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Sutton Family Stories 05

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Public Sex

I’d sucked my own son off. Twice. That’s not something a middle-class woman ever thinks she’ll be saying. I liked to think I was a good person. I’d been in the PTA when the kids were at school, but when Aiden had stripped off his muddy rugby gear in front of me, revealing his muscular body and thick, hard cock, I couldn’t stop myself. My urge to touch it had been overwhelming. Then yesterday evening, when he was changing the lightbulb and getting hard, it just made me feel so hot that my son was getting an erection just at the sight of me.

It was wrong. It will illegal. But, Christ, it made me horny wrapping my hand and lips round his throbbing cock and tasting his fresh, young cum. I’d pushed him away, telling him I wasn’t his slut, but then I could barely sleep as the image of his beautiful naked body kept playing though my mind. Now I was riding my husband Brian’s somewhat smaller cock for all I was worth.

I wasn’t unhappy in my marriage at all. Brian was a loving husband, but over the years his sex drive seemed to have declined just as mine seemed to grow. Waking him up with my hand in his pyjama bottoms, stroking his dick, had done just the job and then I’d wasted no time in straddling him.

“Shit Sally, you’re so wet this morning, what’s got into you?” he asked as I bounced on his dick.

“Mmm just waking up next to my hot hubbie,” I lied. It was his son I was imagining.

“You’re so hot babe,” he huffed as he bounced himself up, thrusting to meet my cunt as it bounced on his pole.

He did his best, but today it just wasn’t enough. In a few minutes he was crying out, filling me up with his load. I hadn’t cum. And he had to meet his friends at the golf course, so after a quick kiss and a shower, he was gone, leaving me even hornier than I’d been when I woke-up.

What I failed to notice what that Brain left our bedroom door ajar as he left. I was too caught-up in my own lust filled daze to notice, and instead wasted no time in working my own fingers inside me. It wasn’t a cock, but it would have to do. Then I head it. A floorboard creaking.

I opened my eyes. There was Aiden standing in my room, wearing nothing but his boxer shorts, the front of them tenting obscenely.

“Aiden! What are you doing?” I screamed.

“Dad left you hanging, didn’t he Mum?” he replied.


“I woke up early and heard you guys fucking, then I heard him leave and here you are with your fingers buried in your cunt. You didn’t cum yet did you?”

“That’s not really something a son should be asking his own mother,” I replied.

“A mother shouldn’t have sucked her own son’s cock twice, but she did. I think I should return the favour. Let me help you.”

All the time he was talking, he’d slowly been moving towards my bed. My willpower was gone as I looked at those muscled thighs, built chest, and full boxer shorts. He knew what I needed.

In a flash, Aiden had climbed onto the bed next to me. He reached down and cupped my pussy with his hand. A shiver went down my spine.

“There, this is what you need, just a little help, our little secret,” he whispered to me as he slowly traced round my clit and along my slit with his fingers. Before long, he pushed his index finger deep inside me. I groaned, feeling part of him inside me.

“Feels so much better than your own fingers doesn’t it Mum? Your own son’s finger inside your hot, wet cunt.”

“It does, it does,” I replied, “but that wetness isn’t all me you know.”

“I don’t care you’ve got Dad’s creampie inside you still, this is about you and helping you out,” Aiden told me while working his finger in and out of my clutching pussy. He was also rubbing my clit. Who knew I’d raised such a kinky son?

Aiden took his time. I wasn’t the first woman he’d fingered; I could tell. He knew just how to press my buttons. I felt myself climbing towards orgasm.

“Fuck that’s it, don’t stop, don’t stop,” I heard myself crying out. He pushed a second finger in and started working them in and out fast. Then he leant over and kissed me, putting his tongue deep into my mouth. Fuck. I felt myself cumming. It was the orgasm I’d been needing ever since I first saw him naked a week ago.

As I lay there in a post-orgasmic haze, I felt the bed move. Aiden had pulled his fingers out of me and was climbing between my legs whilst pushing his boxer shorts down.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“I’m going to fuck you now Mum,” he replied with assurance.

“But we can’t. I’m your Mum. You helped me out but we really shouldn’t,” I tried to reason with him. What if we got caught? The thought of the ensuing scandal was making my stomach turn.

“It’s our family secret. We’re home alone. No one will find out. You got off, now I need to,” he replied.


“Just let me put the tip in. If you don’t like, I’ll stop,” Aiden told me as he rubbed his rock-hard cock up and down my slit.

“OK, just the trip, just the tip,” I replied. It was a ridiculous bargain but in truth I wanted him. illegal bahis I wasn’t going to take much convincing. Then I felt him push into me. So warm, hard.

He paused with about an inch inside me. “Your pussy feels so good on my dick, Mum, just let me put a bit more in, please.”

We’d gone from the self-assured man to a boy begging his mother. I couldn’t deny my boy what he needed. “Go on then,” I replied, “you can put it all the way in if you want.”

Without hesitation, he pushed until his dick was all the way inside me. He was a bit longer and much thicker than his Dad. My pussy hadn’t been this stretched for years. I needed it as much as him.

“Your pussy is so nice Mum, I never imagined you’d still be so tight, it’s really clutching me.”

“That’s because you’re bigger than your father, Aiden,” I replied and saw his face light up. “You’re really making me feel good.”

“I can’t believe we’re fucking,” he said, as he started pumping in and out of me. “You’re so hot.”

I needed to warn him. “You can fuck me baby, but you can’t cum inside me.”

“What? You’ve already had one creampie today Mum,” he replied, slowing his strokes but not stopping his delicious fucking.

“Your Dad had a vasectomy after George was born. He’s not fertile. I am. Please don’t make me regret this,” I explained.

“OK, OK,” he agreed, “just let me fuck you.” He increased his pace, and I wrapped my leg round him, feeling my son’s big, muscular body as he pushed his dick deep into my willing cunt.

Soon it was a blur of him snogging me, touching my breasts, rubbing my clit and groaning as he used me for his pleasure. The bed was creaking obscenely. “Fuck, fuck, fuck” he was saying. His dick just felt so right inside of me and it felt so good being so intimately connected to this beautiful young guy. The fact he was my son just gave it that extra naughtiness. It was so hot I felt myself climbing towards another orgasm.

“That’s it Aiden, make Mummy cum,” I encouraged him and he wrapped my legs round his shoulders, giving himself maximum access to me. I was impressed with his stamina as I felt an explosive orgasm wash over me. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming”, I cried out. His thrusts became uneven. “Pull out baby,” I reminded him.

Just then Aiden pulled his dick out and I reached up and immediately grabbed his shaft with my hand, wanking it. Within a second, he was shooting his load, a mass of hot cum spraying out all over my abdomen and a few spurts splashing on my tits.

“Mum, Mum, you’re so horny,” he babbled.

I’d done it. I’d fucked my own son, and it felt amazing. Before long I told him to go and get cleaned up whilst I showered and went to make breakfast.

A few hours later I was sat in the living room doing a crossword when the phone rang. Aiden answered it. “Hi Dad,” I heard him say. “Sure, sure, I’ll tell her, see you later.”

He came and sat next to me on the sofa. “Dad says he’s getting lunch at the club house and he’ll see us later this afternoon,” Aiden said.

“OK, I’ll fix up some lunch then”, I told him. “What do you want?”

“You Mum, I want you. That felt so good this morning, I know you enjoyed it as much as me,” he said as he lent in to try and kiss me. I could see his bulge growing in his jeans. I’d forgotten the recovery power of youth.

“Is that so?” I replied. He was right though. I didn’t want him to think he could just use me any time he wanted, but I couldn’t help myself. I returned the kiss.

“This is more fun than a crossword,” Aiden told me, as we started to tear each other’s clothes off. Before long he was crouched down on the floor, with my legs spread, lapping at my pussy with his big eager tongue. It was just what I needed.

“I’m gunna make you cum again, Mummy,” he told me, whilst working his tongue into me.

“You’re such a good boy,” I replied. “Don’t stop”. He was true to his word and before long I was thrashing about on the sofa.

“I want you inside me again, I need it,” I told him. Aiden reached down into his jeans pocket and pulled out a condom. The little bastard must have suspected I’d let him fuck me again. How well he knew me.

“Let Mummy help,” I told him, and took the condom, rolling it down his granite like dick. “Now you can feel what it’s like to shoot your load while my pussy clutches at your cock.” He groaned in response and it wasn’t long before he was between my legs, fucking me like a man possessed.

“Oh yeah, you’re a horny Mum, letting your own son fuck you twice a day,” he told me while giving me the fucking I needed. He’d got my number. Just yesterday I’d never imagine I’d be here, naked on my couch, having sex with my eldest son while my husband had lunch with his golf buddies the other side of town, but life is most exciting when things work out unexpectedly.

Aiden and I were both too horny to last a long time. At one point he licked his finger, then rubbed it around my clit. That was all it took. “I’m cumming, you’re making Mummy cum,” I cried out.

“Fuck, illegal bahis siteleri it’s like my cock is in a vice when you cum,” Aiden hollered out as I orgasmed. “I’m going to shoot my load.” I felt so naughty, making my own son cum like this. I watched him shudder as his own orgasm took hold.

We were both breathless and sweaty as Aiden pulled his dick out of me, my pussy lips spreading around him to the last. The condom was so full, I was impressed. I leant forward and pulled it off his penis.

“Mummy wants a protein shake for her lunch,” I giggled, and then held the condom up so that the contents dribbled out onto my outstretched tongue. Aiden watched me intently as I gulped down his semen.

“I never knew my Mum would be such a hot little minx,” he told me as I drank his impressive load.

“And I never knew my son was such a good shag,” I replied.

By the time his Dad came home, we were respectable again. I was impressed how Aiden switched back to a normal mother/son relationship. Maybe he could be trusted not to give the game away.

Of course, hot sex is addictive. Aiden would try again, and I wanted him to. I didn’t realise it would be as soon as the next morning, but I shouldn’t have been surprised given how high the sex drive of a healthy male in his early twenties can be.

Sunday mornings had always involved a slow start, and I often made breakfast whilst still in a robe, not yet showered and dressed. Before I’d fucked my own son, this had never been remarkable. But now he was seeing me differently.

I was humming to myself while frying some eggs when I heard Aiden coming in. “Morning hun,” I told him. “What do you want for breakfast?”

After the answer to what he wanted for lunch yesterday, I couldn’t claim be shocked when he replied “pussy.”

He was now right behind me, reaching round and mauling at my breasts while grinding his crotch into my arse.

“What if pussy isn’t on the menu?” I replied, trying to keep control of my urges. “We can’t get caught.”

“Dad’s gone out to have his Sunday morning walk to buy the paper,” Aiden replied. “He’s always gone for half an hour.” He certainly knew his father’s routine. “And I’m hungry. You got me worked-up knowing you’re naked under that robe.”

“I just don’t want to get caught.”

“We won’t,” Aiden told me, as he untied my robe, then moved a hand down to my pussy and wasted no time working a finger into me. “I knew you’d be wet, Mum. You’re as horny for this as I am.”

I was certainly getting that way as I felt his erection digging into me. He was reading my body just right.

“I am, just be quick.” I gave him permission. Suddenly he picked me up and carried me over to the kitchen table, laying me on the table. He leaned forward and ran his hands round my tits then reached forward and ran his tongue across my nipples whilst inserting his index finger back into my pussy, then he licked down my body to my needy cunt. “Mummy makes a tasty breakfast,” Aiden told me as he momentarily withdrew his tongue from my pussy lips.

“Mummy needs something more than a tongue inside her right now,” I told him. He stood up and pushed his boxer shorts down, that perfect cock bouncing back into view. “Fuck Mummy.”

And then Aiden was pushing deep inside me again. He wasn’t wearing a condom this time. “Aren’t you forgetting something?” I asked him, looking down to where he was spearing me with his solid, erect penis.

“I don’t have any pockets in my boxer shorts and didn’t think I could just walk into breakfast with a johnny” he replied. “Should I stop?”

He should but it just felt too good. I was surrendering myself to lust and losing control. “You should, but just a bit more, just a bit more.”

Soon he was thrusting into me hard. I felt so full. I needed to cum again. “That’s it son, fuck your Mummy, she needs it,” I told Aiden.

“Your pussy feels so warm, it’s so much better bareback,” he groaned as he thrust in and out of me. I couldn’t stop him now.

“Fuck me, fuck me, so fucking good,” I burbled as I got more and more into it. I was laying on my breakfast table, being used as a fuck toy by my own son, and it was getting me so hot. My legs were wrapped round his waist and I was using them to pull him into me. I could feel his muscular buttocks clench as he fucked me.

“I’m getting close Mum, you just feel so good,” he warned me.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop, I’m nearly there,” I panted back. He couldn’t pull out now. I was so close. He didn’t stop.

“Your pussy is made for my cock Mum, it feels so good in there,” he told me, between groans, as he really pushed into me.

“It’s a perfect fit son, make me cum, make me cum,” I begged. He lent forward and gently bit my left nipple while pounding me hard. I felt myself explode.

“I’m cumming, you’re fucking me so well Aiden,” I screamed.

“I can feel you clamp my cunt Mum, I can’t hold back,” he replied and then I felt it. He was shooting his load deep inside me. And it felt amazing.

“Shit, canlı bahis siteleri sorry Mum, you felt too good,” he said, looking remorseful as he slowly withdrew from me.

“It’s fine, it’s fine,” I told him. “But I am fertile. I love fucking you, but I can’t get pregnant.” What happened next surprised me.

“I’ll help you clean up Mum,” Aiden said, then quickly knelt down between my legs and started sucking at my pussy.

“What? What are you doing?” I asked him.

“We don’t want you getting pregnant, and I’m still hungry,” he replied, then resumed licking and sucking. I had raised a deviant.

I looked down as my own son licked our combined juices out of my freshly fucked cunt. I could only sigh as he used his tongue to maximum effect. I felt myself getting turned on again.

After a few minutes Aiden stood up. His penis was fully hard again. The recovery powers of youth. “I think you’re all clean now Mum, but hearing you moan as I ate your pussy has got me horny again”, he told me.

“Just be quick, your Dad really could be home soon,” I replied. I didn’t even pretend to try and stop him. Within seconds, I was getting fucked on my kitchen table for the second time that morning. This time I sat up, reaching round and holding onto Aiden’s arse cheeks as he fucked me. I was mesmerised by his built, muscular body. So much firmer and bigger than my husband, and he knew how to use his power to work his dick into me. I surrendered to him.

“I can’t stop fucking you Mum, you’re such a hot bitch, I love it,” he told me.

I couldn’t believe it, but I was going to cum again. “And you’re a hot stud, Aiden, you really fuck me well. Keep going. Don’t stop.”

“I won’t. I can tell you’re close,” he said, then started kissing me passionately. Before I knew it, I was having yet another orgasm. I could feel my pussy walls tighten round Aiden’s thrusting dick. It inevitably triggered him again.

“Shit, I’m gunna cum, you feel too good Mum,” Aiden told me. I felt his dick pulse as he painted my insides with his seed again.

We were both panting. I wondered if we’d go through another cycle of him licking his semen out of me again when I heard a key in the front door. “You’re father!” I hissed.

Aiden quickly pulled out of me and pulled his boxer shorts up. I was still wearing my robe and rushed to retie it.

Luckily Brian always takes a while to take his shoes off and by the time he came into the kitchen clutching his copy of The Sunday Times, I was looking respectable again and had resumed work on the cooked breakfast.

Brian sat down at the table where I’d just been fucked twice and started reading the paper. “Something smells good darling,” he commented, blissfully unaware that his own son’s sperm was slowly dripping down his wife’s thigh. I’d need to grab some kitchen towel when he wasn’t looking.

After breakfast, I was glad to shower. Aiden went out to see some friends and I spent the day doing housework while Brian read the paper and then mowed the lawn. The normal way we spent a spring Sunday.

By the time Aiden got back that evening, Brian and I had had a good Sunday roast washed down with a nice red wine. Brian was drifting asleep in his armchair while watching Match of the Day. He always fell asleep after a few glasses these days.

Aiden walked past me to get a drink from the kitchen then walked back by me at the sofa. He lent forward and whispered in my ear. “Sorry about this morning Mum, I couldn’t help myself that second time.”

“It’s fine Aiden, don’t worry.”

“You must have had my load inside you while we had breakfast.”

“I did. I can’t lie, it felt deliciously naughty having my own son’s cum dripping out of my pussy while we ate breakfast”.

“But what about us both being fertile?” he asked.

“I’ll get the morning after pill tomorrow,” I explained.

Brian snored gently from his armchair.

“Maybe we should make it worthwhile you taking that pill,” Aiden said, then licked my earlobe.

Fuck. That fire between my legs was re-ignited.

“Are you horny again?” I asked.

“Yeah, every time I see you, I get stiff Mum. You’re such a sexy bitch, I want to fuck you again,” Aiden breathed into my ear. Brian did seem pretty out of it tonight.

“Don’t wake your father,” I replied. It wasn’t a no.

Aiden snorted, took hold of my hand and helped me stand up, then directed me towards the stairs. He followed me closely behind up the stairs. I didn’t know where we were going but it was good to put a bit of distance between us and his father, just in case he woke up.

“I can’t wait to get inside you again,” Aiden said as we got to the top of the stairs, then pushed me over into a bending position. I reached out to grab the banister and stop myself falling. He wasn’t in a mood to mess around, clearly and forcefully tugged my tracksuit bottoms and knickers down together roughly. I heard him unzip his flies and then he shoved his cock deep into me, all the way in with one hard thrust.

“Mummy needs her son again, doesn’t she?” he whispered into my ear, bending over me. I’d always enjoyed dirty talk during sex, but it was something Brian wouldn’t do. He said he just couldn’t take it seriously. Aiden didn’t seem to share his Dad’s hang-up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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