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Surprise! My Parents are Swingers

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The five hour drive home from college seemed to go by quickly. My best friend Samantha was riding with me, and she even helped with some of the driving. Sam and I had been best friends since high school and we had just finished our third year at State University. We talked all the way home; about school, our friends, our summer plans, and of course, we talked about boys and sex. After all, what twenty-one year old, female best friends don’t occasionally talk about sex? Actually, Sam had turned twenty one about two months earlier, and my twenty first birthday would be in less than three weeks. But who is quibbling about that?

It was a last minute decision on our part to drive home on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. All semester we thought that we would be at school through the first week of June in order to finish our final exams. But exam schedules had changed and both of us were finished with the semester earlier that day. On an impulse we decided to load the car with all our belongings, drive home early and surprise our parents.

Arriving in our home town about 9 PM, our first stop was Samantha’s house. Her parents weren’t home, but that wasn’t that unusual as they often went out on Saturday nights. I helped Sam unload her stuff, told her I would call her in a day or two, and then I drove home.

Approaching my home, I noticed there were many cars parked along the street, and in our driveway. It dawned upon me that my parents always held a pool party on Memorial Day Weekend. These parties were for the adults, and as a child I had always been sent away to stay with my grandmother for the holiday weekend. I hadn’t given it much thought, as Memorial Day weekend had been this way for my entire life.

As I walked up to our front door, I wondered if I was appropriately dressed for a surprise appearance at my parent’s party. But hey! I was dressed in a tight fitting t-top and a short blue jean skirt, and this was a pool party, wasn’t it? I figured I would fit right in.

But I wasn’t really prepared for what I encountered as I entered our home. There were many adults milling around, eating, drinking, talking, and obviously having a good time.

And all of them were totally naked!

I was stunned. I wondered what was going on. I also knew I had to be an adult and keep my composure. However, I was extremely curious.

I remembered that our pool and backyard were surrounded by a ten foot privacy wall, as were many of the backyards in our neighborhood. I remembered that my mother often sunbathed totally naked on a lounger by the pool, or swam totally naked in our pool, but only when we had no guests at the house. And I even suspected that my father also swam naked when it was only he and mom at home. But with all these people? Were all of them here to swim naked?

One of the party guest, a very handsome man, stepped forward and greeted me.

“Hello. I’m Richard.” he said as he extended his hand to shake mine. “You must be Fred and Scarlet’s daughter. You’re Amber, correct?”

I was frozen for a moment, shocked by the situation. I had always been aware of men and their ‘elevator eyes’ checking out my 36D breasts, and here I was with my own ‘elevator eyes’ checking out his good sized cock dangling freely in front of me. I shook my head to clear my thoughts.

“Uh, yeah.” I stammered. “I’m Amber. I home from college earlier than expected and intended to surprise my parents.”

I shook Richard’s hand and fought the temptation to glance again at his beautiful cock.

“Nice to finally meet you.” Richard replied in a very pleasant voice.

“Do you know where my parents are?” I quickly asked. I had been glancing around the living, dining, and entry area and hadn’t seen either of them.

Richard turned to face towards the back of the house. As he waved his arm that direction he told me, “Fred’s in the pool. And I believe Scarlet is in the bedroom.”

“Okay. Thank you.” I said to Richard as I stepped towards the back of the house. I had no idea why mom was in the bedroom, but I figured if I found dad, that mom would be joining everyone out by the pool soon. As I walked through the kitchen and breakfast area, it was also full of naked people. I just couldn’t process in my head that my parents were hosting a pool party for naked adults.

I stepped out the back door onto the patio. More naked people were around the pool and in the pool. Everyone was having a good time, and all appeared oblivious to the fact that everyone was naked.

From a distance, I could see my father sitting in the hot tub which was built into a corner of the pool. His back was towards me, so he didn’t see me. Sitting on each side of him was a woman whom he had his arm around. I didn’t recognize either of these women, but I could see enough of them to know that they were both topless. My guess is that all three of them were naked. I could see dad’s head turn as he kissed one woman, and then turned back as he kissed the other. And everyone acted as if this was normal.

Where was mom? And güvenilir bahis what would she think of this? I had to go find her.

As I moved back inside the house, I looked again at all the naked adults in the room. When I first entered the house, my initial view of the party goers, were as a group. I had been viewing the forest, and not the trees. Now I paid more attention to each person. I realized that my parents friends were beautiful people naked. The women were shapely and sexy. The men were buff and generally well endowed in the sex equipment department. All in all, these people were very sexy.

I moved towards the hallway leading to the bedrooms to find my mom. I passed an open door of a guest bedroom. Two people were inside, on the bed, having sex. An older man was laying on his back and a gorgeous blonde female was riding him in cowgirl position. Her movements were rapid. Both were grunting and moaning. It appeared their orgasms were approaching.

‘What the fuck?’ I thought to myself. I had assumed this was a nude pool party, but this activity had me rethinking the nature of this party. I had to find my mom.

I continued down the hallway towards my parent’s bedroom. The door was open and I entered. A group of people, maybe eight to ten, mostly men, were standing around the bed. All of the men were sporting erections, unlike the males in other parts of the house where the cocks were soft and limp. No one noticed me as all were watching the activity on the bed. I stepped forward to see and a few men moved aside to give me a view.

My mother, Scarlet, was naked on the bed, on her hands and knees facing away from me. One male was kneeling behind her, fucking her from behind in doggy position. There was another man kneeling in front of her, his cock in her mouth. Oh My Gosh! My mother was being spit-roasted by two men! I had seen spit-roasting in porn videos, but never live in person. And to see my mother in such activity was blowing my mind. I was frozen by my shock.

As I watched, the man fucking her from behind appeared to have his orgasm. After resting a moment, he pulled his cock out and backed away. Immediately another male, with a very large erection, moved forward to take the place. As he shoved his cock into mom’s pussy, I could hear her moan in pleasure. Soon all three were moving in sync, enjoying the threesome sexual intercourse.

I couldn’t believe what I was watching. But as a voyeur, I couldn’t stop watching these men having very public sex with my mother. And she was obviously loving the attention and sexual stimulation.

Another man moved close to me and spoke, “I’m John. Care to join me in another bedroom?”

Just when I thought this couldn’t get any more crazy, it had.

I choked, tried to gather myself, and then replied. “Uh, no. I was just looking for my mother. Apparently she’s busy.”

Just as I turned to leave the room, I heard my mother cry out in what must have been an incredible orgasm. Everyone was cheering for her and applauding the show. My head was spinning trying to understand everything I had witnessed in the past twenty minutes since I entered our home.

Walking back towards the living room I encountered Jim Barton, my father’s business partner. He, like everyone, was naked. His arm was wrapped around a gorgeous blonde with really big tits.

“Hello Amber. Let me introduce Bambi.” Mr. Barton said to me.

I realized that this was the couple I had seen having sex in the guest bedroom. I also knew that Bambi was not Mr. Barton’s wife, Mary, who I knew quite well.

‘What the fuck?’ I thought to myself, again. I had no idea what to say to Mr. Barton or to Bambi. How was I expected to understand all that was happening?

“Are you joining our group?” Mr. Barton asked. “Julie joined a couple of years ago and she just loves it.”

Julie was the daughter of Jim and Mary Barton. She was a couple of years older than myself, and another member of that family I knew quite well. Or I thought I knew quite well. Maybe I didn’t know any of these people as well as I thought.

Mr. Barton was patiently waiting for my answer.

“Not tonight.” I responded, having no clue how to answer his question. What group was he talking about?

“I’ve got to go.” I added as I stepped past Mr. Barton and Bambi and continued towards the living room.

Our living room featured a large U-shaped sectional sofa. Seated at one end were a pair of naked women who were cuddling and kissing. Each had a hand on the other’s breast. They were watching a couple across from them on the other end of the U-shaped sectional. A young man sat upright with a young woman kneeling next to him. She was very actively sucking his cock.

Again the voyeur in me kept me watching, unable to turn away from this erotic scene. Soon the young man was having his orgasm and the young woman was attempting to swallow all his ejaculate. Some of his cum was leaking out of her mouth and dribbled down her chest as she sat upright. I recognized Julie Barton as the giver of türkçe bahis the blowjob. I smiled at her as she smiled back at me.

Then Julie pointed towards to two women watching her. I recognized one of these as Julie’s mother, Mary Barton. I couldn’t see the face of the other woman very well, as she was turned away from me.

‘Oh, fuck!’ I muttered to myself as I hurried out the door and out of the house. I felt that I had been on the set of a porn movie, one that include my parents and several of our friends. I just couldn’t understand all that I had witnessed.

Sitting in my car, I called Samantha on my cell. My body was shaking, and my voice trembled.

“Hey Sam. Can I come over? I need someone to talk to.” I implored.

“Sure. Come on over.” Samantha replied. “Mom and dad are still not home yet.”

– – – – –

Twenty minutes later I was sitting with Sam in her bedroom.

“Amber, you’re shaking. What happened?” Samantha asked with concern in her voice.

“I can’t understand it.” I replied shaking my head. “I expected mom and dad to be hosting a pool party. What I found was an orgy. Everyone was naked. Dad was with two other naked women in the hot tub, kissing each of them. I witnessed others having sex one way or another. And I watched as three different men had sex with my mother. I don’t understand!”

“Really? That’s fucking incredible!” Sam responded incredulously.

“Fucking is right. There was a lot of that happening.” I replied.

Samantha thought a moment and then asked a question. “Do you know how long they’ve been having these types of parties?”

“I’d always assumed they were hosting pool parties, not sex orgies.” I replied. “Gosh, these may have been happening all my life. I remember being very young when I was sent to grandma’s house for the holiday weekend. How could I be so blind?”

“You’re not the only one.” Replied Sam. “My parents are at your parent’s party. They stared attending these about our Senior year of high school. I too just thought these were pool parties.”

“Your parents were there? OH MY GOD!” I exclaimed as I suddenly realized where I saw Samantha’s parents.

I continued. “I saw your parents tonight. I just didn’t process the information at the time. Remember I told you about mom being spit-roasted? Your dad was the one with his cock in my mom’s mouth! OH MY GOD!”

I was shaking. More of the visions I had from the party were coming into focus. Sam reached out and was holding my hands.

“Really? My dad was face fucking your mother? That is crazy insane!” Sam exclaimed. “And did you see my mother? What was she doing?”

“I did see your mother!” I continued. “She was the other woman sitting on the sofa, making out with Mrs. Barton and watching Julie giving a blowjob. Your mom and Mary were naked, kissing, and touching each other’s tits. OH MY GOD! This is so fucked up!”

Samantha pulled me into an embrace as we sat on the bed. My body continued to tremble and Sam was attempting to calm me down. It hit me that Sam didn’t appear as shocked and upset about what I was telling her.

I pulled back so I could look Sam in the eyes. “You’re not that surprised by all this?”

Samantha responded by pulling me into a another embrace and a long passionate kiss. Over our years at college, we were occasional lovers. Sometimes we just had sex for the pure fun of it. Other times we had sex to console the other after a breakup with a boyfriend. It wasn’t a constant, everyday, type of relationship, but just sometimes part of our very close friendship.

Her kiss and embrace felt very comfortable and had the desired effect of calming me down. She made me feel that everything was okay. After several moments, we pulled apart.

“I’ve suspected that mom sometimes enjoys being intimate with another woman, just as you and I do.” Sam spoke calmly. “For years I’ve been aware that once a month mom would go out in the evening to attend her Ladies Book Club meeting. She would come home very late, and appeared different. I came to believe that she had that ‘just fucked’ glow about her.”

“From that you think she was having sex with other women?” I asked.

“And the fact that she was going to a Book Club meeting and I’ve never in my life seen my mother read a book.” Sam added. “Don’t you think that is a bit odd?”

“Well, yes. That is a bit odd.” I answered. “Anything else?”

“Actually there is. Something I’ve been meaning to discuss with you.” Sam said. “I’ve known that during the summers, mom occasionally goes over to your house for the day. Days when you and your dad are not home. Mom says she and your mother just float in the pool and sunbathe.”

“Yeah. I know mom likes to do that.” I added. What I didn’t say was that I knew that mom would sunbathe in the nude when other people weren’t there.

“My mom is a carefree spirit.” Samantha picked up her story. “By that I mean she sometimes walks around the house totally naked. Even at age 40 she has an incredible body. And I noticed that she has no güvenilir bahis siteleri tan lines. She must sunbathe with your mom in the nude. Which fits that she never even took a swimsuit over to your house.”

“Oh God!” I said as I heard another piece of shocking news. “Do you think our mothers were doing more than just floating in the pool and sunbathing naked?”

“I think there is a real possibility of that.” Sam replied. “Just as you and I occasionally have a little sexual fun, I think our moms do the same. Maybe the desire for girl on girl sex just runs in our genes.”

“Do you think the weekend parties they attend at their friends homes are also sex orgies?” I asked.

“Likely so.” Sam replied. “You and I discuss sex quite a bit. We both love having a boyfriend that is also a great lover, and we supplement that with our own sex on the side. Maybe our parents are no different. It may be hard to imagine our parents being as sex crazed as we are, but maybe we need to consider that possibility.”

“Maybe so.” I added. “You know, all this talk about sex, and all those things I witnessed tonight, has me horny. Care to satisfy some cravings?”

“I’d hoped we would get there.” Sam eagerly replied as she began to pull off her clothes.

Soon we were both naked, our bodies entwined on her bed, kissing passionately, and our hands all over each other’s body. Samantha pushed me onto my back and swung her body over mine into a ’69’ position. Her tongue licked my pussy just as she pressed her pussy onto my mouth. We licked and played with each other for over an hour, both of us having several loud orgasms. Exhausted, we fell asleep in each other’s arms as we had done many times in the past. As I slept I had vivid dreams of myself participating in a sexual orgy at my parent’s home. My pussy throbbed all night.

– – – – –

The next morning I was awakened in the most delightful way. Samantha was snuggled next to me, her head on my shoulder. She was smiling at me. I could feel her finger gently rubbing my clit which was wet, swollen, and very sensitive. Within moments a very pleasurable orgasm was rolling through my body. I pulled Sam into a loving, open mouth kiss, our tongues softly playing with each other.

I was about to return the favor to Sam when we heard her mom’s voice.

“Girls, get up. Breakfast is ready.” Mrs. Gibbons called out.

“We’ll be down in just a moment.” Samantha replied.

“I don’t have anything to wear except what I had on last night.” I said, hoping for some help.

“You and I are the same size. I have a t-shirt and some shorts you can wear.” Sam replied.

We both dressed in a similar fashion, t-shirt, shorts, no bra, and no panties. It was comfortable, but felt a bit weird. But what was really weird was that Sam and I would be facing her mom and dad after my encounters with them last night at my parent’s house. Did they know I was there? Did they know I saw what they were doing? Breakfast could be very awkward.

Sam and I quickly washed our faces and brushed out our hair so we looked halfway presentable. Then we went downstairs and joined her parents at the breakfast table. Mrs. Gibbons had prepared pancakes, eggs, and bacon. We had milk and juice to drink. Everything appeared fairly normal, similar to my previous visits there. I had been there several times before, especially for sleepovers when we were in high school.

“I thought you two could use a good breakfast this morning.” Mrs. Gibbons said as she placed the food on the table.

“Thank you, Mrs. Gibbons.” I said between bites of food. I was hungry and dove into my breakfast.

“I think it’s time you called us Sally and Mike.” Mrs. Gibbons said in a very polite voice.

“Uh, okay. Sally.” it felt awkward to say. “Breakfast is really good.”

The four of us ate in silence for a while. I was wondering if there would be any discussion about the previous night, or if all that had happened would be ignored. Then Sally spoke up.

“I called your mom last night and told her that you were here.” Sally said.

“You did?” I asked, wanting her to say more about why she did that.

“Your parents knew you were at the party and then left.” Sam’s father Mike responded. “Your parents were concerned about you.”

“How did they know?” I asked.

“You weren’t invisible. Jim and Mary Barton saw you, as did Mike and I.” Sally replied. “We know you were likely shocked by what you saw.”

“How did you know I was here?” I asked.

“Your car was in our driveway when we got home, and once we were inside, we could hear the noise you two were making.” Mike added.

‘Oh my gosh!’ I thought to myself. Sam’s parents heard Samantha and I having sex! I was horrified, and Sally could see that look on my face.

Sally rested her hand upon my arm to reassure me. “Don’t worry honey. We have no problems with you two enjoying each other.”

“Just don’t get Samantha pregnant.” Mike added in jest to break the tension. We all had a good laugh.

Sally kept her hand on my arm as she spoke to me.

“We know you have a lot of questions about last night. We assumed you came here to discuss things with Sam. So both of you have questions and you both deserve answers.” Sally said.

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