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(The Reinvention of Beth Raines continues)

Beth Raines rose naked from her bed and walked to the full length mirror in her bedroom. She appraised her forty-five year-old body and smiled. Not too shabby, she thought, not at all! She looked at the erect nipples on her 36c breasts and down the now defined curve of her torso to her wide hips and rounded buttocks. She observed her shaved womanhood glistening with diamonds of sexual excitement and smiled. Turning toward the shower, she lifted her fingers to her lips and tasted the juices that thirty minutes earlier had exploded onto them, She looked back to the bed and smiled again, seeing the starkness of the purple vibrator against the white of the bed sheets. She looked at the phone, now back in its cradle, that had carried the voice of Jeff Parks to her ears, through her body and into her recently awakened sexual soul. Then she stepped into her shower and luxuriated under the warm cascade of water.

Jeff had been gone for a month, but he called once, and sometimes, twice a week. Beth’s relationship with him had yet to be defined. She liked the attentions of the younger man. She liked the openness of their friendship. In fact, she had concluded that to define where they were would likely be detrimental. The only thing she knew for sure was that Jeff had told her, just before he left for the new construction job, that she had no restraints, and to live, laugh and love.

Beth stepped from her shower and dried her body. She looked out of the window at the sunny and breezy, fall Sunday afternoon and went to the closet to pick out clothes. She surveyed the hung clothes in front of her. The wardrobe was now feminine, with some of the outfits being outright sexy. Beth had enlarged and enhanced it since the day she met Jeff Parks. The day she had been re-invented.

Looking over the clothes Beth selected a dress in beige and brown. The hemline, to just above the knee, decorated in fall colored leaves about six inches upward. The rest of the dress was a subtle beige color except for the leaves pattern that repeated on the bodice, which had three buttons. Beth lay the lightly pleated dress on the bed, went to her dresser and opened her lingerie drawer. She chose a deeper beige bra and panty set and slightly lighter “hold-up” hosiery. Her shoes were mid-heeled and in a complimentary shade of beige and brown to her outfit.

Beth first put on the underwear. She stepped into the soft panties, feeling the fabric caress her legs and slide over her well rounded buttocks. She adjusted the underwear at her shaved crotch and noticed the shadow of her sex through the translucent material. Picking up the matching bra, Beth put it on. Again, she was aware of the caress and feel of the material as it cupped her breasts. Her areola and nipples were visible under the sheer cloth. Taking the hosiery, Beth rolled them up her legs. making sure they were smooth and tight. These days, Beth paid attention to detail. Jeff Parks, journeyman carpenter, had fixed her busted “give a damn” in one day and night about a month ago.

Sitting in front of the mirror of her dresser, Beth applied light make up, highlighting and enhancing her already striking features. She smiled at the results and rose to put on the selected dress. Beth looked at the sincan escort completed ensemble in the mirror. Satisfied, she checked her purse contents and headed downstairs and out of the front door, locking it behind her.

The drive to the multiplex was pleasant and being a Sunday the traffic was light. Beth parked the white Grand Prix , made sure that it was locked and walked across the parking lot to the cinema entrance. She selected the movie a work friend had suggested she see, paid for her ticket, went into the semi-darkened auditorium and sat down in a seat near the center of the front row.

Beth looked back in the theater and was surprised to see only a handful of patrons. All of them were seated halfway back in the room or farther. She reasoned that the early matinee was perhaps too close to the end of morning church services for people to get to and that the cinema would me more full buy the next screen time. As she popped a piece of wintergreen chewing gum into her mouth the lights dimmed and previews of upcoming attractions filled the screen.

By the time the main feature had begun, Beth had settled into a warm, content and isolated zone. She loved movies. Loved the escape to another place and time. Books did the same for her, and she read avidly, but movies were , for her, like two hours of private island vacation.

When the well dressed middle-aged man sat next to her, Beth thought little of it, though it did seem odd that of all the available seats he had chosen this one. Oh well, she thought, front and center does give a better aspect. It is, after all, why I sit here. Her rhetorical mental discussion over, she returned to focusing on the film.

Beth was aware of the back of his hand grazing against her nylons. She stared at the screen, her mind racing. She was every bit as frozen as the proverbial deer in the headlights. She could get up and leave. She could scream, but that attention, she decided, she did not want. Attempting to physically move the man’s hand crossed her mind but what if he grabbed her wrist? She would be trapped. It’s the back of his hand, she reasoned, not exactly an assault. Beth moved her leg. The man’s hand moved too never breaking contact with the soft warm nylon on her leg. Beth summoned up the courage to look at the man and he smiled at her. She looked away, her mind again racing through the difficulties of her situation. Thank God, she thought, nobody is close enough to see this. Then, Oh God, she thought, perhaps it would be better if they were, it might afford her some way out of the situation.

Beth tensed as the man turned his hand and grasped her leg. The touch, though, was not one of force but of soft caress. Beth was barely breathing as the man slid his hand slowly and sensually up her leg, his wrist catching the skirt hem and sliding it over the top of her thigh. When she felt his fingers on the warm, bare flesh above the top of her hose, Beth instinctively closed her legs. The man did not move. To an extent he could not, his fingertips trapped albeit gently between the thighs of the woman in the seat next to him. He ran his thumb in gentle coaxing circles on the outside of Beth’s thigh. Beth caught a breath as she felt her body react to his caresses. She was now, strangely, less afraid. Her mind and body went to war ankara escort as the nerves tingled under the stranger’s touch. Beth’s thighs parted slowly as the man caressed her. Her mind unaware of her acceding to the rising pleasure. Her body now inviting it. She felt his fingers on her inner thigh. Soft, tender, massaging, slowly, sensually moving higher. Beth reflexively, now lost in the clandestine sensations, opened her thighs further.

The man did not look at her, nor she at him. His hand moved up her leg awakening the nerves, stimulating and exciting her. His fingers reached the hem of her panties and he traced its line feeling Beth inhale at his furtive, erotic caress. When his hand moved over the soft, dark beige fabric and slid down cupping the now moist heat of her womanhood, Beth actually slid a little down and forward in her seat granting access to her. She was lost now. Lost to his touch. Lost to the sensations, to the wickedly delicious excitement of the location and this wordless, erotic stranger.

The man’s finger caressed Beth’s pussy through the panty fabric. She bit her bottom lip and arched under the touch. He felt her wetness growing, her excitement increasing, her acceptance. He traced the groove of her sex separating the labia under the material. He massaged her, slightly increasing the pressure. Sliding upwards he found her clitoris and pushed against it, the sensitive bud already erect and hard. Beth gasped pushing up to meet his touch. She blindly put her hand over his and guided his movement. Her vaginal muscles flexed inside her lubricating her. Beth was now on a different private island. A sensual, overwhelming, erotic island of desire.

Lost in the pleasure, Beth’s tongue licked at her own lips, her head tilted back, eyes closed, her crotch reached up to the man’s touch. She took his hand and slipped it inside her panties and pushed his fingers between her wet slit, and then removed her hand and gripped the arms of the cinema seat. Beth gasped as he penetrated her. A lightning flash jolted through her body, her pussy avariciously contracted around the man’s two fingers as he began to masturbate her. Beth writhed in her seat giving herself to the stranger. Giving in to the intense, exciting pleasure and arousal. The man’s fingers slid in and out of her vagina. His thumb massaged her clit. Beth fucked back at him barreling towards orgasm. The man felt her intensity and pushed up inside her compressing her vaginal sac. Beth shuddered and released her sex nectar, clamping the man’s fingers inside her. Soaking them and her panties. She came breathlessly riding the ebb and flow of ecstasy till she was spent.

Beth almost lay in her seat lost in an erotic afterglow, every nerve in her body alive. When she was sufficiently recovered, she realized the stranger was no longer in the seat next to her. He was gone. She smoothed her skirt and headed towards the ladies’ room. She had to gather herself and clean up, she thought. Had the house lights come up while she walked back to the restroom, her bodily glow would have been unmistakable.

Beth entered the ladies’ room and looked in the mirror. She saw the flush in her face and proceeded to fix her hair. Her body was still pulsing with excitement. Satisfied that she looked alright, Beth reached under her skirt etimegut escort and slid her wet panties down her legs. Stepping out of them, she stooped and picked them up, turned on the faucet and rinsed them under the flowing water. She rang them out, wrapped them in a paper towel and put them in her purse.

Beth jumped but did not turn around when she felt the strong hands cup her buttocks. A wry and wicked smile crept over her face and she lowered her head. The hands squeezed her ass through her skirt. Beth pushed back at them, her body happy that her sexual interlude with the stranger was not over. She heard the door lock, then felt her skirt slowly and excitingly being lifted over her thighs and ass. Beth stood expectantly with her face down knowing she was exposed to the man behind her. She shivered as she felt his hand reach between her thighs and stroke at her already wet pussy. She opened her stance inviting him, once again completely excited and alive.

Beth heard the stranger unzip and her pussy reflexively tingled in anticipation. She felt him tease down her ass with his cock head and slide over her wet slit opening the labia. She gasped as the man hovered at her vaginal opening. She could feel him, his cock head hot against her, she wanted him inside her and pushed back a little. The man gripped Beth’s hips and slowly, sensually, agonizingly entered her. Beth’s body went into rapture and she stood there as the man began long, slow, deep strokes in and out of her. His balls caressed the back of her thighs, then slowly retreated. Beth could feel every inch of his rigid shaft and reveled in the sensation. Her mind screamed “fuck me” but she did not voice the thought. The man took her slowly and sensually. Beth rocked meeting his movements. She did not look up concentrating only on the sweet erotic sensations rippling through her body.

Beth could feel the man thickening, pulsing inside her. Her pussy flexed and gripped on his cock . She shivered and felt herself on the brink of another orgasm, pushing back on him meeting his slow, delicious and controlled thrusts. His thumbs pushed into her soft, warm ass flesh indenting it. His hip bones met her upturned rear and Beth melted into an intense and draining orgasm soaking his cock in her cum. He knew she was there. He felt her shudder and bend slightly at her knees. He remained deep inside her feeling her release.

When Beth was again spent, the man slipped his juice glistened cock from her, slid it between her upturned ass cheeks and stroked between them. Beth heard him gasp and felt the hot sperm splash on the nerve cluster at the base of her spine. The man’s cock jumped and twitched as he came on her body. Beth waited till the flow stopped. She felt it slowly trickle between her cheeks. The she heard the door unlock. Feeling compelled, Beth looked up into the mirror. She saw the back of the man as he left the restroom. An image flashed into her mind jarring her. No jacket! The stranger in the front row had a jacket on she thought. Her mind swam. Then she laughed internally. Two strangers. Two hot, sensual, wonderful, erotic, clandestine sexual encounters. Two strangers.

Beth straightened her appearance again, cleaned herself and exited the ladies’ room. She felt warm and sated and surprisingly unperturbed at her adventure. She mildly pondered the encounters. She felt, she thought, fulfilled.

As she crossed the parking lot toward the parked white Grand Prix, she laughed again. You’re right, Jeff, she thought. Live, Love, and yes, Laugh!

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