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Tagline: Neko receives a new program from the cable man.

Author’s Note: Comments and criticism always welcome at my profile.


The doorbell knocked Neko from a nap she did not remember beginning.

“Hello,” Neko said to the short, stocky man on her stoop. He wore a blue jumpsuit and carried a chintzy metal toolbox.

“Hey, good morning,” the man said, stepping past Neko. “Man, it’s freezing outside. Help me with the boots, would you?”

“Sh-sure,” Neko chattered, dropping to her knees on the foyer’s hardwood. The winter air nipped her exposed skin, hardening her nipples until they chafed against her apron.

“Thanks,” the bootless man said. “Now, where’s the main box?”

“Main box?”

For a second, Neko wondered if the man was referring to her.

“The main cable box.”

“Oh,” Neko said. “Sorry, I’ve been . . . scatterbrained lately. I’ll show you.”

Neko felt the man’s eyes on her ass as she led him into the living room. Pale light filtered through hallway windows, and Neko saw a helicopter speed by in the cloudy distance. There were more and more every day. She hoped Phil was home before dark.

“It’s right there,” Neko said, pointing toward the nondescript black cube adjacent the television.

Neko watched the man begin his task with practiced professionalism.

“Can I get you anything?”

“Some coffee would be peachy, doll.”

Neko nodded and tripped into the kitchen, where her crystal-clear platforms click-clack-clicked on the stone tiles. Neko caught a blurry glimpse of herself in the refrigerator door and shivered. She considered donning one of those fuzzy sweaters Phil had bought her at Lucy’s, but that thought was ground away once Neko found coffee beans.

The kitchen cable box functioned perfectly, so Neko watched one of her programs while the coffee brewed.


“Thanks, doll,” the bootless cable man said. He took another sip. “Mmm . . . that’s pretty good.”

Neko stood with one shapely hip cocked to the side and stared into the open cube. She could see its wire jungle exposed to the cable man’s precision instruments.

“Uh . . . can I get you anything else?”

“Huh?” the cable man said. He turned around from his squat and wiped a bead of sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand. “Thanks, I’m good, doll.”

Neko nodded and planted herself in the couch. Her eyes briefly scanned the cable man’s jumpsuit, and she traced the electric pyramid with tired eyes. A familiar feeling of exhaustion coiled around Neko as she settled into inactivity, and sleep slapped her after a few blinks.

“Hey, doll,” the cable man said. He stood over Neko, gently shaking her. “Could you stop?”

“Oh, sorry,” Neko said, rising from her reverie. “Stop what?”

He sighed and looked down.

“Oh.” Neko swiped her slick hands on her black-and-white striped apron before folding them neatly in her lap. Neko’s funky pussy juice smell had begun to permeate the room. She bowed her head and said, “Sorry.”

“Why don’t you go use your bedroom box, babe?”

Neko sighed relief and hurried upstairs. She passed her daughter’s room and poked her head inside, letting her eyes adjust to the darkness before speaking.

“Kathryn?” Neko said. “You okay, sweetie?”

Kathryn’s head rested on stacked pillows while her hands lazily worked her nubile body. Her eyes were glued to kartal escort the boxy boob tube at the end of the roomy twin.

“Uh huh,” Kathryn said, letting her mouth hang open on the last word.

“I’ll be in the bedroom, but the cable man’s here, okay?”

“Mmm hmm . . .”

Neko saw the flashing colors change on Kathryn’s television. On cue, Kathryn’s hands darted to her crotch and began a frenetic finger fuck session. Neko politely shut her daughter’s door, but Kathryn’s moans echoed throughout the house.

She was screaming when Neko reached the bedroom.

Neko flipped on the television at the end of the queen-sized bed, removed her apron, and leaned back on her own pillow stack. Her favorite program was playing. Kathryn’s joyful screams grew distant, but Neko turned up the volume anyway. She wanted the program’s sound to surround her, to bore into her brain.


Phil was quiet at dinner. He seemed a little tense, as well, so Neko sucked him off under the table. Neko on her knees swallowing Phil’s creamy loads when Kathryn asked to be excused.

“Can I go watch television?”

“Now, now,” Phil said after shooting his last pulse down Neko’s throat. “Use your manners, Kitty Kat.”

“Sorry,” Kathryn said. “Please, Daddy, may I go watch my programs?”

“Ah . . .” Phil said as Neko licked him clean. “That’s better. Go right ahead, Kitty Kat.”

“Thanks, Daddy!”

Neko heard Kathryn give Phil a wet cheek kiss before bounding upstairs. Neko polished her husband’s deflating cock and crawled out from under the table. Phil opened his mouth to speak, but shut it as a helicopter spun over the house. He began once it passed.

“Did the cable man come today?”

“Yes,” Neko said. She popped a peppermint out off her apron and into her mouth before slipping into Phil’s lap.

“And he got all the boxes?”

“Uh . . .” Neko said. Embarrassment crept from her belly to her throat, bypassing Phil’s cum on the way. “I think so. Sorry, babe, after he arrived, I went upstairs to watch my program and fell asleep. The box was off when I woke up, though, so I think he worked on it.”

Phil grunted approval.

“Everything okay?” Neko said, pressing the back of one hand against Phil’s forehead. It was cool and dry. “Did I do a good one?”

“Huh?” Phil said. He snapped and pointed toward the fridge. Neko promptly fetched him a cold beer. “Oh, yeah, you did great, babe. Jesus, you’re getting good at giving head. When we first hooked up, you were clueless.”

“Yeah,” Neko said, struggling to remember a time before marrying Phil. It had been a blurry couple of years. “Well, you’ve been very . . . instructive.”

Neko smiled, opened her husband’s beer, and returned to Phil’s lap. Phil’s plate was empty, so Neko occupied herself by kissing his thick neck.

“Hey, can I ask you something?”

Phil gave Neko another grunt of approval followed by a commanding ass pat.

“I don’t know how to put this,” Neko said, hopping out of Phil’s lap. She began clearing the table. “So, I’ll just be direct: did you fuck my daughter?”

Phil shrugged and said, “Ah-yup.”

“What?” Neko said, blushing as she loaded the dishwasher. “When?”

“Last Saturday,” Phil said. He was standing next to Neko as she washed cookware in the sink.

“When I was at my sister’s?”

“Uh-huh,” Phil said. “While you were setting maltepe escort bayan up Celia’s box, cuddly Kitty Kat was getting her box serviced by yours truly.”

“You bastard!” Neko said, faux-shoving her husband. “I can’t believe you did that without me.”

Phil caught Neko’s hand and pulled her in. Neko heard his beer bottle clink on the marble countertop and felt his cold hand cup her ass. His breath smelled like garlic, and Neko used her skillful tongue to push her peppermint into his mouth. Neko’s heart was racing at the prospect of a post-dinner, kitchen-counter fuck, but her hopes were dashed when Phil broke off the kiss and took a sip of his beer.

“Did you watch the new program?”

“No,” Neko said. “Why?”

“It’ll explain things,” Phil said. He gave Neko a quick kiss on the cheek. “I’ll be in the bedroom.”


Neko took the remote and sat down on the couch. She pushed the top button and reclined, resting the black cylinder between her legs. The new program came on when the remote began to vibrate.

Neko never truly understood the appeal of the programs, but she could not stop watching. The plots were simultaneously nonsensical and predictable, and the acting amateurish at best. The only appeal – and the only tangible difference between episodes – was the background music and flashing colors. Otherwise, each series had the same episode format, and each episode had the same three-act structure:

First, there was always an invariably stunning woman with a problem. Sometimes the problem was work stress, sometimes it was a dispute with her husband or boyfriend (or wife or girlfriend, although Neko had only watched a handful of those episodes), and sometimes it was even an existential threat to life on earth, like a super volcano or a collision-course meteorite.

Second, there was always a scene where the invariably stunning woman would attempt to resolve the problem herself. This never worked.

Third, there was always the moment where the cartoonishly silly heroine would break down before her partner, laying bare all of her problems. She would proceed to beg him (or sometimes her) for help. Her partner never failed to resolve the heroine’s issues by fucking her raw and leaving her aching for more.

Roll credits.

So, it came as a small surprise to Neko that this new program featured two heroines: a mother and a daughter. The episode depicted the mother-daughter pair arguing about the mother’s new husband. It then cut to a familiar scene of the mother at work, stressed beyond belief at the mountains of paper littering her office. Another cut to the daughter suffering chronic headaches at college, unable to focus. The final scene showed mommy and daughter dearest breaking down before the stepfather, begging him to help them, and him graciously fucking away their worries.

Neko might have found the whole episode ridiculous were the remote not buzzing away between her thighs while pretty on-screen colors lulled her to complacency. Images and words and light and sound seeped into Neko until every sense was consumed. She could even taste and smell the rainbow swirls as they danced about the screen. Their hidden layers tap-danced across Neko’s hands, popping her knuckles until she gripped the remote with both hands.

The episode repeated, and Neko came at the midway point. The remote did not care, though, and the escort pendik episode looped again and again and again until the credits rolled.


Enlightened, Neko took the ruined remote to the trash can, wrote a note reminding herself to order a box of replacements, and went upstairs.

“Hey, mom,” Kathryn droned. She was on all fours on the queen as Phil slowly fingered her from behind. “We’re watching a new program. Have you seen it?”

“I have, sweetie.”

“Join us anyway,” Phil said.

Neko smiled compliance and discarded her apron, letting it drift neatly on top of Kathryn’s. On the bed, she crawled to her daughter and sighed as Phil slid in a loving finger.

Neko’s new program played on screen. She leaned over to whisper in Kathryn’s ear, and they kissed for the first time as Phil worked their needy holes. Neko found something enthrallingly relatable in her daughter’s hungry mouth.

“Watch the screen, girls.”

Reluctant to break off the kiss, Neko nevertheless obeyed and stared ahead.

“This is a new episode,” Phil said, and he quickened his pace.

“Ah . . . ah . . . oh, Daddy, oh . . . ah . . .”

Kathryn’s shrieking orgasm nearly tore Neko from the rapturous attention-suck that was the new episode. Neko remained focused, though. Besides, she felt her own orgasm building.

The new episode introduced a third woman: the mother’s sister. A third woman was a little confusing for Neko, but it became clearer when she realized the episode was following the classic arc, more or less. The mother’s sister was enduring a prolonged period of self-doubt ever since her boyfriend had left her. She spent all day cooped up in her house, increasingly disconnected from the world. She tried to re-engage, tried to get back out there, but found it soul-sucking. Then, a surprise visit from her sister’s new husband opened her eyes, and a few sessions with the husband’s cure-all cock set the sister right as rain.

Roll credits.

“What do you think?”

“I love – oh!”

Neko groaned as her husband teased her entrance. She had been so caught up in the program she had failed to notice him positioning himself behind her.

“Oh, please, baby,” Neko said. “Please . . .”

“You’re not mad he fucked me, mom?” Kathryn said, rolling on her side and brushing Neko’s hair from her eyes.

“N-no, sweetie,” Neko said. “There’s plenty of Phil dick to go around.”

Phil seemed to agree because he took that moment to push into Neko’s slick snatch. Neko almost collapsed from the sheer ecstasy, but Kathryn steadied her.

“Great!” Kathryn said, and she crawled beneath her mother.

“Oh . . . ahhh,” Neko groaned as the first, mostly-silent orgasm tore through her. She knew a crescendo was still on the horizon and pushed back into Phil with renewed vigor. Then, she saw her daughter’s pussy coming into view.

“You’re so smart, sweetie,” Neko said. “So flexible, too.”


Neko and Kathryn were worshipping Phil’s cock as he lounged on the bed. Neko scarcely noticed the television blaring behind her. A small part of Neko knew its words were still penetrating into her brain, but she let that fall away.

“Oh, hey,” Phil said, taking Neko by the hair and shoving her head onto his cock. His pumps were increasing in speed, and Neko felt a perverse pride at being the one he chose to bless with his seed. “The cable guy’s coming again tomorrow.”

“Mmm hmm,” Neko grunted.

She heard her daughter chirp understanding, then she felt soft lips between her thighs. Her daughter’s tongue swiftly followed. Neko trembled as her final crescendo approached.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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