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The Assistant Ch. 07

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The following Friday night, as Adam and Aimee climbed into his jeep to head back to the hotel, Adam smiled and thought to himself, “This is really coming together.” He and Aimee had worked all day Tuesday and Thursday in their library and had managed to identify many of the documents now held in Los Alamos that they needed to study. This had allowed them to quickly find them. They really had started working as a well-oiled team as well. Aimee would use the computer retrieval system to find the documents, and then she would retrieve them and do a quick read through. If the documents were correct, then she would pass them on to Adam, who would decide if they needed to be digitized. They had made a tremendous dent in the research, in large part due to Aimee’s ability to only pass on the relevant documents to Adam. Adam looked over at Aimee sitting in the passenger seat and smiled. She is going to make a great historian in a few years.

Aimee noticed his smile and asked, “What?”

“I’m very proud of you. You are doing a fantastic job.”

“Thanks,” she said, lowering her eyes in a bashful way.

They drove the few blocks to the hotel and Adam parked next to the front door. As they were riding the elevator up to their floor, Aimee said, “I’m going to jump in the bath and then hit the hay; I’m beat.”

Adam replied, “Sounds like a fantastic idea to me.”

When they entered their suite, Aimee went straight into her room while Adam connected his laptop to the Internet. Aimee emerged from her bedroom dressed only in her green bathrobe and walked directly into the bathroom. For the thirty minutes or so that Aimee was in the bathtub, Adam uploaded all the files that he had generated today onto his secure server in his office. About the time that he was finished, Aimee emerged from the bathroom with her hair wrapped in a towel, wearing her bathrobe, which was tightly tied around her waist and hiding her cleavage. “The shower is free,” she said as she headed into her bedroom.

Adam walked into his bedroom, grabbed his pajama bottoms and his toiletries kit from his bag, and headed into the bathroom. He shaved, showered, brushed his teeth, and headed back to his bedroom. He was surprised to hear that the TV in his bedroom was on, and even more surprised to find Aimee in his bed when he walked into his room. She was sitting with her back propped up against two pillows resting against the headboard, and she was watching a late night talk show. She had the covers drawn up to her stomach, covering her legs and hips, but she was naked above the waist. She was very cute with her large, firm breasts exposed, eyes riveted on the television. Adam wasn’t even sure that she had seen him walk in the room until she said, “I hope you don’t mind me watching TV in here; I couldn’t sleep.”

Since there had been no physical contact between them since their talk last week on their way home from Los Alamos, and since Aimee had not discussed the subject of their relationship with him since, Adam was not sure how to respond to the naked teenager in his bed. He decided to leave his pajama bottoms on and he crawled into bed next to her. “What’cha watching?”

“Oh, some stupid show. This guy sells manure by the pound and some how that is worth a spot on a late night talk show. I’ll turn it off now.” When Aimee switched off the television, the room became pitch black. He felt her flatten out her pillows and then she flipped onto her side, facing away from him, and then backed into him so that they were playing spoons.

“This is very nice,” Adam thought. He placed his arm over her, gently taking her arm into his hand, closed his eyes, and fell to sleep.

When he awoke, he could see the bright desert sun peaking around the edges of the curtains in his room. He was lying on his side, and Aimee was snuggled against his back. He could feel her breasts pressed against him. He rolled over to find that she was awake, her big blue eyes looking into his. “Good morning, sunshine,” she said to him. “I thought you were going to sleep all day.”

“What time is it?”

“Time for you to take those pajama pants off!” She reached down and untied them and then plunged her hand in, groping for his penis. “Wake up little guy,” she said, as she found his flaccid cock. Aimee threw the covers off of both them in one violent move, and crawled down to between his legs. She pulled his pajamas off and threw them on to the floor, and then sucked his dick into her mouth. “I love to feel a limp dick get hard in my mouth,” she said.

She began to pump Adams cock with one hand, while simultaneously moving her full lips up and down his shaft. Within seconds he was fully hard. She then climbed up on top of him, and lowered her hips so that the head of his cock was touching the lips of her pussy. She reached down, spread the lips of her cunt apart, and lowered herself onto his shaft. They both moaned at the early morning pleasure.

“This is a nice way to start the day,” he said, reaching up and fondling her illegal bahis breasts. “You are so amazingly tight!”

She rode up and down on his shaft slowly, rocking back and forth. She lowered her breasts to his mouth, and he sucked one and then the other nipples into his mouth. He could feel the weight of her full breasts on his face.

As Aimee enjoyed the slow fuck, she suddenly began to think about a particular weekend as a senior in high school when she lost her cherry. “Hey, Aimee, are you coming over to spend the night?” Aimee was in the girls’ locker room getting undressed. She wrapped a towel around herself and looked over at her best friend, Jenny. Jenny, who had turned eighteen two months before, flashed a huge dazzling smile at Aimee. She had thick, very blond hair that was pulled up onto the back of her head in a ponytail to keep it dry in the shower. She had big brown eyes set just a little too close to one another, which made her cute instead of stunning. Her large, full breasts swayed as she walked toward Aimee wrapping a towel around herself. She had a narrow waist and narrow hips, but a nice full butt. Aimee’s gaze was transfixed on her thick dark crop of pubic hair, which gave away the fact that the hair on her head was not her natural color.

“Yep. Aunt Michelle said it was okay as long as we didn’t go out.” Aimee fell in step beside Jenny as they walked to the shower.

The shower consisted of one large room containing ten showerheads that lined two parallel walls. There were already six girls in the shower when Aimee and Jenny arrived. The steam in the room made it difficult to see to the opposite end. Each removed their towel, and stepped into the shower. They found two free showerheads along the same wall.

Jenny looked over at Aimee and asked in a hushed tone, “Aimee, how do you keep your pubic hair so short and trimmed?”

Aimee looked around the room to see if the other girls were eavesdropping. She was embarrassed that she had the money from the trust fund and didn’t want the other girls to hear that she spent one Saturday a month at a spa. “I go to Pampered Lady about once a month and get a wax job.” Aimee turned toward Jenny so she could get a better look.

“Ouch!” Jenny screwed her face up and shut her eyes tight to drive home her feelings about the use of wax to remove hair.

“Actually, it only hurt really bad the first time.” Aimee began to lather her body with the liquid soap supplied by the school in the dispensers along the walls. “Plus, I have other things done at the spa as well.” She then thrust her hands out toward Jenny and said, “I get my nails and toes done there, too.”

Jenny leaned toward Aimee to get a better look at her hands.

“Also, I get a massage by Amy, my lesbian massage therapist.”

“No way! You let a lesbian give you a massage?”

Jenny had said that a little too loud and Aimee glanced around the room to find that all the girls were now staring in their direction. She glared at Jenny and quickly replied, “No! I didn’t say ‘lesbian’ girl, I said ‘thespian!’ She’s a starving actress trying to break into the theatre.”

Jenny quickly caught on and said, “I know! I was just shitting with you!”

Aimee reached over and slapped Jenny’s naked butt. The other girls in the room started laughing and returned to their showers.

Jenny mouthed, ‘sorry’ to Aimee and started lathering up her hair.

Aimee and Jenny drove home together after school. After dinner, Jenny’s parents excused themselves to their bedroom on the ground floor of Jenny’s house, and the girls went upstairs to Jenny’s room to watch some on-demand movies with a big bowl of popcorn. By the time the first movie was over, the girls were starting to get a little sleepy, even though it was only about 10 o’clock.

Jenny walked over to her chest-of-drawers and opened the bottom drawer. “Do you want to see my new bikini?” Jenny asked. She pulled the blue and green fabric from the drawer and threw it on the bed.

Aimee picked it up and examined it closely. “This definitely qualifies as an itsy bitsy teeny weenie bikini!”

“Hey. If you’ve got it, flaunt it!” Jenny flashed that dazzling smile at Aimee.

“Let’s see it on you,” Aimee said, throwing the bikini back across the bed toward Jenny.

Jenny pulled her pajama top off, exposing her firm breasts. She tied the top around her middle, and then brought the cups up to her breasts. She then reached behind her neck and tied the strap, adjusting her breasts so that the fabric barely covered her nipples. Her breasts were pushed up and toward the middle of her body, showing off her ample and perfect cleavage. She then untied her pajama bottoms and let them fall to the floor. She pulled her panties to her ankles, stepped out of them, and then pulled the bikini bottom up. She turned around so that Aimee could see her butt, and then spun back around to face Aimee. “What’cha think?”

Aimee examined Jenny closely. The bikini fit her well and showed off her illegal bahis siteleri nice body. The top framed her large breasts, her narrow waist was on display, and her large round butt looked great under the fabric. But, Aimee could easily see Jenny’s dark pubic hair sticking out around the elastic of the bottom. “Well,” she said, “the bikini looks great.”

Jenny added, “But?”

Aimee continued. “But, Jenny, I can see your black pubic hair sticking out.”

“Yeah, I know. That’s why I asked you about your pubic hair in the shower today. But, I don’t think I can stand a wax job. I tried it once on my legs and thought I would die!”

“It’s really not that bad.”

“Says you!”

“Okay. What about shaving?”

“I’ve tried that in the past, but I’ve got such a thick bush that the razor gets clogged.”

“You dummy. You’re doing it wrong!”

Jenny stared at Aimee with a puzzled look on her face. “How can I shave wrong?”

“You’re supposed to use scissors to trim back the bulk of the hair first.”

“What? I am? How am I supposed to see down there with scissors?”

“You are hopeless! Do you have scissors and a new razor?”

“Yeah, I guess.” Jenny opened the top drawer of her desk and pulled out a pair of scissors. “The razor would be in my bathroom.”

“Well, then, come on. I’ll teach you how to do this.”

Jenny said, “Wait a second. Let me get my pajamas back on!”

Aimee replied, “No. Just leave your bikini on so you don’t get your pajamas wet.”

“But, what if my brother sees me walking into the bathroom with you wearing a bikini?”

“Yeah,” Aimee said, “I didn’t think about that. Okay, get back into your pajamas. I’ll be waiting for you in the bathroom.”

As Aimee walked out of Jenny’s bedroom, she looked down the hall and saw that the door to Jenny’s brother’s room was open and that Jason had a friend over. Jason and his friend, Todd, had both graduated from high school the year before and were now working together driving delivery trucks. Both of the boys looked up and stared at Aimee walking down the hall towards the bathroom.

Jason whispered to Todd, “Man would I like to get a piece of that!”

About the time that Aimee scooted into the bathroom, Jenny came out and started down the hall after Aimee. Todd leaned in toward Jason and said, “Dude. Your sister is pretty hot, too.”

Jason replied, “I’ve noticed, man. If she wasn’t my sister I’d totally hit that!”

Todd threw a tennis ball at Jason and said, “Even if she was MY sister, I’d fuck her if I were you.”

When Jenny popped into the bathroom and closed the door behind her, Jason and Todd looked at each other surprised. Todd said to Jason, “What do you think they’re doing in there together?”

“I don’t have a clue,” Jason replied, “but I know how to find out! Come on.”

Jason walked into the hallway and ever so quietly pulled down the stairway to the attic. He turned to Todd, put his fingers over his lips to indicate that Todd should be quiet, and they climbed up into the attic. Jason waited for Todd to climb into the attic, and then he pulled the stairs back up, closing them in the attic. He whispered to Todd, “Follow me, but be really quiet and don’t say a word.”

Jason led Todd to a fixture that was sticking up through the insulation. In the dark attic they could clearly see light shining up through the fixture making a large circle on the roof above them. Jason lowered himself to his knees and then indicated to Todd for him to do the same. He pointed down toward the fixture. It wasn’t until then that Todd realized that the fixture was a fan that vented the bathroom up into the attic. Todd could see that someone had used rubber bands to lift up the metallic flaps of the fan. Todd looked down into the fixture and could clearly see the two girls below in the bathroom.

“Okay,” Aimee said to Jenny, “go ahead and get out of those pajamas so that we don’t get them wet.” Jenny complied and pulled off her pajamas, hanging them on a hook on the back of the door.

Todd looked up at Jason and whispered, “Dude. Your sister has a smoking body.” Todd adjusted the hard on in his pants and looked back down into the bathroom. Jason also developed a hard on, but he was embarrassed that his sister was exciting him so much. “But, hell,” he thought, “it isn’t every day that an 18-year-old hottie shows me her pussy.”

Aimee pulled a towel from the rack and folded it. She then placed the towel on the counter and told Jenny to hop up onto the towel. When Jenny was sitting on the towel, Aimee picked up Jenny’s legs and placed her feet on the counter next to the towel. Jenny was now sitting with her vagina clearly exposed to Aimee, and unbeknownst to her, to the boys with the bird’s eye view. With her legs spread so wide, they could plainly see the lips of her vagina. Aimee picked up the scissors and began to carefully snip away at Jenny’s thick bush of pubic hair. After a few minutes she had cut away the bulk of the canlı bahis siteleri hair.

“Okay, now for the razor.” Aimee reached over to the sink and began to fill it with warm water. She then went to the tub, took a bar of soap and a can of shaving cream, and then returned to Jenny. “Now, we’ve got to make sure the remaining hair is supple before we shave you.” Aimee reached into the sink with both hands cupped together and brought the water over to Jenny’s crotch. In the process, Aimee soaked the sleeve of her pajama top. “Damn. I’m going to get soaked.”

Aimee pulled her pajama top off, exposing her perfect large breasts. The boys in the attic immediately reacted to the sight. They shifted uncomfortably to arrange their hard cocks in their pants. He looked up at Todd with a huge smile on his face. Both boys were wishing that the other one was not there so that he could take care of business with a hand.

Aimee returned to her job, and after thoroughly wetting the remaining pubic hair, she soaped up Jenny’s crotch. The boys could see that Jenny had closed her eyes and that her tongue was protruding slightly from between her lips. Aimee then washed the soap off of Jenny’s mound and then lathered her up well with the shaving cream. When she was done she said, “Now look girl. Don’t move.”

Aimee began to carefully shave Jenny’s pussy, rinsing the razor well between each stroke. After several minutes she had completely shaved the pubic hair from above Jenny’s vagina and had removed all of the hair from around the entrance to her pussy. “Okay,” Aimee said, “we’re almost done. I need to get the hair below your vagina next, but I can’t get to it from this angle. You’re going to have to get up on your hands and knees.”

Jenny looked at Aimee dubiously, but quickly complied. Jenny turned around so that she was now facing the mirror, kneeled on the towel, and lowered her head toward the counter so that her butt was thrust up in the air. Aimee ordered, “Now move your knees apart a little more so that I can see.” Aimee reached up with her left hand and pulled on Jenny’s left butt cheek. She said, “Jenny, grab the other cheek and spread for me.” Jenny reached around and grabbed her right butt cheek and pulled. The boys above got a perfect view of Jenny’s pretty pink asshole.

Todd whispered to Jason. “I know she’s your sister, but I’d fuck her ass so fast right now.”

Jason looked up at Todd and whispered, “Dude. Right now I’d fuck my sister’s ass so hard.”

Aimee quickly dispatched the hair from around Jenny’s butt and pronounced, “Finished!”

Jenny climbed down from the counter and admired her brand new naked pussy. “Nice. Very nice,” she said while moving back and forth in the mirror.

“Okay, now there is one more step to keep you from getting a rash.” Aimee picked up a bottle of medicated baby oil and said, “We have to put this on you.” Aimee squirted a liberal amount on her hand, and reached down between Jenny’s legs and started to apply the oil to her naked vagina. Jenny closed her eyes and laid her head back.

“Is this supposed to feel this good?” she asked.

“Of course it is supposed to feel good.”

Aimee then squirted some more oil in her hand and reached behind Jenny and placed her hand in the crack of her butt. Jenny’s eyes flew open at the unexpected touch, and because her head was laid back, her eyes were lifted to the ceiling. She was mortified to see two faces peering down at her from the fan in the ceiling.

“Oh my god!” she screamed, trying to hide her nakedness with her hands.

Aimee followed Jenny’s gaze up to the ceiling, but could see nothing. The boys had jerked their heads out of the way as soon as Jenny had seen them.


“My brother and Todd were up there watching us!”

“No way!”

“I swear it. They were up there looking down through the bathroom vent!” The girls quickly pulled on their pajamas and ran out of the bathroom into the hall. Jenny pointed up at the attic stairs and said, “Come on! Those assholes are so busted!”

Jenny reached up and pulled the stairs down in one quick motion. She ran up the stairs and found Jason and Todd standing near the entrance with guilty looks on their faces. Aimee quickly climbed up the stairs to join the three of them.

“What in the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Jenny shouted at her brother. “I knew you were an asshole, but I didn’t think you were that big of an asshole!”

Jason knew better than to say anything, and he and Todd just stared at their feet.

“Just wait until I tell Dad what you were doing!”

That got Jason’s attention. “No. Don’t. I’ll make it up to you!”

“How in the hell do you plan to make it up to me, asshole?”

“I don’t know.” Jason turned to Todd for a clue, but Todd just shrugged his shoulders and returned his gaze to the floor. Jason then looked at Aimee for an answer. Aimee just shook her head ‘no’. After a second Jason said, “What if Todd and I get naked for you?”

“No deal!” Jenny was furious. “I was so embarrassed when I realized what you had seen. I feel so violated!”

“Okay,” Jason said, trying to think on his feet as fast as possible, “what if we get naked and let you shave all of our pubic hair off?”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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