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The Birthday Party

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My wife Susan and I went away for a weekend to catch up with some old friends we haven’t seen for about 10 years, Gavin and Sandy. It was Sandy’s 40th birthday and Gavin had arranged a surprise party. Sandy knew we were coming to town as we were staying at their place, she just thought it was the four of us going out to dinner. We were going down Saturday, it was about a 8 hour drive, staying Saturday and Sunday night, we arranged to take the Monday off work and were planning a leisurely drive home.

Our relationship started strangely, Susan and Sandy were college room mates, I was dating Sandy and Gavin was dating Susan. It all started when Sandy and myself had a big fight, I went round to Sandy’s place to make up and met Susan. Hers and Gavin relationship was an on, off type and at that moment it was off. We sat talking over a few drinks and before we knew it we were in bed fucking. We kept our relationship quiet even after we broke up with our former partners. It wasn’t until Gavin and Sandy announced they were a couple that Susan and I came out of the closet so to speak.. We were very close and the four of us did most things together, until I had to move away for work.

We left early on Saturday getting there mid afternoon, as we knocked on the door it was swung open by Sandy, before we could say anything she grabbed us and gave us a kiss. “It’s so good to see you Steve, Susan,” she said between kisses,” Come in, come in, Gavin’s in the lounge.”

We stepped inside and followed Sandy to the lounge, Gavin greeted us at the door, “Hi Steve,” Gavin said shaking my hand, “Hi Susan as beautiful as ever,” he said as he gave her a kiss.

“You boys have a beer while I show Susan around,” Sandy said as she grabbed Susan’s hand and led her away from the lounge.

Gavin took me to the kitchen, as he handed me a beer he said, “Dinner is planned for 7 at the restaurant, there’s going to be twenty people at it, you’ll know most of them from the old days.”

“Sounds like fun,” I said.

We sat around chatting having a couple more beers before the girls joined us. The afternoon flew by and it was soon time to get ready and go.

Susan lead me to our room, we had an ensuite and as Susan got undressed for her shower I got horny watching her strip off. She went into the shower, as she was washing herself I quickly undressed and got into the shower behind her, my hand wrapped around her body grabbling her tits, my hard cock pressing against her ass.

“We don’t have time,” Susan said.

I wasn’t listening, I was biting her neck and shoulder as my hands massaged her tits, my cock was sliding up and down between her butt cheeks.

“Stop Steve we don’t have time,” Susan said only half resisting, her hand dropping between her legs.

“It’s too late now,” I said as I pushed the top half of her body forward, her hands supporting herself on the shower wall.

She spread her legs wider, sticking her backside out, “Steven Robert Jones you are hopeless,” Susan said with a chuckle, “Now fuck me good since you got me excited.”

I place my cock between her legs, rubbing it back and forward along her pussy lips and clit, my hands squeezing her butt cheeks as I move my cock faster.

“Fuck Steve, shove it my cunt,” Susan always talks dirty when she gets excited and she knows it turns me on. “Put that fucking cock in me now Steve, I want to cum all over it”.

I shoved my cock into her pussy hard, she let out a little shriek, it only took a couple of thrusts before Susan had an orgasm, her body trembling as she came, “Yes Steve, cum in me now, fill me up with your cum,” Susan said, nearly shouting it out.

Gripping her tightly I pounded her pussy, her moans getting louder, I felt my balls tighten and with a grunt I came inside her, this gave Susan another orgasm, her body shaking as my cock throbbed inside her.

‘Fuck that was good,” Susan said as she composed herself, “But we better hurry or we’ll be late.”

We quickly rinsed off, got dressed and went to meet Gavin and Sandy in the lounge room. “Sorry to keep you waiting, I was a bit long in the shower,” I said.

They both smiled at us, “That’s fine, a long shower can be enjoyable at times,” Sandy said.

We ordered a taxi and headed to the restaurant, Sandy was surprised to see the group waiting for her. We had a lovely time, the meal was great, the alcohol flowed freely and it was great just to sit around and catch up with some old friends. We stayed at the restaurant until closing time then a group went back to Gavin’s and Sandy’s. There we continued the drinking and the telling of some tall stories, it was about 2am when the last guest left.

After drinking I’m always horny and I was looking forward to getting Susan to the bedroom for some more fun, Susan was also feeling horny and as we sat on the lounge she didn’t object as I place my hand on her thigh and slide it under her dress. We were still talking and drinking, Sandy was on the other side of me on the lounge erotik film izle and Gavin was opposite.

I assumed everyone was fairly drunk and that neither Gavin or Sandy noticed my hand under Susan’s dress.

Sandy suddenly put her hand on my thigh looking at me, “You know Steve I’m the birthday girl and if anyone deserves a fingering it’s me,” she pulled up the front of her dress, she didn’t have any panties on. Taking my free hand she moved it to her pussy, “Come on Steve, two hands, two pussies, you can do.”

As my hand rested against Sandy’s pussy I glanced at Gavin, he just sat in the chair sipping his drink and smiling. His eyes moved back and forward between Sandy and Susan.

Sandy had started moving my fingers up and down her lips, I could feel the wetness of her pussy as she moved them.

I’ve forgotten about Susan with everything else, I turned to look at her and I see she has pulled her tits out of her dress and was playing with her nipples. My hand movement has pushed up the front of her dress and you could clearly see her pussy as I had pushed her panties to one side as I played with it. She softly moaned as I slide my fingers in and out of her hole.

Sandy meanwhile was still holding my hand and had pushed two fingers inside her pussy and was using them to fuck herself.

Sandy’s nipples were really erect, I leant over taking the nearest one in my mouth and sucking it through the fabric of her dress. When I lifted my head from it she let go of my hand, reaching up she pulled her tit out of her dress, grabbing my head she pull me back down on to it, moaning as my tongue licked and flicked her nipple.

“Oh fuck I’m coming,” Susan said, drawing my attention back to her, I moved my fingers faster in and out of her pussy, her moans got louder, “Harder Steve, fuck my cunt, make me cum over your fingers,” with a shriek she came, her body convulsing with her orgasm.

“Fuck Steve, if you can do that with your fingers show me what you can do with your cock,” Sandy said.

Sandy unzipped my pants, pulled my cock out and lowered her head taking it in her mouth.

Susan had put a hand on Sandy’s head as she kissed me, she grabbed her hair taking control of her head and moved it up and down, her mouth sliding over my cock, forcing me deep into her mouth, she held her head down, my cock buried down her throat, chocking her. I leant over and pulled up the back of her dress, showing her cute bum, I slide my hand up and down her ass, my middle finger pressed against her butt crack. I massaged around her anus before pushing my finger inside her. She let out a small yelp as I entered her up to the first knuckle, I moved my finger in and out of her ass, slowly I pushed it deeper until I reach the second knuckle.

Both girls were softly moaning, Susan fingered her pussy with one hand as she moved Sandy’s head with the other. My finger slide in and out of Sandy’s ass while my other hand played with her nipples. My cock was rock hard and I wasn’t sure if I would last much longer before I blew my load.

Gavin remained sitting in the chair, silently watching the show in front of him.

Susan pulled Sandy’s head up, she kissed her, their mouths locked together as tongues pushed inside. Susan stared into Sandy’s eyes saying, “Let’s feed your cunt some cock.”

Sandy stood up removing her dress, turning around to face Gavin she straddled my legs. She sat on my stomach and brought her legs up either side of my thighs. Susan had moved in front of her on the ground, she had also removed her clothes and leant forward as she squatted holding my cock. Sandy lifted herself up and moved her pussy towards my cock, Susan guided it into Sandy’s pussy as she lowered herself.

Putting a hand on each of my thighs Susan leant forward as Sandy moved up and down on my cock, Susan licked Sandy pussy and clit as she rode me, my cock swelled inside her. Sandy moaned loudly, I could feel my balls tighten, “I’m coming,” I groaned as I came inside her. With my cock throbbing in her pussy, Sandy came, she moaned as her body trembled. Susan licked the base of my cock, slurping up all the cum that flowed over it from Sandy’s pussy.

Sandy lifted herself off my cock sitting over it, Susan moved her mouth to Sandy’s pussy, she licked the cum from around it before locking her lips over Sandy’s hole, sucking and licking all the cum from it. Susan’s attention had Sandy moaning and gave her another orgasm.

Sandy climbed off me, she pulled Susan to her feet and ran her tongue around Susan’s lips before she kissed her. Susan reached down taking my hand, as she pulled me up she said, “Time for bed Steve, goodnight all.” I looked over to Gavin, he smiled at us, Sandy was saying something to him that I couldn’t make out.

Sex and alcohol are always a good combination for a nights sleep, we had a quick cuddle and kiss, both dropping off to sleep.

I was awoken next morning by the sound of the bedroom door opening, looking towards it I saw film izle Gavin walk through the door naked. he walked around to Susan’s side of the bed and climbed in behind her. Susan was lying facing me, she was wearing a nightie but didn’t wear underwear, I liked to sleep naked.

I watched as Gavin’s hand moved around Susan body, pulling the strap of her nightie off her shoulder, he pulled the nightie down until Susan’s tits were uncovered. His hand cupped her tit as he slowly massaged it, he ran his thumb around her areola, her nipple hardened as he touched her.

He pushed down the sheet uncovering her body, his hand moved to her leg, he ran it up and down her thigh, pulling the bottom of her nightie up, uncovering her pussy. He nibbled on her ear as his hand pushed between her legs, she moaned softly as her body rolled over slightly offering her tit to his mouth, her legs opened wider allowing Gavin hand access to her pussy.

I’m lying here watching as Gavin bites Susan nipples making her yelp, his fingers toying with her clit, I listen to her moan with an orgasm. My cock was rock hard as I felt Susan’s run her fingernails along the shaft. I lifted my eyes from her pussy and looked at her face, a smile on her lips and pleasure in her eyes.

Gavin rolled her over facing me, he pulled up the back of Susan’s nightie, his hand played with her ass. He spat on his hand and rubbed the end of his cock, he then spat on his fingers and rubbed Susan’s pussy. Susan leant towards me, kissed me, her hand squeezed my cock, her body tensed, she bit my lip, as Gavin pushed his cock into her ass.

Susan moaned as Gavin fucked her ass, “Fuck my cunt Steve,” Susan says, “I want two big cocks in my holes, pumping me with cum.”

Susan raised her leg, holding my cock as she guided it into her pussy. As I slide into her I felt Gavin’s cock, Susan moaned loudly as she came, her pussy soaking wet as I pushed deep inside her.

As Gavin and I fucked Susan her moaning got louder, the door opened, glancing over I saw Sandy standing there naked, a hand between her legs as she watched, I could feel my cock swelling, Gavin let out a low grunt signalling his orgasm followed by Susan’s shriek I also came. We laid there until we finished coming inside her, as we pulled out Sandy walked over to the bed, “Alright boys time for a little girl only time, off you go and shower, we’ll see you later,” she says as she climbed on to the bed moving between Susan’s legs. As we left the room we heard slurping noises as Sandy sucked the cum out of Susan.

Gavin had a shower first and when he finished I had one, he leant me a dressing gown as my clothes were still in my bedroom. We sat in the kitchen in silence, Gavin made us a cup coffee, handing it to me he said, “Fuck Steve your a lucky bugger, Susan still got it.”

“Your doing alright yourself, Sandy’s still as wild as ever,” I said.

We both laughed.

“I’m glad you came down, Sandy was really looking forward to fucking you and Susan,” Gavin said.

I was surprised when Gavin said this, “She planned it?”

“Probably more the case we hoped it would happen,” Gavin said.

“So you were in on it too then,” I said.

“Yeah, well I was hoping it might happen and that I’ll get to fuck Susan like the old days,” Gavin paused taking a sip of coffee, I suspect waiting to see what my reaction might be. “I enjoy watching Sandy get fucked, there’s nothing better than seeing the satisfaction she gets when someone fucks her in front of me, she’s like a performer and having an audience improves the experience for her.”

I was shocked, I know Gavin just fucked my wife but that somehow felt different to just sitting there watching her get fucked as I fucked her at the same time. “So you let men fuck Sandy all the time and just watch?” I asked.

“Yes,” Gavin said bluntly, “She has an insatiable sex drive but doing it this way is safer to start with and it feels like we are sharing the experience to some extent, plus the sex with her afterwards is unbelievable.”

“And you never join in, just sit and watch like last night?” I asked

“Most of the time, depends on how many men, women are here,” Gavin replied.

Before I could ask another questions the girls walked in, Susan gave me a kiss, slipping a hand inside dressing gown she gave my hard cock a squeeze, looking at me with a smile she asked, “And what have you naughty boys being talking about.”

“Nothing much, Gavin’s just been catching me up on what him and Sandy have been doing,” I said.

“Hmm, I see,” Susan said, “Go get dress we’re going out for the day.”

We had a lovely day out with brunch at a local restaurant, then a drive to a local winery for wine tasting, a light afternoon snack of cheese and cracker with a bottle of wine, Sandy was driving so I bought a bottle for her to try later. Then off to dinner and a show, getting home about 10.

“Alright someone pour a lady a drink, I deserve one for driving you alcoholics around all seks filmi izle day,” Sandy said with a laugh.

We went to the lounge room, Gavin poured some drinks and we sat around chatting for a while. I was in the same position as yesterday sitting between the girls with Gavin opposite. Sandy was rubbing my leg so I suspected Gavin was going to get another show tonight, the idea was making my cock hard. I wasn’t sure if Susan knew about their sexual practices, I haven’t had a chance to talk to her alone all day.

I soon got the answer, as Gavin stood in front of us handing us another round of drinks Susan reached forward and unzipped his pants. I sat there watching as she pulled his cock out, getting off the lounge she got on the floor in front of him, she ran her tongue up and down the shaft of his cock before taking his balls her mouth, I watched her as she sucked on them while her hand stroked his cock.

Sandy stood up, taking her clothes off she walked over to Gavin, kissing him she reached down, taking the head of his cock in her hand. As she massaged it, Susan continued to suck his balls.

I could see Gavin was getting excited, Sandy knew this also, biting his lip she said, “Not yet big boy.” She let go of his cock got on the ground beside Susan.

Susan moved her mouth away from Gavin’s balls, she leant toward Sandy, they kissed. Sandy removed Susan’s top, she didn’t have a bra on, her fingers played with her nipples as their tongues probed each other mouths.

They both then turned their attention back to Gavin, they shared his cock between them. Running tongues up and down the shaft, kissing when they reach the top, hands squeezing the base of his shaft and balls, taking turns swallowing it deep into their throats, pulling it out covered in saliva for the other one to lick off.

Gavin moaned “I coming.”

The girls released his cock, looking up at him they opened their mouths, Gavin took hold of his cock and jerked it, he moved from side to side between the girls, then with a grunt he came, cum shooting out over Sandy’s face and hair, next load into Susan’s mouth and on to her chin, he keep jerking his cock shooting load after load over the girls. When he stopped Susan leant forward taking it in her mouth, she slid it all the way down her throat sucking the last cum of and out of it.

The girls then turned to each other and spent the next few minutes licking cum off each other and sharing it.

When they finished Susan stood up, she was still partially dressed and removed the rest of her clothes as she watched me. Sandy has crawled over to me, I’ve been stroking my cock while watching the girls fuck Gavin, she now took it in her mouth sucking me. I was rock hard and knew it wouldn’t take long until I came, I grabbed Sandy’s head shoving my cock deep down her throat with each thrust. Just as I came Sandy locked her lips around my shaft, her sucking increased as she drew every drop of cum from my cock into her mouth.

Standing up she walked over to Susan, they swapped my cum back and forward with each other before sharing and swallowing it, afterwards they kissed as they fondled each others body.

“Ok boys time for round two,” Susan said, “This morning I had the pleasure of a double cock delight, tonight’s it’s Sandy’s turn.”

Gavin and I were both still dressed, the girls came over and slowly undressed us, Sandy was with Gavin and Susan with me, once we were naked they worked on our cocks getting them hard again.

“Ok stud your ready,” Susan said pushing me back on to the lounge. “Got the lube Sandy.”

“In the drawer,” Sandy said lifting her mouth of Gavin’s cock.

Susan got the lube, squirting some on her hand she massaged my cock with it. Sandy had moved beside her, Susan squirted lube on her fingers, she moved her hand between Sandy’s butts checks she rubbed the lube over her anus. Squirting more lube on her fingers she inserted first one than two fingers in Sandy’s ass, spreading lube inside her as she fingered her, Sandy started moaning.

“Your ready, go ride that cock,” Susan told Sandy.

Sandy climbed over my lap facing away from me, Susan grabbed my cock positioning it under Sandy’s ass, Sandy slowly lowered herself on to my cock, with all the lube it glided into her easily.

Susan turned around to Gavin as Sandy started bouncing up and down on my cock, “Ok big boy bring that cock here and let’s get it ready,”

Gavin’s cock was already hard but Susan still bent over in front of us, giving us a lovely view of her ass and pussy as she sucked on it.

“Right big boy, pussy time,” Susan said moving Gavin over to Sandy.

Sandy stopped bouncing on my cock, lifting her legs up she leant back against my chest, Gavin moved between my legs taking hold of Sandy’s legs. He pushed his cock into Sandy, she moaned as he entered her. As we fucked Sandy Susan climbed on the lounge beside me, she leant over kissing Sandy before moving her mouth to her tits, kissing and sucking her nipples. I put my hand between Susan’s legs finger fucking her pussy.

Sandy moaned as she rode our cocks, I could feel her pussy juice running over my cock as she had multiple orgasms, her body convulsing with pleasure.

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