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Sis and Mom are Hypnotized

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“I’m bored!”

Dad’s loud baritone voice carried across the seats in the stalls. Mom tried to shush him and looked annoyed. I was bored as well. I was there with my dad, mom and sister watching a Monday evening performance of Mack the Magnificent, a supposed expert hypnotist. Well I suppose he seemed to be succeeding with hypnotizing people, but when you’d seen a man from the audience made to bark like a dog and a woman talking to an invisible parrot on her shoulder, it was hardly gripping theater.

I think mom and sis were bored as well, but they had mainly come for a section at the end of the show where Mack would help people to diet. Why either of them wished to diet was beyond me. My twenty two-year old sister Daphne had a terrific figure, nice ass, slim waist and lush DoubleD tits that were a schoolboy’s dream, but which she felt were too big. She had the same coloring as mom, with long blonde hair and big blue eyes. As her eighteen-year old brother, I thought she was perfect. Having said that, in terms of personality, she could be a selfish bitch, only ever thinking of herself. She was leaving us permanently on Saturday when she was going to live with her fiancé in Detroit. It was over seven hundred miles from where we were living in Kansas City, but to my mind it wasn’t far enough.

Although mom and dad were sorry she’d be living so far away, they both liked Jeb, her fiancé. He’d been to stay with us for two weeks a couple of months back and in that time had persuaded my parents that he was the man for their little girl. He seemed OK to me as well, although I couldn’t see why he wanted to live with my sister, who was a bad tempered bitch. Although I guess that being able to fuck that luscious body every night would be a pretty good reason. Even though they were engaged, mom and dad didn’t allow them to share a room. I came back to the house one day to hear them having sex in her bedroom. Hearing her moaning really got me going, but although her moans got a bit louder I didn’t hear any orgasmic cries.

My forty-two-year old mom was a more voluptuous version of my sister, with a lovely round ass and firm big breasts, maybe an inch or two to grab on her waist, but I thought she had a perfect body, and also a lovely disposition. She wore her blonde hair shorter than my sister so that she had a light fringe of hair that danced above her lovely blue eyes. They were both beautiful women, but then most of the women in our affluent district seemed attractive. All our close neighbors’ wives and daughters were good fantasy jacking off material. Our next door neighbor’s wife was a snooty beautiful redhead who was an ex-fashion model and her gorgeous nineteen year-old daughter was following in her footsteps. I couldn’t see any of our neighbors as I looked around the theater. The entertainment was a little too lowbrow for them.

Eventually the end section of the show arrived and those people wishing to lose weight trooped up onto the stage. There were men and women, old and young, all fat except for my mom and Daphne. Mack walked up and down the line and seemed to be eying up my mom and sister appreciatively. Then he explained what would happen in his low rich voice.

“Tonight, I will hypnotize all of you. You will not be aware that you are hypnotized, but from now on when I, and only I, say the activation words ‘Mack says Go” you will take in all the instructions I give you and obey my commands. When I say ‘Mack says Stop’ you will wake up and remember nothing.”

Mack walked up and down the line muttering something to each of them then he suddenly said, “Mack says Go.”

Remarkably all the people in the line went into the same docile expression. Mack then told them all what food to avoid, basically carbs and fatty foods, and then said. “Mack says Stop.”

It was all over very quickly. Mom and sis returned to their seats next to dad and me, and Mack finished off by explaining to the audience that, although he could interfere with participants’ minds, he would never use his powers for anything except good. We all clapped politely, although dad complained that Mack didn’t deserve the applause.

As we walked out, mom and sis were very confused and asked if they had been hypnotized. Dad explained to them that they had, though they didn’t look convinced. In fact dad and I couldn’t see the point of what had happened until we stopped at a McDonalds drive thru and mom and Daphne both said they wanted salads; then we were convinced.

At home, as it was a warm evening we all sat around in the chairs by the pool eating our takeaways. Mom and sis were discussing different salad dressings as dad and I talked about Mack the Magnificent.

“It was incredible,” said dad, “all he said was ‘Mack says Go.”

Suddenly I noticed that mom and Daphne were silent. Mom and sis were staring in the same dumb expression they had on the stage. Dad was still prattling on, but I held up a hand and pointed a finger at mom and Daphne. Dad gazed astonished taboo heat porno at them.

Looking at their dumb expressions I thought it was amusing but, getting concerned, I tried to bring them out of it by saying, ‘Mack says Stop.”

This had no effect whatsoever as they continued to look in a trance. I was getting worried until dad said, “Mack says Stop.”

At this mom and Daphne came out of their trances and recommenced talking about salad dressings. Dad and I looked at each other in puzzlement.

“You know,” I said in a low voice, “your voice is very similar to Mack’s. You must have the same timbre or something.”

Dad grinned, “It’s good to know I have the power Jimmy,” he joked, “I could command them to do anything I liked.”

He annoyed me as he grinned mischievously and I let him know my poor opinion of his comment. “Dad,” I said firmly, “we mustn’t take advantage!”

“Of course not son,” he assured me, but I could still see an impish look in his eyes.

Although my sister’s diet had miraculously improved dramatically, her self-centeredness was the same as always. When she’d finished she got up and said to me, “Jimmy take my dirty plate up to the house with yours when you’ve finished.”

I gritted my teeth as she walked off, but dad just laughed and said, “She’ll always be the same you know.”

With the three of us left on our own, mom asked me if I was going to be OK. What she meant was that she was going away on a business trip for three days, returning home on Friday, and did I have enough clean clothes etc. I’d be in the house studying while she was gone. Dad would be around as he did most of his work from home. Daphne would be around as well as she had to sort out some things before she left on the Saturday morning. When mom arrived back on Friday it would be the last time the whole family were together. Also, on the Saturday morning, dad would be going on a business trip, so mom and I would be left on our own. She said that it would give her and me ‘quality time’ together. As I knew that would be mom lecturing me on not drinking and sticking to my studies, I can’t say I was looking forward to it, although I knew her comments would be because she cared for me so much.

As I walked off to bed, leaving my parents by the pool, I heard mom say, “Let’s go to bed now Tiger.”

I grinned to myself. I could tell by the sounds that used to emanate from their bedroom every now and again that they had quite an active sex life, although I hadn’t heard much in recent months. With mom having to be away a few days, she clearly wanted a bit of loving before she went. I could tell by dad’s mutterings that his only wish was for a good night’s sleep.

The next day, Tuesday, mom left the house early on her business trip. It was a hot July day and I only managed a couple of hours studying before I had to go for a swim. I walked across the grass to the pool and could see that dad had also decided to cool himself off. He was swimming lengths of the pool, while my sister was lying on a lounger in the shade, reading a book, her long legs stretched out in front of her. Her long blonde hair splayed across the top of the lounger. She looked as if she’d need to replace her bikini top soon with the next size up, as her young plump breasts were pushing out over the top. Her tits were not the size of mom’s big juggs, but I could see that they were nice handfuls. I tried not to stare at her as I walked quickly and dived into the pool to hide my boner.

When dad and I got out, we both lay in bathing trunks on towels on loungers in the sun. We couldn’t do it too long without any protection as we would have burnt, but dad had some suntan oil. He looked across at me and at Daphne.

“Would one of you two rub some oil into your old dad’s skin?” he asked hopefully.

I laughed. He wasn’t that old, just two years older than mom. I knew there was no way that Daphne would trouble herself to assist him, so I slowly began to push myself up, but dad had other ideas.

He cleared his throat and said in a low strong tone, “Daphne, Mack says Go.”

Looking at Daphne, who was in a trance, I gasped, “Dad, what on earth are you doing. This could be dangerous.”

Dad sucked in his breath, “Jimmy, you know how Daphne never stirs a finger to help any of us, well I want to make her ‘do’ something for a change.”

I was feeling unsure and nervous as dad turned to Daphne again and said, “Daphne, come over here and rub suntan oil over your dad’s body to stop him burning.”

Daphne stood up steadily. She walked towards dad, her long blonde hair swishing behind her, her tits swaying in her tight bikini top. She picked up the suntan oil and poured it into her hands. As she knelt beside dad and began to rub the liquid smoothly onto his chest, I thought she looked like a handmaiden caring for her monarch. She used both hands, moving her palms effortlessly up to his shoulders and down his arms, leaving no teach that bitch porno exposed flesh that was not oiled. When she finished with his chest, she moved to his legs and began smoothing the oil in long hand strokes from his toes up his legs to the bottom of his trunks.

It was at this point that dad asked me to fetch some beers. Seeing that he rarely offered me a beer, particularly in the middle of the morning, I seized the chance gratefully and dashed up to the house to get a couple of beers from the fridge. I opened the bottles in the kitchen and began walking back to the pool. It was when I turned the corner of the summerhouse that I saw them.

Dad no longer had his trunks on. They were discarded by the lounger. My sister was no longer rubbing oil on his chest or legs as her left hand was massaging dad’s balls while her right hand was jacking him off.

I shouted, “Dad, what the hell are you doing?”

Dad was breathing heavily as he grinned and said, “I’m sorry son, I couldn’t resist the opportunity. My boner was so hard it was uncomfortable, so I told her to pull my trunks off, and then it seemed a natural progression to tell her to jack me off.”

I don’t know what dad’s precise words had been to Daphne, but she was clearly doing the best job she could. Her right hand was gripping his shaft lightly as it slid effortlessly up and down. It was the first time I had seen dad with an erection and was impressed by the size of it. It was nearly as big as mine.

I was almost shaking with excitement, my boner hard as a rock, but I tried to sound disgusted as I said, “Dad; how could you?”

Dad was lying back, reveling in his daughter’s hand movements pleasuring his cock. He defended himself, “Jimmy, it’s not doing her any harm,”

Then he became more rapturous, “Oh fuck, that feels great. Just concentrate on daddy’s tip now Daphne.”

Daphne obliged, the fingers of her right hand vigorously jacking his mushroom head.

Dad groaned, “I’m cumming!” as Daphne slowed her movement and jizz spurted up in the air from dad’s cock.

I looked at him appalled, then turned to face away from him. I could hear him muttering something to Daphne, probably, I thought, telling her to return to her chair. However, the next thing was that I suddenly felt my trunks being pulled down. I gasped as I realized that he had told Daphne to come over to me.

“No, no,” I cried, struggling to get away. But I knew I didn’t mean it, as Daphne’s fingers closed around my throbbing member.

Dad laughed, seeing me struggling and chuckled, “Go on son, you know that having your sister’s fingers round your dick has to be one of your favorite fantasies.”

I groaned again. How right he was. The feel of her cool fingers gripping me and jacking me off was incredible. As her wrist moved up and down, her breasts jiggled in her bikini top. There was a determined look of concentration on her face as she gently cradled my balls in her left hand, softly squeezing them at the same time as her gripping fingers slid all the way up to the tip of my crown and then back down the shaft.

I was trying to hold off when this time, as her fingers went up to the tip of my cock, she kept her fingers around my mushroom head and quickly jacked the rim of my helmet.

I screamed with pleasure as my cum spurted in the air, landing on my chest. Her fingers lightly squeezed my balls as each spasm sent another spurt skywards.

As I lay there breathing hard, dad instructed Daphne to go back to her lounger. As she lay back on her recliner dad said, “Mack says Stop.”

Daphne immediately picked up her book and continued reading as if nothing had happened.

Dad lay back and said in a contented voice, “Well Jimmy, that was great wasn’t it. Same again tomorrow I think.”

I made no response. It would have been hypocritical of me to criticize him anymore, after what I had enjoyed at the hands of my sister. Feeling troubled, I left them both by the pool and went up to my bedroom. I lay on my bed and thought about what had just happened. I tried to tell myself that I would not allow dad to get Daphne to pleasure me again, but I knew I would be returning to the pool the following day looking forward to another of her delicious handjobs.

The rest of the day passed by uneventfully and I tried to concentrate on my studies.

The following morning, Wednesday, I walked slowly down to the pool and, as I rounded the summerhouse, I could see that dad hadn’t wasted any time. He was flat on his back again, naked, with Daphne’s hands working slowly and methodically on his genitals. He obviously hadn’t bothered with the general oil rub, but had gone straight for the main act. I was instantly rock hard watching them.

Seeing me, dad again asked me to fetch a couple of beers from the kitchen. Walking with difficulty because of my erection, I made my way slowly up the steps to the kitchen, thinking that at least I team skeet porno wouldn’t be cumming prematurely in my trunks while I watched them. Returning with the beers, I could immediately see why I had been sent away.

Dad was groaning loudly as Daphne was fiercely sucking his boner, her hands active as they squeezed his balls and teased the base of his shaft.


I was horrified. I had persuaded myself that the use of Daphne’s hands were somehow OK, but her mouth was something else entirely.

Dad was unrepentant, gasping between his groans, “I know Jimmy, but I couldn’t help myself. Don’t worry I’ll get her to blow you after she’s finished with me.”

I held my breath, hating myself as I knew that I was too weak-willed to refuse his offer. I was going to let her suck me off. It was one of my greatest fantasies and I knew now that it was also dad’s.

Dad was moaning softly, “Oh yea Daphne, suck daddy harder.”

Daphne’s head was bobbing furiously now as dad finally groaned loudly and emptied his cum into Daphne’s mouth. Daphne swallowed it all and sat waiting for dad’s next instruction.

Getting his breath, dad said to Daphne, “Daphne you desperately want to give your brother the best blowjob he’s ever had.”

Although still looking vacant, Daphne now moved quickly over to me and yanked off my trunks. I was guilt-ridden as my boner swayed strongly in front of her. She pushed my legs apart so that my feet hung over each side of the lounger and knelt between them. Opening her mouth, she lowered it enclosing my mushroom head, bringing her lips around under the rim. I cried out in pleasure as she licked my tender red eye, then the sensitive frenulum just under the glans, before steadily sucking my helmet. Her head was bobbing and I found myself automatically wrapping her long blonde hair around my hand so that I had a grip at the back of her head. I pushed her lower and lower until my cock was entering her throat. She squeezed my balls as my cock began travelling out to her lips then back down her throat.

Dad was laughing, “Looks like you’re determined to get your money’s worth kid.”

I realized with shame that I must have looked like a determined bully as my hard boner ripped in and out of her throat, but I couldn’t help myself. It must be every brother’s fantasy to be fellated by his gorgeous older sister, but the delicious sensation of my cock being pleasured in Daphne’s mouth and throat was extraordinary. I screamed, cumming in her mouth. Feeling the hot cum hitting the inside of her oral membranes, Daphne sucked me hard, swallowing my stream of spurting jizz.

Dad was still smiling as he looked at me and said, “Same again tomorrow I think Jimmy.”

I lay back feeling ashamed, knowing that the following day I would be unable to stop myself taking full advantage of Daphne’s blowjob skills again.

But the following day, Thursday, things were not to be the same. I went down to the pool to find dad, but no Daphne. Dad was looking glum. “Jimmy it’s a disaster. She left me a note. She has gone out shopping for some last minute items. Later she’s changing at a friend’s, then going out clubbing with some old school friends this evening and coming home late.”

Stupidly, although disappointed, I felt relief. “Dad, this must be for the best. What we were doing was wrong.”

I went up to my room to study, leaving a woebegone father in the garden.

As her note had set out, it was near midnight before Daphne made her entrance. Dad and I were watching television on the couch. She swept in, knocking over my drink which was beside me, and immediately began to walk up the stairs saying that she was going to have a shower and go to bed. I was feeling annoyed at her leaving me to clear up my spilt drink, but had to admit to myself that she looked great in her clinging dress, accentuating her great tits and ass. Twenty minutes later, dad yawned and said he was going to bed. I told him that I would just watch the end of the program and that I would be up in a few minutes. I might as well have gone to bed as well at that point as I went to sleep on the couch and missed the end of the program.

I was woken by a scream. Rushing upstairs I burst into Daphne’s bedroom to see my naked dad lying on top of my naked sister. He had clearly just penetrated her, which was the reason for the scream I’d heard seconds before. However, I could see that the penetration had not been unwelcome. Daphne had a look of rapture on her face as I could see that dad was buried in her to the hilt.

“SHIT DAD,” I shouted, “THAT’S INCEST!”

Dad was just holding his position deep inside her, not moving as she squirmed happily underneath him, urging him with her body to fuck her hard.

He turned his head towards me and with a stupid grin on his face said, “I know Jimmy, but I’ve always wanted to fuck her. I just told her that her father was the most sexually attractive man in the world and she needed to have sex with him.”

He picked up a bottle of oil, he’d obviously taken with him into her room, and splashed some liquid over Daphne’s full young breasts. Squeezing them he snickered at me, “Look at these tits kid. Don’t tell me you don’t want to suck these puppies.”

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