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The Cashier

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I watch as you roll the sleeves of your shirt up over your forearms to your elbows. I feel butterflies flutter against the walls of my insides as my eyes follow the path of your hands as they push the material back. It’s such a discreet action but my lungs struggle to function as want laces through me. I can feel the dryness of my mouth now and I’m thanking whomever is up there that I’m wearing this mask because it’s the only thing that’s hiding the flush that’s risen in my cheeks.

I can feel my nipples harden as I take in the way the muscles of your arms flex with each movement you make and I want to feel the power of them on me. My mind wonders to the other muscled parts of your body and I close my eyes and breathe in deeply as the ache in my pussy intensifies. I picture their movements as you thrust into me or as I bounce over you. I realize I’ll cum in this damn line if I concentrate hard enough.

I wonder what everyone’s reaction would be if I slid my hand down past the button of my jeans into my panties right here. Who would stare in awe or turn away in shock as I tease my slick folds before I fill myself sharply with two fingers then stretching to three. I’d stare deeply into your eyes as you freeze at the realization of what I’m doing. I’d feel my juices slip over my knuckles onto my hand as I mimic what I crave your hard cock to be doing in their stead.

I squeeze my thighs together as the dark thought Invades all my senses. My panties are soaked and the friction of the inseam of my pants rub at just the right angle against my swollen clit. Oh fuck this is bad. I’m so close from the mental stimulation alone. I bite my lip to stop the moan that tries to escape me. I try to cover it with a small cough and clear my throat hoping no one has caught on to my current dilemma.

I place my items down on the belt and step forward to stand in front of you. Time is in slow motion as I watch your eyes sweep from my groceries up to my face as a smile makes it’s way over yours. It’s strange seeing an actual face looking back at me. Although I’ve completed my full round of vaccines I still opt to wear a mask. Seeing your handsome face unhindered is a sight I used to take for granted. My plump bottom lip has found it’s way back between my teeth and I’m chewing on it as I watch the light from within you cast a glow over your skin. Fuck you’re beautiful.

I trace the features of your face intimately. From chin to forehead. I’m barely processing the greeting you give me and the small talk you strike up as you bag my items. Your voice is deep and the vibrato of it echoes through my pelvis. Its richness smoothes over my skin like ice in a glass of scotch and the cool perspiration of it creates goosebumps in its wake.

I want to hear that voice of yours as I step closer into your space. I want to hear your intake of breath as I run mouth over the stubble that shadows your jaw. I want to feel the hum of it over the tip of my tongue as it slips out to taste the skin of your neck before slipping back passed my parted lips and fills my mouth with the taste of you. I want it to moan for me as I lean forward and pull your head to me before I snuff it out with my hot mouth over yours and steal the oxygen from your lungs.

The room is dark as I stand admiring you. I push you back onto the bed before moving to climb on top of you as I straddle your thighs. I hover over you as I tease your lips with the promise of another kiss, moving away as you try to capture mine with yours. I let a throaty laugh fan out across the otherwise quiet room. I push you to lie flat and I assuage your frustrations with the reward of my mouth placed back onto yours as I grip the hair at the base of your skill with my hand tightly. It’s not enough to be painful but it’s just enough to send a jolt of electricity down your spine to your cock and I feel it harden as I drop my hips over yours.

I rub my pelvis firmly back and forth over yours as our mouths devour each other. My tongue explores the recesses of your mouth as I grind my pussy against the steel of your dick. I set a tortuous pace that has me burying my face into the crook of your neck. With each forward rock my whole being focuses on the throb deep inside me and the sound of my own panting fills my ears.

I sit up to look down over you. I grind my hips once with purpose just to watch the pleasure flit over your face. Fuck if it doesn’t turn me on escort eryaman more and almost annihilate my patience. Without further preamble I take off my shirt and fling it across my room. My bra follows in its path. Your eyes drink in my breasts, watching as the skin of my nipples pull taught at the cold air of the room. I interrupt your perusal of my body by reaching down and pulling you to me crashing our mouths together.

The kiss is hot and hungry and my patience is already on edge. I want you to crawl beneath my skin. I want you to course through my veins. Adrenaline and excitement merge in a tantalizing crash and rockets through my nerve endings. In a few moments you’ll be as deep within me as you physically can be and it’ll be more than enough.

Your hand snakes it’s way beneath my jeans into my underwear and it’s met with the wet evidence of my arousal for you. My mouth drops into a silent “O” as you circle my clit then plunge your fingers deep inside me without any resistance from my eager pussy. You set a pace that instantly has my hips rolling up to meet your digits that move in such a delicious rhythm that I’m about to loose it right here and now. My hands cling onto your neck and arm desperately as pleasure continues to slam it’s way through my system tenfold and assault my senses.

You leave my hungry lips to kiss your way down my neck and over my aching breasts. I arch up into you, thrusting my chest forward, wanting you to soothe the ache that’s causing my nipples to harden to the point of being uncomfortable. I feel the upward pull of your lips against my skin, finding my impatience humorous, as you move a hand to hold one breast before you as you paste your hot mouth to it. Your tongue swipes over the beaded pebble with precision and I arch into you further, a contended moan leaving my mouth.

Your fingers are still thrusting in and out of me as your thumb works my slippery clit. I feel like I’m being pulled apart. The simultaneous pleasure between my thighs and under your mouth switching diligently between both of my breaths has me quickly losing touch with reality. You release my nipple from your mouth with an audible pop as you resume your trail downwards.

You look up to stare into my eyes as you stop your movements to remove your hand from my jeans and take your fingers covered with me into your mouth. I watch with wide dark eyes as a jolt of electricity lances from my clit to the muscles deep within my pelvis. Heat burns my cheeks and a sheen of sweat rises across the back of neck. In one simple suck of your fingers you’ve rendered me into nothing more than lust incarnate.

You make quick work of my jeans and panties before shoving my legs apart again to bracket your thick shoulders and before I have the chance to process it your fingers are buried inside me once again and your open mouth covers as much of my pussy as it can. The belief that the pleasure I felt earlier was insurmountable is obliterated as you flick your tongue greedily against my clit and around your fingers lapping up my juices. I want to scream. I want to shatter the sound barrier and pierce our eardrums with the sharp snap of my voice. You’re eating me alive and I’d willingly let you consume all of me if you choose to do so.

“Fuck you’re gonna make me cum” I manage to strangle out of myself as my shoulders leave the mattress and my hands pull your face further into me.

I’m conflicted with using my legs to put you into a literal headlock and trapping you there or splaying myself wider granting you further access. I can hear the squelch of your fingers pistoning into me. I can feel hot arousal seep from me onto my inner thighs. I can feel it slide off of me to fall to the sheets beneath us. I can see it coated onto your cheeks as your mouth ruts against me and the ache inside me is now a tsunami and I can feel it like a livewire shock every part of me.

My breathing is reduced to sharp hot pants and my hips are grinding into your face of their own accord. You suck my clit into your mouth and run your tongue across it repeatedly. My fingers grip your hair harshly and I can feel the strain of the tension in my neck and shoulders. Every muscle in my stomach is taught and the dynamic between us has shifted from you eating me out to me using your face to fuck myself on. The crescendo of the pleasure in me hits an all time high and I break into chorus.

“Fuck. Fuck. elvankent escort Fuck,” I hiss out, “I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck I’m cumming baby don’t stop. Don’t stop. Oh fuck I’m cumming!”

My voice breaks off into a high pitched squeal and I don’t even recognize the sound I’m making. If I had the ability to think I’d be embarrassed at my lack of decorum but I can’t even begin to be bothered right now. My back is bowed off the bed as the weight of my head is thrown back into the pillow. My mouth is hanging open in a silent scream as the atom bomb that explodes from the junction of my thighs radiates out to the tips of my fingers and toes, shaking every muscle violently before I fall back into the bed limply.

“Fuck Baby,” I whisper out as I pull on you up to me, “C’mere.”

I can taste myself on your lips as my tongue swipes against them before I close my mouth over yours. The friction of your jeans against my over-sensitized clit causes me to gasp as I scrunch my eyes and pull my mouth away from you. I can feel you hard against me and I realize we’re not done here yet. You rock into me again and it causes me to wrap my still trembling legs high up on your waist. I hold you to me with my arm wrapped around your shoulders. I’m literally clinging to you. I’m rooting myself to you in the hopes of not getting lost to the thrum that’s still fluttering through me.

I feel your hands unzip your zipper and I reach mine down to help you push them off but before I can your hands halt my movement. I pause and wait for you to clue me in on what’s going on. I’m confused to say the least. Before I can ask you answer my nonverbal question.

“Not this time,” you whisper out slowly with your forehead leaned down against my chin.

In a flash you pull your jeans down just enough to free your thick cock and you make a quick swipe of your tongue against your palm gathering moisture there. You reach down to run it over the head of your dick lubricating it. Without further hesitation you angle yourself to my entrance and slide home. Your harsh entrance knocks me off balance as I’m thrown back onto the bed.

“Uhnngg…” I moan out placing my hand against the headboard to stop myself from colliding with it.

You set a furious pace and you’re hitting me in all the right places. My lungs are on fire and I’m trying to force air into them. Your hands are gripping my ass to hold me against you as your hips rock into me over and over. I can hear the snap of our pelvises roughly connecting with every forward thrust you make. Each time you withdraw I can feel the pull of your dick leaving my pussy and it leaves me feeling momentarily empty.

My moans ricochet off the walls like gunshots and your answering grunts fill the space left around us. My body is screaming for release and I want to launch myself into oblivion. I’m overwhelmed with sensation and you’re unrelenting with the swivel of your hips as you dip down to thrust into me further. My orgasm is hurdling towards me and I know I can’t take much more.

I move my hips so that my knees rest against your shoulders. The way I’m tucked beneath you now has your dick grazing my cervix. It’s an agonizing mix of pleasure tinged with the smallest trace of pain. The sting of it is being drowned out by the furious pulsing of my clit as your pelvic bone grates against it. I can feel myself squeezing you tighter and tighter like a vice clamped around you and my body takes up its previous trembling as my muscles fight their release.

“Just a little longer baby,” you bark out from the crook of my neck, “be a good girl for me. Don’t you dare cum yet.”

I could cry. I could cry from frustration. I could cry from the intense pleasure you’re igniting in me. I could flail my arms and legs in a full on tantrum because now I know you’re going to end my existence right here.

“Please,” I unashamedly beg, “Please. Please. Please.”

It’s not even a question at this point it’s a plea. It’s a mantra I’m panting out over and over. I’m not sure anymore if I’m asking you to let me cum or if I’m begging my body to hold on for just a little longer like you’ve commanded me to. Or is it me trying to bargain for mercy with the ache that you’re pounding into me.

I’m absolutely soaked. I’m leaking all over you. I wasn’t even aware I could be this wet. I didn’t know it was physically possible for etimesgut escort this much want inside me to manifest as a flood that’s coating the front of your thighs now too.

“I can’t,” I announce on a cry, “I can’t. Please baby. I can’t. “

Everything in me is quivering. My nipples are taught as they scrape against your chest and I can feel the burn of it radiating through them. The muscles of my arms and legs are strained and overworked where I cling to you like a life preserver as I’m lost in a sea of pure need. What final traces of rational thought I still do have are fragmenting and I’m not even a physical body anymore. I’m sex personified, my every existence being wiped clean from the slate of history. You have to feel it. You have to know you’re killing me one thrust at a time.

“Ah fuck that’s it cum for me,” you instruct like a benevolent God.

The huskiness in your demand is my undoing and something snaps inside me. A loud scream leaves my lips and every part of me is pure energy. Everything flashes white behind my eyelids and my throat is hoarse and sore from my cries. Everything curls inwards and my pussy spasms with an intensity that threatens to push you out of me. My nails dig into your flesh beneath my fingertips and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if I’ve drawn where they rest.

My orgasm feels like it lasts hours as my body is wracked with the waves of it. I feel like a ragdoll being thrown around and I think maybe this is actually it, I’m dying at your hands. Your mouth. Your hips. Your cock that’s draining hot cum into me in thick spurts that match the final thrusts of your hips.

The weight of your body crushes me as you lay limply on top of me. I can feel your chest matching the heaving in mine. The puff of your breath against the side of my face causes the sweaty hair there to move and tickle my skin. I’m finally returning back into my body from what I’m positive is the Astral plane. I’m wrecked and delirious and my senses have all blended together.

“Fuck Mrs. Green,” you grate out against the skin of my neck.

“Didn’t I tell you not to call me that in bed?” I tease letting out a chuckle, “knock it off.”

“Yeah and what are you gonna do about it?” You admonish against my closed eyes.

“Mmm…too tired…” I barely get out loosing my battle with sleep already.

“Hmmm Mrs. Green?” I can hear you laugh, “Earth to Mrs. Green…”

My skin tingles and my chest is rising and falling steadily as I’m snapped back into the present as your voice cuts through the scene playing across my mind. You’re looking at me from across the counter and that sparkle in your eye intensifies.

“You’re All Set Mrs. Green,” you say with that megawatt smile of yours.

“Thanks Ricky,” I respond in a tone I hope sounds normal enough to not give away the breathiness I can feel lacing it, “How’s school going, almost done with the semester?”

“Finals week as we speak Ma’am,” you reply in a tone that sounds too sweet to be coming out of your mouth.

“Please don’t call me Ma’am I’m not that much older then you!” I feign pain in my chest as I clutch my hand to it, “I’m only 31!”

You let out a chuckle that lingers in your eyes as you look at me. I return your gaze and a brief moment passes between us. I can feel the heat rise in my cheeks again and the oxygen is being sucked out of the air slowly. The pulse between my legs returns full force and all the effort I’ve just put into calming my heartrate and libido down has gone to shit.

“I’ll see you later Ricky,” I shoot you a quick goodbye as I grab my bags off the counter.

“Later Mrs. Green,” you smirk and call out to me.

I roll my eyes as I walk to my car, removing the clicker from my jeans to unlock the door. I throw my bags haphazardly into the passenger seat. The white plastic of them crunches as they land and I hope it isn’t my eggs being smashed. I climb into my seat, shutting the door with a loud thud as I put on my shades and rev the engine into life.

The warm breeze of the afternoon floats in through my open window as I travel in the direction of home. The ring that adorns the finger on my left hand catches the light and it reminds me my role in this quiet suburban neighborhood. It reminds me of my husband who’s probably buried balls deep in his secretary right at this moment. I smile to myself as I cruise along and think of the obscurity of it all. I smile to myself because I would indeed be seeing Ricky later. Ten o’clock can’t come soon enough.

And if you’re curious to know, although this story is rooted in fantasy Ricky however is indeed a very real person. Happy continued reading Lovers??

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