breasts, her hips, her ass. My eyes had followed the curves and my hands could almost feel every bend and bow, and every crevice they hid.

It seemed strange to be thinking about my mother’s body like that, but before I left, I’d said, “Mom you’re beautiful.” I meant it, but I couldn’t tell her what else I thought, that she had a body made for sex. Some of the girls I’d been with had nice tits, but mom’s were unbelievable for a woman her age, no, they were unbelievable for a woman any age. I think it was her nipples that made them so sexy; they were dark, and the tips were long. She had a wonderfully round, inviting, ass and even though it was my own mother’s, I thought that her pussy was the prettiest thing I’d ever seen

The next morning, she wouldn’t meet my eyes. We talked about our money problems as if nothing had happened the night before. I told her that I had been promised a raise because I was going to get more responsibilities and that she could quit her second job in just a few months. She was pleased and she said, “Thank you baby, it’ll make things a lot easier for me, but we have a long way to go because of the rent increase…” She went on about the money stuff and still wasn’t looking at me.

Finally I got up and put my arms around her and said, “Shhh…it’s okay.” She stopped talking and I held her for a while and said, “Thank you for last night mom, it was a beautiful gift that you gave me.”

She was almost teary when she said, “Was it Bobby? I don’t even know what to think about what I’m doing.”

“You’re doing loving things,” She looked at me and a smile began on her lips. I kissed her more fully than I had the day before. She didn’t offer resistance to my tongue in her mouth or my hand on her breast. She didn’t pull away until I did.

I thought about her all day long and wanted to call a hundred times and say all kinds of things, in all kinds of ways. Finally I called once and said, “I just wanted to tell you that I love you mom.”

Someone must have been standing by her because she said, “Yes Bobby, me too, I’ll uh…see you later.”

I couldn’t wait until later. I was going nuts; I got a hard-on whenever I thought about what happened the night before, or what might happen that night. I didn’t know how far to push, so that night we kissed a lot and I touched a little. She stopped me from touching her pussy. I felt like I was back in high school, but I realized that after all, this was my mother.

She did let me bare her breasts and I again wondered at the beautiful shape they had. Her arousal was evident as I sucked on those long dark nipples. Her tit flesh filled my hand and I wanted so much more. I wanted it all.

As I kissed her before she went in to bed, I said, “Mom let me come to bed with you.”

She said, “Honey, I can’t sleep with you if that’s what you mean.” She saw my disappointment and said, “Baby, you can come in for a few minutes if you want to.” Even though I had seen all of her body, she would only undress in the bathroom and came out in the same nightgown. She got into bed and I watched her as she touched herself again. Her eyes were closed, but she said, “I like that you’re watching me Bobby.”

I got up and walked to the bed. I could smell the fragrance of her aroused pussy. I bent down and licked over her fingers and her vaginal lips. She took my head in hands in surprise and said, “Oh Bobby, we shouldn’t.” But she didn’t push me away, and her body didn’t say, ‘we shouldn’t,’ as I continued to use my tongue on her pussy.

I mouthed her and ate her and sucked her, enjoying everything about her pussy. It seemed like she was trying to stay under control as she clenched her fists and moved slowly under my mouth. When I took her clit between my lips, her breathing increased rapidly. It wasn’t long after I worked her clit with my mouth and tongue that she came. She came quietly, but there was no doubt by her exhalation that she had climaxed. This time, she didn’t turn away; she turned toward me as I stood by the bed and she stroked my thighs.

She never touched where my dick bulged, but I unzipped my fly anyway. I struggled to get my hardened cock out. Her eyes widened and she took a long draw of air as I offered the thick knob to her lips. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth. She tentatively put the swollen helmet between her lips and more kissed it than sucked it. I was emboldened by the electric contact of her lips on my bare skin and I pushed more of the shaft into her mouth and began entering and withdrawing as she started sucking more than kissing.

My mind was going, ‘Suck it mom, suck it…suck it…’ full blast, but my mouth just went “Mmm…” as my mother took more and more of my cock into her mouth. She was getting more excited as she worked up and down the shaft and before long her hand was massaging my balls and then grabbing the rod while she sucked on it. kartal escort

I looked at her as my hard cock moved between her lips and I saw a mother taking care of her son not just with her mouth, but also with her love. Her face was angelic as she gave me what I needed. Each time she took me into her mouth, it was slow and lingering and I watched as her lips slid along the shaft and her tongue licked all around the meaty knob. She never opened her eyes but her warm gentle hands petted and stroked me all over. As my mother sucked my cock, I realized that it was the first time that was experiencing love and sex at the same time.

I was getting higher by the minute and I wanted to eat her and suck her and fuck her all at the same time, but I wasn’t going to move while she did what she was doing. I could almost feel the volume of cum in me building as my mother sucked, and touched, and licked. When I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep back the explosion for much longer, I told her, “Mom, I’m going to come…I’m going to come.”

She didn’t stop. She rubbed me harder and sucked me harder and I was gone. I threw my head back and let out an “Aaaaahhhhhh…” as the cum blasted from my cock to her mouth. I had expected the woman who was reluctant to let me even touch her pussy to quickly pull away from the barrage I had let go, but she didn’t. My mother kept sucking me until I was totally emptied.

My mother had taken all the cum out of me, and when I opened my eyes, I saw her still sucking. The fact that I had a sexy good-looking mother had always been a source of pride for me; the fact that she had just sucked my cock until I came in her mouth was just astounding. A little of the sticky white emulsion that she hadn’t swallowed was at the sides of her lips. Seeing it there, and thinking that it was my cum on my mother’s lips, kept me juiced enough to stay stiff as she continued to lick and suck on the shaft until only her saliva glistened along the length of it.

I got into bed with her and held her gently while telling her how beautiful her loving was for me. I expected to stay the night with her, but after a few minutes she said, “Honey, don’t you think you should go and get some sleep, we both have to be up early for work.”

It had been so good I didn’t want to spoil it so I just said, “Sure mom,” and went out after a soft ‘Good-night’ kiss.

I just couldn’t tell from day to day how things were between us, or where we were headed. Mom was reluctant to do anything at times and wanted to talk all night about the rent and the car and how we could save money or maybe buy this or that. Those were the nights I wanted to win that lottery so badly; I actually thought ‘This might be the week.’ It never was.

Then there were those other times, when she wanted to kiss and touch all night. It was during one of the ‘fondling all-nighters’ that my frustration level peaked. It seemed as if I’d spent at least an hour on each of her tits, stroking and caressing and sucking on those nipples until I almost believed that milk was about to pour from the shiny tips.

Finally I said, “Mom, I can’t stand this wanting you, it’s so intense. I need to be inside you; you just don’t understand. Look at what you do to me.” She looked at my bulging crotch and I reached in and took out my aching cock to reveal the full length and strength of my desire for her. It was throbbing so much that I thought she could see it swell as her eyes fastened on it.

She leaned in toward me and I expected her to take me into her mouth, but instead, she laid my cock on her cheek, holding it there with her hand. Her eyes closed and she said, “You’re so beautiful when you’re hard for me like this…but baby, you’re wrong. Of course I understand. Just because you can’t see it on me doesn’t mean I don’t feel it. I’m wet for you here too baby.” She put her hand over her pussy and said, “Don’t you think I want you too? I think about it all the time, but that would be a step we could never come back from…honey, it would be incest.”

Like what we were doing, wasn’t? Somehow she was fixed on the notion that it was only incest if I was in her pussy. I thought it made no sense, but it was obvious from her next remark that was what she felt. And that next remark boggled my brain. She said, “I want you inside me as much as you want it baby; come sweetheart, be in me here.” Her hand was on her ass.

It took a minute for my head to clear enough to process what she had just said. My mother was saying it was okay for me to be in her ass. I wasn’t going to argue. She got up and came back with some kind of lubricant or lotion on her hand. She slathered my cock that looked more like a pipe than a dick at that point.

We kissed and mom turned over on the bed. The nightgown that she was always reluctant to take off, no matter how much of her was bare, was pulled up over her waist. I kissed her back and massaged her breasts feeling their heft in my hands. I pulled on her long nipples as she raised herself to give me access. I approached the round globes of her ass with a stiff cock that was almost dancing with excitement. As I put the knob on her small hole, I said, “I love you mom.”

She said, “I love you too baby.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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