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Sweet Forgiveness

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Taking a deep breath, Kate stepped from the cab onto the pavement. She looked at the house before her, swallowing hard and checking the number on the mailbox once again to be sure she had the right house. Yep. This was it, all right. She paid the cab driver the fare and gave him an extra five dollars to wait a few minutes until she was sure she had the right house, and that someone was home. He seemed quite happy to do it. He’d been looking for an excuse to stop and eat his lunch, and since it was well past one o’clock, he was more than ready for a short break.

With a white rose clutched tightly in her hand, she climbed the four steps that took her to the front door. As she lifted her hand to knock, she looked through the glass panel in the door, and what she saw made her heart ache with disappointment. Chris, a young man with whom she had been corresponding over the Internet for the past two years, was rotten drunk, slumped back in his chair with an equally drunk, half naked girl in his lap. Several other young men and women were draped about the room, most asleep or still drunk, from what looked to be a party that had lasted well into the morning.

Kate was unsure of what to do next. She had come to the States on business, but organized her plans so that she would have a few days to spend with Chris; since it was all last-minute, she thought it would make a great surprise. With a disappointed sigh, she scribbled her cell phone number on the card, and left the rose on the doorstep, returning to the cab. “There was no one home. Could you take me back to my motel please?”

The cab driver swallowed the remains of his sandwich, started the car, and pulled out into the traffic. Kate took the time to try and get her thoughts together on the way back to her motel. She knew she should not have just turned up out of the blue like this, and she also knew what a party animal Chris was, so why was she so hurt by what she had seen? Perhaps because she realized for the first time that she really wasn’t a part of his life, or perhaps it was because she discovered that even though she loved him over the Internet, she wasn’t his love in the real world. What ever it was, it hurt. She felt childish and humiliated that she could have built up such unrealistic expectations of Chris and his life. The way she had thought he would react to her surprise arrival was sheer stupidity. She truly was old enough to know better, but then, when did an infatuated heart ever know better?

Back at her motel, she headed for the bar rather than her room. Taking a seat, she paid little attention to the few people who sat around chatting, or enjoying a late lunch. Her mind was numb, so many questions racing through it at once that she could not hold a thought for more than a few seconds. She ordered a drink, vodka and orange juice, and sipped it without tasting it.

At twenty-six, Kate was a successful executive working for a major furniture company in Australia. She had been sent to America to attend a conference when one of the other executives became too ill to travel. It was a meeting that had resulted in several major contracts, and had boosted her significantly up the corporate ladder. It also gave her the opportunity to have a short holiday, something that was long overdue. One of the reasons she liked her online relationship with Chris so much was that she didn’t have time in her busy life for a real and physical relationship, and Chris was always there, at the same time everyday, to listen to her problems, and make her feel needed.

Setting down her empty glass, she ordered another drink. No sooner had it been set on the bar than her cell phone began to ring. Unclipping it from her belt, she looked at the number flashing on her screen. It was Chris. He’d obviously found the rose and the card on the doorstep. She hesitated for a moment, then turned off the phone without answering it. She had desperately wanted to talk to Chris, but not like this, not while he was drunk or hangover, and definitely not while she was not in full control of her emotions. Picking up her drink, she asked the bartender to have a bottle of vodka and some orange juice delivered to her room. She was going to do something she had not done in a very long time. She was going to relax.

Back in her room, she filled the spa bath with steamy hot water, added a generous amount of bath salts, and lay back in the bubbles. The water bubbled and foamed, massaging her entire body, washing away all the aches and troubles of the day. She tried not to think about Chris, about kartal escort bayan the scenes she had played out in her mind on the long flight over there, but it was impossible. Leaving the heat and bubbles reluctantly, she wrapped herself in a hotel robe and retrieved her cell phone. The day had slipped away, and it was already six-thirty p.m. Turning on the phone, it instantly began to ring, Chris’s number on the screen once again. She took a deep breath, and answered the call.

“Hello Chris.” Her hands were shaking a little, and her heart was racing. She had always been a woman in control and she was far from comfortable with him having such an affect on her.

“Oh, thank God. Kate where are you? Why did you come to my door and not let me know you were there?” His voice was a little shaky, but it was a voice she knew all too well.

“I’m sorry, Chris. I got to your door, and you were, shall we say, busy. I thought it best that I wait till a better time to come and see you. I should not have turned up without letting you know I was coming.” She was trying hard to make it sound like a reasonable and rational thing to do, leaving the rose and the card like she did. But somehow it was all coming out wrong and she sounded like a real bitch.

“Kate, Baby. You know how I feel about you. I would rather be with you than with anyone else in the world. To know that you are so close, and I am not with you is killing me. Where are you? I need to see you, babe.” The way he spoke, Kate thought he sounded like he was almost in tears. He had always been an emotional and sensitive guy, one of the things that attracted her to him in the first place, and to know that he was upset because of her made her feel awful. She gave him the name of the motel, and the room number, then set down the phone to wait.

Less than five minutes had passed when she began to pace around the room, her nerves getting the better of her. She had to do something to take up the time until he arrived. Setting her laptop on the table, she opened one of the account portfolios she’d been working on and began to look it over. She read half of the first page when she realized she wasn’t absorbing any of it, and had to start again. After five attempts, she gave in, logging onto the Internet instead, and checking her email. Looking over the dozens of pointless emails that had accumulated in the three days since she had checked her personal account, she found one from Chris, and her heart melted. It was just a short note, asking where the hell she had been for the last few days, but it was more than enough to make her smile.

A hard rapping at her door snapped her back to attention. He was there. “It’s open.” She was worried that if she tried to open the door herself, her legs might betray her and she would lose what little control she had.

A moment later he was before her, looking into her eyes from the inside of her room, dropping to his knees and crawling across the carpet towards her. Resting his head on her lap, wrapping his arms about her middle, he snuggled in against her. “Kate, Kate, Kate, can you ever forgive me?”

Running her fingers through his hair, holding him close, she cursed herself for letting her stupidity waste the whole afternoon when she could have spent it with him. “Chris, Babe, you have done nothing wrong and there is nothing to forgive. If anything, I should be asking you for forgiveness for turning up unannounced like I did, it was a silly thing to do.” For some strange reason she felt like crying, though she was not really sure why.

Lifting his head, his dark, curly hair framing his handsome face, his sky-blue eyes looking up into hers, he smiled softly. “Kate, it was the most wonderful surprise of my life. I am just sorry it didn’t turn out like you wanted. I feel like I have let you down in some way not making it happen for you. How can I make it up to you? What dream can I make come true for you?” His eyes began to water a little, and she knew that no matter what she asked, he would do anything he could to make it happen.

Seeing him there before her, feeling him so close, there was only one thing she could think of that would make her feel the way she wanted to feel. Reaching for the belt on her robe, she undid the knot and let the robe fall open. With a small shrug of her shoulders, the robe fell away, leaving her naked and breathless before him.

Sitting back on his haunches, Chris run his eyes slowly up and down the length of her slender form. She was six years older than he was, escort maltepe but to look at her sitting there, no one would have guessed there was any age difference between him and her at all. She had a wonderful body, but more than that, she had a woman’s body, full and matured, not like the girls he had been with. Time had done nothing to spoil the perfection of her beautiful feminine features. If anything, it had made her all the more splendid. The thought of taking her body and making it his was making his mouth water, and his cock grow hard in his jeans.

He moaned softly, lifting her foot to his lips and kissing each of her toes in turn, running the tip of his tongue over her foot, nibbling on her ankles. The simple feel of her flesh, the smell of her freshly washed skin, made him want to devour her like a starving beast. He had waited so long to touch her, to feel her, but he would not allow his own impetuous nature spoil such a wonderful moment. Inch by tender inch, he worked his way up her legs, pausing at her knees to spread them slightly, pressing them against his cheeks and breathing deep the womanly scent that drifted forth to tease his nose. The soft, milky flesh of her inner thighs was like honey to a starving man as he licked and sucked, savoring every moment it was taking to make his journey toward his ultimate goal.

Kate sighed heavily, sliding a little further toward the edge of the chair and willing him to come closer. Every moment he lingered there on her legs, hesitating and stalling, was pure torture to Kate. She wanted him, needed him, and waiting was not something she ordinarily had the tolerance for. But when his eyes met hers, his tongue inching its way towards her aching, throbbing sex, she relaxed back in the chair and allowed him his agonizing slow pace.

Pulling her ass right to the very edge of the chair, Chris spread her legs widely, gazing upon the most perfect vagina he had ever seen. The wetness of her arousal glistened upon her clean shaven lips; her opening expanding and contracting just a little as her panting breath lifted and dropped her tight stomach and abdomen. A low, beast-like growl emanated from deep down in his throat, and he felt her shudder a little in expectation.

Without warning, he buried his face in her soft pink folds, separating her lips with his tongue and pushing it deep inside her. She cried out with the shock of his sudden roughness, grabbing hold of the sides of the chair to prevent herself from falling off. His fingers grasped her thighs, pulling her harder against his face, his tongue lapping furiously at her sweet juices while his nose pressed hard against her sensitive clit.

Kate wriggled and writhed, helpless against his almost primal aggression, swept up in the heat of lust that was surging unchecked through both of them. The fingers of his right hand found her open and wanting, two of them slipping easily into her, filling her hole and teasing the inner walls of her sex. His strong tongue found her clit engorged and erect, protruding like a tiny cock just made for him to suck, and suck he did. Pulling it between his lips, pinching it with his tongue and top teeth, stretching it out and letting it spring back into place, only to suck it back onto his mouth once again.

Kate had never experienced such heat, such brutal lust. Her body was out of her control, Chris manipulating her pleasure every step of the way. It was so new and wild. All of a sudden her body erupted, wave after wave of exquisite orgasmic release sweeping over her. The inner walls of her sex contracted and pulsed around his fingers, squeezing them tight and coating them in the sweet nectar nature ever produced. Pulling his fingers free, he plunged his tongue into her once more, drinking down every drop of her heavenly fluids.

Slowly, her shuddering, heaving body calmed, sliding from the chair and into his waiting arms. Their lips met in a tender kiss, molding together as their tongues shared the juices of his labor and their combined pleasure. Pulling her closer to him, his hands grasping the rounded cheeks of her ass, he whispered into her mouth. “Do you forgive me, baby?”

The soft sound of his voice, the warmth of his body, the heat in her veins, how could she not forgive him? “Of cause I forgive you, but really, there is nothing to forgive. You did nothing wrong. I was just being silly and temperamental, I wanted you all for myself, and I realize now that it was unrealistic. Can you forgive me for being so silly, Darling?”

His mouth met pendik escort hers in a kiss that told her he would forgive anything she ever did. In his eyes she was a goddess, and could do no wrong. Tenderly, he laid her back on the plush carpet, following her down with his mouth still locked to hers in a fiery kiss. His hand ran down the length of her body, caressing the gentle curve of her hip and thigh, delighting in the silky smoothness of her flesh.

Kate moaned softly as his lips left hers and ventured to the side of her neck. Her fingers pulled recklessly at his shirt, burning to feel his naked flesh against hers. In moments it was done, his muscular torso pressed against her side, her fingers exploring his back and shoulders, coming to know every muscle and curve intimately. It was not enough. She pressed against him, rolling him over and partially covering his body with her own. Eager fingers worked at the buckle of his belt and the zipper of his well-fitting jeans. His impressive cock was hard, and pressed tight against the confines of his pants, bursting free when her trembling fingers pushed the stiff fabric down over his hips. He was magnificent. His young body, hard and lean, perfectly proportioned and shining a little with beads of perspiration. He smelled of sweat and spicy cologne, making her mouth water and her body tremble. He was everything she had imagined him to be, and more. Much, much more.

As his hungry lips found her throat, her hands found his erection and clasped it firmly. He gasped a little as she took hold of him, biting and nipping at her throat and upper chest with a little more vigor. She slowly stroked him, taking note of the length and breath of him, cupping his ample balls in her gentle palm. He was every inch a man, and she intended knowing every one of those wonderful inches intimately.

Her nipples, hard and dark, became his next targets. His tongue flickered across the sensitive tips, biting them between his lips, stretching them out, then allowing them to snap back into place. Sucking them hard, taking them deep into his mouth and rubbing his teeth across them, heated saliva trickled down the sides of her well-rounded breasts. As her right hand stroked his cock, her left hand ran fingers through his hair, pulling his face harder against her aching breasts, willing him to consume her.

Passion and tenderness gave way to heated lust, both bodies screaming for satisfaction and release. Rolling her onto her back, pinning her body beneath him, his throbbing cock found her moist, lubricated opening. With a single thrust he was fully inside her, filling her completely with his manhood. His balls pressed hard against her ass as he held himself within her, the hot, tight confines of her pussy threatening to suck the seed from him prematurely. With great effort, he withheld his release, drawing away from her slowly, then thrusting into her once more. Her fingers griped tightly to his upper arms, her nails digging into his well-tanned flesh, her head thrown back as heavy groans of ecstasy escaped her sweet pink lips.

Over and over, he thrust into her, adhering to her call for him to take her harder and faster. Sweat ran from his body, dropping onto her steamy flesh and trickling down her sides onto the carpet. With a deep groan, Chris pushed into her one last time, his cock injecting her pussy with burst after hot burst of seed, her pussy contracting and squeezing every precious drop from him as another orgasm washed through her.

Relaxing his body onto hers, they held one another close as the last of their pulsing passion subsided. Sweat and heat made their bodies stick together, their lips touching tenderly in the afterglow of their lovemaking.

For the next three days, Chris didn’t leave Kate’s side, showing her all the love and passion he had to offer. When Kate boarded the plane that would take her home, it was with sadness in her heart. As she took her seat, and buckled up her seat belt, her cell phone began to ring in her handbag.

Wiping a tear from her cheek, she answered the call she knew was from Chris. “Hello.”

“Baby, I know you have to go right now, and I know that you have a busy life, and a great career, but I can’t be without you. Will you marry me, Kate? I know it won’t be easy, I will have to move to Australia, and get a visa worked out, and all that, but I have to be with you. Please… Kate, will you be my wife?” his voice was shaky, emotional, and honest, and she knew that he was speaking his heart.

“Yes, Chris. Yes.” Laughter and tears of happiness wet both their cheeks as the plane began to taxi down the runway and she was asked to turn her phone off. This time she didn’t mind turning it off, though, because she knew that soon she would be talking to Chris again, and making her vows as his bride.

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