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Surreptitious Love Ch. 43

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“I can’t keep that money!” was what Tina texted me right when I got home after the role-play at the hotel with her. Tina had told me that she wanted to dabble in occasional prostitution in Saigon, where she was attending college, and so we had done a little trial-run, where I pretended to be the suitor. To make it more real, I had paid her after fucking her twice.

I wasn’t completely comfortable with her plans to offer herself to strangers but I didn’t feel like berating her, either. Last week at the hotel, I had been somewhat callous at points, so that she would get a realistic impression of what might happen to her should she really follow through with her plans.

Ironically, her mother had lectured her about the dangers of sex in general the same evening, as if she knew what Tina was up to. Generally, Tina was under rather tight supervision from her mom, so we decided to escape to the beach for one whole day. Tina needed a chance to become clear if she really wanted to pursue a career as a part-time hooker to replenish her purse.

As Tina had admitted that she didn’t own a swim suit, our first step was to go shopping. The day we went, however, she got her period including some cramps, so that we postponed the swimming and just went for coffee after we had found a suitable beach outfit for her. As she had returned the money from our hooker-role-play to me, reiterating that she by no means wanted to keep it, I bought her the light summer dress that she had kept looking at in the store. The dress was actually important as, even in 2020, young women couldn’t just wear a bikini at the beach.

After browsing the stores, we had gone to a café, where Tina first told me everything about the dramatic break-up between our mutual friend Tuyet and her boyfriend, as well as Tina’s own efforts to find a spouse. We also discussed the pitfalls of working as a hooker again, of course, and Tina conceded that she would only try to hook up with an unsuspecting tourist once or twice a month and only ‘if he looked really nice.’ Oh, well. She did say, however, that she loved our role-play and that she wanted to do something similar again the following week. Eventually, Tina also shared some details about the conversation about sex that she had had with her mother. Apparently, her mom had said something along the lines of ‘Be careful with a penis!’ which made both of us laugh whole-heartedly. I facetiously offered to tell her mom that Tina was ‘quite careful with a penis’, but then we left it at that.

Three days later, I picked her up at her place to go to the beach. We both waved at her mom, who was standing outside their house, seeing us off. Tina had told her that I was going to teach her how to swim but, of course, her mother knew what those lessons were all about. On the other hand, Tina was 20 now and, obviously, needed to find her own way through the maze of sexual desire, experimenting, and relationships. As keen as I was on going to a hotel after the beach, I also insisted that being able to swim was essential.

Tina had never sat on the back of my motorcycle but she was doing well. She continually leaned forward a bit and had her face near my ear. I could also feel her small breasts pressing against my back as she had wrapped her arms around my waist. We, basically, talked the whole time while we were still driving through town. She told me a little more how she had felt during our suitor-and-hooker role-play and divulged some more details about her love-life in Saigon.

Tina was wearing an older pair of jeans and a light, beige cardigan under/over her summer dress, which were supposed to make her look more modest and protect her from the sun. Underneath her dress I had seen the straps of her new bikini when she had gotten on my motorcycle.

“What did you mother say, by the way, when she saw the new dress and the bikini?” I asked while driving.

“Not much. Only that a one-piece bathing suit would have been better. But, yes, she insisted half-an-hour ago that I wear jeans, as she didn’t want me ‘to drive around with naked legs’. Anyway, I’ll take the jeans off as soon as we get to the beach,” she assured me.

There was a new highway to the beach so that, once we had reached the city limits, we just sped along for another fifteen minutes and remained quiet. When we reached the beach, we sat down at one of the many simple restaurants that only filled up in the evenings and on weekends. Right now, there wasn’t anyone there, really. The coffee they served here was only mediocre but, at least, Tina and I had some down-time now. We could decompress and catch up a little more.

The first thing Tina did was, of course, to take her jeans off, as she had already promised. She rolled them up and put them on top of her bag with her changing clothes. I moved my chair a little so that I could admire her legs better. Not that I hadn’t seen them before, but they were drop-dead gorgeous. Now that I thought about it, I had never seen Tina in a kartal escort short, skimpy dress. She grinned a tad mischievously and looked left and right to check if it was actually okay.

“Tina, I don’t think you need to worry. We’re at the beach, and it’s 2020.”

“Do you know what?! This is the first time I’m wearing a short, flimsy dress in about ten years,” she almost yelled at me.

“But, in class, the other girls wore shorts or mini-dresses once in a while,” I reminded her. “Why didn’t you?!”

“Yeah, the others. But not me, Ben!” she was slightly exasperated. “Did you ever see my legs during those five years I attended that language center?”

“No, I didn’t. You’re right. Now that I’m thinking about it …”

“See!” she blurted out. “When I turned 12 or so, my mother insisted that I should wear pants from then on. And baggy sweaters, even on the hottest days of summer! I could never wear anything that could be viewed as remotely sexy! You remember what I wore all those year, don’t you?”

“Yes, yes, I do. The jeans that were too big and the ugly grey sweater with the pink rectangle on the front. The one with the frog. I guess you were mad about that sometimes, weren’t you?” I asked.

“Sure, especially when I turned 13 or 14, when everyone else started dressing kinda in a sexy way. Like the girls in our class. Although it probably saved me some awkward staring from boys,” she conceded now. “But, naturally, I hated wearing clothes that were obviously too warm for the weather. My mother also insisted, until I was 15, that I didn’t need to wear a bra. Nor shave my armpits.”

This was kinda hot, of course, but I decided to change the topic nonetheless and asked her about the sex-lecture that her mom had given her.

“Did she mention ‘the penis’ again this morning?” I joked around.

“No, but I guess it would have been weird for her to say something like: ‘Don’t go to a hotel after you went swimming with Mr. Ben!’ Officially, you’re teaching me how to swim, remember?! To which she, obviously, can’t object. And she knows I’m doing well in college, thanks to your help,” she laughed. “We kinda earned this day,” she added with an honestly proud face.

“Speaking of: Shall we get into the water?!” I suggested.

“Well, sitting here is so nice,” she objected. “I’m enjoying my new freedom to wear a mini-dress. Let’s have another coffee first.”

To underscore her newly-found freedom, she moved a bit to the left so that I could see her better past the table. She was also wearing a little silver ankle-bracelet, which I hadn’t noticed before. It sure looked sexy, as did everything about her. When she was changing her seating position in her chair a second later, I caught a cursory glance of her red bikini panties. With a tiny bit of imagination, I saw a vertical slit in the middle.

Now she took off her little cardigan as well. On her chest and around her collar bones were some pink spots, just like last week. Apparently, that’s how her body signaled sexual arousal. Her tender bosom was heaving, as she was expecting sensual adventures. When she adjusted her ponytail, I saw that she hadn’t shaved her armpits for a week or two, which was hot, too. I immediately wanted to sniff her armpits. And when I thought of the smell of her butt next, I got dizzy right away. The dark hair under her arms was a nice contrast to her light skin and very feminine appearance. After we’d gone swimming, I’d lick both, her butt and her armpits, I promised myself. But just when I wanted to inquire about why she hadn’t shaved for at least week, however, she all of a sudden asked:

“Could we actually fuck in the water?”

“Well, there’s a sand bank, like 200 yards out,” I only said to buy some time. “But people could still sense what we’re doing even if two thirds of our bodies are under water. And, then, the salt water will wash away the oily juices that our bodies produce, which would make it super unpleasant,” I told her. “Fucking in the ocean is just a fantasy in movies … or novels,” I added after a short pause.

“Oh, but still,” she interjected disappointedly. “Have you tried it?”

“No, but last summer Phuong and I played here in the water. She stroked my dick, while I caressed her pussy. It was beautiful. It was her first time. We then went to a hotel nearby, up the street. You remember Phuong, don’t you?”

She nodded: “And we’ll go to the same hotel later?” she asked sheepishly.

“That’s the plan. I mean if you want … it’s like half a mile north of here,” I told her, pointing behind my shoulders with my thumb.

“Ok. It’s just a little strange, as I was here a lot as a child. And now I’m going to have sex with my English teacher. At a cheap hotel,” she added.

“Tina, if you don’t want to we’ll just go swimming,” to put her at ease. I didn’t want her to feel pressured.

“No, no, I want it too,” she assured me and drank the last sip from her glass.

We paid and told the waitress that we would be back for lunch. I went maltepe escort bayan across the street to the make-shift changing- and restrooms but, knowing her, Tina would probably just pee in the ocean. When I got back to the table, Tina told the lady to kindly watch our stuff and got up. She took my hand, and we stepped out of the shade. As the sand was really hot, we skipped towards the water and continued to run through the shallow water near the beach. When it was deep enough, we let ourselves fall forward and relished the somewhat refreshing water.

We jumped and splashed around like children. Now, around noon on a weekday, there was hardly anyone nearby and, as far as I was able to tell, no one else in the water. Everyone had passed out in the midday tropical heat. The beach here was really popular in the morning and late afternoon, when the weather was more pleasant. As I wanted to get to the nearby sand bank, so that we were further away and people couldn’t see what we were doing, I started to swim further out. But Tina yelled I should wait, and so I circled back towards her.

Relatively tall as she was, she could still reach the ground, and when we were standing close to each other, we kissed.

“It’s sooo beautiful here. We’re really alone; like on an island,” she laughed.

“Well,” I laughed. “You could just pee and no one would notice,” I reminded her.

She put on an impish smiled and just said: “I just did when you were swimming away.”

“Did you at least pull your little panties to the side?” I wanted to know.

She just giggled and shook her head: “It doesn’t matter in the ocean.”

I reached for her crotch and massaged her pussy a little through the fabric of her bikini panties, like I wanted to feel some of that pee. We kissed again, and she pulled her dress down below her chest after she had gotten out of the straps. She removed her bikini-top, put the dress back on, and fixed the top to one of the dress straps. I caressed her breasts a little before I reached inside.

“I don’t think I’ve ever felt so free,” she admitted. “There’s no one else, I just took off my bra, and I can now feel the wind on my breasts. It’s broad daylight and you’re massaging my tits outside,” she laughed.

Even though I didn’t reply, I did relish the moment. She was right. It was beautiful to be here together and forget about everything else.

“Let’s swim over to the sand bank. We’ll be even further away from everyone and everything else.”

“I’m not sure if I can make it, though” Tina cautioned.

“I’ll show you. You leave a little bit of air in your lungs, as that will carry you up. Try pushing your butt up close to the surface. Otherwise, you’ll sink. Your body needs to be like a board in the water.”

I swam around her in circles to show her. Then I stood next to her to have her try. Of course, it didn’t work right away; she swallowed some water but then circled me twice. It looked promising. And the sand bank wasn’t far, so we started. Everything went alright until the last 50 yards or so, and I asked her to hold on to me. Eventually, I felt the ground under my feet again and carried her. Now we were truly alone. The two of us, perhaps 300 yards out. I could barely see the people on the beach.

The sky had become cloudier the last 30 minutes, but it still didn’t look like rain. And even if: it would definitely be warm enough, even out here in the water. When Tina was redoing her ponytail, I saw her armpits again and lost it. I held both of her arms up and dived in. I licked her armpits like a goat licks salt; I sniffed and pecked her skin, which tasted of her and the ocean.

“You like that taste?” she asked incredulously.

“I like everything that tastes like you,” I laughed.

Tina was standing with her back to the beach, and so she didn’t have any qualms about slipping out of her dress straps. When she pressed her dress down, her breasts snapped out. Her nipples were pointing upwards and seemed already half-stiff. I leaned forward and began to suck her marvelous youthful, firm titties, which for some reason I had rarely done during our previous encounters. She threw her head back and implored me not to stop. One of her hands was around my neck, while the other was exploring my crotch. Still sucking, I massaged her pussy through her little bikini panties.

As our bodies were under water from my bellybutton down, Tina pulled my swimming trunks down and grabbed my dick, while I kept pecking, sucking, and caressing her upper body. I licked my finger tips and twiddled her nipples. For me, all this was the foreplay to an afternoon at a cheap hotel nearby. But for Tina it was more: She had already closed her eyes and seemed to be drifting towards her first orgasm of the day. I pulled down her panties and diddled her clit and labia. Then I pulled her butt cheeks apart and played with her little anus. I regretted that I couldn’t sniff, suck, or lick her ass here in the water. So, I focused back on diddling her clitoris, escort pendik which was small but, apparently, pretty sensitive.

Tina was gasping as I played with her little bell button. I rubbed and pressed it with the tip of my middle finger. When I put it tenderly inside, her snatch was so juicy that it almost felt like she still had her period. Anyway, as she was pretty well lubricated I rubbed her more, faster and faster, to get her off. When I took one of her nipples back in my mouth, Tina moaned profusely and came convulsing in my arms.

She was exhausted now and leaned against my shoulder. Her whole body was still twitching. I still had one of my hands between her legs and could feel some creamy, oily discharge. As she was still holding on to my dick, I lowered myself a bit to rub my cock against her pubic mound and pussy. I pried her butt cheeks open again and, eventually, placed my cock in the triangle between her pussy and thighs.

As it was somewhat uncomfortable to stand with my knees bent, though, I straightened myself after a minute and Tina opened her eyes.

“Wow! Phew! An orgasm in the ocean! There’s nothing better!” she exclaimed.

When I didn’t say anything, she apologized: “I’m sorry I neglected you, but I’ll make up for that when we’re at the hotel,” she promised.

“Don’t worry! Are you thirsty? You swallowed quite a bit of water when you were swimming … shall we head back?”

She nodded, and I pulled my speedos back up. I caressed Tina’s midsection a little more before she fixed her bikini. We swam and then walked back. About 50 yards before the beach we kissed again, and I massaged her perfect butt cheeks once more, as they were still under water. I couldn’t help it and pulled her panties aside to rub her clit and nether lips once more before we would get too close to the few people on the beach. It still felt electrifying: like we were charging each other with energy that came out of nowhere.

We were still holding hands when we stepped back on the beach. The sun was covered by clouds, so it wasn’t hot anymore. It was still a huge relief to sit back down at the restaurant. We ordered some food and fresh lemonade. Tina rummaged through her bag and got up to change. When she got back, I went, too. I took a brief shower and went back to the table. When the food arrived, we gobbled down some folded rice pancakes with fish sauce, lime, and fresh chili.

Tina was wearing a blue stretch-mini-dress now, but I couldn’t see any bra-straps.

“You still got your period, huh?” I asked her to be sure.

“Yeah, I just realized. Sorry,” she said abashedly.

“Nothing to be sorry about. Any cramps?” I inquired.

“Not anymore. I’ve been fine since yesterday. But sometimes there’s a little more blood for one day.”

“That’s alright. Don’t feel bad about it.”

I cracked another beer open. Tina had had a Pepsi first, but now she wanted to try a beer, which may have been her first ever. As there was only one pancake left, we ordered another plate of five.

“That’s the dress you wear when you play badminton?” I asked.

She only nodded, as she was eating.

“We could play once outside your house and then go to your bed where I could smell and lick your sweaty ass,” I laughed.

“Well, sure, if my mother isn’t there …” she only said, still chewing. “You can lick my butt all afternoon today,” she giggled but then realized that I might not like it as she was menstruating. “If you don’t mind the little blood …” she added quietly.

“That’s alright. But you aren’t sweating enough now,” I only contended.

“Well, the dress here isn’t entirely made of cotton. So I’m sweating quite a bit,” she assured me and lifted her dress.

The panties were of the same dark-blue material as the dress and pretty tight. Her pubic mound was pressing through the fabric nicely, and I could also make out the slightly uneven triangle above. And the pad. Even though she had had an orgasm already, she apparently was hungry for more. I loved how confident she had been about the ass-licking. Any form of debauchery seemed possible that afternoon. Perhaps we should settle the bill and take off?

I lit the obligatory after-meal cigarette, and we gingerly finished our beers. We waived at the staff and asked how much we owed. Eventually, we got up and crossed the street, where my Honda was parked. Tina hadn’t put her jeans back on but was flaunting her perfect legs in the tropical midday heat.

As I didn’t know any other hotel here at the beach, we went back to the one where I had been with Tuyet, Phuong, and Vu a year earlier. The owners had given the walls a new coat of paint, and we got a quiet room in the back. Unlike last time, when Tina had played the hooker, today she was more bashful when she negotiated with the proprietor.

The room was simple but clean, and we got enwrapped in an unreal quietness, like at a temple. We switched on the wall fan, as the room was somewhat stuffy. While Tina had already orgasmed in the ocean, my lust had subsided over lunch, and so we gave in to the silence of this warm August afternoon. I undressed and sat down on the bed, while she was now standing in front of me. I watched her belly breathe and then looked up at her face. Tina smiled and looked at me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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