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I pick you up early, just before sunrise. We haven’t seen each other in awhile; the pressures of life have been keeping both of us far too busy. But this Saturday is just for us, a chance to be together. No distractions.

It’s a glorious spring day, and the air has a refreshing crispness that augers well for a fairly-long hike. Although it’s cold when you step out the door – you see your breath as you kiss my lips lightly – we both know that the morning will warm up nicely as the sun climbs higher in the sky.

I’ve told you where we were going – to Cape Split – but you’ve never been. I’ve a coffee ready for you, in a plastic, drip-proof Starbucks mug, and one for myself. We head out of the city as the sun throws furtive glances over this Victorian neighborhood. Halifax is deserted so early in the morning, and we fly through the intersections. Before long, we’re over the bridge and on the highway, headed for the Annapolis Valley.

The driving is easy. Before we’ve gone 10 miles, I’ve finished my coffee, and I reach over, just holding the inside of your knee with my hand. I don’t caress, or squeeze, or fondle. I just hold you. You’re so soft, and this moment, this place behind your knee, feels special.

In an hour, we pull off the highway and travel through the charming village of Grand Pre, and then Wolfville, past lovely, historic homes and gorgeous, towering trees. And then through Canning, taking a road near the Sailor’s Memorial that leads to the Bay of Fundy. Our eventual destination. Another 30 minutes along a narrow, winding road, and we’re there. When we get out of the car, we hug and kiss, and I feel so happy to be holding this body that I know so well, and looking so intently in your eyes.

The morning, now two hours old, lives up to our expectations. It’s warming up nicely. Grabbing two lightly-filled knapsacks, we head over a farmer’s field, and take a wide trail that leads off into a thick woods. We set a good pace.

We hold hands for awhile, and chat amiably about everything and nothing at all. A few times, we stop and kiss, but mostly we walk. The trail narrows and meanders, up many steep inclines and down sudden descents, and we have to be careful because the way is cluttered with gnarled roots from so many old trees. You’re smart and observant, pointing out so many subtle things that I might normally have missed. A fat porcupine that waddles beside us for a time, several woodcocks, a small bed of exotic mushrooms. I feel such a wave of affection for you, and squeeze your hand tightly.

Occasionally, we hear the wind whistling, as though the woods might be ending, but that doesn’t happen. Once in awhile, we hear the cry of seabirds, but we can’t tell if the sea is nearby. And on we walk. The trees change, the gradient changes, the sounds change…. But we’re still walking.

It takes about 90 minutes, and we’ve hardly stopped. The suddenness of it surprises both of us. We see a small clearing from the woods, and then we’re there. Cape Split.

It’s hardly very large. Maybe about the length of two football fields. But it’s lovely.

We’re on a sandstone cliff, maybe about 500 feet high, jutting out into the Bay of Fundy. The tide, high at the moment, swirls wildly below us, and we can see the Nova Scotia and New Brunswick shores as they head to the Atlantic. We’re so lucky; we have the place to ourselves. Seabirds are flying; they cover a small island just off the shore. If we’re really blessed, we might just see a whale or two, although it’s early in the season and too much to hope for.

We run through the tall grass, to the edge of the cliff. I move much more slowly than you – obviously, you’re better around heights than I am.

And we lay our blanket there, and lie back, holding each other tightly. For a long, long time. Every once in awhile, we kiss.

I’m surprised when you reach over and undo my belt and pants, exposing my cock, with no warning. I’m soft. You take my cock in your hands, and bring your mouth to it, sucking my soft cock with your lips. You take all of it in your mouth. For a moment, I feel nothing, and then my cock starts tingling as the blood begins to flow. Ahhh…. Such pleasure. You head bobs rapidly, up and down, as my cock quickly hardens, filling your mouth. Oh, it feels so sweet, so exquisite. Flits of pleasure run along my cock and through my body. So good, so incredibly good….

You really know how to drive me wild. Your tongue licks around my cock escort bostancı head, and you lick along my shaft slowly, looking directly into my eyes. When a large drop of pre cum appears, you rub it all over my cock until it’s slick, and then proceed to lick me into a frenzy. My long, hard, thick cock quivers with anticipation.

I can’t move…. I’m so excited, so involved in what you’re doing to me. Until finally, you take me in your mouth, all of me, sliding your lips up and down my shaft as you suck me. I can feel the cum rising, as I move deeper into your throat…. Ohhhhh God, Samantha, don’t stop…. You’re relentless, sucking me, licking me…. “Oh Samantha,” I gasp, voice thick with pleasure, “that feels so good, so incredible… Suck me baby, ohhhh, god…. make me cum….”

Oh, it’s so intense, so incredible, I try to hold back as long as I can….. And then the release approaches so fast and hard….. I’m gasping for breath, holding onto your head, shaking uncontrollably… My cock twitches, and you pull it from your mouth, milking my cock with your hand, so that we both can see each spurt of hot cum, as it shoots into the air, covering your hand and my cock. Mmmmm, it feels so good…. And I look down at you as the contractions subside, and watch as your tongue licks my cum from your hand and from my cock slowly…. swallowing every last drop, never taking your eyes from mine. That’s almost enough to make me cum again. I shiver with pleasure. And then you kiss me deeply, happy to have given me such an incredible gift this morning….

But you don’t stop there. Before I can catch my breath, you’re peeling your clothes off, exposing your lovely body to the bright sunshine and salty air.

You smile, as you catch my eye, saying: “It’s my turn now….”

I get off the blanket, and remove the rest of my clothes, while you do the same. I start kissing all over your face, ears, neck….. Tracing a path down your body, awakening nerves with each lick of my tongue… Along your stomach, your thighs…. Kissing you tenderly, all over your mound…..

I hardly know where to start, but your scent has me entranced. I insert two fingers deep inside of you, spreading the wetness over the rest of your pussy and your clit…. And then back inside… My lips surround your clit, pulling on it gently while my tongue slits back and forth across it, and you feel the warmth filling you… My fingers are inside, touching, exploring…. Until again, I spread your wetness all over your pussy…. And then I lick every bit of it up…. Moaning…. Lapping… So consumed by the thought of pleasuring you…. You spread your legs wide for me, inviting me closer, and I probe you deeply with my tongue…. And it feels good, especially as my wet fingers find your clit.

You start thrusting against me, pushing hard…. Ohhh, it feels good, doesn’t it, baby…. And you grab my head, holding me to you… As I suck, lick and finger you…. Finally, my lips cover your clit, and I lick it just the way you like it…. Until you cry, loudly… “Ohhhh, God… Samantha, I’m cumming…. Make me cum… Taste it…. Ohhhh, yessss……..”

You collapse against the blanket, exhausted, chest pounding… It was a good one… And I’m still licking up the remains of your orgasm…. Licking your cum…. And I feel your hands on my hair… And I move up to kiss each breast, before I move to your mouth so you can taste your honey…. And I lay down beside you….

We lay there in the sunshine – the ocean restless far below us – and kiss deeply. Tongues entwining, circling, probing. That alone is enough to excite me. The memory of you sucking my cock is enough to inflame me. I am so lucky to have you. So lucky.

We kiss for a long time, feeling no need for haste. Soon I notice that your hand wanders down to your pussy, and you slowly stroke yourself, bringing more pleasure to your body. As we kiss, I feel that you’re becoming increasingly intense, and I’m taken over by the urge to watch you masturbate. I ask you if I can watch you bring yourself to an orgasm, and you smile. “Sure… As long as I can watch you while I’m doing it….”

And so we both kneel, not far from the edge of the cliff, the sun warming our bodies and the seabirds crying. First, you wet your fingers, and rub your nipples in turn, stroking them, circling them, kneading them. And then one hand wanders down to your pussy, and starts sliding through your lips. Each ümraniye escort time you pass over your clit, I hear your breath catch in your throat, and it sounds wonderful.

So I start stroking my cock, rubbing my hand down my entire length, my hips swaying gently with my movement. I never once stop looking at you, as my eyes move from your finger probing your pussy, to your eyes heavy with lust, and then back to your pussy. Your fingers are wet, and you’re starting to moan, plunging one finger deeply inside repeatedly, letting me see everything you’re doing.

Your movements make me stroke myself harder. You know that you’re turning me on, and the thought of me stroking my cock into an uproar because of you makes you feel so sexy. As you start circling your clit with your finger, and moaning loudly, I know that you’re close to cumming.

It hits suddenly, or so it seems to me, your body tensing, your fingers rife… Your breathing hard and rapid. A loud moan escape your lips… And you cum…. And I feel so good stroking my cock, the pleasure suffusing my limbs, but I’m not there yet…. That disappoints you for a moment, but when I quickly move over to you, to begin sucking your fingers, I tell you that I want to cum inside of you…. And you’re ready for me.

I kneel down, and you sit astride me, but with your back to me, your gorgeous ass pressing against my stomach, your hand grabbing my cock and angling it into your pussy. I gasp as I enter you – oh God, so soft, so wet, so beautiful. Entering you from here feels perfect now. You stay upright, your hands reaching over your shoulders to caress my hair and face. With one arm wrapped around your waist, I pull you tight to me – for the maximum skin contact, I love your soft, strong back – while I caress your breasts. With my other hand, I reach down to our joining, so I can stroke your pussy and feel my cock sliding in and out of you.

After five minutes of slow, but deep thrusting, you reach down with your hand to feel my cock – long, hard, wet with your juices – as it enters your lips – which feel swollen and stretched. We’re making love to each other, tenderly giving pleasure, exploring our bodies to the fullest.

“Ohhhh… your cock…..” you whisper. “It feels so big….. Mmmmm…. My pussy feels so tight and wet…. I love how you fill me….. This is so good.”

You don’t need to tell me. If your pussy feels half as good as my cock right now…. God, the pleasure you’re giving me… I pull you tighter, kissing your neck, ears, cheek…

You take my hand and place it on your pussy, asking me to concentrate on your clit. I do that, circling it lightly, while my cock thrusts into you faster, rubbing against the front of your pussy, which feels like it’s sopping.

I start whispering in your ear, how beautiful you are, how your pussy is so delicious, how good you make me feel, how I’ve never been with anyone else like you…. All true, and it helps increase your enjoyment

Mmmmmm…. I moan, feeling the magic spread along my cock and enter my body. You start squeezing your pussy muscles rhythmically, trying to give me more pleasure, and you are. You certainly are. “Come on, baby, I want to feel your cum,” you say. And soon my cock is on fire, sliding in and out you recklessly. You slide your hand down to mine on your pussy to feel our coupling, and it excites you so much…

Soon we’re both gasping, and our bodies shake with desire. Your pussy feels so exquisite and you know that this orgasm will be incredible. I feel my balls tighten as they press against your ass, and know that it won’t be long now….

You feel it building, Ohhhh God, and with a few experienced flits of your finger on your clit, you’re bring it on…. “Oh, Richard, make me cum…” I want nothing more – so I thrust… harder, deeper, faster. My cock, so long and hard and thick pounding into your pussy like a piston, and the waves start, building, building, overflowing….. And then I slow, rotating my hips and cock while I’m buried deep within you…. I feel your pussy and asshole contract strongly, milking, squeezing my cock, taking me over the edge…. And I slow down, exquisite, slow deep thrusts, hard cock deep inside your wonderful wet pussy….. filling you with my hot cum, and I’m calling your name over and over and moaning uncontrollably….

I’m still inside of you. We both sink to the blanket, gasping, exhausted… But not satiated. I’m amazed, my cock kartal escort bayan is still hard, wanting more from you…. and even as we gasp for breath, you wiggle around, ready for another lovemaking position, another orgasm.

But we hear them before we see them…. It sounds like a big group, children definitely among the number, and it takes every bit of will power I have to slide my cock from you… We don’t bother with undergarments, just pull on our clothes..Luckily since we’re surrounded by tall grass, no one sees us. It’s a family, a mother, father and two young boys… And we share Cape Split with them for an hour or so as more and more hikers come calling….

Eventually, it’s time to head back, our skin still flushed from our lovemaking. I hold your hand tightly, and we smile at each other, laughing often….

I don’t know what it is about you, Baby… Sure, I had an active sex life before meeting you, but nothing like this. All I think about all day is being with you, of feeling your arms wrapped around my neck as you kiss me, of tasting you and nuzzling my cock inside your tender opening. We’re alone in a restaurant, and I’m overwhelmed with the thought of touching you…. I see you across a crowded room, and I get hard watching you, the way you move. I see you smile, and my heart is pierced. I brush against your skin, and I’m gasping for breath. It’s so incredible, such a rare gift… Samantha, you are so wonderful…..

After we’ve walked about half an hour, you pull me closer to kiss you. You can feel my erection, and as if that wasn’t enough, I take your hand in mine, and run it along my length.

“Oh baby,” you say as you stroke me, “I want to make love too.”

We head off into the woods, off the trail, running excitedly. Then we grab each other fiercely, peeling clothes from our bodies. You grab my cock like nothing else matters, and rub the pre-cum all over my shaft. Ohhhhh…. I lift you up, and back you against the huge oak tree in front of us. You wrap your legs around my waist, knowing that I plan to do you standing up; you put your arms over my shoulders holding on for dear life.

We’re both of like mind. Coming. Getting off. Nothing else matters. The second my cock gets close to your gorgeous pussy, you thrust your hips against me, taking me all the way inside you. We both gasp and moan loudly, not caring who might hear us. My whole body is tense with passion, and you feel that your climax is so close that you may as well start crying out now. Each time your arms grow tired, my hips and my cock lift you up… Soon you’re bouncing against me wildly, a long, hard, incredible orgasm building. You call my name, and then: “Oh God, Oh God, it feels so good,” you cry. But your words are drowned out by my own: “Oh Baby, your pussy is so beautiful… FUCK me, Baby…. Oh baby, make me cum….”

Soon I can feel your pussy milking my cock as you cum, and I’m there with you, gasping, my lips against yours, my tongue probing your mouth, and I moan deeply… You can feel my cock twitch and feel my cum – hot and wet – spray inside of you, filling you…. Ohhhhh….

Before your orgasm stops, I’m there. I’ve pulled my slick cock from your pussy, and brought my face down to your beautiful pussy so that I can go to work again… You don’t think you have any energy left, your legs feel weak, but as my tongue starts licking along your smooth wet skin, you sense that maybe you’re not finished after all.

You lift your right leg, placing it on my shoulder so that I can easily reach you. And then you reach down with your hands to spread your pussy lips apart. And I do exactly what you’re hoping I’d do… I start licking and sucking at your gorgeous pussy, sucking your juices and my cum from your dripping pussy, and the thought of it drives you wild. Immediately, a second orgasm rises right after the first, and I can feel your pussy spasm around my tongue…

And as that orgasm decays, I move my lips and tongue to your clit, fluttering, sucking, licking, until your body buckles and you feel yourself cumming again, Ohhhhh…. Just a little more, a little harder… Oh,God Oh,God Oh,God Oh,God…… It’s almost as if I know exactly what your body needs, each time you feel like you couldn’t cum again, my tongue probes you deeply….. or I stick a wet finger deeply into your ass as I lick your clit…. Or I start massaging the thin skin between your ass and pussy… And you respond…. Sheer ecstacy, over and over, so good, so good…. Until your body is liquid, your legs shaking so much that you can no longer stand, and you pry my head away from your pussy, and sink down to me… And we embrace, sweating, gasping, blissful and exhausted…. And we kiss…. Endlessly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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