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I still can’t understand what I’m doing here. Westwood High. Class of ’99 Reunion. I flew in from Chicago an hour ago, although I had tons of work back home. Well, these things only happen once in 10 years, I convince myself. I scan the auditorium for familiar faces. Recognizing a few guys from the football team, I walk up to them and there are hi-fives all around, though the conversation that ensues is quite awkward. Times have changed, and people with them.

I grab myself a drink, standing in a corner and sipping it slowly. I watch my former mates laugh and reminisce. This is a waste of time, I’m getting outta here. I move to get my coat, when I see her. Her long blond hair, confident smile, and the silver cocktail dress. Rachel Adams. She was my date to prom, 10 years ago, in this same hall. Maybe I should stay a while longer. I have another drink, letting it slide down faster, allowing myself to be captured by memories.

She turns to look into my direction, and catches me staring. She starts walking towards my direction, and I know I have to leave. I’m happily married, have a hot wife, and I enjoy the sex. I need no blast from the past to butt into my life. My mind’s protests are not heard by my body, and I stay put as she reaches me, and says, “Hey Matthew, it’s good to see you. How are you?” Confident and forthcoming as ever.

“I’m good. Great actually. Married. Nice job. And how is life treating you?”

“Not bad, doing a few things I like. Keeping busy, that sorta thing.”

“Ah okay…” and there’s an awkward silence.

I hope she can’t hear my thoughts. I restrain myself from heeding to the memories of that day. It was more than a prom night.

The band starts playing, and she asks me if I’d like to dance. I rub the ring on my finger, and hesitantly agree. We move to the dance floor. I take her hips in my arms, delicately, cautiously. She seems lost for sincan escort a moment, caught in another dimension, and looks up at me suddenly, into my eyes.

He held her by her waist, firm yet gentle. It was a slow song. They danced in unison, and while they did, there seemed to be nothing around them. He took a moment to admire how beautiful she looked. He took a whiff of her luscious hair, she smelled delicious. He could see her cleavage distinctly through her dress. Temptation was not something he could resist. His right hand ran through the naked skin of her exposed back, soft as silk. She felt a tiny shiver and moved closer to him.

They closed their eyes. She unbuttoned his shirt at the top, and blew cool air down his chest. He let his hand slither downwards, and when he found her ass, he grabbed them, gently at first, pushing her closer to him. She slipped her hands into his shirt, pawing his chest, tracing the fine strip of hair below his navel. She stopped when she reached his trousers. A naughty finger tugged his belt. He could feel he erection springing to life, but he wouldn’t let himself be carried away, not so quick. He swooped down abruptly to catch her right ear in his mouth, nibbling it before she could react. Gently he began to massage her ear lobes with his lips. She took her turn next, her finger slipping under his trousers, reaching as far below as possible. She could feel the base of his cock, but she was unable to go further.

The song ended. She pulled back. Looking up, she said in a seductive drawl, “Do you want to go outside?”

“My car is in the lot,” he replied without hesitation. They poured themselves another drink, and stammered outside, intoxicated by the alcohol, and the lust.

They made their way into his ’67 Chevrolet Impala. He would take her to his apartment. She rolled down the window and looked outside, while he took a long gaze ankara escort at her before putting the car into gear and driving off. She lit a cigarette, and let the smoke drift outside. She ran her finger under her dress, she was getting wet in anticipation of what lay ahead. Every now and then, he glanced at her, he wanted her then, right there. He would not let himself succumb to the lust, instead he would tease her. He used his left hand to steer, and he steered his right hand towards her legs. He found his way towards the wet heat, separated her legs and reached her center, but was blocked by her panties. He took his hand out, but to his surprise he found that she lowered her black lace panties down and let it rest near her feet. His hand tried to resume its previous position, but she shrugged him away. Instead, her own fingers seeped towards her desperate pussy and she leaned as far back as the seat would allow, inserting a finger and then two into her pussy. While she smoked her cig with one hand, she masturbated with the other. His mouth opened slightly in an awestruck gaze, and he had difficulty concentrating on the road. Luckily, they arrived at his apartment soon. He led her in his arms up into his house, leaving her panties behind in the car.

They threw themselves on his bed as soon as they entered his apartment. The slow beats on the dance floor and the wait in the car gave way to frenzied primal instinct. She took his shirt off and unbuckled his belt in a flash. He stood erect on his knees, while she removed his trousers and boxers. He was hard. She gazed at his long, thick tool for a second before gripping them and sliding her palm up and down the shaft. She kissed the tip of his circumcised cock before wrapping her mouth around it. He looked down at her and saw her enjoying what she was doing, taking all of him in her mouth. He reached behind her neck to free the clasp that etimegut escort kept her dress together, and let it fall on the bed. She wore no bra. He admired her petite but perky breasts, and hard, pointed nipples as she performed fellatio on him. He fell to his knees, and they kissed for the second time.

Long, slow. Making her lie down, he climbed atop her. He sucked her neck until his lips left behind a mark, a mark that would give her goose-bumps for a week. He licked the inside of her ears. She took his cock in her hands and began kneading it with her palm, but he declined it and instead his fingers slithered towards her pussy, tracing a fingernail down her body. He thumbed her clitoris, even as he sucked her nipples until they were hard as stone. He guided his cock into her vagina. She was eager, and had waited long enough. Quick, she begged him. He did not disappoint. Starting off slowly, but building speed with every thrust, he fucked her.

Moaning, she ran one palm over his chest, flicking his nipples while her other palm did the same to hers. He abruptly stopped his urgent thrusts, and she understood. She quickly shifted position to lie on her palms and knees, and he entered her from behind. More comfortable now, the two of them arched their backs as his cock slipped up and down inside her pussy. They built steam once more, working up to a feverish pace. The only sounds were her moans and the slaps that his cock made when it banged against her. He held her butt firmly as he continued to fuck her from behind. He was going to come soon. She urged him to come inside her, and it was an invitation he would not decline. Two more thrusts and he came, shooting a flood of cum inside her. She had reached her peak too, and he had just enough for one more thrust.

“Oh Matthew! I’m going to come! Matthew!” and she came, letting out a long, exhausted moan.

“Matthew? Matthew!” she snaps me out of my reverie, “are you with me?”

“Uh yeah, I think I got carried away…” I reply, and it takes a second to gather myself.

She looks up, and says in a seductive drawl, “Do you want to go outside?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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