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Special Present

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Let me introduce myself, my name is Katie-Beth. I recently turned 18 and this is my story.

I’m 5’6, brown hair with blonde highlights. Long legs. Cornflower blue eyes. 32 D chest. I wear a size 8 and have what some consider a ghetto booty. I live in Florida but you can’t tell it by looking at me, I’ve got very pale and smooth skin. I weigh 130lbs and have a pierced tongue. I recently lost my virginity and am damn proud of how it happened.

It was three days before my 18th birthday. My older brother Sean was home from Boston. He’s 22 and my hero. Everyone in my family has a talent but Sean and I share one. We write. He’s 6’2, black brown hair, cornflower blue eyes, and a great body. And the best smile I’ve ever seen. I was his baby sister. He brought a friend home with him. Alex was HOT. He walked in behind Sean and when Sean moved my jaw dropped and my knees went weak. He was the perfect example of a blonde surfer. Lean muscular body. Nice smile, but not as nice as Sean’s. Just extremely sexy. Standing there at the door I felt so confused. I was turned on by Alex then I looked over to Sean and I felt myself lose control as I soaked my panties. Sean still was the man I compared every guy to. And here he brought a perfect gift. The one guy who seemed to be equal to him. I soon found out why. Sean took me aside and told me he was experimenting. He and Alex were bisexual. I couldn’t believe it. Two of the hottest guys I’ve ever known and they were with each other! Now that my dreams for the week were shattered I told myself to get over it and went on to hang out with them for the next three days. Bisexual … my fantasies were filled with guy on guy action. And then I’d join them. Thinking this way made me cum about five times a day. My late night solo sessions were getting hotter and hotter. Just imagining what they were doing. Mom and Dad didn’t know anything about it and went ahead and let them share Sean’s room. I had to see some of the action.

The third night I snuck out of bed after everyone went to sleep. I share a balcony with Sean so I took that route, and sure enough when I got to the window the drapes were open. There on the other side of the glass was the most amazing thing I’d ever seen. Sean was getting head from Alex. That wasn’t the most surprising thing. I was amazed at the sight of Sean’s cock. It was beautiful. I wanted to be where Alex was. Suddenly Alex stopped. I looked around the room to figure out why he’d stopped and then I met his eyes in the mirror. I couldn’t breathe. Seconds passed then he smiled. He looked up at my brother and I guess he told him because the next thing I know is he’s staring at me. I blush and try to run for my room. Just before I close the door a hand is pushed in front of it. It’s Alex. I look up into his mesmerizing eyes and I back up. I get scared but a small thrill runs through me as I take in his bare chest with his six-pack. I accidentally back into my bed and fall on it. Alex laughs and says,”Don’t be scared. I won’t hurt you.”

“But aren’t you mad at me?” escort buca I ask.

“Nope, actually I’m glad.” He replies. He looks over at the clock. I follow his eyes, I’m now 18. He smiles.

“Why?”, I ask.

He licks his lips,”Because now I can do this.”

He gets on the bed and crawls up my body and soon his face is over mine. He lowers his lips to mine and I lose all thought.

A few minutes later we hear someone clearing their throat. I look over Alex’s shoulder. And there’s my brother. Now I know I’m in trouble. But wait. He’s smiling.

“Alex you didn’t finish me off. That wasn’t very nice to leave me and start on my sister.”

“Sean, hun I’m sorry. I’ll finish you now if you want.”

“Wait,” I say,”let me do it.”

I walk over to Sean and take his hand and lead him to the edge of my bed. I pull down his boxers and his wonderful cock springs back up in my face. I sit up and capture my brother’s lips then dip my head and take him in my hot, warm and wet mouth. As I’m bobbing my head up and down I decide I want my brother to be my first in everything. I bob my head up and down while I flick my tongue along the underside of his shaft back and forth. I gently graze my teeth along the top. I massage his balls the whole time. When I feel them tighten up I pull back and just add suction to the head while moving my hand up and down the length of him till he shoots stream after stream of glorious cum down my throat. After that he falls asleep on my bed and I repeat my ministrations on Alex. Alex’s cock is slightly longer but without the width Sean has.

When I’m done with Alex I wake Sean up and they head back to his room with promises to finish what we started after my party.

I couldn’t wait till my party was over. The whole time I kept seeing my brother and Alex staring at me like I was a piece of meat. I thought back on the time when my brother taught me how to kiss because I had been bugging him and asking him why people do it. That was my first kiss. We ended up making out for an hour. But then we stopped because of the whole brother/sister thing. Now I couldn’t care less. I knew I loved him and he loved me and if I waited for some other guy to come along I’d be a 30 yr. old virgin. No one compares to my big brother. I look at the clock and sigh with relief. It’s late and people are starting to leave. My best friend Krista and her boyfriend James pull me aside. She hands me a box and tells me to open it tonight. I look at her confused but she motions to Alex and says I think you might want to use it on him. I was scared for a minute that maybe Alex had told her but she just smiled at me and walked out the door with James in tow.

When everyone is gone I head up to my room to open my present. It’s a peach Merry Widow. And under that in the box are some peach silk stockings, a peach silk scarf, and a pair of peach stilettos. And a note.

It read: Hey gurl I know you said you wanted to lose your cherry sometime after you turned 18 and now that you’re buca escort bayan at that age I hope these will help you. – Luv Kris

Wow! What a friend. I shed my clothes and don my new attire, I looked pretty hot. I covered myself with my robe and went to make sure my parents were asleep. Then I made my way to my brothers room. I knocked lightly on the door and Alex opens it. He is wearing a wifebeater and a pair of silk boxers. I walk in the room and see there are candles all over the room. The bed is made with silk sheets and there is rose petals on the pillows. My brother walks over to me and he’s wearing a pair of silk boxers and one of those weird tee shirts that have a tux printed on them. He looked so cute. God how I love him. He pulled me to him in a great embrace and he started nibbling on my earlobes, since that’s my weak spot I let out a moan and push him back on the bed. Alex is watching us from the corner chair. I blow him a kiss then turn back toward my Sean. He’s sitting there looking at me with desire in his eyes. I could see the bulge in his boxers get bigger. I went over to the dresser where the mirror was and I could see both of them. They could see my front and back.

I started to open my robe and let it slip from my shoulders. Both men let out small moans. I smile and lick my lips while keeping eye contact with my brother. I walk over to him and pull his shirt off. He rips the tiny scrap of silk from my body with his teeth. My nipples are throbbing and I grab his head and pull his face into my breasts. He starts to suckle my right nipple while pinching my left with his hand. I arch into him wanting him to take more of me. Out of the corner of my eye I see Alex start to jack off. I tell him to wait till his turn and it comes out a scream as Sean shoves three fingers into my sopping cunt. I cling to him as my first orgasm takes over my body. When I come down from that peak I get onto my knees and start to pull his cock out but he stops me.

“When I cum next it’s gonna be when I’m buried deep inside you.” He explains.

I nod and tell him I’m ready and he tells me to lay on the bed. He pulls his boxers off and straddles my body. He leans in and kisses me tenderly. Then he trails kisses down my body and I start to moan as his tongue flicks my clit. I scream for him to fuck me as I have another orgasm. Before I calm down again he has my legs spread and is between them. He places his cock at the entry to my love tunnel and asks me if I’m sure I want this. My response is a guttural growl as I thrust my hips up to push the head of his cock in. He moans and slams the rest of the way in. I go still till the slight twinge of discomfort passes. Then I start to buck my hips. Sean pulls out till just the tip of his cock is left inside me then he starts to repeatedly stroke in and out of my tight little twat. I wrap my legs around his hips and start meeting him thrust for thrust. Soon I’m having my third orgasm of the night and I can feel Sean shooting stream after stream of warm buca escort cum deep into my womb.

After he rolls off me he walks over to Alex and Alex gets on his knees and cleans off my brothers sweet cock with his hot mouth. While I am watching this I start to play with myself till I realize I have got to have another cock in me as soon as possible. I look over at Alex and when he looks up I motion for him to come sit on the bed. He comes over and I pull his boxers off. I stand up wearing just the silk stockings and the heels, then I squat down and start sucking his magnificent cock. I hear Sean moving around but I keep my eyes locked with Alex’s. I sense Sean right behind me then I feel him. He’s lying on his back with his head under my cunt. He sticks his tongue up then swirls it around. My knees go weak and I have to lean on Alex to keep my balance. I continue working Alex’s cock and with him watching my brother’s tongue darting in and out of my sweet, honey coated box it doesn’t take long for him to start cumming. I milk him till he gets hard again. Then I push him back on the bed and lower myself onto him. Soon I’m bouncing up and down on his meat and crying out as my next orgasm hits. As he coats my womb with another layer of man milk Sean rips my body off Alex’s and starts sucking him clean. I can hear him giving off slight moans as he tastes Alex’s seed mixed with my ambrosia. Alex leans over and grabs my hand, he pulls me to him and I climb over him and he pulls my hips down so I’m over his mouth. I lean over and lift Sean’s head up and bring his mouth to mine. I feel so great but one thing is missing. I want to have a cock in my ass.

“Sean, can you do me another favor?”

“What do you want sweeting?”

“Will you take my virginity?”

“I think I already did that.”

“No, I mean my ass.”

“Oh God yes! I’d love to.”

He kissed me again as Alex’s tongue brought me over the edge. Alex got up and sat in the chair in the corner while I got on my hands and knees on the bed. I relaxed my body and as the bed dipped with his added weight I felt Sean’s hands caressing the soft baby skin of my ass. I closed my eyes as I felt him entering me. He was going too slow. I pushed back till his cock was fully embedded in my ass. When I felt fully stretched out I called to Alex. I had Sean pull out and Alex kneel on the bed. Then I sat on his great protruding tool. After I got comfortable I had Sean kneel on the bed facing me. Then I had Alex lean back slightly as I guided Sean’s cock into my cunt. Soon we were fucking so hard that when we climaxed we passed out.

The next morning I was glad they we’d locked our doors so our parents couldn’t discover us tangled together in a mass of arms and legs and smelling of sex. I snuck back to my room via the balcony and went on with my day. The guys were going back to school that afternoon. I went on and graduated that summer and would have applied at the same college but they had some stupid rule against pregnant girls attending their school.

We’ll never know exactly who the father is but none of us mind. We all share an apartment now and I’m engaged to Alex. We still have our late night fuck sessions and when the doctor tells me I can’t screw anymore till the baby is born I’ll just watch the guys.

I couldn’t be happier!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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