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Spending Time Together Ch. 3

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Big Tits

Daddy was rubbing my clit with his finger. Slowly creeping down my body, until he was down between my legs. Then I felt his warm breath over my slit. Then he removed his finger from my clit. He pushed out his tongue and licked the tip of my little nub. “Oh My God, yes,” that was incredible. It sent pulsating surges through my body. I lifted up off of the bed as his tongue pulled away.

Then he placed his mouth down over my clit and began to flick his tongue back over it. Then he slowly took one finger and inserted it into my hot hole. “Wow, that feels good, I didn’t know you could suck on me too daddy.”

He stopped long enough to say, “See I told you I had more to teach you.” Then he placed him mouth back over my clit. He sucked on it and licked it and fucked me with his finger. Then he took his finger out and moved his mouth down and stuck his tongue inside my opening.

“Oh my god I can’t believe how that feels.” I said as I grabbed a hold of the headboard and pushed toward him. It didn’t take much of that before I was flooding his mouth with my juices.

I came hard and fast. He stopped and crawled back up to my mouth and kissed me I could taste my own juices on his tongue. I sucked on his tongue and asked him to fuck me again. He told me that this was all about him teaching me more and more. That he wanted to teach escort buca me more ways to fuck each other. Then he asked me to roll over and get on my hands and knees. I did it without hesitation.

Once on my hands and knees I asked him what we were going to do. He asked me if I had ever seen dogs have sex. I blushed and acknowledged that I had. He said that he was going to fuck me like dogs do it. I yelped pretending to be a dog. He laughed and then he mounted me. He was harder then ever. Eating my pussy had caused him to become erect and he was ready to use it. He slid his pole into me in one quick movement.

My tits were bouncing as they hung down below me. He grabbed a hold of my sides. And began to slide in and out. I looked at him over my shoulder. I told him that I wanted him to fuck me hard and deep. Don’t worry about hurting me. “I am your doggy slut, I want you to fuck me hard, Daddy. I want to fuck you all day and night. I need you to fuck me. It feels so good. I want it. I want you to cum inside me and make me cum. Pound my pussy with that big cock of yours daddy. Make me scream.” I sent him over the edge. He lost control and didn’t care how hard he was pounding into me.

He stopped worrying about being gentle and just worried about getting off. He was pounding so deep into me. It felt so buca escort bayan good. I was pushing back against him to meet with his thrusts. I could feel his balls slapping against me. Going deeper and deeper into me. Then in one swift move we went from doggy style to me sitting on him facing away from him. With him guiding me up and down his love pole. As we switched positions it sent him deeper into me. And I lost control I was gyrating and twisting and moaning and groaning. I wanted to make him cum hard. I wanted to make him cum deep. I was leaning back toward him His hands fondling my tits. Sliding up and down my daddy’s big cock.

“Oh yeah, that is good. I like the way that feels daddy. You are in so deep. More. Pound it in more. Faster. Oh god yes Faster.” And with that I came. I could feel my juices pouring out past his cock as he fucked me in and out. He kept going. He hadn’t cum yet. I was riding him hard. I had to reach down and brace myself by placing my hands on the bed below us. Then I wiggled a bit. I pumped him in and out of me faster, faster. And then he grabbed me and yanked me down hard. He was completely embedded in me. And he wouldn’t let me up then I realized why. He was shooting off his load deep inside me.

“Yeah, that is it Daddy. That is it. Fill me with your hot creamy cum. buca escort Thank you. Thank you.” He let me pump up and down a little now. As he did I could feel his cum running down my thighs and legs. He was still shooting inside me and it sent me over the edge. I came again mixing my hard flowing juices with his. As our orgasms subsided and he began to go limp inside me I lifted up and climbed off of his lap. I turned around and began to clean our juices off of his cock with my mouth and tongue.

Licking every last drop off of him. As I finished He became hard again. I told him I wanted to make him shoot his stuff all over my face and body. So I began to jack him off with my hand. It didn’t take long to get him off. The first shot sprayed into my face. Then I let it shoot on my tits. And then I took it into my mouth and let him shoot the last of it into my hungry mouth. We laid there together. Me covered with his cum. I asked him what else he could teach me. He told me that He thought I should practice what we had already done a few more times before he worried about teaching me anything else.

And boy did we practice. Everyday when he came home from work we practiced. And all day on the weekends. Mommy was gone for another month. We got lots of opportunities to have special time together that month before she came home. Once my mommy came home we didn’t get as much opportunity. But every once in a while I would turn on the computer and find a new story to read. Mom goes away every once in a while and it is then that Daddy and I get re-acquainted with our special times together. And wow, are they special.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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