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He drove to the hotel in West Virginia as specified by the “Yahoo Date Du Jour.” On the way there, he almost canceled because since his divorce he’d had, in his opinion, entirely too many brief flings with women, and he was looking for something more. Still, here he was, hurtling down the interstate, on his way to see her.

He got there just after midnight. It was their first meeting. Neither of them were nervous. She excused herself for a shower. He stripped to his underwear and grabbed the remote and channel surfed until she emerged from the shower, wearing something nice and frilly.

He “ooohed” as she approached the bed and climbed in. There were only 3 pillows on the bed – he gave her two of them and they settled in and watched TV for few moments.

Eventually, he slid his left arm under her and idly ran his right hand up and down her right leg. They lay cuddling for a while until he raised his head to hers and planted a kiss on her forehead. Another one on her nose and finally one on her mouth. Her lips parted to admit his tongue. He started nibbling on her neck and then nibbled on a nipple through the fabric of the nightie. A moan rose in her throat and she pulled him closer.

He reached over and freed the breast from the confines of the nightie and bit and sucked the nipple while running his hand up and down her thighs and belly. Her hand went to his chest, stroking lower and lower until she grasped his hard on through his boxer briefs.

He placed her hand back on her stomach and removed the nightie. He then turned her over so that her back was to him and started ataşehir escort bayan nibbling, kissing and gently biting the back of her neck. She moaned and sighed as he started tracking lower, down her spine and across her back, going lower and lower with delicious slowness.

He was at her buttocks now, starting to nibble on the rounded mounds of flesh when she turned around and said “what are you doing?” So, he stopped. Grasping the remote control to the TV, he turned it off. Flinging it aside, he kissed her on the mouth and moved down to her neck. She turned her head to allow him unfettered access as he licked, kissed and nibbled, taking care not to leave a mark. He moved lower towards her breasts and gave her left nipple a good, long suck.

As he slowly suckled the left nipple, he played with the right with his hand. Alternately sucking and nibbling and taking the other one between his thumb and forefinger. He moved to the right nipple and moved his hand down between her legs and stroking her clit. She melted and turned into jello under his touch.

This being done, he turned her over again and started nibbling on the back of her neck, on her shoulders, to her shoulder blades, down her spine with even more delicate slowness. He played with her nipples with his hands, tweaking and pinching them as he made his way down her spine to her butt.

Every so often, from her response, he knew he found a good spot, and lingered. From time to time, he would go back up to the back of her neck. Just so, he lingered between her shoulder blades. Then down to the middle escort kadıköy of her back. Then he’d nibble on a shoulder. Then on down her spine as she writhed and swayed and moaned.

He started nibbling and biting her left butt cheek and she whimpered with delight. He moved to her right butt cheek and caressed her pussy with his finger. He found the “sweet spot” on both ass cheeks and started focusing most of his nibbling there as she started writhing. He tenderly nibbled and caressed her ass cheeks with his mouth and tongue, trying to see how much he could take into his mouth. He marked her ass with his teeth and tongue. Nibbling on her left cheek, he spanked her softly on the right one – and then harder as she moaned her approval. Then, he moved between the butt cheeks, licked her asshole, eliciting a surprised but muted squeal, and slid down to her pussy. He started to stroke her pussy lips with his tongue from behind, while fingering her clit. He then started sucking her clit and continued spanking her, softly and then harder – then softer. She tensed up and released her orgasm, and he rode the waves with her, his mouth fastened around her clit.

He stayed there for a few moments while she was in the throw of her aftershocks, and then moved back up to tongue her asshole. She brought her legs tightly together and pulled on the hair on the back of his head to try to make him stop, but he would not be denied. He continued to tongue her ass – sometimes stopping to bite her ass cheeks and then zero back onto the target. As she resisted, he redoubled his efforts and more forcefully bostancı escort ramming his tongue into her asshole. Slowly, she started to relax both the hand holding his hair, and her legs. She started moaning as his tongue continued it’s onslaught into her ass and ass cheeks. All resistance was dying with each lick, each nibble and each thrust of his tongue. Completely restrained and dominated by his tongue, she started melting under him in an entirely new way. Slowly, her legs parted wide to give him complete access and her hand stayed on the back of his head, but now it held him close. He started caressing her pussy with one hand while sporadically spanking her with the other one. He then placed both hands on her butt cheeks, kneading them and holding them apart. Her right hand continued holding his face in place in her butt crack. Her left hand flew to her clit, frantically rubbing it. From time to time, he would give her another hard or soft spank. He continued to lick her crack, and she moaned louder and louder. Finally, as the words “Oh my GOD!” echoed in his ears, she surrendered her orgasm with a huge convulsion. He stayed with her and continued to lick until she was prone and spent.

After she recovered, she turned around and snatched off his boxer briefs and straddled his dick. He pulled her close and started sucking on her nipples and biting her shoulders and nibbling her neck while she fucked him slowly and then harder. He held both tits together and sucked both nipples at once. Placing his hands on her ass, he held her to him and thrust up into her. The hotel bed was making a huge racket, but was drowned out by her moans and his grunts. Then suddenly, with one last thrust, he came deep inside her. A smile came to her face as she climbed off of him.

She lay next to him and they cuddled until they both drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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