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The Camera Never Lies Ch. 03

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The coffee shop was practically deserted when Sara arrived; a fact that was just fine with her. It wasn’t company she needed, it was a quiet place to think. She took a seat in a booth as far as possible from the counter. A bored waitress took her order and then left her alone.

The past week had been a nightmare for her. First she had found out that her own daughter had been sleeping with her husband. If that wasn’t bad enough, her daughter had then planned to drug her and film her in a compromising situation in order to force her to keep her mouth shut. Who could ever have imagined something like this happening to her in real life?

The worst part, however, was that she had allowed herself to be filmed. She had averted being drugged thanks to an overheard telephone conversation and had set up her own camera to film the two of them conspiring together. Everything had worked exactly like she planned except for one little hitch. Well not exactly “little” she thought sardonically. She sipped her coffee, thankful for the warmth it seemed to spread through her body.

She hadn’t stopped it from happening. She had ample time and opportunity to stop things from going too far but she didn’t. Instead, she had let herself be filmed having sex with her husband and daughter at the same time. Not only that but she had enjoyed it. There wasn’t any point in lying to herself, the truth was evident to anyone who might see the film.

She had deluded herself at the time with the idea that she could claim that she had indeed been drugged and unable to stop it. That was bullshit and she knew it. The next day she had looked at her film taken with the spy cam she had purchased. It was all there for anyone to see.

Yes she had proof that her family had conspired against her and yes she also had proof that they had attempted to drug her. That was self evident to anyone but so was something else.

Once the sex had started Sara had proved to be a poor actress. At times she had appeared to be woozy and out of it but more often than not she appeared to be clearheaded and eager for what was happening. She had participated willingly in incest.

Even now, conflicting emotions engulfed her. She felt shame and guilt over what had happened, that was true. And yet..and yet..

Sara closed her eyes and held her coffee mug tightly. She had become so sexually aroused that night, making love to her husband while her daughter, just barely eighteen, participated and in reality orchestrated the whole thing. Mindy’s presence had awoke feelings in her that she had never even knew existed. Even now, a week later, the very thought of that night was enough to get her blood pounding and her pussy dripping.

Shit! What is wrong with me she wondered. I’m just as guilty and perverted as they are, evidently. The only difference between them and me was that I at least know that it’s wrong, she reasoned. Her daughter was a horny out-of-control teenager and her husband was a weak willed typical man who thought with his cock and not his brain. Not to excuse them but she recognized their weaknesses. Her behavior was inexcusable however.

That wasn’t the worst of it. The next day, Mindy had told her, point blank, about what had happened. She had even showed her a part of the film that the two of them had made. Sara had been stunned at the lack of emotion that Mindy had exhibited during this conversation. She even seemed to be enjoying her mother’s humiliation.

“Mom, nobody’s ever going to see this ok? As long as you keep quiet about it we can go on just like before. The family stays together and I go to school and you and dad go to work and no ones the wiser. Please understand that daddy and I still love you and we want to make this work.”

“You’ve got to be kidding, right? Just like before? You’re blackmailing your own mother after screwing your own father. How can you possibly think that things can ever be as they were? Are you delusional?”

Sara noticed a cold, calculating look from Mindy.

“Because they are mother! If I send this film to certain people you’ll be fucked! I’ll send it to your boss and to social services or whatever they call it and maybe even to the police. Who do you think they’ll believe when they see the two of us together with daddy? When they see us sucking his cock and fucking him?”

“My god Mindy. Whatever happened to you to make you treat me this way?” Sara felt herself on the verge of tears.

Mindy’s face softened somewhat.

“Mom, I’m not trying to steal your husband or anything. I love you, I really do. I’m trying to keep you from making a bad mistake is all. I promise you, it’ll all work out. You’ll see.” End of conversation.

The next few days had been uneventful. Mark had tried to talk to her on several occasions but Sara had rebuffed him each time. She had noting to say to this man who had failed her when she needed him most.

For her part, Mindy seemed just the same as always. Sometimes bubbly, sometimes moody: a typical teen. Nothing further had been mentioned illegal bahis about “that night”

Sara finished her coffee and left a small tip. It was Monday so that meant that Mark would be working late. She and Mindy would have the place to themselves. Probably Mindy would eat a quick dinner and then disappear into her room or go to a friends house to do god knows what. Well…

When she walked from her garage into the house she got a surprise. The table in the dining room had been set and the morning’s dishes had been washed and put away. She couldn’t understand…

“Hi mom!” Mindy walked up to her with a big smile and kissed her on the cheek.

“Hello,” Sara said tentatively. ” What’s with all this?” she asked, gesturing towards the table.

Mindy smiled happily apparently in one of her bubbly moods.

“Mom, I know the past few days have been kinda rough on you. I thought…well I wanted to make it up to you.” She giggled mischievously.

“Mindy, you can’t..”

“Shhh!” Mindy giggled putting her finger against Sara’s lips. “Yes I can! Come with me mommy.”

Mindy took her mother’s hand and led her to the stairs. Sara followed obediently. What in the world did she have in mind Sara wondered?

Mindy led her to the master bedroom door which was closed.

“Now close you eyes and no peeking mom.”

“Mindy, I’m a little tired for all this mystery. Can’t you just…”

Mindy shushed her again.

“Just do what I tell you mom ok?” A slight trace of annoyance had crept into her voice.

Sara sighed but thought it best to let this game of Mindy’s play out. What in the world could she be thinking? She closed her eyes.

“Ok Mindy, let’s get this over with. Lead me on.”

“Yeah! That’s the spirit mom.” She took her mother’s hand and Sara heard the door open. Mindy walked into the bedroom, leading Sara behind her. After a few steps they stopped.

“Ok mom you can open your eyes now.”

Sara opened her eyes. She was standing just a few feet from the bed, her own bed in fact. In the bed, lying propped up against the pillows, was a blond shaggy haired boy about Mindy’s age. He smiled up at her.

Sara was so startled that she took a step or two backwards. For a moment she was speechless. This was the last thing she had expected to find.

“Mindy! Who is this and what the hell is he doing in my bed?” She was flushed with anger. She felt her fists clench at her side.

Mindy laughed and bounced unto the bed next to him.

“Isn’t he cute mom? This is Frankie, Gina’s brother.” She bent forward and gave him a kiss on the lips.

“What the hell is he doing here, in my bed?”

“Waiting for you mom.” Mindy smiled as did Frankie.

“Waiting for me? What are you talking…” Suddenly Sara had a thought, which she pushed from her mind immediately. She stared at the both of them in stunned silence. No…no way. She took a step backward.

Mindy smiled. “He’s my present to you mom. Wanna see what he’s got for you?” She pulled back the covers that had been covering Frankie’s lap. He was naked from the waist down. His cock was erect and stood straight up and pointing at her, his legs sprayed wide apart. Mindy reached down and stroked his balls while smiling at her mother.

Sara exploded. “All right! That’s enough! I want the both of you to get the hell out of my room. Now goddamn it move!”

Mindy smiled at Frankie. “Gimmie a minute, we’ll be right back. ” She jumped out of bed and grabbing her mother’s hand she dragged her into the master bathroom and closed the door behind them.

“What the hell is wrong with you Mindy, bringing a boy like that into my home and putting him into my bed? Are you crazy?”

Mindy rolled her eyes in exasperation.

“First of all mother he’s not a ‘boy”, he’s 20 years old. Second of all, I’m trying to be nice to you.” She smiled. “And he’s a good fuck. We can both do him if you like. Like we did daddy.”

Sara felt her heart sink. There could no longer be any doubt about it. Mindy was sick. The very thought of sharing a young boy with her proved it. Why it would be crazy, it would be…” The word hot popped in and out of her mind quickly. No… She stood stock still just shaking her head in disbelief.

“You’ll really like it if you just give it a chance mom. Besides, I promised him.”

“You promised him? You promised him that he could fuck your mother? Why in the world would you ever think that I would…”

“Because if I have to, I can make you do it.”

“What?” Sara’s mouth literally dropped open.

Mindy’s face grew cold and hard again.

“If you don’t, I’ll use that movie of you and get you in trouble mom. Real trouble!”

“I don’t believe it. I don’t believe I just heard you say that. What kind of a daughter would pimp out her own mother?”

“I’m not pimping you out mom. Jesus! It’s not like he’s paying me or something. It’s just that I owe him a favor and I thought I could kill two birds with one stone. You know, pay him back and make things illegal bahis siteleri right with you.”

“Make things right with me? Is this how you think you can make things right with me? By having one of your little friends fuck me?”

Mindy laughed. “Why not? He’s a real good fuck mom and he thinks you’re hot for an older woman.”

Sara thought the top of her head would explode then.

“For your information young lady I may be older than you but I’m not an old woman.”

“I didn’t say old woman mom, I said older woman and I said he thinks you’re hot. Did you see how hard he was? That’s from thinking of you.” She smiled.

“I bet you’d like some nice cock from someone besides daddy. Someone who’s really hot for you. Why don’t you give it a try mom, daddy won’t know.”

“My god you’re serious about this.”

“Yes I am.”

“And if I don’t go along with this?”

Mindy shrugged. “Who knows where that movie could end up.”


“Tell you what mom. I’ll warm him up for you. You just come out and watch for a minute or two. Maybe you’ll get in the mood, who knows?”

“I don’t fucking believe this.”

“Come on mommy,” Mindy giggled taking her hand. “Let’s go.” She started to pull Sara towards the door.

Sara tried to protest but the next thing she knew she was being led into the bedroom. I can’t do this, she thought, there’s just no way I can allow this to happen. But she didn’t stop Mindy from leading her onward.

Frankie looked up at them.

“Christ I thought the two of you had gone to sleep or something.” The covers were back over his lap but Sara could see the sheet tented out from his cock. A shiver ran through her body.

‘Mom’s gonna watch for a few minutes Frankie, ok?”

“But I thought…”

“Relax, everything’s cool.” She slid into the bed next to him while Sara sat on the farthest corner away from them and tried to avoid looking at either of them.

Frankie looked uncertainly at Sara but Mindy turned his head towards her and kissed him, slipping her tongue into his mouth.

“Umm,” she moaned.

Out of the corner of her eyes Sara watched her daughter attack Frankie. As she kissed him, Mindy slid her hand under the sheet and began stroking his erection. Frankie slid his hand under Mindy’s t-shirt and began caressing her breast.

Sara suddenly felt warm and uncomfortable. Was this room always this hot?

Frankie pulled Mindy’s t-shirt up and over her head and tossed it on the floor. Sara noticed her daughters nipples were hard. Frankie bent forward and took one of them into his mouth.

“Oh yeah Frankie, that’s good, do that” Mindy held his head tight against her breast and smiled at her mother.

Sara could hear sucking noises and Mindy’s moans. Against her will she felt her own nipples harden. No! This couldn’t be happening. Not here, not now.

Mindy wiggled her finger at her mother, urging her to come closer. Sara shook her head no. Mindy pulled him from her breast and kissed him deeply and then pushed him back unto the pillows.

“I’m dying for your cock Frankie.”

“Help yourself baby. You know where it is.”

Great line, Sara thought mockingly, “You know where it is.” In spite of herself she silently giggled.

Mindy swept the sheet back. Frankie spread his legs so that both of them could see his erection. Mindy laughed.

“Look mom. Isn’t it nice! So hard already.”

“Yeah and your daughter knows what to do with it too.”

“Yes I do.” She took it in her hand and began gently stroking it’s length. The head was dripping a few drops of pre-cum already.

“Umm” Mindy moaned. She bent forward and gently licked the head of his cock. Frankie closed his eyes with pleasure.

‘Ohh, that’s nice baby!”

Mindy smiled and let his cock slide between her luscious lips and into her mouth. Her hand stroked him as she slowly began sucking it.

Oh my god, this is really happening Sara thought as she watched her daughter suck Frankie’s cock. I can’t believe it. She knew she should probably run from the room but she was glued to the bed, watching her daughter. Her pulse was racing out of control and she felt herself getting wet between her legs.

Mindy pointed to a spot closer to her on the bed and without even thinking about it Sara obediently moved closer to them. Mindy smiled at her.

“Stroke him while I suck it mom.”

Mindy reached out and grabbed her mother’s hand and placed it on the base of Frankie’s cock. Sara felt another jolt as her fingers touched the boy’s cock.

Oh god it was so wrong what she was doing, but what choice did she have? A part of her knew that she did have choices but that part was fading from her conscious mind quickly as her fingers wrapped around the base of his cock. God, his cock was so hard and felt so good.

Sara watched as Mindy’s head bobbed up and down in time to her sucking. Almost involuntarily her hand began stroking him in perfect rhythm to her daughter’s sucking.

Shit, her daughter canlı bahis siteleri looked sexy with his cock in her mouth, Sara thought. She was a natural born cock sucker and Sara wondered who had taught her to do that.

Frankie tentatively reached out and touched Sara’s breast. Sara felt her nipples stand up instantly and though she knew she should pull away, she remained right where she was. His fingers began probing more assertively when she didn’t pull away.

She felt him start to unbutton her blouse then. One, two and then three buttons opened and his hand then slipped inside and under her bra.

She let out a small moan as his fingers found her nipple and began to play with her.

“Your titties are a lot bigger than Mindy’s. Take your blouse off and let me see them.”

“Yeah mom, show him your tits,” Mindy mumbled, her mouth still full of cock.

I can’t, I can’t, she thought even as she was unfastening the remaining buttons. Her blouse soon was on the floor and Mindy was behind her unfastening her bra. She felt it slide off of her and then she was topless.

“Ohh, nice. Mindy, you were right about her tits.”

Sara was taken aback with the idea that at some point her daughter had been describing her tits to her boyfriend. That didn’t last long as Frankie began rubbing his hands softly on her breasts. Ohh, that felt so good, she thought.

Mindy laughed. “Don’t be shy Frankie, suck em for her.”

Frankie reached up and putting his hands on her shoulders, pulled her to him so that her breasts were over his face.

“I don’t think I …” Sara mumbled as Frankie brought her swollen nipple to his mouth. He ran his tongue over it’s tip and then slurped it into his mouth. The feeling was electric and Sara moaned.

Sara looked back at Mindy who smiled up at her as she sucked his cock. She felt Frankie’s mouth all over her titties, switching back and forth from nipple to nipple. The room seemed to swim around her as if she were on some sort of dizzying ride at an amusement park. This however, was a ride of pure passion, one that was threatening to engulf her completely. She knew that she had to stop this now before there was no turning back.

“No…No.. stop. Stop right now. I can’t do this. I…” She tried to get up from the bed. Mindy, however, had other ideas.

Mindy grabbed her mother’s shoulders and pulled her down toward her. Before Sara even realized it was happening, she was lying across from her daughter with Frankie’s wet, throbbing cock between them, just inches from her face.

Mindy stroked Frankie’s cock and held it out towards her mother.

“Come on mom. Don’t tell me you’re not dying to suck this cock. Umm, it tastes sooo good.” She sucked on the head for a moment and then licked up and down it’s length. Smiling, she held it out to Sara.

“Suck it mom!”

Sara felt herself lean towards his cock but was just barely able to stop herself before it met her full lips. No…no…her mind told her in one last desperate attempt at reason. Don’t do this!

Mindy reached her arm around her mother’s head and pushed it forward. Sara felt Frankie’s cock brush her lips and she could smell him now, that heady, man smell of excitement that she knew only too well. Almost before she knew it she felt Mindy give her one last push and Frankie’s cock slid into her mouth.

Frankie moaned with pleasure as Sara took him in. Mindy giggled and began stroking the base. Sara’s last bit of resistant faded as the taste of hard cock filled her mouth. Slowly, she began sucking him, using her lips and tongue to excite him even more. God, he tasted good. She forgot her circumstances and began concentrating on pleasuring him and by extension, herself as well.

“Ohh mommy,” Mindy laughed, “you really know what you’re doing. That’s it suck him. Suck that cock!”

Sara glanced in the direction of her daughter and saw her silently mouth the words “See, I told you” to Frankie. Mindy then sat up and pulled her shorts and panties off and threw them on the floor. Sara could see Frankie’s fingers slide down Mindy’s body and find her pussy. She watched as two of his fingers quickly slid up inside of her daughter and begin sliding slowly in and out. That his fingers were quickly soaked with Mindy’s juices testified to her readiness.

“Ohh Frankie! Yeah! That’s so good. Fuck me with your fingers!” She turned toward her mother who was sucking more eagerly on his cock.

“Come on mom, share that big dick.” She bent forward and pulled it from Sara’s mouth and slid it back into her own. Her head bobbed rapidly up and down on it. After a moment she pulled it from her mouth, gave it a long wet kiss on the head and pushed it back into Sara’s mouth.

“Mom, get the rest of your clothes off. Show Frankie your pussy!”

Mindy’s frank language seemed to just turn Sara on even more. She unclasped her skirt and pulled it off. Then standing next to the bed she slowly pulled her panties down, turning her back towards them so that when she bent down, her ass and pussy was exposed to him.

“Oh shit, look at that,” Frankie laughed. “Nice!” he reached out and Sara could feel his hand exploring her there. When his finger slid over her pussy and found her clit, she thought that she might explode.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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