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Stepmom Godaughter from Portugal Pt16

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I woke up to hear the shower and got up heading to the bathroom for the morning piss. Good morning honey..Good Morning Sexy and I mean sexy in the shower as I had morning wood. I see your friend is ready for the trip as she strokes me. Does he need a morning blowjob? No, I want to fill you up tonight in Mexico. Wow…that is the first time you rejected me. No, babe I love your BJ’s but I want to feel us cum together in Mexico. Ok, I will enjoy that as must as giving you a BJ. I kissed her deep and strong with my tongue holding her close to me.

We started getting dressed as I got my Khakis shorts and a polo on to watch Maria get ready. I watched her put on some white panties and no bra then slipped over a tight one piece dress over her head. I watched her pulled it down that just made it to the bottom of her butt cheeks. She looked at herself in the minor and I don’t like it. I do! Mark thanks sweetie but you see my panty lines…give me 10 minutes I will will be ready. Ok, I will bring the bags down to my car.

Maria walks out of the bedroom that gave me an instant hard on as she stood in this tight white dress with black high heel shoes. She kind of looked like a porn star with red lips in this outfit was totally fucking hot. I knew she was going to turn heads anywhere we go. Maria gave Marco a kiss and hug as I gave him a hug then told him you better practice the soccer video game with Grandma. Rose looked at Marco you need to teach sweetie. Don’t worry grandma I will teach you so you can beat Mark when they come back…Wow..the girl’s laughed. We both hugged Rose as we said bye and I squeezed her butt as she jumped…O Mark. Maria laughs out to say mom your butt still hurts. No, just surprised as she whispered in my ear yes it does because of you and want it again.

I opened the car door for Maria to get in and I got in heading to the airport. Got to the airport and removed the bags out of the truck for the skycap as I gave him $20 for 3 bags. I am going to park the car and will meet you inside the First class check-in area at the counter. I returned back inside the airport and saw my friend Wendy walking alone toward me with my sunglasses on and I spoke out. Metro has some hot cops as she said excuse me did you something to me. Yes, Miami has some hot looking police officers as I removed my glasses. Damm it Mark I was going to slap some cuffs on you. O please do…lol You have not changed Mark as she gave me a hug. What are you doing here again picking up your hot girlfriend again. No, we are heading to Mexico right now so I will talk to you later. Ok, have fun and take care.

I got to Maria as she grabbed my hand and headed to the security check point to the terminal then the First Class Lounge. As we walked to the First Class lounge I noticed all the men checking out Maria and I joked around with her. All the men are looking at you and checking you out. Maybe they are wishing they were you holding my hand. We entered the lounge and found a nice area as we sat down. A lady came over asking what we would like to drink as we both had BloodMarys and some cheese. We talked sipping the drinks and she told me as soon as we get the resort let’s hit the beach for some sun. Sure, I can wait to see you in your bikini. Which one do you want me to wear? Surprise me…I have 5 suits with me as my face went in a shocking look as she laughs out.

The lady came back to us and told us are plane will start boarding in 10 minutes and handed us the boarding passes; so we finished up the drinks then headed to the gate. She got up and asked me if I see any panty lines? No, I see nothing as I grabbed the bag walking behind. Good! We got to the gate waiting for the boarding then 3 minutes later they called First Class.

We got onboard in the last row in First Class as Maria sat in the window seat. I laid my hand on her right thigh crossed over her other leg feeling her soft skin. Maria you look so pretty that is driving me crazy waiting you. She looks at me I am glad you like what you see because I do it for you and it makes me feel sexy too. Specially when I have a hot man holding my hand walking through the airport. Mark do I see my friend? Maybe because he wants to get in you wearing that hot dress. She puts her hand over my boner then says wow I did that to you walking with you. Yes, you are the best looking woman in the world to me. She gives me a kiss and tells me you are so sweet to me.

The plane took off and we talked all the way to Cancun, Mexico about life, future business, Marco, and each other future goals that sound very close to each other…except the 5-7 kids…lol Mark you make me so happy since we met and I love you so much. She grabs my hand moving between her legs as she parted them wider. I felt my fingers touch her wet pussy lips. She wants you before we hit the beach as she moved my hand away then I licked my finger. Mark you are teasing me now. We finally landed and headed to the resort then checked into the room.

We put all the clothes away and changed to the swim suits as she was wear my favorite white Brazilian bikini with a little beach skirt around her waist. I walked up to her holding her in my arms and told her you are the hottest warm in Mexico right now. She tells me you have not seen anyone on the beach yet to make that call yet. No, I already I have the hottest, smartest, sexiest, and best woman in the world with me right now. She looked me in the eyes “Thank you” and gave me a passionate kiss.

She pushed me back then turned around removing the skirt then her bikini bottom. I want you in me now before we go to the beach and I want your cum in my mouth. I was instantly hard looking at her ass and her telling me what she wanted. I moved my cock right between her wet lips and pushed fully in her as she gasped for air. O Mark you feel so good…fuck me babe! I held her hips fucking her telling her I love you Maria and my friend loves your pussy too. My pussy loves your big friend and only your friend. I was so excited all this morning and now even more that didn’t make me last long as pulled out of her. She turned around went to her knees sucking my hard wet cock as she looked up at me. Her pretty eyes looking at me helped me cum faster in her mouth. I shot streams of cum in her mouth that was a little to much to swallow as it slipped out of her mouth to her bikini top. She swallowed it all then added some water to wash it down. Let’s hit the beach now babe.

We walked through the hotel lobby to the beach and exited the door that put us right by the bar. I told Maria let’s get a drink for the beach as I asked the bartender what is the drink of the day? “Pineapple passion”. Ok, can we have two as everything was free at the all inclusive resort. I told Maria I forgot the sun lotion and was going back to the room I will be right back. She sat at the bar as I walked back to the room then headed back to her. I stop at the Concierge desk to order up a couple things and he suggested lunch on the beach. I scheduled that on the last day for us. I headed back to Maria and as I approached the bar she was talking to Luz and her mother.

I walked up to greet them both with the typical kiss on the cheek greeting. Luz was wearing a hot yellow bikini that showed off her body but specially her sweet Cuban butt. Her mother was in a 1 piece that showed off her tits very nicely but I was with the hottest woman still. We all headed down to the beach and told them we will see you later tonight for some dancing.

We had some beach boys help us get 2 chairs as we laid out in the sun. I asked her if she could put on some lotion on this white boy skin because I didn’t want to get burned. O yes, I don’t want you burned up because it’s only day one as she rubbed it all over my back, chest, and face. You want any? Sure on the back of my legs and butt. I am for sure going to cover that sexy butt as I moved my hand over it with the lotion. I squeezed it a little “O Mark” be good and don’t get me all hot already. I moved in between her legs to rub her pussy for a little tease…you are being a bad boy already. Yes, I am but I have no choice with beautiful body in front of me in a sexy bikini.

We laid in the sun for some time and then she got up then walked to the water. Are you going to join me? Sure, as I headed in the warm water slowly. I walked up to her and held her in my arms and talked about the resort then she started kissing me. I felt my friend getting hard resting against her body as she hopped up and wrapped her legs around me. I love you so much Mark and I am so happy you are here with me. I couldn’t have a better person in my life at this time. Thank you for coming with me. Maria I love you more then you think and I am happy I am here with you too. I squeezed both butt cheeks holding her and kissed some more. Then out of the blue we heard someone say “Get a Room you love birds”!

We looked up at the beach as it was Maria (Firm Partner Maria 2 or M2). I let her down as she walked out of the water toward her and I followed her not thinking. M2 was in a sexy gold bikini that didn’t cover much of her body. She gave us both hugs and looked me over then told Maria I think you better take care of him as I had a semi hard on in my shorts. I said she brings it out of me with her touch as I tap her butt. Lucky you Maria as they both smile and giggle. M2 ask if we needed a drink because she was going to the bar. Maria says sure as we all headed up to it together.

We order the drinks as Maria tells us she is heading to the bathroom. We stood at the bar next to each other and out of the blue one of the resort customers that had a little to much already runs up bumping into M2. She falls into me as my drink falls in the sand and hold her in my left arm cupping her left boob. I yelled out excuse me at him as he looks at me. What? The bartender trying to cool the problem down that was going to heat up very quickly telling the man to come at the end of the bar. Watch want you are doing next time dude as he walked to the end of the bar. Whatever he reply’s to me. M2 tells me to let it go as she stood up away from me and I released her boob. M2 joking around tells me I can keep my hand on her boob as Maria walks up to us. She ask M2 is he being fresh already and starting trouble.

M2 tells Maria what happen and she was glad nothing happened because it was the first day. We headed back to the chairs as Maria asked M2 to join us. We asked one of the chair boys if we could get another chair for M2 as she sat next to me. As we all sat down and the ladies talked about how nice this beach is and I told them it’s nice but the Caribbean has the best beaches. Maria tells me Portugal has the best beaches in the world. Well I guess we will have to check it out and see which beach is the best. Maria puts her hand on my hand and tells me ok we will do that. M2 says can I come too…As Maria tells her maybe if you can bring someone with you because I can’t share him on the trips. Ok, plus he couldn’t handle us both on all the trip as the girls laugh. Wow…. I think I could but I like to focus on one woman to give her all I got at the time.

Maria and M2 stood up and walked in the water together as I looked at both butts. They have nice asses but Maria hands down because it was more muscle tone. I don’t want to say I wouldn’t tap M2 because I would do her. I watched them both talk about each other bikinis and touch each other that was normal but it looked hot still. They both walk into the water and I headed to the bar to get three new drinks. As I order the drinks Luz comes walking out of the bathroom then stopping over to talk to me. Mark I have to tell you that my mother can’t stop talking about you. What is she saying about me? She thinks you are very good looking and likes your muscles. She I come over at talk with her with you? Yes, later when my Dad is not around.

I walked toward M & M following Luz Cuban ass with my sunglasses. I spoke out so Luz could hear me “That is çankaya escort a nice booty” as she wiggled it for me. I entered the water with 3 drinks and handed the lady’s a new drink “How are my M&M’s doing?. Good…Wow Maria you have him trained well already…as they both laughed out. Maria said yes but I will give him his treat later for being a good boy. I said more like you will get a big treat later. M2 gasped then said I bet it’s a big treat too. Maria walks over to me as the water was waist high on me and gave me a kiss on the lips. Thank you baby for the drink then M2 walked over to give me a kiss on the cheek “Thank you”. I moved my hand around Maria’s waist and said I will be your personal bartender ladies.

M2 said she needs to make a phone call and will be back as she headed out of the water. I squeezed Maria’s butt and told her Thank you for inviting me and you have some nice co-workers. No, Thank you for being my man here because I feel like the luckiest woman on this beach with you. She gives me a kiss and tells me again I love you. Me too sexy as I squeezed her sexy ass again…O Mark I think I might need my friend soon because I am hot inside for you. Ok, drink up and give me your cup and told her to say here as I dropped the cups next to the chairs.

I told her let’s go walk down the beach to a private area so I can give you my friend as she held my hand. We got down the beach in front of a new construction hotel with no one around as we walked in the water holding hands. We started kissing holding her against me feeling her body all over and sucked on her neck whispering in her ear. I want you so much all the time Maria and sometimes I can’t stop thinking about you. I moved my hands to her ass holding her and she moved her legs around me like the first time we were at the beach in Miami. She reached to my shorts under her legs and pulled them down a little and moved her bikini bottom to the side.

Mark I want your cock so bad right now as she held my cock then I pushed up in her. She rested her head on my shoulder sucking it gasping…O Fuck…You feel so good in me Mark. Fuck me as she wish and cum deep inside me. I started thrusting my hips holding her kissing and the feeling of my cock inside was so different. Maria you have been driving me crazy all day and not sure I will last a long time. Me either Mark you feel unbelievably right now in me and I feel myself getting closer as she kisses me again deep and strong. I felt her tongue stop moving in my mouth as she gasped with her lips breaking away for air. Her wetness coated my cock and that pushed me over. I shot streams of cum deep in her as she kissed me again then rested her head on my shoulder breath heavy. O Fuck Mark give it to me as she felt my cum inside her.

I just stood still holding her with my cock deep inside her and she said that was so good for a quicky. Maria I love coming in you and feel you cum on me but most of I like is holding you. I love feeling you cum in me more then you now. I looked at her you are still on the pill? Yes, why do you ask that? The way you say you love my cum in you more then you know. I will not go off the pill until we get married and we both want to have kids. Ok, as I give her another thrust in her. O yes as she pulled me closer to her. She whispers in my ear telling me I want you to try out my ass tonight if you want too. I do if you are up for it. I am because I had the plug in my ass on the flight here getting it ready for you tonight.

Can you pull out of me so I can feed the fish…as we laugh together. I held her close to me out of her and pushed a finger toward her asshole. I rubbed her butthole as she looks at me giving me the ok look waiting for my finger. I pushed it in her slowly as her eyes halfway closed and she told me go slow babe. I slip right in with one finger and asked her do you like it? Yes, but I know it will be different with your big cock in my ass. I will be slow and if it’s to much for you no big deal. I pulled out of her and told her go feed the fish. About a couple minutes we walked out of the water and headed back down to the resort area.

As we walked down the beach I saw the drunk that bumped into M2 at the bar sitting around a group on guys. He looked at us then spoke in Spanish toward us and Maria understood as I looked at him. I asked her what did he say? Don’t worry about he is drunk. We continue walking and turned his head back to his friends saying something more and his buddy’s laughed out. I asked what did he say? I will tell you at the bar as we walked toward the bar but stopped at Luz chairs.

Maria sat down on Luz chair and Luz told me to take a sit on my mothers chair as she speaks to her in Spanish. Luz mother moved her legs and tapped the chair for me to sit here. Luz father was golfing with the groom now as I sat down and told her Thank you in Spanish as she smiles at me and laid my hand on her leg. Maria looked at me with a surprise look at me speaking Spanish. Luz asked if they guys are bothering you when you walked pass them? Maria spoke Spanish to Luz then she spoke back to her with a pissed off look. Luz and Maria stood up and walked to the bathroom and Luz asked if I could put some lotion on her mother legs then spoke to her in Spanish. I looked at Maria and she smiled go ahead I will be back.

I got the lotion as her mother was on her stomach and spread some on her legs. I moved my hand over her leg feeling her inner thigh and moved up on her. She gave a soft low moan moving back and for over her legs. I heard her gasped Ooooo as I moved back over her over leg doing the same thing. I asked her you ok…she responded “Se”.

She got nervous and sat up to turn around to face me. Moved my hand on her right leg with my left hand as she looked at me as she put on her sunglasses on looking at me. I rubbed my thumb over her suit covering her pussy and placed her left hand on my left knee. She said something in Spanish but didn’t understand her then she placed her hand on my hand moving it between her legs. I rubbed her pussy over her suit as she gasp each time I rubbed her. I looked over my shoulder to notice Luz & Maria coming out of the bathroom and going to bar. I rubbed her faster as she moaned a little then placed her hand on top of my hand holding it against her pussy as she cums.

I grabbed the extra towel wiping my hands clean and laid the towel on her lap as Maria and Luz return. I turned my head and noticed they put the drinks down and started walking to the group of guys. I heard Luz speaking in a high Spanish voice with her hands waving in the air. They both walked back to us then Maria gave Luz a hug and spoke to her mother in Spanish. Maria reached for my hand as I stood up and headed back to are chairs with no M2 anywhere so I told her I was going to the bathroom.

I came back with 2 cold bottles of water as I moved against her inner legs. O my that is cold…as she part her legs wider. Luz and her mother was laughing at what I did to Maria. That is a nice looking butt young lady. Maria do you need any more lotion on you? Yes, can you put some on my back as I grab the lotion then sat on the edge of her chair. I move my hand over her back with some lotion and asked her if she wanted me to untie her top. Yes, good idea because I don’t want any lines on my back with the dress. I untied her top then rubbed the lotion over her back. Maria your skin is so nice and smooth to touch. I am glad you like the feel of my skin but I like the feel of your hand on me.

I laid back in my chair getting some sun on my chest and face as I rested for a good 15 minutes. M2 walks over asked us if we wanted another drink as I opened my eyes as she was holding 3 drinks. Sure, as I grabbed 2 drinks from her “Thank you” Is Maria a sleep? She might be but it’s only been 15 minutes…No I am awake. I waved down a server and asked if they had any chips and salsa? Yes, I will bring you 2 orders of chip & salsa and chicken nachos. I need to hit the water I told the girls as I walked in the 80+ degree. About 2 minutes after I was in the water M2 walked in the water toward me as Maria was still on her stomach getting the sun.

This water feels good Mark. Yes, it does and then she asked me if I knew if a nude beach was around here. I was thinking the same thing earlier or topless beach. Mark I need a full tan body so I need a full nude beach. I bet they have one near us so we should ask the waitress when she comes back with the food. She was like 3 ft in front of me as I faced toward the beach watching Maria. Would you come with me to the nude beach? I will check to see if Maria wants to go. No, I am asking you want to join me as she reaches over under the water rubbing my penis. Wow…I will have to get back to you on that as I stepped back deeper under the water. M2 I would like give you that but I am with Maria and I care a lot for her. Also I wouldn’t want fuck up your partnership or my relationship with Maria too. You are totally right but . I noticed the server was walking back to the chairs with the food. I told M2 the food was at the chairs as I walked in front of her then sat down drying my hands.

I told Maria you need to eat some food as she got up forget her top was untied. Damm Maria you have a nice set girl from M2. Yes, they are I said as Maria slaps my left shoulder..Ouch O am sorry babe…it’s the other arm. Mark stop doing that to me. Ok, sorry I will stop doing that to you. M2 asked me are you having any issues with the shoulder? Not really but it hurts mostly in the morning when I wake up. I hope it gets better for you soon. Thanks! Mark can you get me a drink of water? Sure I will get 3 waters and headed to the bar. When I came back to girls I see them talking and handed them both a bottle of water. After we completed all the food Maria asked me if I wanted to head back to the room because we will have 3 more days of sun? Yes, because I noticed it’s 4:30PM already.

Maria told M2 we will see her later at the dance club and she said Mark better dance with me because I have no date. Sure, I can let you borrow him for a couple. We got back to the room and she attacked me when the door closed. She was kissing me with so much passion as I held her in my arms. I broke the kiss and told her let’s hit the shower then we will have some fun but I need to see that bikini and camel toe again. She does a slow turn around then stands in front looking down to see her camel toe. Mark want didn’t you tell me I had a camel toe? I didn’t know if you wanted to show it off a little for me. You like the look as urns around then bends over with her back to me pulling her bottoms down. Wow…Maria you are trying to give me a heart attack with a move like that. I moved to my knees and licked her once over her lips. o Mark let me clean it up for you as she walked in the bathroom dropping her top then in the shower as I heard the water turned on.

I walked into the bathroom for the first time as I noticed it was very big and Maria asked me if I was coming in. Yes, let me get my soap from my bag. I finally walked into the shower as it was much bigger then I expected. I told her this shower ca can handle 4 people in here. She started moving her hands over my chest asking me so you need more in the shower with me? Her body was warm from the sun and hot for me as much I was for her right now. She breaks the kiss and grabs my soap cleaning me as I stood in front of her beautiful body. I washed my hair with the resort shampoo. I was already hard as a rock and she knew that she turns me on so much as she started stroking me with her soapy hand. Mark I want you so badly and I told her your friend wants you badly too.

I step out of the shower and toweled off then I wrapped her up as she exited the shower. I picked her up..wow Mark be careful… carrying her to the bedside to put her on her feet. We kissed again and I moved down her body kissing her neck then the nipples with some sucking too. O Mark çayyolu escort I like you mouth on my nipples as I felt her hand pushing my head into her tit as I sucked her. I broke away from her body and told her to lay back on the bed. I lowered myself in between her legs and Maria was breathing heavy already then I moved my mouth over her pussy. O yes Mark eat my pussy as much as you want. Your mouth feels so good on my pussy…O fuck Mark. I started rubbing her clit as I was eating her out and I knew she was close as her legs started shaking a little. I felt her hands on the back of my head pushing me into her pussy as she started coming and she squirted on my face. O Mark!!!!

I stood up whipping my face with the towel and stood over her and pushed my hard cock in her wet push. I started pumping myself in her hard and deep as she was breathing heavy still…O Fuck Mark you are so deep in me. I love you Mark…Don’t stop fucking me this speed because you will make me cum again soon. I want your cum deep in me. About another 5 mins fucking her this way she cums again but I held off. I pulled out of her and told her to get on top of me and you fuck me.

She got on top of me slowly moving her pussy down my shaft as we both gasp with joy. Maria your pussy feels so good and the best pussy I have ever had in my life. She bent down over me and hugged me with a kiss. Mark you cock is the best and biggest cock I have ever had in my life and I hope you never leave me. Don’t worry I will never leave you as she was moving her hips like crazy feeling all of me inside. She looked at me with a different look and I asked her wants wrong? Nothing but I think I am going to cum again already for the third time. Keep fucking me sexy as I moved my hands on her tits playing with her nipples…O Mark pull them….I did as she told me then I felt her pussy tighten up on me and she came again with a little squirt as she rode my head up high.

She collapsed on my chest breathing so heavily that I asked her if she was ok? O I am great right now. Sweetie I need your cum so how do you want it? Doggystyle….she barks at me “I am your bitch babe”…that is my good girl as she was on all four on the bed. I moved behind her and popped my hard cock right in her very wet pussy as she moans out. Fuck me Mark and shot your cum deep inside me. I knew I would not last long in this position specially looking at her sexy ass watching my cock slide inside her with her dirty talk. I held her hips and fucked her hard & deep as long as I could then I feel the balls tighten up. Come on babe give me your hot seeds in me. That pushed me over as I shoot my major load inside her as we both sigh out loud. I gave her a couple more strokes in her then pulled out of her as she rested on her elbows.

I was looking at her ass and seeing my cum slowly flow out of her pussy onto the towel laying on the floor. Maria you have the best looking ass in my eyes and she turned her head back to me telling me I hope you feel that way all the time about it. I will as I moved closer to her ass as she still watched me and I slowly moved my tongue over her little asshole. O.O.O Mark…Why did you do that babe? I wanted too so are you ok with me doing that? O Yes, but no one has ever done that to me. I can’t wait for my friend to go inside you. Me too but not yet.

I laidback on the bed next to her as she moved her arm around me. We looked at each other with no words said for either of us. I spoke first to ask her when I ask you to marry me when would you want to get married; not saying today or tomorrow down the road? I would be fine just going to the courthouse if I was marring you. No seriously with a church wedding and wedding party. Whenever the church is open and we can get a place to have the party. Where do you want the wedding at US, Portugal, or another place? I am fine to be in the US because it’s my new country. Maria so are you just a Green card holder only or US citizen already? No, I have a work Visa and applied for a Green card already. I will help you become a US citizen faster when that day comes.

She looks over at the clock as it was 5:40PM and said we better get ready for dinner. Yes, I guess so but I just want to stay like this as I held her against me. Maria moved her hand over my soft cock and told me I need to see my friend as she moves down my body. She kisses my head then slowly moves her mouth over my soft penis and sucked my head. O Babe that feels so good. Then she sucked my balls that I shave the day before. She got me hard again in a couple seconds then moved back to my cock sucking me all the way down the shaft as I lifted my head toward her. She started stroking and sucking me faster then I felt her playing with my balls with the other hand. She was working me over and it was driving me closer to exploding again. She was sucking me like crazy then I felt her hand squeeze my balls a little that pushed me over the edge and I told her I am going to cum any second. I shot my load in her mouth and down her throat as she swallowed all of me looking up at me. She popped her lips over my head and said that was delicious. She got up and walking back to the shower for a quick clean up.

I watched her walk to the bathroom and in my head she is totally going to be my wife one day. I looked at the celling taking in all that just happened as I smiled because I know what love feels like now. She was with me through the hospital, growing my business, and she will do anything for me. I got up to walk in the shower with her and made out a little more before we exited the shower to get dressed for dinner. Mark I got a shirt for you if you want to wear it tonight. Sure as long as it matches my pants. She hands me the Polo shirt that was the same color as part of her sundress she had on with her white sandals. I put it on then asked her how do we look together as I gave her a quick kiss? I like that shirt on you as I held her against me as I held her firm butt feeling skin under her dress. Mark you need to control my friend because I don’t want my friends to be jealous of me. Ok, but that would mean I can’t look at you. Stop it…I only want your eyes on me. Well that means your friend might be excited like my heart.

We headed out of the room making sure the door was locked as I held Maria’s hand walking to the restaurant for dinner. The hostess gave us a table for 2 in the corner booth as we sat next to each other facing the other tables. I felt a lot of eyes on us as we walked in the restaurant and still do as I look out at the tables. A waitress walks over to give us a wine list and hands us the menu then asked us if we wanted bottled water. Maria tells her yes in Spanish. The waitress returns back with a big glass bottle of water then pours us a glass each. She told us the dinner specials and Maria asked me if I eat sushi. I looked at her with a smile then she slapped my left arm then told the waitress 1 order of the tuna as the waitress had a big smile on her face.

She departed the table and Maria told me I am so bad. You know I love eating fish and she moves her right hand on my left leg. I looked at the wine list as we agreed on a white wine. We got the sushi dropped off at the table as we ordered the wine and food. As we sat at the table we noticed the wedding party coming in including Luz parents, Luz, and her fiancé. Then I noticed the drunk guy from the bar earlier today. Maria so what did that guy say to us on the beach earlier today? O…Don’t worry he was drunk. You told me you would tell me. If I tell you then you will not get mad at him? I can’t promise that so don’t tell me.

We drink some wine with a very good fish he is my number one. I need to call home after dinner. We can finished up the wine and walk around the shops. Yes, let’s do that then we can go dancing after the shopping. I like the plan sexy.

We walked out of the restaurant to head to the shops connected to the resort. Walked into a couple of stores as I just followed her through the store. I told her if you like something get it and she found a food tray that she liked. After that we walked back to the room to drop off the tray and I told her let’s walk to the bar on the beach. We sat at the bar and ordered 2 wines. We talked about dinner and the view of the water. Maria said O my I never called Marco yet. I handed her my phone as called home and walked away from the bar. A couple minutes went by as she returns handed me the phone telling me Marco wants to talk to me. Ha Bubby..How are you doing? Ok, we will play when I get back and yes I will play with you grandma too as we ended the call. So you are going to play with my mom…lol Yes, keeping in the family…lol The soccer video game.

As we continue to finish are drinks at the bar a couple of ladies came walking to the bar. Maria got up walking to them as I noticed two of the ladies from Maria’s office. I took a swig of my wine and looked back as Maria was introducing me to 4 ladies (Jennifer, Sue, Patty, & Christina). Everyone was wearing blue jeans and was very good looking. I got up shaking each of their hands and asked them if they would like a drink. Patty told Maria I like this man buying us drinks as they all laughed. Maria hugs me yes he is always looking after me and all my friends ask Luz and Nicole. I gave up my sit to one of the ladies “Christina” as they talked about work and the resort for a good 20 minutes.

Maria asked the ladies if they wanted to go dancing with us? Absolutely! We all headed to the Dance club and as we got closer you can hear the music and feel the bass. We walked in as Maria held my hand then whispered in my ear ready to dance with me babe? I squeezed her hand looking at her are you ready to dance my hot MILF. She smiled at me O yes I am as she pulled me straight to the dance floor. We danced freely facing each other and she made some moves up close to me. I was feeling the music and the drinks kicking in as I grabbed her up close to grind against her. The song ended and she came up to telling me I can dance then gave me a quick kiss.

We walked back you the ladies hold a table near the bar and away from the speakers. The waitress came over to take are drink order with the other ladies. Jennifer was talking to Maria then Patty spoke out telling Maria you better hold on to him because he can dance. Yes, I think I will keep him now. Really? As she hugs me “Just joking babe” with a kiss. Sue says get a room you two…as the other laugh out. Christina ask Maria can I dance with your man? Sure if he wants too. Ok, as I take a sip of my drink then walked to the floor behind Christina in her tight blue jeans and high heel shoes. We free danced facing each other and she looked so small up close with me. The song is over and went right into the song “Shout”.

I waved to Maria and her coworkers to come out to dance with us as they did. We sang the song out loud all together and the girls surrounding me singing the song. The song was ending as a slow song came on as I grabbed Maria’s hand and pulled her close to me. I held her in my arms moving side to side looking at each other then she rested her head on my shoulder. Mark you are a good dancer and happy you can because I didn’t want to breakup if you couldn’t dance. I moved my hands squeezed her butt as they were just above her butt. Mark I was just joking..I know but wanted to feel that butt. My body is all yours tonight babe and I want to try a new place too.

We walked back to the table and as we sat down Luz and the wedding party came inside including the drunk guy “Punk”. I don’t like that guy because I feel like he is all trouble. What did Luz and you tell him earlier today on the beach? He is related to her fiancé some way and she told him he better be nice to her guest or he can leave. Luz told me he flew in from Columbia for the wedding and she really didn’t wait him coming because she don’t like him. Her fiancé grew up with him in Columbia and he is like family to him. ankara escort Maria if he does or says something to me again I will not be nice about it with him. Don’t worry Mark and let’s just enjoy the trip. I am enjoying the trip and specially with you as I put my hand on her knee.

We danced more together and with others on the floor enjoying a good time. I watched Patty and Sue dance together that looked like they have done it before and maybe more off the floor. Mark are you enjoying the Patty and Sue show? Sure, It fine with me so how do you feel about it? They are both sexy but I want you then she whispers in my ear “Meet me back at the room in 15 minutes” and enjoy the show. I will come with you now…No, give me 15 minutes in a different tone. Ok!

Maria got up and walked to the room and I sat watching people dance plus Patty and Sue grind each other. Christina asked me to dance again but it was a slow song as we walked to the floor. I placed my hands on her hips as she placed her hands on my ribs. It felt different like I was in elementary school again dancing with her as the lights went down a little lower. She got closer to me and she told me you can hold my but if that is better for you. I did as she told me holding her butt in the tight jeans. You have a nice body and butt as I squeezed it. My butt is my favorite part on my body. How tall are you Christina? I am 5’1 so am I to small? No, you are a cutie little package. Thank you but I wish my ex-boyfriend felt that way. He is a fool in my eyes based on your body and personality so far with me. She squeezed me as I felt my hard cock rest against her stomach and tits. The song ended and I leaned down as she gave me a kiss on the cheek with a Thank you.

It was the longest 15 minutes dancing with Christina then headed to the room. I entered the room as I only saw one light on near the slider door as the curtain blowing out the slider door to the beach. I called out for Maria and noticed a note on the end table “Remove your clothing and come out to the beach with a towel only”. I removed my clothing with a raging boner resting against my stomach as I grabbed a towel that was laying on the bed for me.

I walked outside with the towel around my waist and headed toward the water. When I got closer I saw Maria standing near the water with a semi see through white nighty that looked very hot with the moonlight. I walked up behind her wrapping my arms around her as I kissed her neck. You look so hot and beautiful standing out here in the moonlight. O Mark as I felt her shake in my arms….I have been dreaming of this moment since you told me you would come with me on this trip. She turns around as we kissed with a lot of passion as she felt my cock rubbing against our stomachs.

Mark lay down on the beach towel because I want your friend so badly. I rested my body on the towel with the soft sand below. She moved over my waist to slowly move her hand and mouth over my cock. O my Maria! She looks up at me telling me to lower my voice as I smiled to tell her it just feels so fucking good. She smiles and goes back down on me sucking me harder and faster. I was breathing heavier and I think we both knew I was not going to last long. O Maria as I shoot my load in her mouth and down the throat as she swallowed it all. She raised her head off me looking at me with a smile and told me that was the best one. You can do that anytime you want Maria as I smiled at her.

Come up her and let me taste your beautiful pussy. She moved on top over my face as I started moving my tong between her wet lips. I must have been eating her out for 10 minutes and both of us enjoying the longer it went on. O Mark I am going to cum as she grabbed my hair pulling my face into her pussy as I continued licking and sucking her pussy. She came over over my mouth and I love it so much and she taste so good too. She told me I want you inside me now as she moved her hips over my rock hard cock.

She grabbed my cock rubbing me against her pussy lips back and forth. O Mark I love your cock as she pushed me between and lowered herself slowly down on me. I rubbed her nipples as she rode me slowly and fully as we both enjoyed each other’s touch. She placed her hands on my chest moving her hips fast and moaning softly feeling all of me inside her. O Mark you turn me on so fucking much and I am going to cum soon and I told her you are so fucking sexy riding me. O Mark…as she picked up the speed and she tighten up on my cock then released herself on me as I held her nipples…O Mark…she yelled very loud then I covered her mouth.

I pulled her down on me as I thrusted myself in her with my hips fucking her still. I listen to her breathing fast in my ear on me drove me closer to coming again as I told I am close again. Please babe shot you seed as deep as you can in me because I want to feel your juices flowing in me. Her talking this way pushed me to explode inside her again as I shoot more of myself in her stream after stream of cum. I feel you inside me Mark…O Baby…I love you! I love you Maria more then you will ever know as I held her so tight on me. I held her for a good 10 minutes then she told me we need to go inside for another surprise. What is it? You will need to wait until we are inside.

We got inside the room as I see Maria going straight to the bathroom. I walked into the bathroom a couple seconds after her as she was on the toilet. Oops…Sorry I will come back later. No problem Mark I am just losing your load in me. Get in the shower and get that sand off you and I will be with you in a minute to clean up my man as she smiles. We had a quick shower with a like kissing and she gave me a little BJ cleaning. She stepped out drying herself off and then dried me off and played me my balls as she tells me you got some big ones. You have some nice firm tits. Do you like them as they are or do you think I should get them bigger? Maria I like them as they are but it’s your body so you do as you wish that makes you happy. You inside me makes me happy as she grabs my hand heading to the room.

We stood facing each other as she speaks to me. I think we both want what I am going to say but we need to take it slow. I want you to try my ass out tonight because I want to make you happy. Maria I am happy even if I don’t fuck your ass or I do your ass. I will do it if you want to know what it feels like? I do but I am scar with your size to be honest. I will be very slow and if you tell me to stop.. I will…It’s not going to change my feelings with you if we can’t do it. Mark I love you so much as she kisses me then moves to her knees. I need to get my friend ready as she starts sucking me.

I look down at her as she looking up at me telling her I think he is ready. Mark I have the anal lube on the table as I reached for it. How do you want to do it? I don’t know how you want to fuck my sexy ass as she wiggles it at me. My cock got harder. Looking at that ass move. We can try it doggystyle first and if it don’t work we try it with you sitting on me. She lays over the bed with that sexy ass looking at me and I moved to my knees. I moved my mouth toward her pussy lips with a lick…O Mark…that feels so good. Then I moved my tongue over her little asshole with a lick…O..O..O Mark! You like that more sexy? I like it either way right now as long as you tongue licks me.

I stood up then rubbed some anal lube on her asshole as she held her cheeks wide. That lube is cool on my asshole and pushed a finger in her slowly…O Mercy Mark. You ok? Yes, just tell me when you stick a finger in my ass please. Sorry…going to get 2 in you now as I reset my fingers In-and-Out of her. O Mark it feels ok just move slow in me please. Maria did you get waxed recently? Yes, I did…you noticed. I notice when my pretty girl gets things done that even makes her sexier. You want me to keep my pussy with no hair? I don’t care either way because I know the best pussy is in front of me with or without hair. Mark you always know what to say to me you sweet talker.

Ok, are you ready now for me? Yes, just go slow please. I got behind her as I rubbed some lube on my hard cock and rested my head on her anal entry. Ok, I am going to push in you now slowly so just try to relax as I slowly pushed against her. I see my head pushing her anus open and she gasp then my head got passed her anus. O Mark stop for a second and let it stay as is for now. You feel so big already…couple seconds go pass and she tells me go deeper. I pushed deeper in her about half and she yelled out to stop for a minute. She was breathing very fast and it felt like I was feeling her heartbeat through my cock. Maria if it hurts to much I will pull out. No keep it in me.

I am going to move my cock in and out with just half of my cock if you are ok. Yes, ok but go slow. I started moving out then back in as she moaned each time I went in her. O Mark keeping doing it because it’s feeling better. Maria you move on my cock so you can go as deep as you feel it can go. She moves on me and after a couple moves she was enjoying it more now. She was moaning sounding like it was more enjoyable as she was moving more over my cock. I watched my cock disappear in her ass with each time she moved back on me. Maria said I think my asshole is likening your cock in me and she pushes back more then stepped moving as she moans out. Maria you have all of me in you now. Really? Yes, and you feel so fucking good right now in me too.

She started moving on me a little more with moans as I reached around her to rub her pussy. O Fuck Mark that feels good with you playing with my pussy and your cock in my ass. Mark are you going to cum soon? Not yet but if you want me to then I will try to cum quick for you. No, I want more of your cock in my ass but in a different position. Ok, you can sit on me as I lay on my back looking at me. Yes, let do that position so I pulled out looking at her asshole very wide open. I got on the bed for her and she grabbed my cock as he moved slowly down on me. Feeling my head move back in her ass was a lot easier as she gasp the feeling of me penetrate her anus slowly. She sat completely on me looking down at me closing her eyes with her hands on my chest. I placed my arms around her pulling her on my chest as we kissed and I moved my hips in and out as she raised her hips up a little.

She broke the kiss to tell me I hope you like my ass because I love you cock in it. I love your ass but I love your whole body more. I love you more now…we both laugh out. Ride that cock Maria so I can cum in your sweet ass sexy. She went to town fucking her ass moaning and gasping for air each time she sat fully on my cock at the same time I push up in her. I pulled on her nipples as she looked at me O yes…I like that babe…and she started rubbing her pussy. You look so hot rubbing your pussy and riding my cock. Maria I am going to cum any minute…please cum in my ass Mark. Just hearing her voice helped me get to the no return point as I exploded in her ass. I moved my hips up into her ass shooting myself as deep as I could in her sexy ass. She started shaking a little as she made herself cum as my semi hard cock was still in her ass.

She collapsed on my chest breathing heavy and held her as she tells me that was unbelievable feeling. As we talked I felt like someone was watching us as I looked toward the open sliding door and noticed a moving shadow. I am going to hit the bathroom again as she giggles to loss another load. She moves up off me and drops a load on my lap of my cum. She cups her ass walking to the bathroom I grabbed my towel from the floor wiping my lap as I headed to the bathroom for a quick shower. Mark I can’t believe how much cum you give all the time. You need some more? No, I think I am good for tonight. We both had a quick shower, closed the slider, and went straight into the bed.

Mark I hope you are having a good time here because It’s better then I expected so far. I feel it’s going to get better by the end of this trip..You promise? YES! I told her to assume bedtime positive and she turned around as I held her from behind. I love you so much Mark goodnight sweetie. Goodnight my sexy MILF.

I hope you like this story!

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