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Slowly Using Daddy Ch. 02

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After what had happened at the dinner table I was lost. Mainly mentally. What just happened was so wrong, yet it turned me on so much. She was my own 18 year old daughter teasing me under the table right in front of her own mother, without her mother knowing. It was so wrong, but such a cliché thing to say, but it felt so good at the same time. If anything, this little stunt by Louise had caused me to lust for her even more. After that dinner I had to change the trousers straight the way. I figured I would what happened rest for a couple of days and maybe speak to Louise about it. Tell her it can’t happen again.

A couple of hours later, after just watching TV with my wife, I got a call from upstairs. “Daddy! Will you come to my room please. I need some help.” She said.

This is the last thing I need. I wanted to give it some time before we would need to be in the same room together. I tried to shrug it off. “I am watching TV Louise. Is it important?” I tried to act normal as my wife sat next to me.

She replied back. “Yeees! My curtains have fallen down. I need them putting back up otherwise all the neighbors will see me getting changed. Please daddy!”

As I hesitated to get up my wife jumped in on the conversation. “Go on David, fix it for her. I’m nearly falling sleep anyway so this film is getting wasted on us.”

This was the last thing I needed. I eventually got up and headed upstairs towards Louise’s room. While I would be fixing her curtains I thought about maybe the talk I wanted to have with her. It would be a lot earlier than I had hoped, but at least it would be out the way.

I got to her room and walked in to see her just buttoning her blouse up. A different blouse. Was she going out? My mind pulled itself together after seeing her busting bra as she done up the blouse. “You…you going out?” I managed to ask.

“Yeah, going round Jessica’s. Just trying to find something to wear. All my outfits are old and all the same.”

I replied back with a typical man reply. “I think you dress fine.”

I saw a glint in her eye as I said that. “But I could look so much better daddy.” and as she said that she pushed me towards her bed forcing me to sit down and then went and closed her door.

“Lou..Erm..Louise. You look fine, you don’t need any better clothes, now erm, lets fix these curtains.” I looked round to the window to see the curtains sitting perfectly as they should be.

“You think I look the good the way I dress daddy?” She said in her little girl voice. I could tell by the change of her voice this wasn’t innocent father and daughter talk.

“You know what I mean Louise” I said and as the situation heated up, my cock began to move.

“I think I do know what you mean daddy.” As she looked down to my crotch. Just then she slid down her skirt to reveal the panties I couldn’t resist not long ago. She noticed the movement of my eyes straight to her panties. anime porno “Look daddy, even my underwear are getting old. These panties have stains all over them.”

I looked down embarrassed. Did she know I had used them to jack off into?

“Do you think I could get some new clothes daddy?” As she said that, she started to take her panties off right in front of me. She made sure to stand sideways so I couldn’t get even the smallest of glimpses. I was brought back from my daydream as she spoke again. “So daddy. Can I get some new outfits? Give me some money and I will buy some tomorrow and show you!” She walked over to her set of draws and pulled a new pair of panties on whilst holding the old ones in her hands still.

Confused and dazed, I managed to reply. “Money? Er..how much? $40? Should be enough shouldn’t it?” I began to pull my wallet out.

“I don’t know daddy. I was thinking more of $120.” She walked over to me after putting her new panties and put one foot on the bed in between my thighs. She then slowly dropped the panties that she had in her hand to the side of me.

“Put them in the bin please daddy when you go downstairs. I have no use for them anymore. Anyway, $120 then please.” Her foot slid up towards my cock. $100 Louise. $120 is too much.” I couldn’t give her the full amount. I had to keep some control.

$130 actually daddy. I just remembered the nice set of lingerie I saw the other day. They were abit costly though.” She laughed as her foot now rubbed against my cock through my trousers. I had a perfect view of her panty covered crotch. I wanted her so bad. I wanted my daughter to just push me down on the bed and straddle me, but I had to keep in control. The touch of her foot rubbing against my cock was electric and then to top it off she placed her finger in my mouth to suck. Weakly I just started to suck like a schoolboy lost in a sweet shop. “$100.” I mumbled as I carried on sucking her finger. She started to make moaning noises as I sucked her finger. It was all fake, but hearing my daughter making noises like that was a real turn on. “oooh, daddy! Please, $140 actually. ooohhh, please daddy!” she moaned.

“$130! Ok, $130.” I gave in. I was willing to give her $130.

“140$ daddy! Pleease!” she started to pull her finger away from my mouth and her foot was slowly withdrawing. I had no choice but to give in. “Ok Louise. You can $140.” She got me. She got what she wanted from me. She carried on taking her finger back and her foot and stood up straight. She leaned and gave me kiss on the lips whilst her right hand trailed down to my crotch. She teasingly rubbed in and then walked out the room. “Thankyou again daddy! Don’t forget to put them panties in the bin.” she said coyly.

I looked down to see them beside me. With my cock hard as a rock and these panties in possession, I decided these panties were not going anywhere near the bin. asyalı porno It doesn’t take a genius to work out what I did with them instead next.

Only a day had gone by since I weakly gave my daughter $140 to buy some new clothes. In reality, it was more like I had just paid her $140 to have her old panties. I couldn’t believe she had got the money out of me. Anyway, since then I have been trying to avoid her. She had the day off college again. This time she didn’t even ask and I was to scared to confront her about it so I just stayed in my bedroom most of the day. About mid-day I heard Louise go out. So I thought I would do some house hold chores whilst I had some free time where I wouldn’t be bumping into her around the house. I done the washing up, and put clothes in the wash, but no matter how hard I tried to forget about what I had upstairs, the more I kept thinking about it. I had a pair of her panties currently placed under my pillow. I knew to stop myself my being tempted to use them I should just chuck them out, but I couldn’t bring myself do it. The thrill of cumming in my daughters panties turned me on so much. I think mainly because it is so wrong.

After a couple of hours cleaning the house I needed a break, I needed to get a release. I finally gave in to my urges and ran upstairs to get Louise’s panties. Just holding them got me excited. I stripped naked and went to lay on my bed when I realised Louise wasn’t it. So I decided I would go to her bed to jack off. This way I could use her laptop to get pictures of her to jack off to, instead of mentally having to imagine her there in front of me. As I reached Louise’s room, I noticed a lot of clothes on the floor. A couple of the clothes being more of her panties. I couldn’t resist the urge of picking another pair of her panties up. I set up her laptop on the bed with pictures of her posing sexy for the camera on screen and then lay down besides it on her bed. I got the panties and wrapped them round my cock as I slowly began to stroke myself. Looking at her on screen posing for the camera with her sultry eyes. It look like she was saying ‘I want you’ through her eyes. I was getting so turned on and started to stroke faster whilst groaning a little aswel. Suddenly I heard the front door slam downstairs and that was followed by a quick set of footsteps making their way up the stairs. I quickly got up leaving the laptop on the bed and went to run for my own room when I was suddenly blocked off my Louise at the doorway.

“O MY GOD! Daddy! What is going on? Are those my panties?” She asked as she looked down to my still hard cock. I tried to hide, I quickly bounced back onto the bed and dived under the covers, wrapping them around me. “Louise, I can explain!” I had no idea how I would really explain.

“Go on then daddy, explain. Explain why at the moment you look like a dirty old pervert who is jacking off to pictures of his babes porno daughter whilst having her panties around his cock.” She said as she moved closer, swaying her hips more than usual.

I had no reply. How could I explain. I just said all i could say. “Sorry Louise. Please don’t tell your mother.”

She put the bags of clothes that she obviously just bought down and stepped up onto the bed and knelt down. She started to pull down the cover and release my panty covered cock. “Aren’t they my panties I told you chuck out yesterday dad?”

“Yes.” I said ashamed.

“You pervert! So you were using them because they were mine?”

Again, I answered honestly. “Yes.”

She had that glint in her eye again now. “I turn you on don’t I daddy” She waited for no reply. The movement of my cock said it all. “You jack off to thoughts of your me don’t you?” Again she didn’t wait for any reply. She just moved closer and slowly trailed one her fingers up my cock.

“O god Louise!” I groaned.

“Daddy likes that doesn’t he?” She said in a teasing voice. “Wants me to carry on touching his cock doesn’t he?” She said as she leaned in and placed her lips inches from mine.

I just nodded as I pounced my head up trying to kiss her.

She quickly pulled back and her finger that was trailing the underside of my cock now moved down to trailing around my thigh. “No kissing your daughter daddy! Imagine what mummy would say if she found out.” She started to pull away even more.

Please Louise, mum doesn’t have to know. Please! Anything!” I had lost control once again to my own daughter.

“Anything? Well that $140 wasn’t enough today. I needed at least an extra $200. How about we agree on $250, ok daddy?” She said as she started to lean in closer again and her finger was starting to trail higher again.

“Yes, $250! Ok!” I nearly shouted, not being able to take much more of this. I just wanted to ejaculate. I was so turned on.

“$250 only gets you a handjob daddy, so enjoy it.” And with that she wrapped all her fingers around my cock and began stroking. “Tell me you love your daughter daddy.”

“I love you Louise!” I was lost now.

“You’re a horny old pervert aren’t you who can’t get enough of his own daughter aren’t you?”

“No!” I didn’t want to admit it.

“Say it daddy! Tell me how much of pervert you are!” she said as her stroking slowed down, almost stopping.

“O god Louise, yes! I’m a pervert who can’t get enough of his daughter! Please!”

She suddenly stopped and looked at me straight in the eyes. “Actually daddy, can I have $300 please?” the teasing bitch asked.

I just wanted to cum by now, I would have agreed to anything in that moment. “Yes Louise! $300, it’s yours!”

Right then she picked up speed stroking me and gave me a little nibble on the earlobe, then whispered. “Cum on daddy, for your little girl.” That did it, I exploded right there and then all over my stomach and daughters hand. She got up and winked. “Just going to wash my hands daddy. Thankyou for the $300. Just leave it on desk when you get it. Oh, and make sure to change my bed sheets when you are finished cleaning yourself up in there.”

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