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Shaving My Indian Daughter-In-Law

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My name is Raghbir Singh. I am 61 years old, but being physically fit, I look much younger. I have retired as a wrestling coach from local college. I am more than 6ft tall and weigh about 90kg. I am former wrestler and well built like a bull. I still do physical exercises and keep myself fit.

In my family, there is Lajwanti, my wife aged about 57. She is very religious lady and spends most of her time in temple. I had a daughter Sujata, who is married and happily settled with her in laws.

Ranvir is my only son, aged about 30 years, working in some MNC in marketing department and is normally is on tour for about 25 days in a month. Sushma is my Daughter- In- Law. She has been married to my son for about 4 years. She is 28 years old, a plump and chubby girl, with milky whitish complexion.

Sushma is very beautiful. I don’t know her exact figure but she must be about 38-28-36. Her main assets are her big buttocks and big boobs. She normally wears tight clothes and when she walks in the house, her plump and fuck able body is on clear display and it keeps my cock hard always. Sushma loves to flaunt her beautiful and meaty body and teasing the others.

As my son is normally out on tour, so we three persons are left in house. Always watching my horny Daughter- In- Law is the regular feast to my eyes.

I have found that perhaps she is not getting regular and sufficient fucking from my son. The reason is that as my son is normally away, so he gets only 5-6 days to stay with his wife and on these days also he is tired and asks rest.

Other reason is that as my son is normally on tour, so to pass his time, he has started drinking heavily. So he is not able to do his duties as a husband as efficiently as he should be doing. This leaves my Daughter- In- Law to her masturbation sessions in her bathroom.

I had found that many a times she spends, more time than needed, in bathroom.

She looks like a bitch in heat.

As I am a former wrestler, so I posses a manly body made like a bull. I regularly massage my body with oil in the morning before my bath and it takes about 20-25 minutes oil massage.

Normally I massage myself in drawing room, so my Daughter- In- Law gets many chances to watch my healthy and muscular manly body.

Many a times, I have found her, giving glances to my well built body. Certainly those looks are not of a Daughter- In- Law to her Father- In- Law but of a sex starved lady to a “man”.

My wife goes to temple in morning for about 2 hours, so when I do my massage, we only Daughter- In- Law and Father- In- Law are left in house. I also love to flaunt my manly body to my Daughter- In- Law. Sushma normally comes to drawing room during my massage time, with one excuse or other. As at time of massage, I am wearing only small underwear, so it gives her ample opportunity to watch her Father- In- Law. I also love to display myself to her.

This is normal teasing game of both of us. As due to my son being away and wife in temple, daily we have about 2 hours to ourselves. So as soon as my wife goes to temple, I take out my oil bottle and come to drawing room wearing only an underwear and Sushma also comes to drawing room with some excuse like cleaning or mopping the floor etc, and we both enjoy our teasing game.

Sometimes I talk to her while massaging and we crack jokes, sometimes even a bit adult and non vegetarian jokes also and laugh together,. I feel that she wants more than Father- In- Law’s love from me and I am surely ready and horny for that.

For some days I was thinking of a way to break the ice and to do something in right direction.

I decided that I am a male so I will have to take the first step.

So today, I wore small “V” shape underwear, which was very loose for me and quite bigger than my size. As soon as my wife went to temple, I took my oil bottle and came to drawing room.

Sushma also closed and latched the front door and came to my room, with a broom in her hand. I was sitting on a mat and rubbing oil on my chest and legs. Due to rubbing, my muscular body was shining with oil. Sushma was giving me usual lusty glances.

I started talking with her and cracked some jokes. Then I took first step and asked her,

” Sushma! I can’t reach my back and unable to rub oil on back. If you are free, can you rub my back a bit?”

Sushma surprisingly looked towards me as it was the first time; I had asked her to rub oil on me. She hesitated bit and then smilingly spoke,

“Papa Ji! Why not? I am just coming to you. I am free and will rub oil on you properly.”

There was a spark and tinkle in her eyes, when she spoke “rub oil on you properly”. It was double meaning, but I kept silent.

Sushma kept the broom on one side and came to me. I gave her the oil bottle and asked her to rub oil on my muscular back. She was wearing a nice silky sari. She hesitated a bit and said,

“Papa Ji! I am wearing a sari and it may get dirty with oil, so better I remove the expensive silky sari amatör porno and come back”. Saying this Sushma went to her room.

When she came back, I dropped my jaw. She was wearing only thin petticoat and blouse. Her chubby and plump body was bulging out completely in her attire.

Her big boobs were swaying while walking to me and my eyes were glued to them. Looking me watching her plump body, Sushma smiled and taking oil bottle from me, sat near my back and pouring some oil on her palm she started rubbing on my manly back.

She was sitting near me and rubbing oil with both hands. So when she was moving her hands on back, with the swaying of body, her big boobs, which were confined in her loose bra and blouse, were also swaying sideways and I was sitting enjoying her.

A fine odor was coming from her. Perhaps while changing the clothes, she had used some perfume also.

Sushma was rubbing oil and I was secretly watching her body, as she was sitting so close to me for the first time. I was enjoying being so near to her. Her hands were doing miracles to me and it all was so soothing.

I lovingly spoke to her,

“sushma! Your hands are magical. It is for the first time that my back is rubbed, as your mother in law always goes to temple in morning and there is no one to rub my back. Thank you. All my body pains are gone with your touch. You are doing it perfectly.”

Sushma was happy to hear it. She smiled and opened up with me and said,

“Papa Ji! I am a part of family. Why did you never asked me to rub oil on you. There is no need to hesitate. In future also whenever you need me to apply oil on you, just ask me.”

I smiled and thanked her. Sushma was also feeling happy for ice between us being broken. She also smiled and asked me,

“Papa Ji! Your back is done. Do you want me to rub oil on you anywhere else? Because, then, I have to do, some other chores.”

I was enjoying her company and wanted her to stay with me, but where could I ask her to apply oil now? So I was thinking what to say?

Sushma found me hesitating, so she spoke hastily (perhaps she also wanted to stay near to me and my almost naked body and feared that I may not ask her to go),

“Papa Ji! It is difficult to massage yourself by own. You lie down and I will rub oil and massage your arms and legs etc.”

I was happy but still hesitating as I was wearing only a small underwear and to my horror my cock has started raising its head, as I was getting hot for being so near to her, and there was no way to hide my erection.

Perhaps Sushma was getting hornier and thought that I may not refuse her, so before that I may say anything, she put her hands on my shoulders and putting some pressure and lying me down on mat, said,

“Oh Papa Ji! Don’t think so much. Just lie down and I will massage you with oil.”

Saying this she put me down on mat and took oil bottle. I thought that if she is not hesitating that why should I? And I kept silent.

Sushma sat very near to my waist. I was laying bare chest. Her feminine body odor was making me hornier. She put some oil on her hands and started rubbing on my arms.

Within 2 minutes she finished arms and again put oil on hands and slid her body near to my knees and put her hands on my calves.

As soon as her hands touched my legs, I felt like an electric shot. My body twitched and also twitched my cock under my underwear.

Sushma was keeping her eyes on my legs and rubbing from calves to knees. She was wearing only a petticoat blouse and I could see the outlines of her panty and bra beneath it.

I knew that we both are horny and getting hot. Sushma knew that my eyes are glued to her body, so she kept her gaze on my legs only, perhaps to give me uninterrupted chance to watch her sexy body from so near.

I was getting horny with every passing minute. My cock was getting hard now. Sushma also noticed my cock getting hard. She smiled and putting some more oil on her hands, she started rubbing my thighs.

As soon as her hands touched my thighs, I jumped and my cock twitched in excitement. It started pulsating and throbbing.

Sushma also noticed my hardening cock as it was raising the material of underwear up. She was also getting hot and her breathing quickened. She put both her hands on my both thighs and giving pressure on her palms started moving her hands upward.

Now her hands were dangerously nearing the joint of my legs. Her eyes were glued on my hardening cock and my eyes on her big boobs. She kept moving her hand up and my cock kept hardening and erect cock made a tent in my underwear.

As I was wearing loose underwear, so as my big and muscular cock hardened, it raised the cloth of underwear up and it being loose on thighs, now the base of my cock was visible to her from the sides of the underwear.

Sushma gave a sigh and keeping her thumbs inside of my thighs brought them so up that they touched the underwear. A slight moan came from my mouth. anal porno Her thumbs were caressing and rubbing the base of my cock now. Though she was not touching my erect cock, but her hands were doing more than that to me.

Sushma turned her face toward my waist and was shamelessly watching the cock (almost half of cock was visible to her from the sides of my loose underwear). She kept moving her thumbs upward and ultimately they touched the base of my cock, from under the tented cloth of underwear.

I moaned loudly. Sushma knew that I liked what she was doing. So she massaged the underside of cock and even scratched my big balls with her nails.

My cock was so tight now that it was almost an iron rod. It was throbbing in underwear and the cloth of underwear was moving up and down with the throbbing of my tight cock, and Sushma was watching it intently.

For some time, she kept caressing the base of cock with het thumbs and my cock kept throbbing. I was nearing my orgasm and was about to shoot before her eyes.

Now Sushma didn’t withdrew her thumbs back but keeping them inside my tented underwear, started scratching the balls and base of cock with her big nails.

I knew I was on the brink of shooting a thundering orgasm. But I didn’t want to shoot like this as this was our first time, so I asked her,

“Sushma! It is so hot these days. Why don’t you wear some easy and sleeveless clothes at home? It will help saving from hot weather.”

“Papa Ji! You are my Father- In- Law and like my father, so I am shy to tell that I also want to wear sleeveless clothes, but I have big hairs on my underarms. So the hairs will show in my sleeve less clothes.”She exclaimed.

“Beta! Why don’t you use hair remover cream or shave them?’ I inquired.

She bent her head shyly and said,

“Papa Ji! I tried using cream but it is allergic to me. I want to shave my armpits, but I fear that the blade may cut me. I have never used shaving set. I had asked your son (my husband) many times to teach me how to use a razor, but he never has time for me and does not teach me. So I can’t do anything and have to wear full sleeve only to hide my hairy armpits.”

“Sushma! If you don’t use shaving set, then you will be having big hairs not only in your armpits, but on whole of your body?” I fumbled, as I could not say about her private parts.

But Sushma understood my point and smilingly and shyly bent her head and in a whispering tone spoke out,

“Yes Papa Ji! I have long hair as I have never shaved them. But I see that you keep yourself clean shaven on whole body. Do you shave yourself?”

I understood that she was referring to my public hair as she could see in my tented underwear that I was clean shaven. So I smiled and lovingly said,

“Oh Sushma! I love to be clean shaven and I have been shaving myself not only in my armpits but down there also for a long time. You are my Daughter- In- Law and like my own daughter and this is wrong in the eyes of society to teach you shaving yourself particularly down there. Otherwise I would have loved to teach you to shave yourself and you could keep yourself clean everywhere.”

I put extra stress on the word “everywhere”. Sushma smiled as she knows, what I meant by that.

She was horny and perhaps didn’t want to let the chance go away, so she shyly said,

“Papa Ji! It is nothing wrong in teaching anything. Shaving is nothing wrong. I would love it if you teach me to shave. But please don’t let anybody know about it. Mother- In- Law is away, you may teach me now.”

I was more than happy. I brought my shaving set and tube of cold cream and asked Sushma to remove her blouse, so that I may shave her underarms and she may learn it.

Sushma was shy. She bent her head and softly spoke,

“Papa Ji! Please don’t let anybody know it. Let it be our little secret only.”

Saying this she opened her blouse and kept it on the cot. She was wearing a small bra, which was made of lace net and black in color. My eyeballs popped out of their socket, as 90% of her big milky boobs were clearly visible from them. As the bra was black and her own skin whitish, so her boobs were on clear display. Her boobs were very big and bra was so small, that it hardly hid the big areola and her nipples, otherwise the big swell of her boobs was out of bra and clearly visible to my ogling eyes.

Sushma saw me watching her boobs with lust, but kept silent as she herself was also horny. I wanted to see her boobs in open, so persuading her, I asked,

“Sushma Beta! When I will shave your underarms, the hair may fell on the net of bra and may stick in that and afterward they may start itching you. So you may open the bra also. See, I am like your father, so there is nothing to be shy of me.”

Sushma hesitated, but she was also enjoying the show, she was giving me. She thought for a moment and then saying,

“Yes Papa Ji! You are right. The hair may stick in bra.”

She opened the bra hooks, put the anal breakers porno bra away and trying to cover her big melons with one hand, she raised her other arm above her head, so that I may shave her.

I was in heaven. Here my own beautiful and chubby Daughter- In- Law was sitting before me, totally nude from the waist up, and covering her big naked boobs with just one hand and raising her other arm above her head so that her father- in- law may shave her.

Her big boobs were so big, that it was impossible to cover one boob with one hand and here she was trying to cover both of them with one hand. So she could cover only the areola of boobs under her hand and otherwise her big treasure was on feast to my prying eyes.

I licked my dry lips and wanted to see her fully. So I, in a loving tone said,

“Sushma! Beta! You are so beautiful. I am your Father- In- Law, so don’t feel shy of me. You may remove your hand. Your body is so nice and shapely that you should be proud of that. The girls who are even not one hundredth point beautiful than you, love to flaunt their bodies, and you are as beautiful as an angle, and trying to cover yourself.”

Saying this I took her hand from her boobs and pulled it down. Sushma was shy, so she held her head down, but didn’t stop me.

Now her big and milky boobs were naked before my eyes. As soon as her boobs came in view, a little moan came out of my mouth. With great force, I stopped myself from putting my hands and mouth on her boobs. She was so plump and her boobs were so big and tight. They were not shagging even a bit and stood tight. Her nipples were about one inche in size and were erect like bullets. Surely she was horny like hell and was in lust. Her eyes were turning red with lust.

Sushma saw me watching her boobs and I was transfixed with her beauty. When she found me lost on her boobs, she shyly spoke,

“Papa Ji! Please start shaving, I feel shame, sitting nude like this.”

I took my razor and shaved her armpits telling her the way to use it. Within 2 minutes, I was done with both her arms and her hairy armpits were shining plain now.

Sushma was happy to see her armpits. And her shame had somewhat gone now. She was happy and said,

“Oh Papa Ji! You are great. It was so easy. I feel so happy today to have such a caring and loving Father- In- Law.”

I wanted to see her cunt now, so patting on her head lovingly I said,

“Sushma! See it is so simple and easy. Next time I will sit near and you try yourself. Now you lie down and remove your petticoat and panty, so that we may shave you down there also.”

Sushma surprisingly replied,

“Papa Ji! Do you want to shave me down there also? It will be so wrong for me to lie naked before you. You are like my father, and I feel ashamed to remove my panty before you.”

Saying this she kept sitting. I knew that we both were horny as hell and she was just making an excuse only. So smilingly, with one hand, and pushing her to lie down, I put my other hand on the cord of her petticoat and said,

“Ok Beta! If you feel shame to take off your petticoat and panty, I will do it for you.”

Saying this I pulled the strings of her petticoat and it fell open. Sushma was lying on ground and put both her hands on her face to cover it in shame. I smilingly put my fingers in her waistband of panty and tried to pull down both her petticoat and panty in one go.

Sushma was feeling shy and keeping her eyes covered in shame, she slightly raised her waist up, so that I may pull her panty down.

The scene was so erotic and my cock was so tight that it felt like a steel rod and was aching with tightness. I pulled her clothes down and removing them away from her legs, I put them nearby.

We both were in heaven. Here my own plump Daughter- In- Law was lying before me, totally nude and with not even a single piece of thread on her body and I was sitting near her with the biggest and tightest boner of my life, wearing only a small and loose underwear.

I put my hands on her hands and lovingly removed them from her face saying,

“Sushma! Why are you closing your eyes? If you don’t see than how will you learn to shave yourself? I am like your father, so don’t shy. See now I may start shaving your cunt… I mean your vagina.”

In the heat of lust, I used the word “cunt”, but Sushma didn’t seem to mind it. Perhaps she was hornier than me. She opened her eyes, and saw me watching her nude body lying bare before her.

She shyly said,

“Papa Ji! It is shameful for me to lie totally naked. You are wearing your own clothes and ask me not to shy. Papa, please remove your own underwear also, so that we both may be in same position and I may see, if you shave me as clean as you yourself.”

I smiled as I knew that she want to see my throbbing and big cock and making the pretext of shyness. I knew today’s day was going to be the best of my life. And I hoped to get some more from my horny and beautiful Daughter- In- Law.

I smilingly stood up and putting my fingers in my waistband, lowered my underwear to reveal my 7 inches and 4 inches in girth, a fat and throbbing cock before her eyes. As soon as Sushma saw my cock, a whimper of surprise and a lustful moan came from her lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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