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Thanks a Million, Henry T

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“I have to do a bit of shopping.” I told my son Craig, “Want to come along for the ride?”

“Nah, Mom, it looks like rain, so I think I’ll just hang around here.”

I was a little disappointed because I liked his company, but after all he was home to have a break from his university studies, so he was entitled to spend his time as he saw fit. I should be pleased that he had chosen to spend part of his break at home, unlike his sister Cheryl who had told us was staying with a couple of girlfriends. At least I hoped she was with girlfriends. Grabbing the keys to Henry T, I headed for the door. “OK, Baby, I’ll only be about an hour.”

“That’s OK Mom, take your time. I’m a big boy now, I can look after myself.”

There was certainly no arguing on that score. At six feet two inches and nineteen years old he towered over my own five feet five, but I still got a kick out of teasing him by calling him my little boy.

As I settled behind the wheel of the old Ford, I sniffed and grinned. It didn’t take an Einstein to figure out what my son had been up to last night. Not that I blamed him, but I could only hope that he had been more careful than his dad Ben and I had been in the same back seat twenty years earlier. It hadn’t been an old Ford then of course, nor had it yet been christened Henry T, after the founder of the manufacturer. In fact it had been brand new, and Ben had just picked it up from the showroom. It hadn’t taken much persuasion for me to slide into the passenger seat, and we had gone for a long drive. Miles from anywhere, he had pulled over and I had moved willingly into the circle of his arms, just as I had many times when he had borrowed his dad’s car. I had only intended it to be the usual make out session, with a lot of kissing and a little harmless teenage petting, and I don’t know if it was the new car smell or the excitement of a new car, but things got out of hand and almost without realising it we were in the back seat and Ben was popping my cherry.

We had intended to wait until our wedding night, which was only three months away, but now that we had taken the first step we couldn’t get enough of each other. When my father proudly walked me down the aisle, he had no idea that he was also escorting his first grandchild. Over the ensuing months and years, Henry T had become an integral part of our lives, and had been instrumental in maintaining the magic in our marriage. In fact I was certain that both Craig, and two years later Cheryl, had both been conceived on the same back seat.

Of course time and the escalating costs of fuel had taken their toll, and the old Ford had been relegated to the status of standby car, in preference to a more modern model that was more reliable and cheaper to maintain. That is not to say that the old bus was neglected. Far from it, because in addition to me using it for shopping trips, Craig and Cheryl both shared its use whenever they were home. Not to mention that Ben and I weren’t averse to taking the odd spin for old times’ sake. In fact I was pretty sure our son would be shocked if he knew that, only three nights ago, his staid old parents had pulled over in a quiet spot and fucked their brains out in Henry T’s back seat.

The memory set up a pleasant warm tingling in my crotch, but my mood was shattered when the old bus sputtered to a stop. I looked at the fuel gauge and cursed. There had been half a tank before Craig had taken the car last night, so the least he could have done was top it up before he came home. I locked the doors, and with an apprehensive glance at the sky I started on the quarter mile trudge home. It was definitely turning out not to be my day, because not only did it look like I wouldn’t get any shopping done, but halfway home the heavens opened, and by the time I arrived I was soaked to the skin.

Letting myself in I headed for the living room to give Craig a piece of my mind, and stopped dead in the doorway. My son had grown more than I had realised, because he was slumped in the armchair, staring at a pornographic DVD, with his hand wrapped around a very impressive piece of meat. I watched for a moment then tiptoed back to the front door, opened it silently and slammed it before returning to the living room. The DVD player went silent and he was sitting upright in the chair with a guilty look on his face.

He stared at me. “Mom! What are you doing back so soon? I thought you’d be gone for ages yet.” He continued to look me up and down, and I tossed the keys at him.

“I’m back because someone didn’t fill the car up last night, and I ran out of fuel.” I snapped. “And thanks to that someone I got soaked through.” His eyes were still fixed on me and he hunched forward as I added “Now someone can just go retrieve the car and fill the tank. I’m going to shower and put some dry clothes on.”

I went upstairs to the bedroom Ben and I shared, and catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror my jaw dropped in shock. I’d known I was soaked, but what I hadn’t realised was that the rain had made my thin summer dress almost see through, and I blushed almost bursa escort as red as the skimpy bra and thong which were clearly visible through the fabric. Even worse, the chill had made my nipples stand out like thimbles. No wonder Craig had stared! When I heard the front door slam I undressed and stepped under the shower. The warm spray was relaxing, and I closed my eyes when suddenly a thought struck me. Craig had hunched forward in his chair when he stared at me. Surely he hadn’t got an erection looking at his own mother? I shook my head in denial. Of course he hadn’t, he’d been watching a porno movie. It must have been that, right? This brought my mind back to what I’d seen. Telling myself I was only thinking objectively, I admitted he did have rather a handsome tool, but that didn’t mean anything, did it? But if that was true, why hadn’t the warm water made my nipples subside? If anything they were even harder, and the warm wetness between my thighs wasn’t all due to the shower. With a shock I realised that somehow my hand had found its way between my thighs, parting my shaved lower lips, and was now working furiously on my swollen clit. My orgasm was sudden and intense, and I sank to the floor of the shower, trembling as my cum poured from my slit.

Gradually I regained my composure, and riddled with shame I finished my shower and towelled myself dry. As I dressed I started looking for excuses for what had happened, and by the time I finished I had all but convinced myself that I didn’t really fancy my own son. Why would I when I had such a fantastic sex life with his father? It was just that the idea that he had been turned on by seeing me virtually in my underwear had turned me on. This in turn had made him spur of the moment masturbation material, because let’s face it I was already horny after thinking what went on in Henry T. After all I often played with myself whilst Ben was at work, so this was just another to add to my list of impossible fantasies.

Nonetheless, when Craig returned with Henry T, I couldn’t bring myself to meet his eye, so I avoided him by busying myself with preparing the evening meal. When Ben came home all was ready, and I was just finished setting the table. My thoughts were in a turmoil as we ate, and by the time we had finished I had it all straightened out in my mind.

I refused to believe that my handsome son was a pervert, turned on by seeing his mom in her skimpy underwear. Unfortunately this suggested an equally unpleasant interpretation. There was no way I could deny that at least in part, I had been aroused by him seeing me almost exposed, and let’s face it his cock had looked good, so maybe it was I who was the pervert. It certainly sat easier with me to think of myself in that light, rather than think it of my son. I had never considered myself to be immodest, except of course with Ben, but now the tantalising thought of Craig seeing me in just my underwear, without my dress, was making my pussy tingle uncomfortably.

As soon as the dinner things were cleared away, I was relieved when Craig picked up the keys to Henry T, and said he was off out for the evening. The instant I heard the roar of the engine fading away down the street, I sat on Ben’s lap and kissed him long and hard. Within minutes I was leaning over the couch, sighing happily as my husband’s wonderful cock fucked me to an equally wonderful and much needed climax. Three hours and countless orgasms later we fell into bed, happily exhausted and my pussy dripping from repeated loads of cum.

When I woke in the morning I looked back on the sensational time I’d had the night before, and felt confident that the reaction I had had to Craig seeing me in my wet clothes had been no more than a momentary aberration, triggered by my earlier reminiscences in Henry T. No matter how confident I was however, I felt I needed to be sure. After Ben left for work I took a long shower, and not wanting to tempt fate too much I pulled on a pair of brief panties in preference to my customary thong. Selecting a dress ring from my jewellery box, I clenched it in my fist and knelt on the floor at the foot of my bed. Making sure that my robe had ridden up enough to reveal my butt, I thrust my arm under the bed and called out. “Craig! Help me!”

The door opened behind me and in the several seconds of silence that followed, I was sure I could feel his eyes burning into me, especially where the thin fabric cupped my mound, and I got the answer I really hadn’t wanted. Hating myself for the heat that was surging through my loins, and even more because it felt so good, I gave it a few more moments, then called out again, as though I didn’t know he was there. “Craig, come here! My arm is stuck!” There was another brief silence before Craig chuckled and I felt something brush across my bottom – I couldn’t be sure if it was his hand or his shin — and then he was standing astride me. He crouched to grasp the edge of the bed, and this time I convinced myself I could feel his hard young cock pressing against my panty covered ass.

He lifted the end of the bed and I stood up, bursa escort bayan trembling with shame at the beginning of what I told myself was an unwanted orgasm. To cover my embarrassment I opened my hand. “My ring rolled under the bed and I got stuck trying to get it.” I ushered him towards the door. “I need to get dressed. Thanks for rescuing me.” The instant the door closed behind him I threw myself on the bed, desperate to take care of my need. Taking a vibrator from my bedside drawer I pushed it deep into my wetness, thrusting it frantically in and out with my fingertips, and rubbing my thumb against my swollen clit, as my free hand went to work on my tits and nipples. My arousal was heightened by the thought that my son might be in his room, lustily stroking his magnificent tool as he envisioned his mom’s slit capturing his driving rod and milking it of its life essence. Within minutes I had brought myself to a wild shuddering climax, and lay gasping for breath as my toy slipped unnoticed from my sated pussy.

Coming down slowly from my high, I stopped lying to myself and accepted the truth I had been avoiding. From the moment I had stood in my rain soaked clothes and watched my son masturbating, I had fantasised about him fucking me. In my mind I could feel him between my outspread thighs, with his magnificent nineteen year old cock probing and pleasuring his mother’s twat, his mouth sucking eagerly on my stiffened nipples, and his strong hands grasping my ass as he pumped his hot cum into my forbidden depths.

Although I had admitted my perverted and incestuous desires to myself, I wasn’t sure I wanted to act on them. I could hardly approach him and say “Craig dear would you like to have forbidden sex with your mother?” If I did and he didn’t feel the same, I could well end up turning him against me in disgust. There was nothing unusual in a son wanting to see his mother either fully or partially undressed, that was natural curiosity and it didn’t necessarily mean he wanted to get her into bed. It could quite well be that I had only imagined he had stared at me, so any move on my part could end in humiliation for us both, and disaster for me. Even worse, he might be repulsed enough to tell his father, and then I could lose them both, which would be more than I could bear.

However there was no denying that the thought of him looking at me definitely added spice to my masturbation, so maybe I could find a way to explore those possibilities without arousing suspicion. After all that was just harmless fun, and what no one knew couldn’t hurt them. Or me. Having decided, I began to put my mind to it in earnest and by Friday, which was when Ben had his monthly Rotary Club meeting and wouldn’t be home until very late, I had a half formed plan. I lay in bed thinking over my strategy long after Ben had left for work, then I showered, paying particular attention to my twice weekly shave, and wrapping myself in my shortest robe I took a bottle of aspirin from the medicine cabinet. Slipping one pill into my pocket, I flushed the rest down the toilet, replaced the empty bottle in the cabinet, and went into the kitchen to fix some sandwiches for myself and Craig. After we had eaten I made a show of swallowing the remaining tablet. “I hate taking these damn things.” I remarked. “They make me so damn drowsy, but the doctor says I need them. Women’s problems.” I shrugged as he looked at me. “I have a hell of a headache, can you fetch the aspirin for me?” When he returned shaking the empty bottle I gave him a despairing look. “Look hon, will you run down and get some? Please? I don’t dare drive now I’ve taken that pill.”

I grinned with satisfaction when he grabbed the keys to Henry T and disappeared out the door. So far everything was going according to plan. Taking a seat on the couch I turned on the TV and waited. When I heard the car returning I arranged my robe to show a bit of cleavage, and a generous amount of bare leg, then leaned back with my eyes closed.

“Got them Mom.” When I didn’t respond, I felt the cushion beside me sink as he sat down. “Mom?” He nudged my shoulder. If I kept still maybe he would be tempted to sneak a look at my boob. “Mom?” Another nudge, and then I felt my robe being furtively inched aside. I cautiously opened one eye to just a slit, and my juices started when I saw the look of awe on his face as he gazed raptly at my exposed breast. ‘I’ll let him look for a couple of minutes until I get worked up’ I thought, ‘then I’ll ‘wake up’ and go into my room and really get myself off’.

In theory this was the perfect plan, but he caught me unawares by cupping my breast and tweaking the nipple. This was further than I had wanted to go, but it felt so good that I decided to let him continue for a few moments before going to my room and giving myself the best orgasm ever. As the saying goes, ‘The best laid plans, etc.’ The ‘few moments’ stretched out to a few more, and then a few more when he uncovered my other boob and took my puckered bud between his lips. ‘Omigod!’ I thought ‘My son is sucking my tits and I’m doing nothing to stop escort bursa him!’ He took my hand and I felt him wrap my fingers around his cock. My eyes flew open and I tried to pull my hand away. “Craig! What are you doing? I’m your mother for Chrissake!”

He squeezed my fingers tighter around his shaft and started to move my hand up and down its length. “Please Mom, I have to. You’re so fucking sexy I can’t help it. Please do this for me. Please.” I had to admit his tool felt so snug in my palm, and what he was doing to my tits was sensational, and against my better judgement I lost my will to resist.

“You know this is so wrong on so many levels.” I told him, grasping his shaft firmly. “Just this once and never again, understand?”

“OK Mom.” he panted, releasing my hand as I began to stroke. He watched my fist for a few seconds, then tugged at the belt of my robe, but I pushed his hand away.

“No Craig, this is bad enough as it is. I can’t let you go any farther.”

“Please Mom, let me see your pussy.” I shook my head vehemently, and he looked at me pleadingly. “Please Mom, it’ll make me cum quicker.”

I sighed in capitulation. “OK, but only if you promise not to touch.” Even as I said it I knew I was asking him not to do what I suspected I secretly wanted him to do, and that if he tried I would do nothing to stop him.

He grinned in delight and opened my robe exposing the whole front of my body. Pushing my knees apart he stared at my hairless slit. “God Mom, that’s fucking beautiful!” he gasped. I was so horny by now that I no longer had the will to prevent him doing anything he wanted, and I moved my hand faster in a desperate bit to stave off the inevitable, to avoid crossing that line into forbidden territory. To my immense relief, he tensed and a long string of thick cum shot out across my belly. Not trusting myself to speak, I rose from the couch and headed for the door. “Mom …..?”

I turned and held up my hand to silence him. “No Craig, don’t say a word. You know what we did was completely wrong, and it must never happen again, understand?” He nodded reluctantly, and I turned on my heel and hurried to my room, where for almost an hour I pounded my pussy with my dildo until I shuddered into satisfied release. I remained in my room for the rest of the afternoon, alternately cursing myself for letting things go so far, and at the same time regretting that I hadn’t gone all the way. Although I was now glad I hadn’t completely crossed the line, and was more determined than ever not to, I was acutely aware that at the time I had been fervently wishing my son’s hard cock was in my cunt instead of in my hand.

It was coming up to five thirty when I dressed and emerged from my room. Craig was sitting on the couch watching TV, and unable to look him in the eye I held out my hand. “Where are the keys? I need to do some shopping and sort my head out.”

He thumbed the remote to turn off the television. “OK, I might as well tag along, and we can have dinner while we’re out.” I really didn’t want company but it would have seemed petty to refuse, so I merely nodded agreement. What had happened had been more my fault than his, because I had flaunted myself and deliberately put temptation in his way. Unsure of what to say, but sure of what he was thinking, I sat silently beside him as he drove to the mall. For an hour we wandered around, until at his suggestion we stopped to eat. I picked moodily at a chicken salad, but he kept up a constant stream of inconsequential chatter, and slowly I began to relax. At about eight thirty we headed to the supermarket to pick up some groceries, and by the time we reached the car park it was dark and most of the shoppers had already left.

After loading our purchases into Henry T, I slid in beside Craig and he turned the key in the ignition. As he nosed slowly forward I felt my eyes drawn to the familiar back seat, and without willing it the memories came flooding back. I stared unseeing out of the window lost in thought, unaware that he was speaking until he laid a hand on my thigh, just above my knee. “Mom?” he said quietly, glancing behind me. I could hear the questioning tone in his voice, and realised we were stopped in a far corner of the almost deserted car park. “Mom?” Now I could not only hear the questioning but I could hear the question. I was painfully conscious of his hand on my leg, and I glanced behind me.

As it had countless times before, Henry T’s rear seat seemed to beckon, drawing me like a needle to a magnet. Everything in me told me I shouldn’t, but I stepped out of the car and opened the rear door. Although I knew what might happen, what was likely to happen, I made no attempt to stop him when Craig pushed me backwards on to the seat, and as he slid my panties down my legs I suddenly felt eighteen again, and about to surrender my virginity, but this time to the sinful incestuous embrace of my son. At the touch of his fingers on my clit I screamed out inside my head. ‘NO! I mustn’t. A mother isn’t supposed to do anything like this with her son! It’s INCEST!’ The dreaded word kept echoing through my head. ‘Incest … INcest … IN cest … In … IN … IN.’ But even as my mind was saying no, my treacherous loins were saying YES, and I freed his cock and guided him to that forbidden place.

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