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The Chauhans’ Special Day Ch. 04

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But before I went to rest, I headed down to the kitchen. I needed my calories.

The women folk, regressing to the traditional gender roles were cooking in the kitchen, whipping up some snack s and savories, for an energy recharge, one might say. Debdutta was there with them, no doubt “assisting”. He had a finger inside Dadiji who had nothing but an apron on her, her exposed derriere sagging a little with age. Anjali and her mother were cooking while buaji was laying out trays with juices. Grabbing a quick bite of toast and a piece of Sarmistha Buaji’s ass, I headed out.

Dadaji was sitting on his favourite sofa, a rich leather covered white sofa piece with plush cushions. My mother was kneeling in front of him servicing him, while he sipped on his creamy lassi. Dad and Tauji were sitting on a sofa, side by side, with their own glasses of lassi, showing no discernible emotion at the scene playing out in front.

It was unreal, watching my mother’s blatant yearning. She looked like she wanted to suck dadji’s cock. I took my place opposite them, and nursed an orange juice in my hand. If SulochanaTaiji had not drained out my balls, I would have been furiously masturbating watching Dadaji and my mother.

Mother was on her knees, enthusiastically performing fellatio on my Dadji. She didn’t seem perturbed by the fact that her own son and husband were witnessing the lewd act. I suspect Dadaji was playing the alpha male and liked the fact that he was being serviced by a woman in front of her husband and son. Clearly, his phallus was bigger than either of his sons, a confusing thing for me as I always believed that penis size was hereditary.

Mother applied copious amounts of spit as she took the penis as far down her mouth as it would go. She would often suck on Dadaji’s balls too, her fair visage in sharp contrast to his dark genitals. Mother was still in her saree. Dadaji illegal bahis was making no attempts to return the affection being afforded to him by his daughter in law, not even a quick squeeze of the boobs. He seemed calm and collected and no further to ejaculating. I wouldn’t have lasted a minute, if mother had given me the same dedicated treatment.

I watched fascinated as Dadaji poured a bit of lassi down his cock. Mother, licked it off eagerly. This seemed to amuse him and he began pouring a few dollops of lassi now and again. Mother would lick it off with broad sweeps of her tongue. Tauji and Dad got bored and wandered off into the kitchen, no doubt for some fun of their own. Dadaji then poured the remainder of the lassi over his cock and balls. Some of it streamed down his testicles and into his ass crack. My mother put her hands below his thighs and pushed them up. My cock stirred to life as my mother’s tongue went below his scrotum and began licking his taint. She pushed his legs up higher until she had access to his asshole. She went to town on it, thrusting her tongue in rapid bursts. It definitely was not her first time eating ass. It took all of my willpower not to keep from stroking myself. Grandfather caught my eye and smiled broadly, like a victor in triumph. For some reason, I couldn’t hold his gaze and went back to looking at my mother.

Grandfather put his feet back down and my mother was back to sucking his cock. This time he met them with deliberate upthrusts, drawing gagging sounds from her throat. Soon he had his broad hands on her head as he practically started fucking her mouth with upstrokes from his hips. She was gagging on his tumescence saliva dripped from the corners of her lips onto the white sofa cover. She did nothing to stop his ruthless ravishment of her mouth and throat.

When Dadaji finally spurted, he grunted hard three or four times illegal bahis siteleri while forcing her head down even more. A few drops of semen leaked out onto his thighs. When he finally released his grip, she removed her mouth and threads of semen mixed with saliva formed and glistened around his cock. She opened her mouth to show Dadaji his semen and then swallowed it. Dadaji looked pleased. She then proceeded to clean up the residual cum over his thighs, cockhead and scrotum.

Mother stood up and wiped her mouth. She seemed in no way abashed. There was no lowering of eyes, no blushing or covering the face. Calmly, she made her way to the kitchen.

I went to sleep in my room, my head full of conflicting emotions. It was difficult trying to fall asleep. I eventually succumbed, after a few minutes of restless introspection. I woke up with a semi hard on, lust renewed. After a hearty piss, I headed to explore the various family rooms in the first floor, a hungry predator. The common living areas were devoid of any activity, but there were noises coming from around the house. People had retired to the privacy of their rooms.

I went up to the first bedroom, hungry for some action. What I saw inside as I nudged open the door, nearly made my knees buckle.

Dadaji and Debadutta were double teaming my mother. Dadaji was the bottom loaf of the sandwich, with my mother astride him. She lay impaled on his penis, her whole upper body bent forward,a s Dadaji sucked on her breast. Her asshole, thus exposed, was filled with Debdutta’s phallus. The two men moved with an easy rhythm that suggested a good deal of familiarity and practice in the art of double penetration. Mother was whimpering and generally enjoying herself. The bedroom was a small one and the bed took up most of the space. Standing at the doorway, I could see only the rear view of the action. I could only imagine canlı bahis siteleri the pleasure on her face. She was nothing but a fuckmeat, her holes skewered expertly.

I had seen Debdutta bhaiyya treat mother with a great deal of respect, touching her feet, adding a ‘ji’ whenever he addressed her. I had never seen any hanky panky between them at all, not even the slightest hint. Dadaji had been good too. He had never placed any demands on her and generally gave her a free hand. He had encouraged Sulochana taiji’s medical practice. His behavior had been decent, as far as I could tell. But now both men were engaged in the most taboo of activities with my mother.

I had this urge to go join them and occupy the one hole they had left unpenetrated. But something stopped me. Maybe it was the sense that I would not measure up to the alpha males. Maybe it was the sense that although mother would take me in her mouth, she would not be entirely comfortable performing fellatio on her son in front of her ravishers. Maybe it was the feeling that I should engage with her privately, away from prying eyes and other men. I felt jealous too. Whatever the reason, I stood at the doorway watching their sinful union.

Both men’s thrusts were coordinated in the beginning but they couldn’t keep up for long as Dadaji was the first to finish. He grunted hard and she remained impaled on his penis as cum dribbled out of her vagina and down his scrotum. Bhaiyya, meanwhile, continued pounding her ass as Dadaji held the ass cheeks apart to give his grandson better access. She moaned with each thrust right up until Debdutta howled and ejaculated inside her and collapsed in a heap, his legs giving way. The men untangled themselves and lay on the bed, on either side of my mother. A nice, large patch of sweat had formed below her, on the sheets. My mother got up , her magnificent naked form swaying unsteadily and walked off to find a towel. Drops of semen were sticking to her pubic hairs and dripping down her butt crack. She smiled shyly at me and looked down at my crotch as she passed by. Naked as I was, I was sporting a hug erection. She knew.

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