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Replacing Dad

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Mark Adams heard his parents before he saw them as he arrived home from a long day at school. As had become the norm, they were fighting. He paused for a moment as he listened to them from outside the front door then jangled his keys and loudly played with the lock to signal his arrival.

Mark sighed as the fighting stopped once he entered, his parents in the front foyer sporting fake smiles as he walked in, “hey mom, dad, what’s up?”

Tom Adams was not in a chatting mood and simply picked up a bag that lay at his feet, “nothing buddy, I just stopped by to pick up a few things I need for a business trip,” he said as he walked over to his son.

Tom looked back at his wife, “I’ll email you,” he said simply before turning to his son, “take care of your mother.”

Mark didn’t bother saying goodbye to his father; he was out the door with the door closed before he even had a chance to say the words. Instead he walked over to his mother and gave her a kiss hello on the cheek, “you ok mom?”

Melody smiled and put on a brave face for her son, “of course I am sweetie, and how was your day?”

Mark ignored his mother’s question as they walked inside, “you don’t seem ok mom, come on, what’s up? What did dad say?”

Melody sighed as the weight of a bad day came crashing down, tears formed in her eyes as she stepped closer to her one and only child and hugged him tight, “your father is officially filing for divorce,” she said as tears ran down her cheeks.

Mark hugged his mother tightly and held her as the words sunk in. He wasn’t surprised his parents were getting divorced, they had been separated for months and their marriage had been slowly deteriorating for years before that.

Mark rubbed his mother’s back softly and wiped away her tears as she looked at him, “I’m sorry mom; I know you really tried to make it work.”

Melody smiled at her son, she was so lucky to have him in her life. While her relationship with her soon to be ex-husband was in poor shape, her relationship with her son couldn’t have been better.

Melody broke the hug and wiped her tears away, “you know where he’s going don’t you? He’s going away with HER – business trip my ass.”

Mark led his mother into the living room so they could sit down. Before getting separated Tom had admitted to his wife and son he was having an affair with a colleague at work and that they were in love.

“They can have each other mom, you’re too good for him anyway,” he said.

Melody snorted with laughter, “yeah right, look at me, I’m a mess.”

Mark smiled as he looked at his mother, “you’re beautiful on the inside and out and the best mother a son could have,” he said.

Melody shook her head, “my little prince,” she said as she kissed him then wiped a smudge of her lipstick from his face, “where would I be without you?”

“We’re a team mom, to hell with dad,” he said.

“Now that’s a sentiment I can agree with,” Melody smiled. “I’m going to finish making dinner; you go change and get ready.”

Mark kissed his mother on the cheek again and went upstairs to his room. He was halfway up the stairs when Melody called out to him, “oh and sweetie?… “

“Yes mom?” he asked as he turned around.

“My laptop is acting up, the sound won’t work, could you take a look at it?” she asked.

“Anything for you mom,” Mark said as he reached the top of the stairs and went into his room.

Mark and his mother had always been close. When he was younger his father often worked late hours so Mark and Melody spent a lot of time together. Mark didn’t mind being called a “momma’s boy” and happily spent time with his mother.

Melody married young and had Mark when she was only 19. She and Tom met in school and were high school sweethearts. Tom was two years older and truly loved her when they were younger but the pressure of providing for a family at such a young age wore on him before long.

When they were young, Tom and Melody enjoyed a vigorous sex life, they even belonged to a swingers club in their early 20’s but left that life behind them in their 30’s when a job offer came and they moved cities.

Tom adjusted to the move well but Melody didn’t. She broke her ankle soon after the move and became ill with an extended virus right after that, making for a terrible introduction to their new home. Melody struggled to meet new people and make new friends. It didn’t help that the gossiping wives of Tom’s new work colleagues spread rumors first about her beauty then reveled in her struggle to adjust when the stress and bullying caused her to lose her figure and her confidence.

Melody was used to the whispers but had hoped they would die off with age. She was short, standing only 5’3 with dyed blonde hair and green eyes, fair skin, toned legs and large firm round breasts that were 100% real. She had been a cheerleader in her high school days and had grown accustomed to attracting stares from the opposite sex; she liked the power it gave her.

The problems with Tom started after the move and never really stopped. It was Mark that bursa escort pulled her out of her funk; he was an athletic kid growing up so Melody threw herself into doting on her son. Mark called her beautiful even when she didn’t feel like she was and convinced her to take up jogging with him as he trained for the high school baseball team.

Slowly Melody caught the exercise bug and her figure and confidence returned. It became yet another activity for the two to bond over. Melody went to all Mark’s games and enjoyed the attention she got from his teammates and their fathers but it was the attention she got from her son she enjoyed most of all.

Melody had caught her son staring at her from time to time while they jogged and around the house but didn’t mind his stolen glances. She knew her son adored her and often got in fights defending her honor. Melody didn’t like her son fighting but she did like that she did have one man in her life that defended her.

Truth be told, Mark wasn’t the only one who did some ogling. Melody noticed as her son blossomed from a boy into a man. Now 19 and in college he stood 6’3 with blonde hair, blue eyes, a well toned physique and an ass that attracted stares from women young and old. He was good but not great at baseball and his dream of playing professionally died before it even started.

Mark had decided to live at home rather than move into one of the dorms on campus. With his parents splitting up he didn’t like the idea of his mother living home alone. Despite the stolen glances the mother-son duo never did anything sexual, their relationship wasn’t like that, but they did have an extremely tight bond.

A bond that was about to grow even stronger.


Mark showered and changed then walked into his mother’s room to check on her laptop. It booted up without any issues and the sound problem was easy enough to solve.

He decided to check his college online web portal to see if his final marks were posted and was about to shut the computer down when a link saved in the favorites caught his eye. Mark knew he should leave it alone but proceeded anyway.

He clicked on the link and a hook-up site popped up. It was a sex meet up site, a combo of eHarmony and Ashley Madison. His mother’s profile was saved and Mark decided to check it out even though he knew he shouldn’t.

Mark found himself getting jealous as he read his mother’s profile even though logically he wanted his mother to meet someone and move on from his father, even if it was for casual sex.

Melody advertised herself as a soon-to-be divorced mother of one who was looking for a man who knew how to pleasure a woman. She indicated she was looking for a younger man, “like one of her son’s friends” who had a ‘big cock’ and ‘knew how to use it.’

Mark got a lump in his throat as he read his mother’s profile describing her sexual likes and dislikes. His cock started to throb as she described in depth how she wanted to ride a ‘hot young bronco’ and shove it in her ex-husband’s face. His cock got even harder she he spotted some pictures she posted. They weren’t nude, but they were pretty close.

“I can’t believe it,” he said to himself.

Just then Melody called from downstairs, “dinner is ready sweetie!”

Mark closed the website and the laptop, “be there in a moment mom!” he called as he adjusted his pants and went downstairs.


Mark visited his mother’s online profile a lot over the next two weeks. She had recently joined so he didn’t think she had met anyone yet but for some reason he just couldn’t let it go.

He wasn’t mad with his mother, he could never be mad at her for wanting to meet new people, regardless of the reason. He just couldn’t shake the surprising jealousy he felt towards unknown men trying to score with his mother.

Melody was an attractive woman. She was toned but not skinny, curvy but not overly so, with soft smooth skin and large plump breasts. Mark loved the smell of her shampoo, the way she dressed, moved and laughed. So why wouldn’t other men?

Melody didn’t dress to tease her son around the house but she didn’t dress overly conservative either. She wasn’t nearly as tall as her son and from time to time wore his old jerseys or shirts around the house with little else on. She had done that the other night when they watched a movie together. Mark found himself stealing glances at his mother as she cuddled beside him, he watched her as much as he did the movie.

He’d always dated but never for long. Potential girlfriends didn’t last long if they didn’t meet his mother’s approval.

One late night while Mark was surfing the internet he invariably made his way back to his mother’s profile. He’d been forced to get one of his own after he used up his free visits. He filled it out honestly save for the picture he used. As he logged on he noticed his mother was logged in as well.

Mark’s heart started to beat fast as he stared at her profile picture and the green dot indicating she was online. He decided to take a chance.

Mark, otherwise known as bursa escort bayan “blondenblue62” sent his mother, whose username was “sexygal69” an invite for a live chat. 30 seconds later she agreed.

“Hello” he typed.

“Hi,” his mother responded, “Thanks for the invite.”

“Couldn’t resist,” he started. “Can’t sleep?”

“Horny and alone,” Melody replied.

Mark swallowed deeply as he chatted online with his mother. He knew he should stop but couldn’t bring himself to do so. “I find that hard to believe,” he typed.

“Lol why?” she asked.

“You’re beautiful,” he replied.

“You’re sweet,” Melody replied, “but the only man who notices me these days is my son.”

Mark stopped dead in his tracks. She knew? Was she upset?

“I find THAT hard to believe,” he wrote.

“It’s true,” she said, “he’s the only one and to be honest, I don’t mind.”

Mark’s heart started to beat even faster, “naughty girl,” he wrote.

Melody smiled as she chatted online. She had been considering cancelling her membership and hadn’t expected to share any secret desires but here she was – and she was horny. She started to rub herself as she typed.

“Truth be told? He’s not the only one who peeks,” she wrote.

Mark’s cock immediately started to throb; his mother had checked him out?

“Ever done anything?” he asked, knowing the answer.

Melody rubbed herself even harder as she typed, “no, I’m too much of a chicken.”

“What about his friends?” Mark asked.

Melody chuckled as she typed, “They’re cute but I’d never do that to my son.”

Mark breathed a sigh of relief; his head would have exploded if one of his friends was fooling around with his mother.

“You think he’d want to do something?” he asked.

“Probably not,” Melody responded. “I’m not some freak, just a lonely woman.”

“I read somewhere a lot of sons think of their mother sexually at some point,” Mark wrote.

“Why did I type that?” he asked himself.

Melody started to finger herself as she typed, “have you thought about your mom?”

Mark paused and then responded, “I’ve started to, hard to not notice her.”

“You naughty boy,” Melody wrote. “Do you want to fuck her?”

Mark didn’t know what to say. He hadn’t really thought about it but he had been visiting her profile and thinking about her nonstop recently.

“Hello?” she asked.

“Sorry,” Mark wrote, “I was just thinking about her.”

“Mmmmmmm” Melody responded, “that a yes?”

Mark paused again before responding, “Well, my cock is rock hard,” he replied honestly without actually responding.

“My pussy is wet,” Melody replied. “How big are you?”

Mark knew he should stop but was long past the point of no return, “big enough, maybe I’ll show you sometime” he typed.

“How old are you?” Melody asked.

Mark was tempted to lie but didn’t, “I’m 19,” he typed.

“Mmmmm you could be my son,” Melody responded, not knowing how right she was.

“I’d like that,” Mark replied.

Melody fingered her pussy faster, “I bet you would…”

Both mother and son played with themselves as they chatted, Mark pulling his cock out of his boxers giving it the relief it needed.

“It’s late, I should go to bed, talk again?” Melody asked.

“Absolutely,” Mark replied.

“Goodnight sweetie,” Melody wrote before logging off.

“Night mom,” Mark said softly as he stood up and moved over to his bed. Both mother and son played with themselves that night, thinking of one another before they drifted off to sleep.


Neither Melody nor Mark had intended for that chat to happen. In fact, neither had admitted to themselves they had those desires but it was clear now they both did.

Over the course of the next week they chatted almost every night about their shared fantasy, not really sure where it was leading.

Mark noticed his mother was suddenly in a better mood while Melody couldn’t help but notice her son checking her out even more than usual.

Mark had learned through their online chats his mother hadn’t met anyone through the site and wasn’t too pleased with it overall until she started talking to him. Melody meanwhile found herself looking forward to her late night rendezvous with her anonymous young stud. She had started to fantasize about her and Mark together but left it at that, just a fantasy.

One night after watching a movie together they met online after saying their goodnights in the hall.

“God I’m so horny,” Melody wrote when Mark popped online.

“Why is that?” he asked.

“We just watched a movie together and I did what I told you I was going to do. I wore a skimpy little nightie and he was so hard. I saw him. I felt him,” she said.

“That IS hot,” Mark wrote back.

“I was so tempted to do something but I couldn’t. I shouldn’t be doing this to myself or to him. He’s the only good relationship I have in my life,” she said.

“Sounds to me like he doesn’t mind,” he wrote.

“I don’t know…” she replied.

“I bet you he’s escort bursa thinking about you right now,” he typed.

“You think so?” she asked.

“I know so…” he said.

“I wish you were him,” Melody replied.

Mark’s cock throbbed at that last comment, “go check if he’s still awake, I’ll be here…” he said.

Without thinking Mark got up and slipped out his room, going downstairs to the kitchen. Melody heard him in the kitchen and walked down to join him in her skimpy nightie.

“Mark?” she asked as she entered the kitchen, “is that you?”

“It’s me mom, I’m just making some hot milk, want some?”

Mark looked at his mother as she softly stepped into the kitchen, her nightie was light purple, very short and see-thru everywhere but at her chest. His eyes traveled up and down her body, her nightie barely covered her panties and perfectly showcased her body.

“I couldn’t sleep, you?” he asked.

Melody smiled at her son, “same.”

Melody watched as her son reached up to get a second mug, he was wearing boxers and a t-shirt that was moulded to his toned physique. Whereas her husband had let himself go in recent years, her son was a verified hunk. Like her, he wouldn’t have any problem finding a mate if he wanted, but like her he was more comfortable at home.

Melody stepped closer to her son as the milk started to heat up, “aren’t we a pair?” she chuckled, “heating up warm milk on a Saturday night.”

Mark smiled as he pulled his mother close to him, his hands sliding down her back as her arms went around his neck.

“I don’t mind mom, I’ve always preferred being with you. I like our special bond,” he said.

Melody smiled back at her son, “me too. I’m lucky to have a son who talks to his mother more than once a month.”

Mark smirked, “you mean that’s an option?” he teased.

Melody gasped in mock horror, “just for that I’m going to embarrass you the next time your friends are over. I’m going to treat you like a little boy and just shower you with kisses…”

Melody leaned up as she started to give Mark sloppy wet kisses on his cheeks and forehead just like she did when he was young.

“I’ll kiss you like this and this and this and this and this and this…” she teased.

Mark laughed as his mother gave him sloppy wet kisses, her body pressed against him as she did, and as she pressed against him it was impossible for her not to feel his hard-on.

“Ok ok ok!” he laughed, “I give in!”

Melody smiled as she stopped kissing her son but stayed pressed against him. Their eyes locked for a moment as Mark held his mother in his arms. He pulled her slightly against him and she didn’t fight it.

Finally after an extended silence Mark said, “I love you mom.”

Melody bit her bottom lip and smiled, “I love you too sweetie. You’re the love of your mother’s life and you always will be.”

“I’d do anything for you mom,” her son replied.

“I know you would baby,” she started as the milk started to boil over, “but right now I think you should pour us some milk,” she giggled as the warm milk spilled on the floor.

Mark swore softly as he pulled the pot off the burner and wiped up the spilled milk, “if that isn’t a metaphor I don’t know what is,” he thought to himself.

Mark poured a glass for himself and his mother, “here you go,” he said.

“Thanks sweetie,” she said as she kissed him on the cheek, “goodnight, don’t stay up too late,” she said as she walked back upstairs.

Mark watched her leave and adjusted his hard cock once she was out of sight. He quickly cleaned up and returned to his room. Messages from his mother were waiting for him as he sat down.

“I’m here,” he typed.

“Thought I lost you,” she wrote.

“How’d it go?” he asked.

Mark groaned as his mother shared the story that he just participated in, “sounds hot,” he said.

“You have no idea,” she said, “my pussy is on fire.”

Mark was thinking about his mother’s pussy when she asked him her most daring question yet, “would you send me a pic of your dick? I’m sopping wet.”

Mark’s cock lurched with lust at his mother’s request, “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours,” he said.

“Deal,” she said. “You first.”

Mark gulped as his mother responded quickly; he hadn’t expected her to take him up on his offer.

He turned on his webcam and focused on his hard cock, making sure only his cock was on screen and nothing that would give away where he was. He took a pic and sent it through the chat.

“Enjoy,” he wrote.

“Mmmmmm that’s bigger than my ex,” Melody said, unknowingly telling her son he had a bigger cock than his father.

“Seriously, that’s a great cock” she continued. “Your mother doesn’t know what she’s missing.”

Two minutes later she sent him a pic in return, it was a pic of his mother from her breasts down to her wetness, her fingers inside her pussy, “your son is the one who doesn’t know what he’s missing,” he typed.

“Think of me when you jack off tonight,” his mother wrote. “I’ll be thinking of your cock and pretending you’re my son.”

Mark and Melody both got off that night, touching themselves as they thought of one another, their orgasms arriving at almost the same time, albeit in different rooms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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