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Sugar is Sweet

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As a successful free-lance author, George Boxlicker is sometimes hired to write copy for advertising agencies with clients who don’t object to paying high fees. He likes this kind of work alright; it pays well, but the agencies, usually being on tight deadlines, always make more demands on his time than others who contract his services. For instance, they insist he has to work at their places of business but, at least, they have no objection to his using his trusty laptop to produce the copy for which they pay him. Recently, George began working in his hometown office of Young the sun was down, and he felt an urgent need for a martini or two or three, so he left the two of them to work on what he was paying them to do.

Before starting to write anything, George needs to do some research on the subject, so he instructed Sugar to gather descriptions of the appliances whose virtues he would be extolling. As she walked over to the file cabinets where such information was to be found, he eyed the bewitching sway of her curvaceous ass under her short, tight white skirt. He thought of what a great muse she would be for him when he was writing pornographic stories for Literotica or others. She would also be nice to be around while he was producing advertising copy, but he doubted he would be able to keep his mind on washing machines and refrigerators while in the company of such a fabulous example of feminine charm and beauty.

He doubted it even more when Sugar bent over a low file drawer, and her skirt rode up high on her hips. The only garment under the skirt was a pair of red thong panties, and he had a great view of a pair of voluptuous ass cheeks that delectably straddled the narrow strip of cloth, the only thing covering the most private parts of her body. When she bent over farther, he was treated to the sight of black pubic hair sticking out over that strip. She returned with an armful of file folders and leaned forward to hand them to George, and he got a good look at another luscious pair. Sugar’s breasts seemed to be even more exposed; the edge of her red bra was clearly visible over the neckline of her blouse, and her dark tan areolas were peeping over the edge of the bra.

George turned on his computer, but it wasn’t even close to being as turned on as he was by the views he had enjoyed of his gorgeous assistant. He started reading over the comparisons the client was making between their products and those of their competitors. Although averse to actually lying when working on an assignment such as the one he had that evening, George is a good enough wordsmith to be able to juggle half truths and exaggerations and make the result appear to be completely factual. He was still scanning the files and keying in notes on his computer after everybody else had left for the day, leaving him and his sexy assistant the only people in the suite.

“Would you like a cup of coffee, George?” she asked him. “It’s instant, either regular or unleaded.”

“Thanks. I’d appreciate that. How about a cup of decaf with cream and sugar, Sugar?”

She smiled at his witticism, and so did George, but his smile was much more lecherous as he watched her walk away. Her ass seemed to be swaying even more provocatively than it had before, as she strolled to the company’s break room. He also noted she had removed her shoes, leaving her feet bare. That seemed like a good idea, so he took his off and removed his socks too. The plush carpet covering the office suite felt good on his feet, and he likes to relax while working. While she was gone, George continued to sift through the pile of information she had brought him.

At his age, he always takes Viagra shortly before a sexual encounter. Not expecting one that evening, he hadn’t taken any before coming to the office, but the woman assigned as his assistant was such a hotty and his imagination was so active, his cock had become hard anyhow.

Sugar had erotic thoughts similar to his, but she was already in the process of doing something about them. She is not only a fan of George Boxlicker, she had the hots for him and, from reading his pornographic descriptions of eating pussy and fucking, she lusted for his tongue and cock. As soon as she was able to get the assignment of working with her crush, she had made plans on how to make her erotic dreams come true.

While waiting for the microwave to heat the water for coffee, Sugar removed her blouse and bra, letting bostancı escort bayan her succulent natural breasts sway totally unrestrained. Not wanting to waste any time after putting her plan into action, she peeled off her skirt and skimpy lingerie too, and set all her clothing on the counter by the sink. Standing in the break room as naked as the day she was born, the young hotsy added the instant coffee to the hot water.

When the brew had been sweetened and creamed, Sugar held it in one hand and, with her other, she opened the steel door beside the refrigerator, reached in and threw a switch. The suite of offices was plunged into darkness. A small amount of light came from the streetlights outside through the open blinds, just enough to help her find her way back to George’s office, where he was sitting, surprised and confused by the abrupt change.

“Hey, what happened?” he asked. “Is this a power failure?”

As soon as the electricity went off, the battery in his laptop took over, and he could read what he had written, but it was too dark to see what he had been reading. He did hear the coffee cup being placed on the corner of the desk, but it was too dark in the office for him to see Sugar placing it there, especially since she immediately went around to stand behind his chair.

“I think it must be a power failure. The same thing happened here a couple of months ago, and it took a whole day to get it fixed.”

“Well, we can’t very well work if we can’t see what we’re doing. Do you want to go home?”

“No. I’ll show you what I want.”

George felt a soft pair of hands, one on either of his upper arms, followed by something even better against his shoulders. Through the thin fabric of his shirt, he felt two small, firm nubbins, which he immediately recognized as erect nipples, and they had to be those of Sugar. Slowly, he turned his swivel chair, feeling the soft mounds caressing his neck and face, until he was able to reach up and cup a large and totally delightful breast in either of his hands and to press his face between them.

He knew what to do next, and he turned his face to start licking one of Sugar’s nipples, which quickly became so erect from her arousal he could feel the individual ridges and the pebbly texture of her areolas. The first stroke of his tongue was broad, starting at the lower edge of the areola and covering the nipple, and the second was in the opposite direction, caressing from the upper edge. He alternated between broad strokes such as those and short jabs with just the tip of his tongue and curling it around the nipple. Sugar enjoyed the attentions as much as he did, and she was cooing happily as they continued.

Although his eyes had still not adjusted to the almost non-existent light after looking at his computer screen, there was nothing wrong with George’s sense of direction. He knew exactly where Sugar’s other breast was, and he turned his head to start licking that nipple the same way. There was nothing wrong with his sense of smell either and, as his tongue gave and received pleasure, George detected the faint but delectable aroma of pussy juices as Sugar began to lubricate.

“I love what you’re doing,” she murmured. “But let’s lie down on the floor, and it’ll be more fun for both of us.”

George was 100% in favor of that idea and, as he got up from his chair, she held onto his arm to guide him to a small clear space just outside the door to the office. There was more light there from the windows, and he was able to see her silhouette, but he couldn’t really see any details. When he reached out to embrace her sexy body, his hands encountered nothing but smooth, bare skin, and he was surprised and elated at how eager Sugar was for naked sex with him.

She lay on her back and he lay beside her with a voluptuous breast held in his hand. Sugar resumed her happy sounds as his tongue began licking her again, and her cooing grew louder when he switched his attentions between the twin treasures. In less than a minute, her upper body was squirming under him. Her erotic motions increased when he drew one gorgeous breast into his mouth as far as he could and started sucking while his tongue caressed the fully erect nipple and her areola. Once again, his mouth alternated between the succulent orbs until Sugar’s more strenuous movements and the stronger aroma of her pussy juices let him know it was time to go lower on ümraniye escort her body, where even more exquisite oral pleasures awaited them both.

Once again, George held a luscious breast in either of his hands, and he spread them so he could lick the channel between them on his way down her sexily plump body. He stopped briefly to swirl his tongue in her navel; Sugar giggled and pushed down on his shoulders. She was just as anxious as George was for him to bury his face in her crotch and lick until she climaxed, as she had read about so many times. He really needed no urging, and he continued downward until his tongue was caressing her mons.

His left hand had been resting on her bare thigh but, when George replaced it with his right and raised his mouth from her body, Sugar knew what to do next. She elevated her legs and, when she felt his arm on her other thigh, she lowered them so they rested on his shoulders. There was some disappointment when she felt cloth still covering his body, so she decided to rectify that.

“George, why don’t you take off your shirt and get cozier?”

“Good idea.”

She felt him back away and her legs, still widely spread, were resting on the carpet again. A minute later, fabric brushed against her knee and she heard the faint clicking of buttons as the shirt was set to the side. Sugar lifted her legs again and, this time when let them come to rest, she could feel George’s naked shoulders against her own bare skin. Less than a second later, she felt his arms wrap around her thighs until his hands were resting on her mons.

Normally, when George eats a pussy, the first thing he does once he gets into position, is admire its beauty. It was much too dark in the office suite to do that, but he was able to breathe deeply of the delectable fragrance in front of him, which is normally the second thing he likes to do. He turned his head slightly and his tongue started on Sugar’s left thigh, licking up the juices that had trickled there. As delightful as their scent had been, the taste of the young hotsy’s nectar was even more delicious.

After cleaning all the juices off both her thighs, his tongue started stroking upward on her crotch, catching the fresh juices trickling out of her love hole. Their flavor was even better than what he had licked off Sugar’s legs. His mouth began running into pubic hair, which he had noticed earlier was quite thick. Usually, George prefers eating a waxed or clean shaven pussy, because the bare skin is more sensitive, and the woman responds more sensuously, but it would have been hard to imagine anybody being more sensuous than Sugar Garcia was that night.

He couldn’t see what he was doing, but George’s tongue knows the way around a pussy well enough that he started licking one of Sugar’s outer lips. Although thick, her bush was soft and clean, and it felt almost as good to his mouth as her bare skin would have. Knowing they had all night, he moved slowly, his tongue caressing every bit of the lip over and over again, until he reached her mons. He kissed her there and brought his mouth back down to where he had begun so he could feast on the great wealth of nectar Sugar had just produced.

After his repast, George’s tongue started up the other outer lip. He treated this one the same way, including kissing her mons, and by that time, Sugar was moaning in bliss and her pussy was writhing under him. When he can, George likes to look at a woman’s body to see how much effect his ministrations are having, and how close she is to an orgasm, but he couldn’t on that night. Even so, he could tell by her happy sounds and the erratic movements of her body that she was steadily getting closer.

She knew it too. From reading his stories, especially on Literotica, Sugar had been sexually excited as soon as she learned George would be working at the office and had managed to get herself assigned as his assistant. On the day he was to start, she had worn the sexiest clothing that was acceptable at the office and the thong panties that would not have been allowed had anybody known about them. Beginning with her introduction to him, she had put herself on display, elated at the way he looked down her blouse, and at the way he stared at her ass and pussy when she hiked her skirt up high as she bent over the bottom file drawer. From the bulge visible in his pants, she was certain her plans and preparations would come to fruition, or escort kartal she would not have pulled the blackout trick.

Already aroused when George began his ministrations, she had, by the time he finished licking her outer lips, reached a height she had never known before. Sugar felt her climax building and reminding her of a volcano on the verge of erupting. When she felt his tongue licking all the fresh juices from her pussy and start slowly caressing between an inner and outer lip, the eruption grew closer.

“George, I really love that. Keep doing it,” she urged him.

“I will. I wish I could see your pussy though, because it smells and tastes and feels really scrumptious.” After speaking, George resumed using his mouth for more important purposes.

Those purposes were far more important for Sugar too, one of them being his tongue slowly thrusting and exploring between her labia until he reached the end of the inner one, where it merges with the other inner lip to form her clit hood. She knew the protection was useless by that time, because her man in the boat was so swollen with her lust he had pushed its way out from under the hood. George knew it too because, when he reached that point, she felt his tongue delicately stroking that very sensitive place before returning to his starting point and devouring all her fresh juices and starting again with her other pair of lips.

He treated this pair the same way, slowly caressing both with his tongue while her eruption grew even more imminent. Sugar didn’t know if George knew it or not, because her whole body was moving so wildly, but her hips had started thrusting out past his head. She could easily have gotten herself off by simply touching her clit, but she didn’t want to, because she knew it would be so much better when George took care of that with his talented mouth.

She also knew that glorious event was imminent when his tongue delicately touched her there again. “Suck my clit,” she urged him. Suck my clit and make me cum!”

Whether George responded to her plea or just knew it was time, she didn’t know, nor did she care when she felt his mouth envelop her clit and start to suck. His lips were clamped on the base, and his tongue was stroking the swollen sides. Sugar’s movements became even more strenuous, her body thrashing wildly while her pussy fucked up into the mouth that had brought her to that point. At last, the volcano erupted and she started to cum.

Reflexively, Sugar’s thighs clamped onto the sides of George’s head, and her hands went to the back to press his face snugly against her pussy, as if she were afraid he might try to get up and leave. Her legs swung from side to side, with his head imprisoned between them, and she rocked to and fro on her ass while continuing to jam her pussy against his mouth.

She didn’t have to worry about his trying to escape, because George was in one of the situations he enjoys above all others. He had his mouth clamped on the clit of a hotsy who was cumming and wildly yanking him around, whether on a bed or on the floor. Leaving was the furthest thing from his mind, and he even clung as tightly as possible to Sugar’s thighs to avoid being pitched to the side while he reveled in his favorite kind of ride.

“Oh god!” she cried out as she climaxed, and all her muscles clenched as she rammed her pussy into George’s face for an ultimate time. After her orgasm, Sugar completely relaxed, her arms sprawled out at her sides and her legs draped loosely across his shoulders.

He grinned happily, backed away slightly and moved forward again. George couldn’t see Sugar’s nectar, but he knew from experience where it would be. Avidly, he licked the delicious juices from the insides of her thighs, her crotch and her lips. Although he was tempted, he left the juices in the pink hole that had produced them. After eating such a marvelous pussy, his cock was raging hard, and he needed to fuck. The juices there would be needed for lubrication, but he feasted on everything else his tongue could find.

After her great orgasm, Sugar lay on her back with her eyes closed and her lips parted in a blissful smile. More thrills rippled through her body while George licked all the fresh juices from her, before moving away and letting her legs fall to the floor. In the dim light, she could see him stand up and she heard the rattle of his belt being unfastened and the soft sound of a zipper, apparently on his pants. Seconds later, she heard the jingle of keys and coins as his pants fell to the floor and he stepped out of them. She couldn’t hear his undershorts falling, but Sugar knew they must have done so, because she knows he prefers being naked while fucking.

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