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Right to It

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I pick you up as you wrap your legs around me and we kiss deeply. I push you into the wall and you drop your legs so I can grab your hands and hold them above your head, pushing you against the wall harder. I slide my hand down your pants and feel your wetness all over my fingers as I slide one into you, bending it to get the perfect spot and pulling you up so your standing on your tippy toes squirming like mad under my touch, as you get closer and closer to your peak. You start to beg me for release, as you’re about to burst with pleasure and start to squirm more and more with my finger inside of you. In, curl, slide out, in, curl, slide out. Your release comes and your sweet juices start to run down your legs.

After your tremors of joy reside I slide out of you and pull your shirt over your head. I take those wonderful nipples into my mouth and start to suck, lick, and bight lightly as they get harder and harder in my mouth. I release my grip on your hands so you can grab my head and escort eryaman pull my shirt off as I continue to work your nipples as I slide my hands to your hips, and pull your pants down while working myself to a kneeling position in front of you. I take my time licking and kissing down your belly, to your hips. I concentrate my attention right next to your hip bones, on the sweet spot, as you finish kicking your pants off. I slide my hand gently up your inner thighs as my mouth slowly makes its way down. I touch and feel around your sweet sexy lips as my mouth makes its way closer until it hits the mark, and my tongue comes out slowly licking around those sexy lips, and just to the inside, finding that sexy clit and flicking it before I suck on it lightly, making you cum yet again down your leg. I don’t stop, your hands are pressing my head harder into you, as two fingers slide into you. In and out in time with my tongue making your sweet nectar explode from you over and over again until you elvankent escort cannot stand.

I pick you up in my arms and carry you to the bed and sit you down. You pull off my clothes completely and start to kiss me deeply again as I bend over upon the edge of the bed.

I pick you up again and bring you down so that I slide into you. Our bodies are a perfect fit for each other as I slide into your soaking wet pussy, and you wrap your legs around me. Up and down I pick you up and let you down over and over again. I pick you up enough so my head is barely inside of you, then slide you back down filling you up to the base of my thick shaft. Up, down, up, down. You start to tighten up around my shaft, I can feel the tension building up in you, the release comes and your sweet, warm juices start leaking down me and your body starts to shake in ecstasy once again. I release you and flip you upside down. Your legs are wrapped around my head, and your face is at my cock etimesgut escort as I stand there holding you tight. You open your mouth and take me into you as I start to suck and lick at your beautiful sexy, juicy lips once again, tasting my pre-cum mixed with your sweet juices. At the same time you experiencing the same tastes on me. After a couple minutes I put you down and lay on the bed once again.

I put you on your back on the edge of the bed, with your legs up, and I slide into you once again. I shove myself into you hard all the way to the base of my shaft and hold it in place for a moment before sliding all the way out. I repeat this over and over again, going faster with each thrust and coming all the way out except the very tip. Over and over I slide into you. Your pussy tightens around me again, my dick throbs with pleasure and releases its juices and fills you up as you release your sweet nectar once again all over me. I pull out of you, turn around and lay on top of you and you take my dick inside your mouth as I lick up the sweet treats dripping out of your pussy. We clean each other up for you few minutes and you start to moan under the touches of my tongue on your sweet and sexy lips once more… “So, round 2?” I ask you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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