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Taboo Ch. 03

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Chapter Three

Bonnie’s Story

It had started off a typical Monday morning workout at the gym but then it took quite a surprising turn; it was the day I found out that my mother’s boyfriend wanted to fuck me.

I had always fancied Marcus. He was a decade younger than my Mother at twenty eight years of age and ten years older than me. It was through the gym that my mother had met him. She had decided to get herself toned up and Marcus was the gym owner.

He was exactly what I looked for in a guy, all muscles and shaved head with more than a passing resemblance to Van Diesel. I was quite surprised actually when my mother brought him home because not to sound too mean, she was definitely punching above her weight in the boyfriend arena. Not that my mother is ugly,she isn’t, in fact a couple of my male friends recently commented on how pretty she was for her age which I saw as a bit of a bank handed compliment to be honest.

I was sat at the dining table revising for my English Lit exam when my mother decided to introduce me to Marcus.

“Bonnie meet Marcus, Marcus meet Bonnie.” She was grinning from ear to ear like the proverbial Cheshire cat that had managed to down a litre of double cream and I didnt blame her not in the slightest. As the months passed me and Marcus got on really well and one day he suggested that I too should join his gym.

“Not that I am saying you need it.” He hastened to add, “but just to keep yourself fit and in shape,”

The reality was, I have always been an exercise phobic and couldn’t think of anything worse to do in my spare time, but the chance of possibly seeing Marcus in shorts and a vest flexing his muscles was a great incentive so I bit into the apple of temptation he had offered me with relish.

Before long going to the gym became a part of my routine and I found after a couple of weeks that I did enjoy working out and of course watching Marcus as he trained spurred me on.

So, like I said it was just a boring Monday morning when Marcus started to pay attention to me properly. He got on the rowing machine beside me and started to row as I pedaled along on the exercise bike.

“Are you not at school today?” He asked casually.

“College not school.” I corrected him.

Marcus laughed obviously embarrassed by his faux pas. “Sorry that’s what I meant.”

“I have a lesson in an hour and a half so I just need to do another ten minutes on the bike and then I need to grab escort kartal a shower and get ready.”

“I could do with a shower.” Marcus admitted.”I wouldn’t mind joining you either if I am being totally honest.” He laughed and I couldn’t work out if he was joking or not. Either way my stomach did a tipple over at the prospect of him being serious.

“I might let you.” I said a quarter joking and three quarters serious.

Marcus looked at me and raised his eyebrows. “Really?”

What the hell was I doing? This was my mother’s boyfriend and I was contemplating the ultimate betrayal. I obviously wanted nothing more than to be in a shower with Marcus, feeling his hard toned body pressed against mine, but that would be totally unacceptable.

“No.” I laughed a laugh that sounded false even to my own ears. “I was joking Marcus.”

“Oh, right.” He replied and to my amazement a look of disappointment crossed his chiselled features, it was a look that would play on my mind for days afterwards.

It was after that day at the gym that I really started to fantasise about Marcus fucking me. As my fantasies became more elaborate and my need to have him inside me consumed my every thought, my loyalties dissipated like a snowman under a heavy downfall of rain. It didn’t help that my initial denial to share a shower with Marcus was obviously having the same effect on him as it was on me. I noticed that if he had to pass me in the hallway he would briefly brush himself against me.

Then there was the day he walked into the bathroom when I was in the bath and instead of covering myself up I put my head under the water and pushed up my naked body so he could see what I had to offer. Later when I had dried myself I put my hand on the sink to keep my balance as I rubbed my pussy to orgasm thinking of Marcus’ s cock inside me.

One evening after a night out, my mother and Marcus returned and it was evident that my mother had drank way too much wine, her speech was slurred and Marcus had to practically hold her up.

“I think I need to take her to bed.” Marcus said.

“I’m going to bed too.” I announced, switching off the television. “Night.”

Once in bed, I lay in the dark looking up at the ceiling as I listened to Marcus trying to manouvere my mother up the stairs. He finally managed it and I heard the bedroom door shutting. I closed my eyes and a rush of jealously washed over me. In the adjoining bedroom was my mother lay maltepe escort in a comatose state with a gorgeous no doubt naked Marcus lying beside her. I sighed and turned over, I was burning inside at what I saw was a serious injustice.

Finally I drifted off to sleep when I was suddenly woken up by a movement in my bed. At first I didn’t know if I was imagining it. I convinced myself that I was and tried to get back to sleep but then I felt an arm wrap around me. I turned slightly and my face met Marcus’s in the dark. A thrill as sharp as an electric shock burst through me as I felt his lips meet mine, his hand moving slowly under my pyjama top cupping each of my breasts in turn before his fingers began to expertly play with my nipples causing them to stand to attention, my pussy constricting with longing.

Marcus slipped his tongue into my mouth and I encircled it with my own, the decadence of having my Mum’s boyfriend was turning me on even more because I was being so naughty. Marcus moved his mouth away from my lips and whispered in my ear, his hot breath causing me to shiver.

“I want to fuck you.” He whispered as he moved his hand away from my breasts, his fingers tracing a trail down my stomach until his hand reached my pussy, tenderly he started to stroke it. “A nice shaven pussy, lovely plump lips as well.” He murmured as he ran his fingers across my lips. “Before I fuck you I want to taste you first if that’s okay?”

I nodded in the dark and lay on my back submitting myself readily to him. Marcus moved down the bed as I pushed my pyjama bottoms off with my feet before kicking them off eagerly. Marcus reached the bottom of the bed and pushed my knees to open my legs, exposing myself so his mouth could find me easily. I gasped as I felt his tongue run across my pussy lips moving inside before his tongue found my clitoris. Moving it rhythmically and with expertise it wasn’t long before my legs started to shake as I built up to an orgasm, Marcus’s fingers starting to simultaneously explore inside me. I pulled my pillow from under my head and put it over my face so I could bite into it and quell the sounds of my moans and eventually my cries as I came, I imagined an explosion of juices reaching Marcus’s delectable mouth and the thought only added to the intensity of my orgasm.

As my legs stopped shaking I pulled the pillow from my face and watched as Marcus knelt up in between my legs, is fingers gently opened my pendik escort bayan pussy getting me ready to accommodate him. A strip of moonlight sneaked into my room via a slight gap in my curtains, just the right amount of illumination to allow me to see the silhouette of Marcus’s body, his hard cock protruding and on display. Slowly he pushed the tip of his cock inside me, teasing me as he rubbed it around my hole before pushing himself inside me, filling my every being with his member. He started to fuck me hard pushing my legs into my chest so he could fuck me really deep. The feeling was exquisite. I’d only been fucked once before and that had been a disaster. This however, was as close to heaven I was sure I was ever going to get.

Marcus pushed his hands underneath me so he could grab my buttocks, pulling me backwards and forwards over his cock, faster and faster he pumped himself into me until I felt my pussy release a steady gush of juices completely wetting the bedcovers through. My gushing only served to turn Marcus on even more as he leant over me and kissed me before biting my lip so hard I could taste a tiny spot of blood.

“Oh baby, you love it don’t you? You’re so wet.” He whispered. “I am going to fuck you all night until you are begging me to stop.”

And that’s exactly what he did. Marcus contorted my body into positions I didn’t think were possible until he turned me over and pulled me up by my hips causing me to bite my pillow again as the width and hardness of his shaft invaded my pussy to the hilt. Faster and faster he fucked me and I could feel his balls banging against me as he rode me with a passion I had never experienced until I felt his cock start to pulsate inside me filling me with his hot cum.

Marcus waited as his orgasm abated before withdrawing himself; he pulled me round and pushed me down onto the bed before opening my legs again and so he could suck out our juices with his mouth. Once he was satisfied he had retrieved every drop, he lay his hard body against me, his mouth finding mine. Opening it I allowed him to spit the juices into it before he probed my mouth with his tongue so deep it reached my throat as I swallowed our juices before leaning my head back on the pillow tired but sated.

Marcus lay with me for a while before he told me with a tender kiss that he needed to go back to bed. As he left the room I spent a lazy few moments stroking my throbbing pussy still not quite believing what had just happened. You have just fucked your mother’s boyfriend a voice said in my head and although I knew I shouldn’t have done it, I didn’t think I was going to do it again. However, I wasn’t going to regret the best fuck I had ever had in my life.


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