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David was standing outside the pawn shop looking into the window at the brass trumpet. It was pretty cheap and it looked banged up a bit but for some reason David really wanted it. He hung his head because even as cheap as it was, he still couldn’t afford it. Plus, where would he play it. The walls in his apartment building were nearly paper thin. And yet here he was looking at it and longing to own it so that even if he couldn’t play it, he could hold it and remember the few good memories he had from high school when he was in band. Before the dark times. Before the Heather.

He shuttered at the memory of even the name.

He took in a deep breath and let himself look just a moment more and reminded himself that tomorrow would be better. It had to be. Anything would be better than the day he’d just suffered through. On his way to work that morning he’d been pushed into muddy water by some bitch who wanted to get through the crowd at the crosswalk. She didn’t even say sorry or turn to see what she’d done. David had to run back home and get changed which of course made him late for work so he was going to see his salary get deducted.

He had come to this new city and gotten this new job in order to get a new fresh start in life but it was the same old crapfest all over again just like in the previous city and the previous job.

At work all day he had two different bosses yelling at him with conflicting orders. He might have been able to manage if Eddy the tech guy would have done his damn job and fixed David’s workstation but it was abundantly clear that Eddy didn’t know a fucking thing about computers other than ‘light must mean on’. Eddy was the typical good old boy who got his job because he’d played college basketball and one of the executives was a fan. David had heard that some athletes were brains as well but Eddy was clearly not one of them. He strutted around the office just smiling and trying to be friendly by inviting people to do things with him outside of the office. He wasn’t a bad guy but he just couldn’t do his job and David really needed him to do his job.

Now David was pretty sure he knew what to do to fix his own computer but he didn’t have authorization to open the terminal and he didn’t know the super user password. So while he had two different bosses demanding he do two completely conflicting jobs he had no computer to work on and he wasn’t allowed to get up and go to another station. But hey, they paid him so if that was how they wanted to spend his time then he guessed he shouldn’t complain but why did they have to yell at him all day.

David had problems. Granted none of those problems included him turning into a huge green rage monster when he got angry. Yet still he often thought about how refreshing and liberating it might be to just let the world believe he was dead and run off to wander from place to place like a homeless bum. Yeah, on second thought maybe his life wasn’t so bad but did it really have to be so hard all the time. Maybe he shouldn’t complain but this was getting ridiculous now.

David was the black sheep of his family in that he was the ‘normal’ one while everyone else seemed uniquely crazy in their own way and so they all had solidarity with each other while David was always on the outside. David just couldn’t understand his parents or their trippy hippy sick and twisted sex thing. David marveled with jealousy at just how easy everyone else’s life was while the universe kept throwing road blocks up to stop him from even the most basic tasks.

Try to go to college, get put on the wait list. Sure he eventually found a no name open admissions state school that would let him in but why had the better school rejected him? He had nearly a perfect score on his SATs.

Try to actually learn in college, breeze through and finish his four year degree in only two years because he already knew everything the teachers were allowed to teach. He thought that was a good thing at first. He was super eager to get away from Sandy his college girlfriend so he wouldn’t have to deal with the fact that she’d cheated on him. But then when he was out trying to get a job everyone thought it was super suspicious that he had a four year degree but was only in college for two years.

Try to get a driver’s license, the tester thinks he doesn’t show enough confidence. He didn’t do anything wrong, the tester just thought that David was just too timid to handle the vehicle.

Try to get an apartment, he needs a job and references. David already had the money to pay for six months of rent, why was he being pushed away?

Try to get a job, you need two years of previous work experience. For an entry level job? Really? It was fucking ENTRY level, as in the first fucking job you get after college. What the fuck? Also, his degree diploma and transcript somehow wasn’t enough for him to prove to them that he wasn’t lying and had actually graduated.

Struggle, struggle, struggle and then more struggle güvenilir bahis and finally David was at the point where he wasn’t about to fall off a cliff in his life and he had himself settled and together. He had finally gotten his first job after college and it wasn’t that far from where his parents lived. All it took was giving up on his dreams and losing all faith in humanity. He wasn’t going to change the world. He wasn’t going to have the bright future he was always told about in school. He was barely hanging on but he was in fact hanging on. In order to make it in the world he had to be an asshole and look after himself first. Really himself only. If he didn’t do that then without warning he’d have no money in his bank account and would instead have huge overdraft fees. One mistake and he’d lose everything and there was no one who would even give a thought to helping him.

And then David made that one mistake. It didn’t take long for the universe to come fuck with him. If there was ever a moment when he had anything good the universe had to come and take it from him. Her name was Lisa and David fell for her almost instantly. Certainly she’d reject him if he approached her he thought. Yet approach her he did. He just couldn’t help himself. In fact, knowing for sure that she’d turn him down sort of made him feel like he had nothing to lose in asking her out. She would in fact be the 47th woman he would approached for a date since ghosting that slut cheater Sandy. He was getting good at getting rejected. Lisa was so much different from either Heather or Sandy. Heather was just a goof in the end and Sandy was the allegedly good and modest girl but she really went and stabbed people in the back. When David saw Lisa he knew that she wasn’t a good girl. She wasn’t a modest girl. She was a blonde bombshell and that certainly meant that she would not give David the time of day.

He asked her out and to his surprise she accepted. David was so shocked that he didn’t even know what to do or say next but Lisa was kind on that end and things just worked out. The relationship was easy to start and seemingly easy to maintain. David finally started to feel like his faith in humanity was restored and the world could be a good place. With Lisa in his life he started to feel more than just that he was just simply hanging on. He felt happy. Sure she was about as smart as a squirrel but David wasn’t judging. She made him happy and that was all that really mattered in the end, right?

And then David found out that Lisa had started fucking his one and only friend John behind David’s back from the moment that he first introduced them.

The next couple of months in David’s life were sort of a blur if David went back to think about it all. In quick succession he’d lost his job, his apartment, his bank account, and his license. He narrowly avoided getting arrested for failure to pay one of his bills and shame of shames he found himself back at home living with his parents with his little sister as his new boss when he was forced to help out at the flower shop his parents owned under the pretense that the siblings needed to spend time together while the unstated family expectation was hanging over them.

Even with all his other problems it was Lisa’s betrayal that haunted him. Secretly to himself he started to wonder what the point of even living was. The world didn’t need him. People died all the time. Animals went extinct all the time and the Earth didn’t give a fuck. It just continued on its way with no regard for anything. The world was not a fantasy land of beauty, bloom, and color. The world was an ugly, dark, and cruel place and he was tired of putting up with it.

David could find no happiness and no joy in anything. He moved to a new city to start over and again he had to scrape and struggle to get established. He was one paycheck away from being homeless again but he held himself together in the city that seemed to be even crueler than the previous. It was in this new city where he worked in the office with Eddy the former basketball player where David knew more about how to fix the computers than the alleged IT guy. And now he was standing in front of the pawn shop again looking at the trumpet, at the one thing he’d seen in the city that maybe might bring him a faint glimpse of happiness and all he could ever do was look at it but never have it.

David forced himself to turn and walk home and it started to downpour. Unlike everyone else on the street who took to using all sorts of objects to try to cover their heads David just shrugged and let it come down. He would slosh in his wet shoes all the way home. It was par for the course after all.

Then as he was walking in the rain he saw Lisa of all people being helped out of an expensive car and going into an expensive restaurant. The sight of her struck David and he stopped in place. She didn’t see him or if she did she paid no notice of him. He had moved three states over to get away from her. What the türkçe bahis fuck was she doing here?

For a time David just could not even bring himself to move from that spot. He stood there unable to think. Unable to breathe. Unable to move. Unable to even cry so the clouds had to cry for him.

SKREEEEEEEEEEEEEETCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOM!

In the wet road conditions a truck had hydroplaned and hit one of those cheap knock off Chinese battery cars which for some reason exploded. In that moment David was no more. That isn’t to say he was involved in the accident but rather seeing a situation of life and death right in front of him, all his own problems, any thought to his own safety, and even his personality and name were all just dropped. He sprang into action and rushed to the scene, narrowly missing getting hit by a car that was driving fast with one tire up on the sidewalk just so the driver didn’t have to wait and could carry on towards her destination.

The flames were hot but David was already so soaked by the rain that he could hardly feel it. The person in the truck seemed to be ok. He was moving and getting free of his seat belt. David turned to the car. Two people. One wasn’t moving at all and the other looked like they were in pain. The metal was hot and some of the plastic of the car body was melting even. David didn’t pay any regard to getting injured. He pried and pulled until he could get the first person free. He lifted them up and carried them over his shoulder back towards the sidewalk away from the fire.

When David turned back he saw the truck driver trying to help the other person in the car but he was having no luck being hindered by the heat of the flames. David rushed back over. He pushed past the truck driver and crawled into the vehicle. David didn’t know how to check if a person was alive or dead or anything and he really didn’t think he had time to do any of that anyway. He braved the fire, allowed himself to be burned so he could get the belt free and then he pulled the unconscious person out of the car.

Back at the sidewalk David yelled through the sound of both the fire and the rain. “IS THERE ANYONE ELSE IN THE CAR?” He repeated a couple of times but the first person he pulled out was just not answering him. Instead the woman was just looking at him as if she didn’t understand what was going on. David grit his teeth and turned. Back to the fire. It was getting really smoky now and his senses were telling him not to do it. He ignored himself and rushed back to look again. He had to start putting his hand up in front of his face to block the heat. It was hard to see but he wasn’t going to give up until he knew that there was no one left.

“Hey man, get out of there.” he heard a voice say. “Come on, it’s going to go. Come on.”

The truck driver who was a much bigger man than David yanked him free of the car just in time. The little battery car exploded for a second time from the other end and if David had still been in there he certainly would have died. David and the truck driver found themselves both laid down in the inch or so of rain covering the street.

It had all happened so fast. As David got to his feet he looked back at the fire which was so much bigger now. SHIT. He turned back intent on going to the victims to see if they were ok but then standing right outside that expensive restaurant under the awning was Lisa. She caught his eye and they looked at each other for a moment. All of the sudden David remembered himself and his sad, pathetic life. He felt resentment that the fucking cheating whore was eating in a fancy place like that while David couldn’t even afford to buy a slice of pizza. In bitter disgust he turned his back to her and marched himself back towards the fire, around it, and then past it so he could get as far away from that fucking evil bitch as possible.

“What happened?” Gina asked David while she was wrapping his burns. She’d taken time off from her work to drive all the way to David’s to are for him while his hands were messed up.

“Nothing.” he repeated again because this was the third time she’d asked him. As much as he appreciated her help, that did not mean he was going to be on anything like good terms with her.

Gina pulled the gauze tight and David winced in pain but then tried to hide it.

“Why the hell don’t you have health insurance?”

“Does it look like I can afford health insurance?”

“You make more money than me and even I have health insurance.”

“You have free insurance from mom and dad.”

“Exactly.” she said. “With your hands messed up like this am I going to have to hold your thing when you use the bathroom or help you with the other things you need to do with it?”

David couldn’t even muster to roll his eyes. Sure in a direct comparison he technically made more money than her but the cost of living in this city was a mountain more than he could afford and he could get no benefits from his güvenilir bahis siteleri employer until he’d been with them for at least two years and was somehow able to get promoted up three rungs on the ladder, which he knew in all honesty was not going to happen for him. He was just working there until he could find another employer who would have a better opportunity for him.

And then there was the thought. Why work at all? What did he even get out of it? Sure he got paid but it wasn’t enough. And now that he knew that Lisa spent any time in the city at all he just had this overwhelming feeling that he needed to get as fucking far away as possible. It was sort of a shame that he’d been pulled from that burning car. One more second and all his problems would have been over. Release. No more pain. But no. That wasn’t how it played out because of course if there was a better option then David would not be allowed to have it.

“Fine. Go home.” David said to his sister.

“I’m not finished. I have to do the other side.”

“I can do it myself. Go home.”

“Don’t play macho with me.”

“I’ll go get insurance and then just go to the doctor.”

“You know it doesn’t work that way.”

“I don’t care. Just go. I can’t deal with you being here. Really, just go.”

“What’s wrong? What is this?”

“GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE!” he screamed at her. She was startled so she backed away from him. He grabbed her purse and threw it at the door. “NOW!”

She protested more and so he yelled more and that got her to the other side of the door. Once he was alone he berated himself for even calling her in the first place. He ripped the bandage from his hand and forced himself to feel the full pain of his injury. That would serve him right. That would be a good reminder not to go do anything for anyone cause all he would ever get for it was punishment.

Knock, knock.

David’s eyes went to his door.

“I’m not leaving. I’m sorry whatever I said. You have to bandage the other side or it’ll get infected.”

David bore his teeth and didn’t want to cooperate with her but relented and let her back in. “Not a word.” he demanded when she saw that he’d undone all her previous work. She rolled her eyes and then marched in. She pointed at the chair and tapped her foot.

David sat down and she got to work patching him back up.

And then she started in on him again.

“You are so moody lately. If you’re not going to date me then we really need to get you a girlfriend.”

“Why? So she can fuck every guy in the city except me.”

“Oh, come on. Not all women are like that.”


“High school doesn’t count.”


“Nor college.”

“Yeah, no. I’m good. No girlfriend for me, thanks.”

“At least talk to someone. Find a support group.”

“A support group? For what? People who think other people shouldn’t cheat? Am I that much in the minority now?”

Gwen met David in a chat room for people who were just getting out of a relationship where the other person had cheated. It had not been David’s idea but his sister had pushed him. Her actual idea was to go to a meeting and David relented but only over a medium that was not face to face. He hadn’t thought that chat rooms even still existed but Gina found the right one and set him to it.

Gwen was drawn to David immediately. She couldn’t say why exactly. He was just so polite and uncomplicated. He liked things that he liked and he would avoid things he didn’t care for. He didn’t go on and on about all the things his ex had done to him. He hadn’t investigated her or stalked her. He found out she had cheated and then just stopped seeing her. He hadn’t even told her he was breaking up with her. He just stopped seeing her and cut her out of his life. Clean and simple. No drama. Gwen liked that.

Her breakup had been nothing but drama. She had caught her ex in bed with another woman and he ran after her naked when she bolted out of there. He followed her through the hall of the apartment building and down to the street where her car was parked and with his dick still soaked in another woman’s pussy juices, he cried as he asked her to stay with him. She almost had to run him over to just get out of there and away from him. She was so pissed with him and every time he kept trying to go around her she kept getting more and more angry with him. She eventually had to get a restraining order.

David and Gwen were similar in age, they lived in the same city and so Gwen took a chance and asked if he wanted to meet in person. When she first asked to meet he initially didn’t respond for longer than she would have expected and she thought that he had rejected the offer.

“You should go.” Gina said.

“I didn’t join the site to meet women.”

“But you have met a woman and she seems nice. I think you should go.”

“She could be crazy.”

“She’s not crazy.”

“Maybe instead of being cheated on she was the one cheating and she used this site to find her next victim.”

“David, just tell her yes to the date. Go see her. Meeting her once doesn’t mean you have to ever see her a second time.”

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