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The Briefcase Ch. 02

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Arriving at her floor, she stepped out into a long, nicely-lit hallway. Following the signs, the arrows below the room numbers pointing the way, Jessica felt tiny nervous knots curling in her stomach. Her heart thumped at a rapid beat, approached the door, taking one long deep breath. The keycard sliced into the slot releasing the lock as she turned the knob. Her anticipation was felt at the edges of her fingertips, as she pushed the heavy spring-hinged door open.

“Hello,” she paused. “…Anyone here…?” Jessica walked slowly, spotting a flat screen tv hanging from the wall, as she entered the room. A round table was placed in the corner of the room with two chairs pushed under it. A black briefcase was closed, lying in the center of the table with the same silver chain wrapped around its handle.

Jessica walked toward the table. A king-size bed was filled with pillows, the comforter pulled down and a tray of food sat near the end of the bed. It had been filled with an assortment of different fruits, cheese, and crackers.

“…Hello?” Jessica called again, setting her case down on the table and then turned, seeing a door. Left open a crack, a small light sliced across the carpet from beyond the door frame.

She walked across the room, passing the bed. Placing her fingertips to the panel of the door and she gave it a small push. The door swung open slowly until it met with the wall behind it. A large, garden jet-tub filled with bubbles sat in the center of the bathroom with a large glass window surrounding it. The steam that filled the window blurred the lights from the city.

“Close your eyes.” The soft and sexy voice of a man.

Jessica jumped, startled beyond belief and started to turn.

“No, no. Don’t turn around yet. Just listen to what I have to say.” His soothing tone only calmed only part of her body.

“I’m sure you have a million questions. But, first let me tell you that you are safe. Even though you’ve never met me, nothing will happen without your consent. If for any reason you feel that you are not safe or wish to end this meeting, you may walk out at that door at anytime.” His voice began to soothe her racing heart.

“I’m your client for tonight.” He inhaled deeply just to the side of her ear. “Are your eyes closed?” Jessica’s hair shifted, giving her goose bumps as he spoke softly into her ear.


“Open your mouth.” He paused, “Its okay, you’re very safe.” He said, reassuring her once more. Jessica opened her mouth, feeling a large lump in her throat.

The scent of a strawberry reached her nose first and then the cold berry finally came next, barely touching the edge of her lips.

“I bet you’re hungry. Take a bite.” His pampered voice moved to the other ear, as her hair moved slightly from his breath, dusting the top of her shoulder.

Jessica took a bite filling her dry mouth with the sudden burst of flavor. “Mmm…” her mouth watered, gushing with saliva, as the juice moistened her tongue. She stood motionless feeling the presence of his body behind her. She listened as he finished what was left of the strawberry while his arm slowly wrapped around her waist.

“Okay, open your eyes.” His embrace softly squeezed her body against his.

Jessica opened her eyes. A small bowl of strawberries was held out in front of her, resting in the palm of his hand. His other arm embraced her, keeping her snug against his body and she smiled, taking another one for herself, savoring another bite.

Never before had a single embrace felt so deep. With a light grip to her hip, he slowly turned her body toward him. “There weren’t any strawberries on our tray.” He chuckled softly, staring down into her deep brown eyes, the bowl of strawberries still hovering behind her back.

Ohh… mmm. Jessica almost purred, feeling the immediate attraction as their eyes met.

He stood in a suit with no tie. His shirt was unbuttoned and lying open against his muscular chest. Jessica looked down at his bare feet and laughed inside, thinking he went hunting for strawberries without shoes. Her eyes explored the slacks he wore and they reached the outline of a hidden button behind his waistband.

“All for me …?” Jessica exhaled, wondering over his torso, her mouth ajar trying to find the right words to say next.

“Where would you like it….?” he winked, resting his hand at her waist, pulling the bowl of strawberries between them. He plucked a strawberry from the bowl, engulfed it, taking it right down to the stem. Jessica watched his mouth sucking it in illegal bahis behind his lips. “…On the bed or in the tub…?” A seductive grin curled the corners of his mouth.

Jessica inhaled deeply. His voice was alluring which added to his blue bedroom-eyes, and the hot crawl-all-over-me, wanton body standing before her.

“…Maybe I should help you make your choice.” He left her standing there, wiggling in her high heels, and trying to speak.

Standing next to the bed, he made a space for the bowl of strawberries and set it down into the tray in the center of the bed. He turned back toward her, sliding his black jacket from his well-formed arms and laid it on the bed behind him. His eyes never blinked as he grabbed the edges of his white, button-down shirt, pulling it free from his shoulders.

Seductively he wet his lips with his tongue, as Jessica watched him turn and pick up the tray, walking back toward her. He knelt down to set the tray down in front of her feet and then looked up at her, rising from his bent knees. Jessica fiddled with the material on her skirt, watching him get closer and closer to her. He reached for her chin, rubbing the pad of his thumb over her bottom lip. He smeared the last of the strawberry juice that remained there, studying her thinking eyes.

“Whatever you decide is fine. But, after a long day, I’m thinking the tub is the best choice.” He dragged his index finger across her bottom lip until it trailed off.

Jessica sucked in a breath and turned slightly, as he strolled into the bathroom towards the tub without a backward glance. She heard the sound of his zipper and watched as his slacks slid down over his tightly formed ass, the black boxer briefs he wore pulled along behind them.

He stepped out of them, tossing them to the chair that sat against the wall only a foot away from the tub. He walked up the steps to the tub, a slow step at a time. His beautiful uncovered body flexed with each movement he made while stepping down into the hot bubbling water.

Jessica stepped out of her heels and left them where she stood, outside the bathroom door. She bent down and grabbed the tray of food with both hands and walked through the door, as she set the tray down at the large end of the tub.

“Ah, I see you’ve decided.” He said, turning toward her, the bubbles swirled around his body as he leaned his back up against the large oval-shaped tub.

“I can’t remember the last time I took a bubble bath.” Jessica smiled, as she peeled her jacket off her shoulders and then tossed it on top of his clothes.

Unbuttoning her blouse, she inhaled deeply, each button taking longer than the last, now suddenly aware of the rush to get undressed. I don’t want to forget the way you look at me, she thought, finally removing her blouse.

A white laced bra enclosed the soft form of her breasts, and she released them, dropping the bra at her feet. Her ivory skin had been reddened with the heat of her desire. She unzipped the back of her skirt, drinking in his consuming eyes, as she continued to take off each piece of clothing.

Her skirt hit the floor, which revealed only the white, laced stockings she’d worn. A hint of her soft, brown curls appeared, trimmed just above the pink bud that appeared, peeking from her folds.

She took a step closer, leaving her skirt on the floor behind her. Placing her right foot on the first step to the tub, she placed the palms of her hands against her thigh, rolling down one laced stocking. Slowly down her thigh, over her knee and then down her calf as she stopped at her ankle. Pinching the tips of her toes, she pulled it free, letting it fall to the shaggy rug that covered the floor.

Her left foot then came to the tub, her eyes now filled with fire, as she stood nude before a man she’d never met before. She continued undressing, rolling the other stocking down, and pulling it free from her foot.

“You have an amazingly beautiful body,” he sighed, as she released the last stocking from her fingers.

“Thank you” she softly replied, sitting across from him. Walking up steps, she then climbed down into the water, and the bubbles slid up her body the deeper she sank down into the tub.

“Come here.”

Jessica slowly moved toward him.

“Turn around.” His hot water-soaked hands went to her shoulders as she settled down in between his open legs. “Much better than the bed, wouldn’t you say?” He whispered when her body went limp under his fingers, leaning further back into him.

“Yes, you have incredible hands.” illegal bahis siteleri Jessica exhaled sinking deeper into his body.

“I’m glad you like them. I love giving massages, especially to a body such as yours.” She almost could feel him smiling as his thumbs rubbed the base of her neck.

This is too good to be true. Jessica felt herself relax further, as his hands rubbed between her shoulder blades, pushing her forward. Exploring lower and lower, he rubbed deeply into the small of her back.

“Ohh, that feels good.” Jessica quietly murmured, arching her back. “You’re going to be my favorite client.”

“I think you should hold that comment a little longer,” he said, as he moved to turn her body toward him.

“Why is that?” Jessica asked.

“Because I am your first client and there are many of us in the club,” he answered, pulling her body against him, his hands now slid down her back.

Jessica felt her breasts slide up onto his chest as his semi-hardness touched her tummy, something she hadn’t seen yet.

“How did you know that?” Jessica blushed, wondering if it was obvious that she was new.

“When you get your envelope it will say where and when. But, some envelopes will say, ‘meeting your new/regular client’.” He smiled down into her. “I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it.”

“I guess that all depends on how many clients I meet, doesn’t it?” Jessica grabbed the tops of his shoulders and pulled herself up within inches of his lips.

“Yes,” he said, taking a deep breath.

Jessica pulled him a little closer and then began to slowly kiss him. His mouth opened, inviting her in. She cradled in the squeeze of his arms, the water was heard as it sloshed against the tub’s edge and moved between them.

* * *

Jessica woke up to the scent of fresh sheets. After a few minutes she managed to open her eyes. Her warm, nude body was nestled between the sheets and comforter, as though she’d been tucked in. She looked at the window, partly covered by the blinds. The sun was casting a glow onto the round table, from which the black briefcase gone.

Gone already? Jessica sighed, turning her head to glance at the other pillow. A folded piece of paper was propped up with a small red rose lying next to it. Jessica brushed her hair aside and reached for the folded sheet.


I hope you enjoyed the bath and the massage. I loved the warmth of your body and the way you devoured those strawberries. I had to work early this morning or I’d be looking into those beautiful eyes when you woke up, right now. If you’d like another meeting, use your client cell phone. Dial ‘touch me’ and leave a message. The Document Handler will take care of the rest.

P.S. Leave the key and your signed envelope on the table before you leave. Until the next meeting…


Jessica smiled and then picked up the rose. The sweet scent filled her senses, as she rubbed the petals across her lips, remembering his soft kiss.

Exhausted from work, it had been so hard to keep from falling asleep in his arms, as he melted away the stress of the day with his tender touch. If it wasn’t for the sheer fact that Jessica wanted to know everything that was going on, her passing out would have cut their evening even shorter.

He’d spoken of The Clients and the people who’d crossed his path in the time he’d been a member. His busy lifestyle, like Jessica’s, just didn’t leave enough room for the dating scene. Jessica laughed when he bluntly summed it up, after she tried to keep a yawn hidden.

“I’m just looking for the right warm body,” he’d said.

Finally, when Jessica couldn’t battle her body giving out on her any longer, they had exited the tub and he dried her body under his content eyes. He was careful in the way he placed the towel, avoiding the places she wanted to be touched the most. She wasn’t sure if the first client she met was the one that she’d give into.

Knelt down on one knee, his skin had looked as though it had been burned by steam, still red and wet from the tub’s hot water. He’d looked up into her eyes, his slow and sexy grin made her catch her breath, almost holding it, as he dried off her thighs with long strokes down to her ankles.

He then rose to his feet and picked Jessica up in his arms, carrying her off to bed where he then crawled in behind her. Cradled in his arms, Jessica remembered the sigh of her exhaustion, feeling his warm chest on her back and the healthy heartbeat that tapped against her shoulder blades as she fell asleep.

Snapping canlı bahis siteleri out of her thoughts, Jessica slipped from the warmth of the sheets, and her feet touched the carpeted floor, heading towards the bathroom to dress in yesterday’s outfit. The white, silk stockings were still on the bathroom floor were she dropped them. His stare had been hypnotizing, watching the silky material slowly slide down from her legs. She smiled, remembering the sight and then reached for her skirt that was draped over the back of the chair. She stepped into it and then pulled it up over her hips.

Jessica scooped up her bra that was still lying on the floor next to the base of the tub. She hooked it behind her, grabbed her blouse and jacket and then walked toward the mirror. It’s funny… you look like you had sex. Jessica grinned in the mirror, feeling silly, as she finished getting dressed.

Walking past the mirror, she stepped into her heels and then walked over to her briefcase. Pulling the sealed envelope out, she left it on the table next to the key and took one long glance around the room and then left.

* **

The hallway was filled with people, as she walked toward her office. It was two hours past the time she normally arrived. People glanced at her with curious eyes, as she realized just how on time she’d always been.

“Well, well. It looks like it was a hot date after all.” Sam snickered from beyond her desk. “I don’t think that you’ve ever come in even five minutes late the whole time I’ve worked for you.” Sam added with a wink.

“Nah… no hot date, I had some much-needed sleep.” Jessica brushed her off with a smile.

“And a great couple of extra hours it was… eh?”

“Just what the doctor ordered.” Jessica smiled, turned, and walked into her office.

“Eric called,” Sam said loud enough for Jessica to hear from her desk. “He said something about a new client and that you should buzz him as soon as you came in.” Sam finished, leaning against the counter.

“Thank you Sam.” What now, better not be another choking experience. Jessica sighed, sitting down at her desk, as she picked up the phone and dialed his number.

“Hello?” Eric answered the call in his business tone.

“What’s this about a new client?” Jessica said, tapping her pen against the desk.

“Well look what the cat drug in. Have a hot night?” Eric said with a husky tone.

“Just some much-needed sleep and if I did have a hot night, think I’d tell you?” Jessica sarcastically bit back.

“I’d love to hear your little secrets Jess.” Eric’s tone dropped to a whisper.

“It takes more than a hot kiss to get me to spill my secrets Eric.” Jessica firmly stated.

“Oh yeah? Then I better roll up my sleeves, unless you don’t mind me gettin’ all dirty.” Eric laughed wickedly, knowing that he was pushing her buttons.

“The client, Eric?” Jessica asked, without a comeback. “Oh yes, the client.” He paused, as Jessica heard him looking through papers on his desk. “I had a meeting earlier this morning while you were sleeping…” he chuckled.

Jessica seethed, listening to his teasing tone.

“…and she’s looking to hire you,” he continued. “I let her have one of the extra business cards you gave me. Her name is Rebecca and she’ll be calling you soon.”

“That’s great Eric.”

“Don’t thank me all at once, Jess.” Eric laughed.

“What… you looking for a finder’s fee?” Jessica teased.

“Now you’ve got the idea!”

“I’ll tell you what. Rebecca hires me, I’ll take you out for that drink that you keep buggin’ me about. Deal?”

“It’s a deal!” Eric’s voice spiked in tone.

“Okay, but, that’s only if I get the deposit and she’s officially hired me…” Jessica realized that she needed to be more specific. “…Time to get back to work.”

“I’ll hold ya to it Jess.” Eric paused. “Get to work, you’re already late.” He chuckled, under his breath.

“Yeah, when was the last time you rolled into work late eh?” Jessica teased, replacing the phone to its cradle and then stuck her tongue out at the phone. “Damn him!”

Buzz. Buzz.

Jessica stared at her desk, but her cell phone hadn’t moved. She glanced at her briefcase, where the client cell phone screen lit up in green, vibrating in the pocket. She grabbed it and tapped the message key.

“Please enter your password.” The automated voice said.

Jessica typed in the code on the keypad and listened.

“Your meeting is Friday evening. Press Y and your new envelope will be delivered. Unable to meet, press N and another meeting will be set.”

Jessica looked at her desk calendar; her last Friday meeting was at 3 pm. She pressed the Y and then waited.

“Thank you.” The line went dead and Jessica sat, silently wondering who the new client was.

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