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Stepmom Finally Lets Me

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You call me and tell me that dad is out of town on business and ask if I care to join you for dinner because you are lonely and bored. Having no plans of my own, I take you up on the offer. You mention for me to bring my laundry over and offer to let me use your washer and dryer, knowing that I have been using the laundry mat since I have moved out on my own.

When I arrive, I can smell that you are already cooking. You are wearing a summer dress. I gaze down your dress after you turn your back to lead me to the laundry room. Your ass looks nice in the dress. I try to shake the impure thoughts I have of my step mom from my mind. I have had these thoughts since I was a teenager and know you don’t feel the same.

I toss my clothes in the wash and I come out of the laundry room and you are bent over getting the food out of the oven, facing me, I can’t help but notice your tits as I stare down the front of your dress. You look up and catch me staring. My face turns red and I apologize. You say, with a small giggle, “it is ok, but please set the table.”

We eat and have small talk about weather, what I have been up to, the neighborhood, etc. After we are done, I get up to help you clear the table, you tell me to stay seated and relax. You get up and clean the table off. When you load the dishwasher, your back is to me and I watch as you bend over. Your dress rises just enough for me to see the bottom globes of your ass peak out. I am not convinced that you are doing this on purpose, and I feel dirty watching your every move. My cock is starting to grow inside my jeans.

The washing machine stops and I get up, trying to hide my erection. I go to the laundry room and start putting clothes in the dryer, you follow me in and start the next load in the washer. You notice my erection but don’t say anything, you feel sexy knowing that you turn on your stepson. You tell me that I should get one of dads robes from the bedroom and put the clothes I am wearing in the washer, so all my clothes will be clean. I go to the bedroom, undress, and put on his robe. I bring my clothes back and you notice how much I look like your husband.

You take my clothes and illegal bahis put them in the wash. You feel a small wet spot on my boxers and realize it is precum. Again, you don’t say anything.

I ask you if you would like a glass of wine and mention that maybe we should watch a movie while we wait for the clothes. You take me up on the offer.

We sit on the couch, you know we are both horny, and you know that I would never make a move because you have known my desire for you goes back for years.

You decide to break the ice. “Let’s talk about the elephant in the room, Anthony.”

“U mm, w what do you mean, mom,” I reply nervously.

You tell me that it is only natural to have feelings for you, we lived together for years and what I feel is OK. I tell you that I don’t know what you mean.

You tell me that you knew I used to sneak around watching you shower, you knew I always tried to look up your night gowns, down your blouse, you knew I used your panties to masturbate, you knew I listened to you and dad having sex.

Red faced, I stammer as I try to explain. You lean to me and kiss me to stop my stuttering false explanations. I can’t believe it, my heart is racing, my step mom is kissing me!

You stop and look at the shock on my face. I am speechless. You lay back and rest your legs over mine and start the movie. “Is that it,” I wonder?

You ask me to rub your calves. You part your legs slightly as I do. I can see the trimmed red bush in your dress. The side of your knee is against my hard cock, through my dads robe. I rub your shins and calves. I slide my hand up to your thigh and am shocked when you don’t stop me. I notice your nipples protruding from your dress, they look like they are hard as a rock. You are fixed on watching the movie, I pretend to watch the movie, but can’t stop turning my head to look up your dress and at the two hard nubs at the top of your dress.

I am too scared to explore any further with my hand. My heart is pumping fast and you can feel the speed of my pulse through my fingertips. With my hand rested on your thigh, you put your hand on top of mine and guide it up your inner thighs. illegal bahis siteleri You look at me and sinfully smile. You return your eyes to the movie, I can feel the heat coming from between your legs, my pinky can feel the wetness of your swelling lips. I explore the folds of your pussy, slowly, with my finger. You tilt your head back and let out a low moan. I re-position my hips to get a better angle, the robe parts and my throbbing cock pokes through. You rub against it with your knee. I slide my finger inside of you and slowly fuck your pussy with my finger. You let the straps of your dress slide off of your shoulder, exposing your right breast. I love your pink nipples, they are so hard.

I slide a second finger inside of you and rub your clit with my thumb. I am still in disbelief that my step mom is letting me do this. My fingers are in the same hole that my dad has had his cock in so many times, shot his cum in, sometimes as I listened through the door while stroking my own cock. Your breathing becomes heavier, your eyes are closed as you face up toward the ceiling. I begin sliding my two fingers in deeper and faster. You pull your legs up and use the sole of your foot to stroke my cock. You can feel my precum on your toes. I lean up and suck on your exposed tit. Sucking it hard and using my tongue to circle your nipple.

You push my head off of your tit and tell me to remove my fingers. I am worried that you have second thoughts. You look at me and ask “Do you really want to do this? what would your father think about you finger fucking me?”

I respond “Please, Mom, please don’t tell Dad, I am sorry, I will stop,” scarred now that you still don’t want this, I am too worked up and in disbelieve that I feel like I might be fooling myself thinking you would want me. For years I have felt that this was a one sided desire.

You tell me “If you don’t want your Father to know, then you will do what I tell you.”

I agree with no argument. You tell me to kneel down on the floor and face the couch. You slide on the couch and put your pussy in front of my and your legs on my shoulders. You slide your ass to the edge of the couch. You canlı bahis siteleri know you have control of me, and you are going to take advantage of this.

You ask me if I have ever eaten pussy with the girlfriends I have had in the past, I answer “Yes.”

You ask me if I have ever licked their assholes, I tell you “No.”

You tell me to lick your asshole like I lick pussy. I flatten my tongue and put it between your ass cheeks and press it against your asshole, I lick it firmly, then tighten my tongue and lick your asshole. You reach down and spread your cheeks apart. I feverishly lick you hole, trying to get inside of it. My nose is against your clit as I devour your puckered hole. Your pussy is dripping wet and soaking my upper lip. I reach up and grab you tits, which you have now lowered your sundress down to your stomach. Squeezing them, pinching your nipples. My tongue licks its way up and slides between your lips and I rest your clit on the tip of my tongue and flick it, you shudder. My tongue explores your pussy. My cock is practically twitching wanting to be touched so bad. I tongue fuck your pussy. You reach down and grab my head, pushing it deeper between your legs, almost smothering me. Your hips gyrate and push into me. Soon, you scream out and tell me that you are cumming…you tell me to not stop and keep licking it, lick up and suck your juices. I continue and squeeze your nipples harder. You cum on my face a few times, in waves.

You push my head away and tell me to stand up. You reach out for my cock and can tell by the throbbing of it that it has waited for your touch for a long time. You giggle and tell me that you don’t think my first orgasm will take long, but let’s get it out of the way. You put the head into your mouth and take it all the way to the back of your throat…you let me slide it in and out a few times and then pull it out… “Mommy doesn’t take your cum in her mouth, Anthony,” then you put the tip of it on your tits and stroke it until it swells and twitches in your hand. A long rope of cum shoots out onto your neck and tits, then another shot, you stroke it until 3 more shots come out, milking it dry and sliding the head around your tits. My cum slides down your body and you tell me rub it in.. I use my hand to rub it all over your tits and chest area.

You tell me to take the robe off and to go to your bed, you say you will meet me there in a minute.

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