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Teaching Jenna to Come

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Jenna sat up on the countertop, leaned her head against the side of the refrigerator. Most of the party guests had gone home. A few, childless stragglers were passed out on couches; a handful of people lingered by the pool, passing cigarettes they rarely smoked anymore. The eventing had definitely been a success.

“One of the last one standing, huh?” her sister’s husband, Tucker, asked her as he swayed into the room. “Kids these days….” he trailed off, drunk and pleased with himself.

“Haaa. Kid. Tucker, I don’t know if you noticed, I’m 23 now,” she fired back at him. “Old enough to pay my own bills, raise two beautiful dogs,” she raised her eyebrows, playfully matching his self-satisfied tone. “Old enough to get divorced. I think I’m old enough to drink bourbon on the counter at 3 in the morning,” she teased, raising her glass to her lips.

“Yea, Jess mentioned that was happening. Vaguely. You know, how she does. What’s going on? You ok?” He walked towards her, leaning up on the counter with the clear understanding that they might be here for a while.

Jenna knew Tucker wasn’t perfect, but he did genuinely care for her and their family. He was actually pretty empathetic, more so than her older sister, generally speaking. She lifted herself up and shifted her weight back on the counter. She could be honest with him, but it was still hard to talk about.

“We were just so young, you know? He’s the only guy I’ve ever really been with. And I just kept thinking, there has to be more. There’s only so long you can day-dream about an exit strategy before you have to own up and realize it’s time to make that happen for yourself.”

“Yea, I know what you mean….” He trailed off, sat up a little. “Only guy you’ve ever been with? I don’t believe that for a minute. I’ve seen these guys around you. They fall to their knees and crawl to be near you, even when you were married. Especially when you were married! The last few years have been good on you, Jenn. You’ll be fine. The world is your oyster! Oysters are aphrodisiacs, you know.”

“Haaa!” She tossed a clementine from the fruit bowl on the counter at him playfully. “You know that’s what all women are after, right? A man who knows how to crawl? You’re drunk. Go find me some oysters….”

“That’s on the table, but it’s going to cost you,” He teased. Then, more seriously, “how’d you know it was done? Like what was it that finally pushed you to pull the trigger and call the damn thing off?”

“It just felt like we were always missing each other, you know? We were never on the same wavelength, never making the same plans. I kept waiting for it to get easier. Kept waiting for him to get me. We weren’t even having sex anymore by the end of it. And even when we were, it was always about him. I still think to this day I’ve never had an orgasm.” She stopped, as if aware that she’d divulged too much. This was perhaps not a conversation to have with her sister’s husband, even if he was a friend.

But he just nodded, as if he understood exactly what she was talking about. “Yea. Marriage is not for the faint of heart. I wonder that sometimes. How to tell whether bursa escort you just need to spice it up or whether it’s actually time to call it quits.” He cut himself off, seemingly aware that he was also venturing into over-share territory.

“It’s OK. I’m fresh off divorce. I know how hard it is. To be honest, I appreciate you not trying to give me a lecture or pretend like you’ve got it dialed.”

“Never had an orgasm, though? Shit. That is not going to cut it. This dude must be a moron. But what’s your excuse? Sounds like you need to be doing more making yourself feel good, not less.” He looked at her sideways with a mix of curiosity and disbelief.

She threw another clementine at him. Harder this time, less playful. “I don’t know. I guess I didn’t do a lot of ‘making myself feel good’ before I got married. I was really young, I’m not sure I ever knew how. I was so eager to be with him. To make him feel good. Ugh, that’s paaaaaathetic. Shoot me.” She dropped her head and grimaced.

He scooted closer to where she was sitting, pushed her hair out of her face with his hand and put his other arm around her shoulder. “Hey, it’s ok. It takes a while. To figure out who you are, what you like. I do recommend some self-exploration, though. You gota know what you like before you can tell someone else,” he chuckled.

She rolled her eyes. Empathetic, sure, she thought to herself. But he’s still a man.

“Have you tried? To get yourself off I mean. That might be just what you need. A quarter life crisis, an orgasm spree. It could make you invincible.” He spread his hands in the air as if depicting what all could be hers if she would just learn how to fuck herself.

She laughed and shook her head. “Not in a while. I’ve been so stressed and focused on getting through this divorce. Haven’t had much energy for orgasm sprees, I’m afraid. I don’t even know where I’d begin….”

“That, my dear, depends entirely on you.” He removed his arm from her shoulder and looked into her eyes. “What do you like?”

She met them, startled. “You mean when someone else does it? It’s hard to even think about now, to be honest. I’m not sure…..”

He put a hard on either side of her on the countertop. “How do you like it to start? Do you like to be teased, do you want it rough? Are you into dirty talk?”

She looked up at him with big eyes that conveyed shock, but also something else — a willingness to play.

“Is it terrible that the thing that comes to mind isn’t even sex? All I can think about is that I liked it when Michael played with my nipples. Softly, like over a t-shirt when I had no bra on. Teasing me….” she trailed off, not for the first time wondering where the line was and whether she’d crossed it.

“That’s not terrible at all,” he responded. His voice sounded lower now, and softer. “It’s good, actually. You know what turns you on. Playing with your nipples is something you can definitely do for yourself.”

She nodded, and looked up at him, her head still hung. She looked embarrassed. “Oh yea, doctor Tucker? Obviously I know I can play with own my nipples.”

“OK, little miss bursa escort bayan I’m old enough to get married, but I’ve never had an orgasm. You’re not wearing a bra right now, are you?” he asked her cheekily. “Try it. Show me.”

Her eyes widened. She didn’t realize it had been quite so obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath her night tee. She didn’t realize he’d been paying attention. She could feel her cheeks turning red. But her body was responding, too. And, most importantly, she felt like it was important to prove that she was not actually too young to take care of herself.

With a defiant look on her face, as if she was doing this purely to prove he was an idiot, she brought her right hand up to her left breast. She ran her fingers over her nipple, up and down. It immediately grew hard. She switched her movements to small circles and then gave it a little squeeze before bringing her hand down.

“Good girl,” he said in that same low, husky voice.

It occurred to her that he might be getting aroused by the demonstration. She was starting to feel pretty turned on herself. What was she getting herself into?

“How did that feel? Did you like it?” he asked her.

“Mmmhmmm, I did like it,” she responded. Her own voice sounded lower and huskier now. She was in trouble. “Now what? Nobody comes by playing with their nipples, or so I’ve been told.”

“Play with the other one. Make sure it feels good, too,” he demanded.

She brought her left hand up to her right nipple first, repeating the same gentle motions she’d one on the left. Then she brought up both her hands and played with both at the same time. She’d always loved the feeling of sensation on her tits — hands, mouths… — but she was realizing she also enjoyed having an audience. He was watching her carefully, and she could feel that her clit was starting to throb.

“Now what?” she asked him softly.

“Now you put your hand between your legs. Leave one there, playing with those beautiful little tits. But bring one down to feel the wetness between your legs.”

She looked up at him. This was definitely passed the boundary. But he was right, she was wet, and she wanted it. So, slowly, she did as she was told and brought her right hand up underneath the hem of her night shirt.

She was dripping, wet and warm. She couldn’t remember if she’d ever felt like this. Not that she’d spent a ton of time paying much attention. It thrilled her.

“You know where your clit is, don’t you baby?” he asked her in that same low, husky voice that was driving her crazy. Her husband had never talked to her like this, so explicitly and directly. “You just rub that clit, rub it back and forth, however feels right. You’ll know. Now tell me, darlin, how does that feel?”

“Fuck, T. It feels really fucking good.” And she mover her hand slowly, in small circles around her clit. She wasn’t just telling him that, it really felt incredible. With one hand on her nipple and her other hand on her clit and his deep, sexy voice talking to about her body in a way no man had ever spoken to her before. She could feel his eyes devouring her, moving escort bursa between her tits to her hand, back to peering into her eyes. It was all the encouragement she needed. She threw her head back, running her left hand up and down her tit, down to her stomach. So this is what it was supposed to feel like, she thought to herself.

“You are absolutely incredible in that sexy little top with your beautiful tits and tight ass,” he told her. “If I could I would put all of you in my mouth, swirl you around, those little pink nipples, and that tight little ass. Lick my way around to your beautiful, wet pussy, slowly teasing you with my tongue…”

He seemed to know the effect his words were having on her. She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter. She was so fucking horny, she pulled one of her legs up onto the counter, so she could reach better, and also give him more of a view.

“That’s right, baby. Now bring your other hand down. Mmmm, that’s a good girl, stick that finger into your pussy while you play with that clit. Tell me how it feels,” he groaned as if he too was experiencing physical pleasure.

She’d never put her fingers inside of herself before, and she was startled by how welcoming her warm pussy felt for her fingers. They knew exactly what to do, slipping in and out of her. This felt so much better than any man had ever made her feel. Of course, part of the pleasure was the fact that Tucker was there, watching her and guiding her. “I’m so wet,” she almost whispered. “It feels so fucking good.”

“Mmmhmmm, you know what to do with that pussy,” he commanded her. “Bring your fingers in and out. That’s a good girl.”

She arched her back and threw her head back, moaning as she widened her legs and moved her hands faster. “Mmmmmm, fuuuck me,” she moaned softly, almost to herself. She moved her fingers faster and arched her back on the counter top. She looked over, and she could see Tucker’s hard cock through his pants, throbbing. He was rubbing it with the heel of his hard, but he hadn’t made one move to touch her or cross a boundary.

“Tell me what you’d do to me right now. If you could touch me.”

“You mean after I got done with your tits and beautiful little pussy in my mouth?” he asked. “I’ll pull my hard cock out — do you see that, J? Do you see how fucking hard I am for you? And I’d enter you slowly. So slowly, so I could feel your pussy quiver around me as I enter you. And then I’d fuck you slowly until neither one of us could take it anymore. Then I’d give it to you.”

And with that, she leaned her head back and shuddered deeply, groaned, and felt the waves of sensation trickle through her body.

She sat there for a moment in silence. Then, after a minute, “that was incredible. Thank you,” and she kissed him gently on the cheek, which he immediately felt in his still-hard cock.

She hopped off the counter. “I should go to bed. Clearly nothing good happens after 3:30 a.m.” She turned to go, then stopped and looked up at him. “Our secret, yea?”

“Of course. I’d be in as much trouble as you. I’m going to enjoy thinking about that later, though…”

He watched her as she walked off to go to bed. Delicious. He still hard a hard cock to take care of on his own, but at least he had a really great image to get himself off to. The only question would be how to stop thinking about it once he was done…

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